Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM)

Went for lunch with my co-workers at Eimans Tomyam House at TTDI Jaya today and we bumped into the Jalan Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM) crew of TV3. They were shooting an episode of JJCM with the new host, Qi (Qusyairi of Destinasi Budget, currently dating Yuna?) and the guest artist was Anna Raffali who recently won the Anugerah Juara Lagu.

The interesting fact about this restaurant is that they provide free porridge everyday as a dessert. The menu for today is barley porridge.

my barley porridge..nyummeh!

It was my first time tasted such a porridge and my, it was tasty! While I was enjoying my porridge, one of the JJCM crew and a photographer suddenly came to me and asking permission to shoot me having the porridge. Nampak sangat mak buyung tengah lahap makan bubur kan. Haha! Oh well, I just nodded to say yes. "Bukan buat ape pun, suap je bubur tu dlm mulut few times kan" that's what I thought. But as soon as the camera lens was directed to me, the lighting man directed the lights to me and everyone was staring at me. "Oh my, habislah nampak semua parut2 jerawatku!" my heart screamed! Nak-nak sejak preggy twins ni jerawat naik dgn jayanya! huhu :(

I thot that was it, but apparently the director kinda like me. They approached me once again while I was having my meal - Nasi Goreng Padprik; and request to interview me for the show. Tell you they were good at persuading and with the support from my colleagues, finally I said "Yes". Few questions were asked and alhamdulillah, I managed to answer them smoothly. My friends told me I was natural and macam dah hafal script..hihi, perhaps
because I'm so used to dine there and familiar with the food in Eimans' that I have the idea to answer each question confidently. Tapi satu lah menyesal...menyesal harini pergi keja tak pakai makeup :P. I'm sure I'll look 'comot' in the TV with the scars at my face plus the extra baggage...*malu*

Tapi...bak kata Hafiiz, my friend, "Itu biasalah, kak Nad kan preggy. Hormon kacau memanglah banyak jerawat. You should be proud because you're on TV and inside, you are carrying a twin! Orang lain ade??"

:) Hehe, Hafiiz, Hafiiz..pandai je nak ambil hati mak buyung sorang nie :)

All of us with Ana.
The 3 guys on the right adelah peminat tegar cik Ana :)

Oh before we went back to office, we had the opportunity to have a chat with Ana Raffali. I never knew her before until the "controversial" recent Juara Lagu. She was nice, and very polite. She even thanked us so many times although it was us who actually "kacau" her and took photos with her. Very humble. It was nice to meet her..

Comots me and comels Ana :)

p.s: The JJCM Episode is scheduled to be on air on 3rd April 2011, if anyone care to view :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

My SIL Wedding - Part II

This is a backdated entry, a continuation from my previous post...


After two straight days of events, came the last and the most awaited event - the wedding reception. If previously papa chose PJ Civic Centre as the place for our reception, this time he chose even a bigger venue; the Perdana Hall of Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). This hall is huuugee, it can cater up to 3000 ppl at one time.

Cuba teka kenapa anak teruna saya mencebik di pagi hari???
Jwpn: Sebab tak dpt pakai full suit dari rumah...hihi

We got ready very early that day as we need to make the move to Putrajaya by 11am. The reception theme was Bollywood and the theme color was maroon + gold. The dress code for the gents were suits while anything related to Bollywood for the ladies. My two heroes were dashingly handsome as both wore matching suits with ties (Fadzil hates bow tie, fyi). They were supposed to be identical but last minute Fadzil can't find his matching tie with Faaz. Nevertheless, they still look alike... so cute!! :) As for me, I wore a custom made salwar kameez with matching churidar from a Pakistani tailor in KL. Wanted to be different, I chose beaded chiffon instead of the normal resham or saree material. And since I have worn maroon before during my engagement, I chose dusty pink for a change. Alhamdulillah, the suits turn out the way as I expected and I think its' beautiful. The only drawback was my figure..since the suit has been tailored earlier during last Ramadhan, it definitely did not suit my preggy figure. Feeling it would be a waste if I don't wear it, I just closed my eyes and pakai jugak..maka jadilah sarung nangka seperti foto di bawah yer puan-puan. Lantak! :P

The only 3 of us photo..before Faaz Naqi ran away. *sob*

The host..
Papa wore a suit while Mama chose to wear a maroon kebaya from Saree Material :)

We arrived at the hall at 12pm and did the supervision for the last minute preparation at the hall. While we were busy with our task, Faaz Naqi himself was busy...busy running and checking here and there...

