Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrapping Up Dec 2010

Salam to everyone!

How are you, I hope all of you are in the pink of health.
Miss me? Yes? No?
I miss all of you.. :)

So many stories to share yet so little time since we are sooo near to close the 2010 curtain. (Malas pun ye jugak :P hihi...) I guess I'll just wrapped up everything in this entry except for my SIL wedding or else it will get too lengthy.

It all started with...

December 2nd, 2010

We celebrated mama's 59th Birthday with a dinner @ Chilli's. Surprisingly this year, everyone bought almost the same gifts for mama without we realized. She got 2 handbags and 2 purses...what a coincidence, thank God they were all different brands ;)

December 12th, 2010

My little sister's Long Call or Call-To-The-Bar session. It was held at Mahkamah Tinggi Jalan Duta and at sharp 9.35am, she was officially pronounced as an Advocate & Solicitor. So proud of you, sis! ;)

I was even prouder that day when Faaz Naqi behaved so well. He didn't cry, make noise or even tried to walk around (like he usually did)during the ceremony. Obediently he listened well to my mom's and my instruction. Punye la duk diam sampai tertidur budak kecik tu dalam court. Phewww, lega. According to one of the lawyers, Faaz was the youngest person who managed to go inside the court and attend the session. Slalunye halfway kids will be cranky and advised to leave the session..

December 15th, 2010

Our 3rd Wedding, love, love. :) I was unwell on that day thus there were no dinner celebration like the usual. We decided to postpone it to a later date, insyaAllah. Hihi. However, we are so blessed to received wonderful surprises for our anniversary;

- Fadzil won the 2nd grand prize lucky draw during his company's Annual Dinner. It's a vacation to Tioman worth RM1000 including air fares and accommodation. Tak sabar nak pegi when the monsoon season end...wee! :)

- We received a big surprise which I decided to share on a later post. Ape dia? Tungguuuu...all I can tell u it's something BIG and we are overjoyed. Alhamdulillah :)

December 19th, 2010

Marked 6th year Fadzil and I dated each other and it's Fadzil's bornday :) No surprise for him like the previous years (I figured out if every year nak surprise dh tak thrill lah kan~~baik punye alasan :P). Instead, I made him waited anxiously for his gift at the very last minute of 19th December until he lost hope that he'll get one this year...muahaha (with evil grin..keh keh). Sorry sayang, can't help it, it was fun :P

December 21st, 2010

We received another surprised and this time it's even BIGGER! Ya Allah Ya Rabb, Syukur Alhamdulillah atas rezeki kurniaanMu. Kami bersyukur sangat2. I'll tell u with the other surprise later k since it's inter-related to each other.

December 24th-26th, 2010

Fadzil's big sister's wedding, and the last wedding in the family. It started with the Henna Night on the 24th, the solemnization at home on 25th and followed by the grand reception at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) on the 26th. It was a unique wedding since it combines two different cultures and the wedding theme was Bollywood (jangan tak tau, in the family my SIL is the only one who really into Bollywood ;) )

So I guess I've wrapped up almost everything in my December 2010 diary. Overall, 2010 was an awesome year to us with Faaz constant rapid development, we finally managed to secure a house for investment, get to spend a holiday in Europe and not to forget made new friendships from blogging world. Alhamdulillah...

My 2011 resolutions? To fulfill most of the dreams that I targeted by 30 years old...oh yes people, I am going into the 3 series club soon...yikes!! :P

Till my fingers meet the keyboard again.
Happy New Year 2011, dear readers!

p.s: I'll update the photos later since i don't have any with me now.


my.mastura said...

banyak nooo surprise...ko pregnant lg kah?? mcm big surprise tu..heheheheh

eh..congrats to ur sister..tercapai hasrat dia yer..alhamdulillah..

n congrats to ur SIL too..


Miss ur entry Nad!!
Mmg lama sgt dah u tak update..smp nak kena wrap up ek??
yelah kan,kalau nk tgu suitable time..ntah bila ek..

btw, cant wait for ur SIL's wedd must be a grand one..kt PICC tu..wahwah!!

btw..take care dear..
have a good rest and enjoy ur long holiday too..

p/s..yelah kan..we only hv 1 year to accomplish target by 30yrs old kan...wah kita dah tua!!! hohohoho!!!


owh yea..n Happy 3rd Anniversary..Semoga berkekalan smp anak cucu..n smp akhirat..Amin ;)

* cepat2 bg Faaz adik ;)

RuZaNNa said...

What's the 2 big news ni?? suspen ok tunggu.. either it's work related.. or personal life... you preggie lagi ek??? cpt2lah bagitau.. tak sabar dah..
Bestnya dpt all paid trip! sure can't wait to go kan.. anyway get well soon :)

ishamizu said...

December seems the luckiest month for you n family this year eh, byk benda baik n best2 blaku..syukur happy for you dear...n miss u n ur writing too! ;)

Smg thn 2011 semakin baik dan bermakna utk kita semua. Amin!

YOI said...

yang 21st tu..mcm..mcm tau jek...kompom faaz nak dapat adik ni...adeh...tak terkejar den..banyak betui pencapaian nih..hehehehe...

Nadine said...


Ko kan sikit2 preggy..sikit2 preggy kan. Takde lain ko nak teka :P Ok,since ko dh tanya aku pun nak tnya la..bila Mikhail nak dpt adik nie??? Hihihi...
Tunggulah babe, sikit hari lagi aku bgtau. Post gambar siap. Brla best ;)

Nadine said...


