Monday, January 17, 2011

My SIL Wedding - Part II

This is a backdated entry, a continuation from my previous post...


After two straight days of events, came the last and the most awaited event - the wedding reception. If previously papa chose PJ Civic Centre as the place for our reception, this time he chose even a bigger venue; the Perdana Hall of Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). This hall is huuugee, it can cater up to 3000 ppl at one time.

Cuba teka kenapa anak teruna saya mencebik di pagi hari???
Jwpn: Sebab tak dpt pakai full suit dari rumah...hihi

We got ready very early that day as we need to make the move to Putrajaya by 11am. The reception theme was Bollywood and the theme color was maroon + gold. The dress code for the gents were suits while anything related to Bollywood for the ladies. My two heroes were dashingly handsome as both wore matching suits with ties (Fadzil hates bow tie, fyi). They were supposed to be identical but last minute Fadzil can't find his matching tie with Faaz. Nevertheless, they still look alike... so cute!! :) As for me, I wore a custom made salwar kameez with matching churidar from a Pakistani tailor in KL. Wanted to be different, I chose beaded chiffon instead of the normal resham or saree material. And since I have worn maroon before during my engagement, I chose dusty pink for a change. Alhamdulillah, the suits turn out the way as I expected and I think its' beautiful. The only drawback was my figure..since the suit has been tailored earlier during last Ramadhan, it definitely did not suit my preggy figure. Feeling it would be a waste if I don't wear it, I just closed my eyes and pakai jugak..maka jadilah sarung nangka seperti foto di bawah yer puan-puan. Lantak! :P

The only 3 of us photo..before Faaz Naqi ran away. *sob*

The host..
Papa wore a suit while Mama chose to wear a maroon kebaya from Saree Material :)

We arrived at the hall at 12pm and did the supervision for the last minute preparation at the hall. While we were busy with our task, Faaz Naqi himself was busy...busy running and checking here and there...

Checking the table setting from the hallway... :P

"Ok besh.."
(testing the comfiness of the seats :P)

The crowd started to come as early as 12.30pm. Since we were part of the host, me and Fadzil were in charged of welcoming the guests. Alhamdulillah, being a friendly and talkative toddler, we have no problem in supervising our son. Well behaved and sangat pandai membawa diri si kecik ni, thus he became the center of attention among the relatives and friends.

Faaz was everywhere with everyone :))

At sharp 1.30pm, the bride and groom marched inside the hall. The bride look stunning in a maroon bridal lengha with gold resham while the groom looked soo Bollywood in his sherwani..

To make the ceremony more barakah, Fadzil's eldest brother, Faizal took the honor to recite the prayer for the newlyweds followed by a merenjis session before proceed to the most awaited part - makan time! :D

gorgeous bling bling couple :)

While the newlyweds and the guest enjoyed their food, few performances took place. The first was a solo by Reen's best friend, Shahril & friends who sang "Accidentally in Love" with an acoustic guitar followed by a surprise performance from the cousins and niece, singing "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. Sweet! Too bad the cammie was not with me yet that time...sempat snap photo through phone je :(

The last performance was even more special. As you know, a Pakistani/Indian or even Sikh wedding will not complete without the DANCING part. It was still clear in my mind 3 years back I was 'forced' to dance with darling hubby during our reception..lucky us that the dance was held after most of the guests went home. Malu pun between the families was a sweet memory tho :)

Anyway, let's get back to Reen's wedding. This time around, we have special dance performance from cousin Razif and his friends. Tell you, not only the relatives, mama's ex-officemates pun tergoyang2 tengok the performance hokey..hehehe :D Enjoy the video of a performance out of 3 that I managed to record. Maaf ye tak dapat record semua, mak buyung kelaparan time nie. Makan bersungguh-sungguh :P

The reception ended just like any other came the photo sessions!! Since it was a long queue to take photos with the newly weds, we took the photos between us and the families to kill the time first. Kitaorang tuan rumah, kasi chance tetamu2 dulu :)

Me and my lovely mak..thank you for coming :) p.s: nenek I pun datang tau sebab nak tengok bollywood dance punye pasal..
haha, kidding! Jangan marah eh Tok Mak :D

With famous uncle David...trima kaseeh!! Hihi
we are related through uncle Sabri :)

Of course, wajib ada gambar with my own prince charming kan.. :)

Feeling potong kek 3 years back...lepas tu terus ngap masuk mulut! :))

Unfortunately, Faaz Naqi did not able to join his parents...*sob* *sob*







the busiest kid around fell asleep as soon as the reception ends. Sian cayang mommy, penat entertained crowd :)

Waiting for Snow White to give the magical kiss..hihi
This is what happened when you forgot to bring the stroller..

