Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My SIL Wedding - Part 1

Last December, the last wedding in Abdul Kadir's family was held for their only daughter Shahreen, Fadzil's big sister. It was held from 24th to 26th for the bride's side and on 2nd January for the groom's side.

I was pretty excited about it since it was my first time to witness a family member's wedding..slalunya paling dekat pun cousins je :) The preparations were done months ahead and the busiest person ever would be papa and mama.

The wedding fiesta kick in on Friday night 24th December at our USJ home with the Berinai Ceremony. It was interesting to witness a different type of Berinai Ceremony than the usual Malay's Berinai Nite. It is more to Pakistan and Indian style, hence it suits the dress code for the nite. It was nice to see family members wearing kurta, kurtis, salwar kameez, and even saree that night...colorful! :)

The bride-to-be in green salwar kameez with kak Abby in black saree with Faaz Naqi in his kurta before the ceremony :)

My boy parade his outfit to the family members.
They said he is Faaz Khan, as in SRK junior but I prefer Faaz Rampal as in Arjun Rampal junior. :P

As I just started having pregnancy sickness at that time, I don't have the mood to shop. Instead, I just wore a salwar kameez that papa bought for me from India two years ago which was wore only once. Alhamdulillah, I managed to squeeze myself into it although it was a bit tight on the stomach...hehe. Since I need to make my way to the loo frequently, wearing the original long scarves was not a good choice. Instead, I wore a lovely scarves that I purchased from my favourite online site, Radiusite. Nasib matching. As for Faaz, last minute I managed to buy a kurta for him at a nearby shop. It was his first time wearing one and he loves it a lot! So unlike his daddy who is totally the opposite. He just wore a short sleeve shirt that nite.. :)

Faaz Naqi with his cheeky post on the mini pelamin before the ceremony started..

Us too, sempat posing before the ceremony started
Sabar je la si kecik tu buat2 tutup mata plak T_T

Reen looked like a true Bollywood bride in this antique traditional veil :)

The stuff for Berinai ceremony..

During the ceremony..
The bride's face comot kena calit dgn laddu..hehe

After the ceremony...Reen showing off her full henna design

The next day, on 25th December 2010, the Solemnization Ceremony took place at the USJ home at 3.30pm. Earlier that morning, Fadzil, me and Faaz went to PICC to supervise the preparations for the reception the next day. This was our task for the wedding; to be in charge of the flow of the hall. Faaz Naqi was so excited to see such a huge stage when we arrived. Actively he ran here and there, going up and down the stairs. He even dance on the stage...

We reached back home after the sound check completed at almost 1pm so rushingly I bathe my lil hero and get him ready first. He was so excited to see the crowd already gathered at the house..maklumla all the attention goes to him. Sukala semua org layan :)

Just after bath...sudah ade papparazi snap his photo..hihi

After all set with baju Melayu, helping Nana & Nani welcoming the guests :)

Actually, I have a kebaya which has been tailored especially for the wedding during the last Ramadhan together with the reception's outfit. However, since I already preggy during the ceremony, of course yours truly can't fit into the it *sob* After a series of trying all the kurungs in my collection, I finally fit into a royal blue baju kurung. Without hesitant, quickly I searched for the matching scarves. Memang tak brapa ada mood nak melawa since sickness makin menjadi-jadi haritu. Lebih kurang aje janji proper. As soon as I got ready, Mama realized something....

Me and my lovely SIL :)
Guess what went missing??

Apparently she forgot to pick up the hand bouquet for the bride and it was almost 3.30pm!! Quickly Fadzil took me to Taipan's Florist to pick up the flower. We arrived home just in time before the groom arrived. Phewww...but pity Fadzil, he did not have time to change. He ended up welcoming the groom's family in t-shirt :(

Now barulah lengkap ;)

Hubby welcoming the groom's side...

and of course, the happy bridegroom..

Not long after, the Imam arrived and the ceremony took place. Papa took the honor to perform the solemnization of his only daughter by himself while Ju, the eldest brother became one of the witness. What about the youngest sibling a.k.a mr. hubby? He was busy as a video man during the ceremony :)

Ju became the witness of the solemnisation...

Fadzil the videoman of the day..

The akad... With one clear pronouncement Munif became the lawful husband to Reen

While us the ladies listening at the back...

