Friday, December 17, 2010

A Note To My Readers

Salam to all,

A lot of things happened lately and a lot of stories to blog about...unfortunately, I am not at my best health currently and I don't have time to update this beloved blog of mine.

Life is pretty messy and hectic at the moment with me and Fadzil taking turns to fall ill, so many events to celebrate this months (mama's birthday, our wedding anniversary, fadzil's birthday) +
Fadzil's sister's wedding coming soon in 1 week time, and last but not least; career wise, our DEADlines for projects is coming soon! very, very soon! huhu. Oh December...

For these reasons, I decided to be away from the blogging world for a while. Thousand of apologies to blogger friends for not able to visit or leave comments to your wonderful entries. Will try to peek-a-boo if I have free time, insyaAllah.

Take care everyone, till we meet again insyaAllah :)



kella said...

nadia! tak pe kita tunggu je nad..
disember yang mem'busy'kan ya nad!

Jangan lupa sibuk sibuk pun kesihatan harus diutamakan, kalau tak camana nak buat semua kerja kan..
makan pun kena on time gak, biasalah orang tgh sibuk2 sampai lupa nak soru..

ok nad..
i wish u all da best!
semoga sukses dalam apa juga yang dilakukan dan moga mendapat kerahmatan dan kemudahan dari Allah..

take care!

psst takpe, me layan je gambar2 faaz kat sini.. :)

hushuss said...

It is ok Nadine! Dahulukan yang penting, especially your health and your loved ones...Take care and will be waiting for your entry...

||imanja|| said...

Tetiber cam sedih baca entry ni. Alaaa..tak dapat nak bacer criter² faaz yg hensem itu. Takpelah nadia, buat yg penting dulu...kesihatan harus dijaga juger okeh....oh December je ye...make sure January u update ye...nanti rindu...hehehe

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Ala kesiannya..but I feel u dear..Izu plak kt sini pon samalah..tgh nk menyesuaikn diri lg ngan rumah/tpt/suasana baru..Lgpon Zahin n Iris pon tgh tk sht ni..sejuk beku time2 winter ni, so sorg2 demam on n off..merengek mmg tk smpt lg nk blogging!

Nway, U tk ur time..mkn ubat..have enuf rest k..! And kisses to lil Faaz as well.:)

Thara said...

no wonder tak nampak2 lagi ur new entry! otherwise, misti ada new entry from u every week :) takpe, do update whenever ure free ok! we'll be waiting! :)

ps : itu lah i ckp, everybody should have a twitter acc. for its short, timely msgs! :P

dyana "his other half" said...

get well soon dear.

jgn lupa update psl wedding nanti :).


take care Nad!
Waiting for the udpates!! ;)