Finally it's our turn to snap the photo with the newlyweds.
Congrats sis..u look lovely :)

Last but not least...before balik of course lah nak merasa duk atas pelamin di PICC kan? Hihihi.
Kali ini kami bersanding bertiga..

Faaz tido pun tak kira....

Kitaorg angkut!!

Tadaaa!! Ini baru pengantin lama :P

Hihihihi :)


p.s: Sorry for the least photos of the newlyweds as we are still waiting a copy from the official photographers. Most of the photos here are ihsan dari cousins yg baik hati snap kan utk kami + I "curi" from their FB.
Mucho gracias. Mmmuahs!! :)


mommaholicSURI said...

Hihihi... I suka la u pakai camni Nadine. With the pants i mean. Sangat comei!! =D

Well oh well.. Charming sungguh si Faaz nih ok. Elok je Suit tu kat dia kan. Dah macam Little boss dah pulak. Ahahaha.

I x sabar nak balik, nak tgk video dance2 tuh. Kat office x leh. Eh, you xdance ke babe? hihihi. Nanti the twins kat dalam tu pun joget sama.

Overall, Congrats again to your sis in law.

Best nyer u dapat witness other culture wedding ceremony!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kak Nadine, loooove your stilettos!! and ur outfit..and oh oh ur makeup!

akak ibu mengandung yg gorgeous!! =)


ishamizu said...


u cantik fr head to toe dear. i like everything u wore that day..truly a gorgeous preggie mom!;)

And Faaz tsgt la macho and handsome nyer! sng kn dia, pndi bwk diri..mmg ada tokoh seorg abang yg independent! sng la mommy bila ada twins nti. ;)

Nway, the bride n groom pun cun..;) nti2 nk tgk video tu, skrg tk bley lg.;)

p.s so cute the last photo, i loike..;)

Anonymous said...

x leh bygkan mcm mana klu i yg kena dance... x reti la...

dyana "his other half" said...

subhanallah, faaz is so dashingly handsome la nadia. tak jemu tgk faaz with full suit tu :).

best la performance tu. dah macam betul2 kat bollywood. and I'm a fan of SRK. ahahaha. tiba2 masuk pasal SRK lak.

cantik la baju nadia. this is the kain that u told me kan? sangat cantik and it suits u well. takde la nampak cam sarung nangka ke apa pun.

Azzy said...


Love your tudung. Is that a long shawl @ a square one? Any idea where I can find this kinda tudung tak? :D

RuZaNNa said...

Nadine.. i love your sandals!! sungguh sesuai with the outfit!! like u've said.. kalau tak pakai sure menyesal.. u sure did rock the look :)
And faaz too.. alahai.. mmg behave betul.. imran dulu masa wedding my brother, lari satu dewan main kejar2 dgn his older cousins.. hehhe


Seriously Nad..u look gojes..
before this I tot it was modern kurung..tak sangka outfit tu dgn sluar..memang cantek..match ur sandal ;)
make up u pun sweet n nice..

and faaz pun hensem n cute sgt..
sian Faaz..mesti tired sgt smp amik gmbr atas stage pun dah tak sedar ek..

overal ur SIL's wedd mmg it..
Congrats to newly wedd!!

Nadine said...


Hihi, thanks. U mean the churidar (slim fitted pants)? Yes, I like it too compared to the normal salwar kameez pants yg baggy tu. I tak brape sesuai pakai that pants since rangka I kecik :)

:) You called him "little bos", ppl at the wedding plak called him "little CEO". Dua2 pun mommy kasi pass. Ameen! :)) Dia suka sgt you, kalau pakai nak 3 pc terus. Kalau pakai the vest je without the suit mmg muncunglah mulut si kecik tu :D

owh tak dear, I tak dance. Masa tu I tgh layan habis briyani. Lapar giler!! U tau la kan mak buyung xleh tahan lapar. Tu pun record sket je performance, siap ketar2 tgn sbb lapar. hahaha!

Thanks on behalf of my SIL. Bak kata Fadzil, ni la uniknya masuk family "rojak". Hehehe

Nadine said...