The hantarans...5 vs 7

The ring exchange session..

and finally, family photo! :)
p.s: I looked FAT :(

Tell you the truth, as soon as the nikah ended, I went into my room and have some rest. I was so exhausted and flat due to the sickness. Lucky there were cousins and aunties who kind enough to babysit my son. At around 6pm, we went back to PICC to supervise the hall decorations pulak. It was tiring but penat hilang bila tgk hiasan yang cantik...kinda excited for the reception to take place the next day..

To be continued...


ishamizu said...

Congrats to ur SIL...! First time izu tgk Pakistanese n Indian berinai ceremony, menarik baju2nya, her henna pun sgt cantik! i loike..masa kawen dulu kn izu nk wat penuh camtu gak tau, tp mak izu tk bkenan..hisham pun tk bkenan..trus tk buat, sedey je. hehe..

Nmpk sgt Nadia pnt n tk larat but ur appearance looked great, no worries! ;) suka baju biru nadia tuh! :) Faaz plak happy je ye, good boy! nk jadi abang kn Faaz..hehehe..

Nway, tk sbr tgu nxt n3! mst lagi meriah wat majlis kt PICC tu kn!;)

kella said...

tahniah untuk pengantin itu! sangat lain dari yang lain kan..kita tak pernah pun join majlis majlis perkahwinan yang sebegini! sangat menarik!
mata akan setiap kali berhenti melihat wajah si faaz tu.. nampak dia dah besar pun.. comel dah tukar jadi ensem dah.. :)
nad dah bgtau kat dia ke yang dia akan jadi abang? apa reaksinya.. heheh...

take a gud care dear.. :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Wowowo!!! Bollywood wedding!! :)
And Faaz is so so cute in that outfit dear. Of course Arjun Rampal is more suitable. Kekekeke. Babe, Arjun Rampal mmg sangat hensem okeh!! =D

Ha, i dah tahu.. rupanya u lah yg perabih tudung dekat Radiusite tu yer?? ahahahaha. You know the moment i want to order that shawl.. dah out of stock. Kekeke. Memang pisang panas betulla. :) I love to buy from Ika too. So far i dah succeeded to grab 2 Kasih Shawl from her. Phewwwww.. mmg kene cepat!! :)

Well oh well, u look cute la dear even lil bit tiredness appear from your face. Xpe berisi sikit..sebab you berisi ade something.. i berisi jugak.. ade something jugak.. tapi lemak!!! grrrrrr.. hahahaha

Can't wait for the 2nd Part :)

Mimy Hamid said...

faaz menjadi tumpuan...harussss..dah la omel omel...baju pun stylo la ikut tema....i tak sabar nak tgk part 2...dia pakai tuxedo..woowwww...cepat upload nad...& opcos ur outfit...semua pakai lawa....isk isk suka tgkkkk

my.mastura said...

majlis berinai tu, mcm mana sebenar nye ek? yg Melayu punyer pon aku x tau..pakai inai je kan? kena cantik2 ker? aku dulu pakai t-shirt je, sbb tgu masa nk tido..hahahahah

anyway, aku nk tgu post ko masa hari bersanding..tgk gaya mcm penuh glam!

Thara said...

first of all, u did NOT look fat! i was just thinking to myself, hey, perot u tak berapa nak nampak sgt la in the pictures! i was looking fwd to see the 'babies' bump! :P

and omg faaz tersangatlaaa comels in all the pictures! especially the one yang dia tutup mata dgn tangan tu! cheeky betol! :P reminds me of aydein though. dia pon skarang kalau malu je jumpe org, misti he tutup his face just like faaz did. hehe :P

and oh my, is this the wedding of the year ke apa? nampak sangat grand and sangat meriah ok! fill us in with more pictures of the wedding! take care babe! :)

Nadine said...


Henna tu mmg ade sesetengah org tak suka kan? Masa time Nadia dulu, buat penuh kaki & tgn tp design bunga berlingkar je la. Kalau full mcm my SIL Nadia kureng sket. Rasa penuh sgt plak. Hihi, lain org lain taste nyer ;)

Mmg tak larat time tu Izu. Takde mood sgt nak dress up pun. Almaklumla asik menjengah ke toilet je kejanya. Make up pun paksa diri sbb kalau tak make up mmg pale habis muka. Thanks, baju biasa2 je Izu. Baju tu je A line cutting so muatla jugak perut buncits tu. Nasib baik! :)

Alhamdulillah Izu, sejak preggy ni Faaz sgt well behave..kecuali lebih manja. Mmg dh tak banyak kerenah. :)

Ok nanti Nadia update. Skang takleh tgk PC lama2 la Izu. Pening! huhu

Nadine said...