Checking the table setting from the hallway... :P

"Ok besh.."
(testing the comfiness of the seats :P)

The crowd started to come as early as 12.30pm. Since we were part of the host, me and Fadzil were in charged of welcoming the guests. Alhamdulillah, being a friendly and talkative toddler, we have no problem in supervising our son. Well behaved and sangat pandai membawa diri si kecik ni, thus he became the center of attention among the relatives and friends.

Faaz was everywhere with everyone :))

At sharp 1.30pm, the bride and groom marched inside the hall. The bride look stunning in a maroon bridal lengha with gold resham while the groom looked soo Bollywood in his sherwani..

To make the ceremony more barakah, Fadzil's eldest brother, Faizal took the honor to recite the prayer for the newlyweds followed by a merenjis session before proceed to the most awaited part - makan time! :D

gorgeous bling bling couple :)

While the newlyweds and the guest enjoyed their food, few performances took place. The first was a solo by Reen's best friend, Shahril & friends who sang "Accidentally in Love" with an acoustic guitar followed by a surprise performance from the cousins and niece, singing "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. Sweet! Too bad the cammie was not with me yet that time...sempat snap photo through phone je :(

The last performance was even more special. As you know, a Pakistani/Indian or even Sikh wedding will not complete without the DANCING part. It was still clear in my mind 3 years back I was 'forced' to dance with darling hubby during our reception..lucky us that the dance was held after most of the guests went home. Malu pun between the families was a sweet memory tho :)

Anyway, let's get back to Reen's wedding. This time around, we have special dance performance from cousin Razif and his friends. Tell you, not only the relatives, mama's ex-officemates pun tergoyang2 tengok the performance hokey..hehehe :D Enjoy the video of a performance out of 3 that I managed to record. Maaf ye tak dapat record semua, mak buyung kelaparan time nie. Makan bersungguh-sungguh :P

The reception ended just like any other came the photo sessions!! Since it was a long queue to take photos with the newly weds, we took the photos between us and the families to kill the time first. Kitaorang tuan rumah, kasi chance tetamu2 dulu :)

Me and my lovely mak..thank you for coming :) p.s: nenek I pun datang tau sebab nak tengok bollywood dance punye pasal..
haha, kidding! Jangan marah eh Tok Mak :D

With famous uncle David...trima kaseeh!! Hihi
we are related through uncle Sabri :)

Of course, wajib ada gambar with my own prince charming kan.. :)

Feeling potong kek 3 years back...lepas tu terus ngap masuk mulut! :))

Unfortunately, Faaz Naqi did not able to join his parents...*sob* *sob*







the busiest kid around fell asleep as soon as the reception ends. Sian cayang mommy, penat entertained crowd :)

Waiting for Snow White to give the magical kiss..hihi
This is what happened when you forgot to bring the stroller..

Finally it's our turn to snap the photo with the newlyweds.
Congrats sis..u look lovely :)

Last but not least...before balik of course lah nak merasa duk atas pelamin di PICC kan? Hihihi.
Kali ini kami bersanding bertiga..

Faaz tido pun tak kira....

Kitaorg angkut!!

Tadaaa!! Ini baru pengantin lama :P

Hihihihi :)


p.s: Sorry for the least photos of the newlyweds as we are still waiting a copy from the official photographers. Most of the photos here are ihsan dari cousins yg baik hati snap kan utk kami + I "curi" from their FB.
Mucho gracias. Mmmuahs!! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week 12

Feels just like yesterday I found out that I am conceiving again and now the journey has come to the 12th week. Hopefully the pregnancy sickness will totally go off soon...ameen.

It is true what people said, every pregnancy is different. Especially for me since now I am carrying a twin. I still remember a week before I finally did the pregnancy test, I was so energy-less. Exhausted. I was so tired climbing only 16 steps of stairs at Customer's office although I never face this problem before. I will headed straight to bed when I came back from work as I felt my energy level has dropped to zero, macam baru lepas panjat gunung penatnya! I was thinking what went wrong with me, was I sick? or was I having the low blood pressure again? Being pregnant was never on my thought since I was only late for a day at that time. Takkan cepat sangat kot??

It was when my friend, Aida commented that I look so pale and was wondering whether was I sick (almost a week after the exhaustion going on) that I decided to do the test. I was kinda scared, not scared of being pregnant, scared if the test go -ve then I must be sick. That was what I feared the most! Alhamdulillah, as soon as I dropped some sample of my urine on the test kit immediately visible 2 lines appeared. "Wow!"I told myself. It was pretty fast for the lines to appear clearly considering the fact that I only late for my period for like 5 days. Slalunya samar2 je..but I couldn't care much about it. All I knew was I am preggy, I'm soo happy sampai rasa nak lompat like the first time dulu. But this time, I managed to stay calm and kept it a secret from my hubby while keep on hinting him about it. It lasted for 2 days before I broke the news to him and man, he was soo happy!! Since my calculation showed I was only 5 weeks preggy we've decided to keep it to ourselves until we went for the first scan on week 9 to ensure everything is alright.