Hi Myza,

Thank you for dropping by my page :)
Awwwwh, bila pakai cantik2 make up cantik2, org biasa2 pun akan nampak cantik. Setuju tak? :)

Skali skala dpt chance dik, lepas ni dh memboyot tak tau la leh jadi preggy mommy yg gorgeous lagi ke tak. hihi..

Nadine said...

Izu dear,

Awwwwh, thanks :) Skali skala rasa nak melawa. Hihi. Itu the last kot, pasni pakaila baju cantik mana pun, make up la cantik2 mana pun, dah tak menarik sbb dh memboyot dan mengembang dgn jayanya! oh my tak mau pk boleh tak.. T_T
Jeles tau, Izu mengandung steady je, x kembang sgt pun. Perut pun comey je..

Hihi, kalau Faaz dgr ni sure dia hadiahkan izu kiss. Dia skang pantang dipuji ok, senyum bukan main! alhamdulillah Izu, sejak Nadia preggy ni dia pandai bawak diri. Harap2 masinla mulut Izu, smoga dia jd abg yg baik utk the twin nnti..

Tq on behalf of the newlyweds :)
Hihi, Nadia pun tak sangka Fadzil nak carry Faaz skali tau. Masa ambil gambar tu mmg tgh tahan gelak. Hehehe

Nadine said...


Hihi, jgn risau. Kalau U kat tempat I dulu, u ckp tak reti ke ape ke diaorg akan terus tarik you masuk crowd, diaorg yg akan choreograph tangan, pinggang, kaki you..automatik u akan menari. cuma tinggal lembut or kayu je. hehehe :D

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Awwwwwh, thanks dear. Mula2 ingat Faaz xmo pakai, tgk2 dia yg suka sgt sampai susah plak nak bukak. Nanti ade wedding lehla Hadif pakai sama. mesti bertambah2 macho n handsome ;)

Oh yeke, geng Mama n SIL Nadia nie. Kalau Cee D ade bleh join SRK tiruan haritu menari. Masa 3rd show dia dh panggil crowd naik stage n dance ramai2. meriah! :D

A'ah dear, inilah kain yg Nadia risau tu. Heee, nasib bawah cahaya tak nampak too plain. Ala Cee D ni sweet je tau. Takpe Cee D, Nadia tau, mmg nmpk sendat mendat pun. Nadia blasah je :))

Nadine said...

Hi Azzy,

Welcome to my blog dear :) It's a long scarves, lilit mcm biasa. I beli kat Gulatis Jln TAR for RM70. Kt Euro Moda, Maya n Jakel pun ade rasanya. Do check it out k :)

Nadine said...


Thanks! Actually bkn sandals tp favourite, Tp baru pakai twice so far sbb sayang kononnya :P Nenek I nampak je terus I kena free lecture sbb berdiri lama sambut tetamu pastu pakai heels. Nak melawa punye pasal! :D

Itula dia, sbb I pk pasni mmg langsung dh tak muat, nak tunggu muat balik not sure in 1 year? 2 years? more? This is the last chance I nak melawa2 before mengembang dgn jayanya. hihi..

Yeke, sbb Imran ramai cousins to hang around kot you. Faaz punye cousins yg dua beradik tu kurang mix with crowds. So bila ramai2 mcm tu they tend to stick to their parents je. Faaz xde geng nak lari2. Jadinya dia geng dgn adults yg rajin layan dia je la. I rasa kalau tak dia pun lari2 jugak mcm Imran. Hihi..

Nadine said...


Hihi, a'ah I buat salwar kameez sbb nak match dgn bollywood theme. Cuma I pakai chiffon tu so that in future, bleh mix n match dgn kain jadi kurung moden. Itupun kalau I dpt back in shape again lah :) Thanks dear, the last nak melawa2 before jadi kembang semangkuk. Hehehe..

Thank you dear on behalf of the newlyweds :) Harith punye siblings ade yg blum kawin lagi tak you? Kalau ade mesti best kan you, Chindian punye culture..lagi interesting! :)

Hihi thanks. I think kalau Adam pakai suits pun mesti encem bangat! Tryla one day kot ade ape2 special occasion ke, cute sgt you! :) Mana tak penat dia, pagi2 dh bangun, before crowd coming dia tour satu dewan dok supervise keja :P Pastu crowd dh ade dia duk entertained plak..busy cam YB tul si kecik tu. Mmg takde day nap, tu yg dlm kul 4.30 mcm tu terus dia pengsan! :D

Nurul Liyana said...