Terima kasih on behalf of the pengantin :) Itula, kalau tak kerana kawin mix2 ni mmg Nadia pun xde chance jugak.

Awwwh, sweet sungguh aunty Kella ni tau, suka puji2 Faaz. Thanks dear. Masa mula2 dia tau I preggy, dia ckp dia xmo baby tau Kella. Tp sejak perut I dh membesar dgn jayanya, dia suka pulak. Kalau jumpa org je dia mesti ckp, "Got 2 baby incide (inside) mommy's tummy!". Dalam sehari 2-3 kali jugakla dia selak baju I n kiss my tummy. Kiss atas baju xmo, nak kiss my belly skin jugak :)

thanks dear, u take care too!

Nadine said...


Acha, bollywood wedding-he :)
Awwwh thanks. Kan??!!! Owh Arjun Rampal, dgn hidung mancungnya, owh owh, the straight long hair..*cair* :D Finally ade jugak org geng ngan I. U know, MIL and SIL I die hard fan SRK. I slalu sorang2 je.

Hehehe. Masa I start serious pakai scarves 2 years back kalau online mmg I beli kat Radiusite je you. Masa tu tak banyak online store mcm skang kan. Masa tu takyah rebut2 nak beli...now mmg asik sold out manjang! sentiasa kena alert je kan :D

Hihi, thanks. Mana ade u berisi. I tgk skang dh cantik dh body...pakai spanx eh? *wink*. I je yg mcm dipam pam skang...redhaaa :)

Nadine said...


Thanks. Faaz kasi kiss sket sama aunty Mimy yg stylo nie, mmmuahs!! Ok, nnti I update k dear. Faaz mmg ensem time tu tp mommy dia pakai baju mcm sarung nangka dh..sendat tang perut. Blasah je...muahaha!

Nadine said...


Aku pun tak tau sgtla tp yg aku tau kalau kat Johor kg. aku, malam berinai tu mlm yg pengantin perempuan duk tukar2 baju pengantin n tangkap gambar. some ade yg iclude merenjis jugak. then dh habis br duk pakai inai full.

kalau ikut blah Papa ni, berinai dia basically mcm merenjis jugak. calit sket inai kat jari manis pengantin, renjis air mawar, tabur bunga melur n calit laddu yg serbuk kat dagu pengantin (kononnya, supaya time bersanding nanti muka pengantin maniiiiiisssss dipandang org) :)

hehe, ok dear nnti aku continue k ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, ur so kind to say that la babe. Tp u tak nmpk ke berapa lipatan perut I dlm family photos tu. Dh mcm michellin punye tyre dh I tgk. huhu...

Hihi thanks! Skang dia mmg sgt cheeky especially in front of camera. Tu sbnarnye bukan dia malu tau, dia konon2 buat pose menangis..boleh tak??! sabar je I. Skang susah tul nak dpt proper photos of him...huhu.

Eh takla sampai wedding of the year but definitely the grand'est wedding dlm adik beradik fadzil. maklumla you, anak perempuan tunggal and the last who got married. Meriah!! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

1. awesome wedding. mmg grand betul nampak. by looking at the pictures pun dah boleh bayangkan penat nadia. inikan pula ur the one in it. hehe.

2. faaz sangat cute n comel. i love the video. 2x ulang tengok tau. hehe. style takut nak turun tangga tu sama cam hadif la. hehe.

3. u don look FAT! nampak berseri2 ja. kalau look FAT pun takpe la. 2 babies ada dlm tu :).

Nadine said...

Lady D,

1. Thank you on behalf of pengantin n my in-laws :) Hihi, penat Cee D, tp happy. Lepas ni susah dh nak kumpulkan ramai relatives mcm tu kat rumah kitaorg. Dah xdak wedding lagik :)

2. Hehehe, comelkan telatah depa nie. Pegang xmo, eksen tp takut2. :D

3. Hihi, thanks dear. Berseri time haritu je kot. Skang acne naik dgn jayanya! huhu..hormone changes i guess. tula semua org ckp, xpe gemuk sbb ade 2 babies dlm perut tu. tp biasala kita kan, x suka tgk. hehe

Anonymous said...

byk2 jenis baju yg u sebut tu , i tahu saree jer. kurta tu i bantai panggil baju punjabi jer selama ni....

Nadine said...


Hihihi, Nadia dulu pun sama. tau punjabi suit je. sejak join family ni br la enlighten sket. Itu pun sbb masa nak tempah first salwar kameez tu diaorg tanya itu, ini..for example type of pants; nak churidar ke? mmg blur giler time tu! hehe