Then we found out about the big news; a TWIN. It was after that moment that I begun to do some readings on twin pregnancy, the signs and the journey and suddenly it all make sense. If not because of I am gonna have one, manalah I baca pasal signs of twin pregnancy kan. Therefore, let me share it with you my dear readers, who knows maybe some of you will be joining me in this exciting journey ;)

Some Signs of Twin Pregnancy:

  • Extreme Fatigue

Seriously ladies, it was extremely-unbelievably-tired. Betul, tak tipu. Before I knew it is a twin that I am carrying I even gave advice to my close friend in office - Nini to get pregnant early. I thought it was the age factor (I got preggy weeks before I turn 30 years old) that caused the fatigues. Haha! :P

According to the article,
extreme fatigue is the most commonly reported complaint from moms pregnant with twins. Which is ironic, because the prenatal fatigue is nothing like the exhaustion suffered during the first few months of life with twins! Most pregnant women face some degree of sleepiness, lethargy and exhaustion during the first trimester as the body gears up and works overtime to nurture your growing baby. This is compounded as the body tries to nurture two (or more) growing babies.

  • A Big Fat Positive on the Pregnancy Test

Remember how I was amused with the fast result? This is because, when you carrying twins the hormone (Human chorionic gonadtropin or hCG) is at a higher levels than the usual pregnancy, thus is traced fast by the test kit.

p.s: Oh just to add about the higher level of hCG hormone, it made my body goes wild sometimes. At times acne and pimples comes like crazy and sometimes I felt my skin kinda smooth. wacky betul! :P
  • You Are Always Hungry - More than the Usual

I am always a big eater but this time, oh my...scary ok! I feel hungry every 2 -3hours people! If during the previous pregnancy I can eat some snacks such as dates, prunes, raisins and biscuits to ease my hungry, now I can't. It wasn't enough. I have to take heavy food or else I'll vomit non-stop. Imagine I can eat 4-5 chocolate buns everyday and sometimes, I can eat rice again after 3 hours due to hunger. Sampai en. Suami pun pelik isteri dia tak kenyang2 walhal baru lepas makan. Tak baca bismillah ke ape kan...hahaha. Now that I know I am carrying more than 1 baby barulah I can eat happily. Like Fadzil said to me, "You eat not for two, but three people, Sayang!" Hehe :D

  • Extreme Morning Sickness

Again, this is due to the high hCG hormones in your body. According to studies, twin pregnancy will cause many women having twice morning sickness than the normal pregnancy. In my case, it's soo true. This time the sickness is more challenging. Compared to the last pregnancy, this time around the sickness is not 'morning sickness' but 'afternoon to midnight sickness'. It will starts after noon and can continue up to 2-3am. As a result, I'll feel extremely tired the next morning due to the vomiting + not having enough sleep. Alhamdulillah, despite the challenges I am more stronger in terms of emotions. I guess I am more mature now compared to before. All I think about is the sweetness of carrying twins in my arms whenever I feel weak. It works ;)

Btw, I am doing much better now. No more constant vomiting like two weeks ago. I did have constant nausea but only vomit twice a day. Hopefully it all disappear in two weeks time. Aminn.. :)
  • The Belly Grow Fast!

This is soo true! I can feel my tummy bulging out as early as 6 weeks. I was puzzled at that time but did not once the word TWIN came into my mind. I just thought the same case happened - excessive waterbag problem and I thought since now that the tummy skin had stretched before, its faster to stretch this time...hihi, silly me! :P

Some said, I look like a 4 months preggy woman now, but some said, "tak nampak pun perut besar lagi.." People, people, have you forgotten. I am just few weeks preggy. Not even reached first trimester and I've started to be buncits. Isn't it a bit fast??
Now compare between these two photos..

2008 - first pregnancy - 11 weeks

2011 - 2nd pregnancy - 9 weeks
Bigger right?

Anyways big or small, I accept as long as my babies are fine and grow healthily inside the tummy. Insyaallah. :)

Actually there are more few symptoms of twin pregnancy. You can refer to:
or any other article via mister google.

* All photos (except the last two) are courtesy of google

I can't spend so much time on the screen lately, it made me feel dizzy and wanna puke. I guess the babies are still not IT-friendly :P Will continue the wedding part-2 story soon, insyaAllah.

Take Care everyone!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My SIL Wedding - Part 1

Last December, the last wedding in Abdul Kadir's family was held for their only daughter Shahreen, Fadzil's big sister. It was held from 24th to 26th for the bride's side and on 2nd January for the groom's side.