I miss blogging too! tp mmg tak sempat sgt2. Inipun keja di office habis terbengkalai sbb I tak sihat. sian my teammates. Habislah my end year review...huhu. What to do..Nasibla kat wad ni ada masa terluang, lehla update. Tp tula, I bwk notebook kecik je,takde photos bagai. Plain entry je la dpt. Hehe..

Nanti dh discharge I update pasal that entry sbb all the photos sume still dlm cammie x smpt transfer lagi. Grand jugakla since it was the last wedding and the only daughter's wedding. Ma & Pa jemput ramai tetamu sbb the last wedding they host :)

Thanks dear, u take care too. Amin to your prayers. Babe, tula..kita dh nak masuk 3 series nie. Rasa mcm belum cukup matang je ni. hihihi.

p.s: insyaAllah, its definitely in 2011 list! doa2kan yer :)

Nadine said...


Hehehe...preggy? kita tungguuuuu ok. Btw, bila nak update pasal Europe trip ni? I tak sabar sungguh nak baca n see all the photos esp.snow...sila cpt update pls!! :)

A'ah, seronokla jugak sbb ade org sudi nk sponsor wpun dkt dlm M'sia je. Trus rasa rugi I tak pegi my annual dinner (berangan kot I pun menang something best :P). tp tula skang monsoon, kenala tunggu after March..

Thanks dear, hopefully tonite takde pape so boleh discharge esok. I tak mau spent the last weekend of 2010 in ward..

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah..syukur. Tp ade jugak benda tak best berlaku, in terms of health. Nadia asik tak sihat je bulan ni Izu. Inipun Nadia kat ward nie, but alhamdulillah, nothing serious. Hopefully esok boleh discharge :)

Thanks dear, I miss writing too! hopefully lepas ni boleh active mcm biasa. Amin, smoga 2011 kita semua diberkati Allah SWT. Smoga semuanya lebih baik utk semua.

p.s: nnti updatela pasal new year celeb in London. Mesti meriah kan?!!

Nadine said...


Hihi sape yg tak terkejar sape ni? Korang sume brand new tahun ni,brand new car, brand new home, new giler ok! Alhamdulillah, rezeki Dina. I'm so happy for u and fx ;)

Thara said...

looks like 2010 has been treating u well! i just cant WAITTTT to know the 2 surprises! jgn tunggu lama lama to let us all in the 2 big news! we're all eager to know ni! :D

ps : it was great meeting u semalam eventhough skejap. make sure u take loads and loads of rest ok. make sure u eat and take in a lot of fluids too. really, make sure u take great care of ur health ok! it's super important! again, take care babe ;)

kella said...

hai nadia... lama tak jumpakan kita...
Alhamdulillah.. 2010 yang akan pergi ni banyak meninggalkan perkara yang baik juga untuk nad. :)
agaknya apakah berita kejutan itu..hehhehe..
sama sama kita nantikan ya..

terima kasih ya nad, sudi singgah singah.

mommaholicSURI said...

Oh dear, you're still in the ward? May you get well soon, okay!! Take care a lot!!

Eh Eh Eh, biarpun dalam Malaysia, kalau dah fully sponsor babe, confirmlah akan tersengih sampai telinga. hihi. Bestnya, bolehla Honeymoon lagi kan kan :)

Aih.. i pun x lama lepas you, it's my turn!!!! 30. Oh my!! xpe, xpe.. it's just a number kan? hik hik. Semoga kita semua panjang umur, murah rezeki (i pun nak tanya jugakla, u pregnant ek dear.. banyak tul surprise nih) ahahaha. :)

OK dear, Happy new year tu you, Fadzil and Faaz kay. Take care tau :)

Nadine said...

Hi Kella,

A'ah,lama x jumpa di alam cyber. Thanks Kella, I tau tahun ni pun banyak benda baik berlaku utk you jugakkan?

Hihi...tungguuu. Nanti I war warkan. Thanks to u jugak sudi jengah blog I :)

Nadine said...


A'ah you. I kat ward lagi. Waiting anxiously for the nurse to cabut the jarum on my hand. :D InsyaAllah by noon I dh boleh discharge. Thanks dear :)

Hihi, tula alhamdulillah ade org sudi nak taja honeymoon kali ini. kalau ikut kitaorg next year holiday mcm takde je dlm list. jalan dkt2 je adela :D

Insyaallah..amin atas doa u tu. Tula mcm tak percaya je..30an sudah datang. tapi takpe, we are young at heart ;) hihihi...

Happy New Year Mea! Have a wonderful year end weekend! :)

neena_kechik said...

ish2 kak nadia ni,dlm wad sempat lg.hehehe tp mmg t`tunggu2 kak nadia nyer entry!!! =).

wah, byk nyer surprise!!! =) x sabar nk tahu.aper2 pun, all the best in your life =) n happy new year 2011!!! =)


YOI said...

Nadia preggy kembar nihhhh..*speku*. Kalau betui,bg hadiah new year tau. Peti ais 2 pintu pon ok ;)

faisyura said...

weee... welcome back! rindu tau nk bace blog nadia...

wah wah seronoknye bace updet, sume happy2 belaka... cepat2 ye kongsi surprise tuuu... heheh over plak dah hehe...

nway happy anniversary to nadia n hubby ;)