I adore your make up and heels. You look really stunning! :-)
Mind share with me?


Nadine said...

Nurul Liyana,

Thank you dear :) Sure, np.

My make up was done by my niece's friend. You can find her in FB by the name of Nilda Nadzri. She's new in this area but her talent shoot up really fast. Recently she did make ups for Stacey and Shahir for AJL25. She's really good and I totally recommend her :)

My heels plak are from Sachs, murah je tu :D


harith anak last..
cuma now I just got chance to join Indian n Chinese wed..mix one blum lagik...hehhee..

so cutelah faaz bila u ckp dia supervise org..commey!!
YB to be ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

wow stunning wedding....unik...comel faaz bersuit.....i like sesangat...btw...ur outfit mmg nice...pndi stylo la...mix n match with pants kan....

Mimy Hamid said...

wow stunning wedding....unik...comel faaz bersuit.....i like sesangat...btw...ur outfit mmg nice...pndi stylo la...mix n match with pants kan....

mommy mel said...

i mmg adore your baju the moment i saw u in the hall! sgt cantik nadine and trust me you didn't look pregnant :) and faaz mmg sgt hensem n hubby dok gelak je tgk his gelagat...heheheh

irradhil said...

nadine.....mmg gojes sungguh la preggie mummy ni!!!sumer lawa....baju,tudung and even heels!!!i likeeee.......
xperla skali skala melawa....doa2 la dpt bby girl....biar berjangkit bsr2 nti suker melawa.heheheeh

huhuhu.....jeles tgk Faaz.apsal la handsome sgt!!!!gurammmmm tau!!!bagusla die...kecik2 lg dh nk melawa.....kalu esya la...mula2 mintak nk pkai tudung...then masuk keta trus terbang tudung tu.hehehehe

congrats to ur SIL.mmg grand la mjlis die.

Ein Auzai'y said...

salam si kecik pakai tuxedo.....

Nadine said...


Oh a'ah eh. I lupa, Harith pun anak last mcm Fadzil. Heee, sorry :)



Thanks dear for the complement. So sweet of you! :)

Nadine said...

Mommy Mel,

Awwwh, thanks! so nice of u to say that! Erm..u ni wife Iskandar ke eh? Hihi, I asked about u but Reen & Munif blur bila I ckp nama u Mel. What's ur full name, if u dont mind? :)

Hihi, Faaz mmg slalu jadi bahan gelak ketawa org. Ade2 je ragam si kecik tu :D

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks babe :) Ameeen. Hajat dihati of course la teringin baby girl. Tp xmo berharapan tinggi la Irra, takut terkeciwa. Eceh...gene blah Fadzil sume lelaki je so far. huhu.

Hehehe, Faaz br nak blaja melawa Irra. Tu yg excited je dpt pakai suit. Takpe, Esya kecik lagi, nanti dh akil baligh pakai tudung ye sayang.. :)

Nadine said...

Salam Ein Auzai'y,

:) thanks! welcome to bits and pieces of me. I pun dh singgah your blog. So cute your Echa rambut curly-curly :)

my.mastura said...

Faaz nampak kiut sesangat..hampir x nampak Faaz masa gambar korg ber3 tu..lebih kiut masa dia tido..heheheh...Faaz..Faaz

ur SIL pon nampak cantik..congrats to them

x leh blah btol gambar yg last tu..hahahaha

mommy mel said...

hehe yup nadine, iskandar is my hubby :D call me maleen pls..saje je pakai nama glamer dlm nie :p anyway, nice knowing you!

kella said...

hai nad! rasa lama sangat tak melawat nad.. jangan marah ya nad..
harap nad sekeluarga sihat sihat selalu..
camana ngan twin dalam tu.. harap mereka pun sihat sihat je dalam perut mommy.. :)

take a gud care nad..

lots of love.. :)

Nadine said...


Nice name. Nice knowing u too! (tp blum sempat tgk dlm photo yg mana satu you). :)



No worries dear. I pun lama menyepi, dkt nak dua minggu ade tak bukak blogspot. Blog kawan2 pun tertinggal train dh ni, br terkedek2 nak melawat harini :)
Faaz kurang sihat, but kami yg ber3 ni alhamdulillah ok.
Kella take care tau, skang musim org sakit :)