I was pretty excited about it since it was my first time to witness a family member's wedding..slalunya paling dekat pun cousins je :) The preparations were done months ahead and the busiest person ever would be papa and mama.

The wedding fiesta kick in on Friday night 24th December at our USJ home with the Berinai Ceremony. It was interesting to witness a different type of Berinai Ceremony than the usual Malay's Berinai Nite. It is more to Pakistan and Indian style, hence it suits the dress code for the nite. It was nice to see family members wearing kurta, kurtis, salwar kameez, and even saree that night...colorful! :)

The bride-to-be in green salwar kameez with kak Abby in black saree with Faaz Naqi in his kurta before the ceremony :)

My boy parade his outfit to the family members.
They said he is Faaz Khan, as in SRK junior but I prefer Faaz Rampal as in Arjun Rampal junior. :P

As I just started having pregnancy sickness at that time, I don't have the mood to shop. Instead, I just wore a salwar kameez that papa bought for me from India two years ago which was wore only once. Alhamdulillah, I managed to squeeze myself into it although it was a bit tight on the stomach...hehe. Since I need to make my way to the loo frequently, wearing the original long scarves was not a good choice. Instead, I wore a lovely scarves that I purchased from my favourite online site, Radiusite. Nasib matching. As for Faaz, last minute I managed to buy a kurta for him at a nearby shop. It was his first time wearing one and he loves it a lot! So unlike his daddy who is totally the opposite. He just wore a short sleeve shirt that nite.. :)

Faaz Naqi with his cheeky post on the mini pelamin before the ceremony started..

Us too, sempat posing before the ceremony started
Sabar je la si kecik tu buat2 tutup mata plak T_T

Reen looked like a true Bollywood bride in this antique traditional veil :)

The stuff for Berinai ceremony..

During the ceremony..
The bride's face comot kena calit dgn laddu..hehe

After the ceremony...Reen showing off her full henna design

The next day, on 25th December 2010, the Solemnization Ceremony took place at the USJ home at 3.30pm. Earlier that morning, Fadzil, me and Faaz went to PICC to supervise the preparations for the reception the next day. This was our task for the wedding; to be in charge of the flow of the hall. Faaz Naqi was so excited to see such a huge stage when we arrived. Actively he ran here and there, going up and down the stairs. He even dance on the stage...

We reached back home after the sound check completed at almost 1pm so rushingly I bathe my lil hero and get him ready first. He was so excited to see the crowd already gathered at the house..maklumla all the attention goes to him. Sukala semua org layan :)

Just after bath...sudah ade papparazi snap his photo..hihi

After all set with baju Melayu, helping Nana & Nani welcoming the guests :)

Actually, I have a kebaya which has been tailored especially for the wedding during the last Ramadhan together with the reception's outfit. However, since I already preggy during the ceremony, of course yours truly can't fit into the it *sob* After a series of trying all the kurungs in my collection, I finally fit into a royal blue baju kurung. Without hesitant, quickly I searched for the matching scarves. Memang tak brapa ada mood nak melawa since sickness makin menjadi-jadi haritu. Lebih kurang aje janji proper. As soon as I got ready, Mama realized something....

Me and my lovely SIL :)
Guess what went missing??

Apparently she forgot to pick up the hand bouquet for the bride and it was almost 3.30pm!! Quickly Fadzil took me to Taipan's Florist to pick up the flower. We arrived home just in time before the groom arrived. Phewww...but pity Fadzil, he did not have time to change. He ended up welcoming the groom's family in t-shirt :(

Now barulah lengkap ;)

Hubby welcoming the groom's side...

and of course, the happy bridegroom..

Not long after, the Imam arrived and the ceremony took place. Papa took the honor to perform the solemnization of his only daughter by himself while Ju, the eldest brother became one of the witness. What about the youngest sibling a.k.a mr. hubby? He was busy as a video man during the ceremony :)

Ju became the witness of the solemnisation...

Fadzil the videoman of the day..

The akad... With one clear pronouncement Munif became the lawful husband to Reen

While us the ladies listening at the back...

The hantarans...5 vs 7

The ring exchange session..

and finally, family photo! :)
p.s: I looked FAT :(

Tell you the truth, as soon as the nikah ended, I went into my room and have some rest. I was so exhausted and flat due to the sickness. Lucky there were cousins and aunties who kind enough to babysit my son. At around 6pm, we went back to PICC to supervise the hall decorations pulak. It was tiring but penat hilang bila tgk hiasan yang cantik...kinda excited for the reception to take place the next day..

To be continued...