Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Three Zero

Assalamualaikum & Good Morning dear readers,

Alhamdulillah, Praise To Allah SWT that I am still breathing and get to celebrate my bornday for the thirtieth time. How does it feels to be 30? Fabulous!! :) Especially when a 'nyoya I met at the fresh market near my house this morning told me that I look like 25. Hehe..perasan muda skejap acik! :P

It was a nice surprise to see the overflowing birthday wishes on my FB this morning, plus the sms-es...thank you so much all for your kind wishes and thoughts. I heart all of you, you really make my day :). Anyway, among all the wishes (yeah, I have A LOT to wish for :) ), I really hope that I will be a better servant to my Creator. Mahu tambah A'mal Maaruf cause an increase in age means a decrease in lifetime. Sesungguhnya saya insaf..

I know most of you are waiting for my official announcement about the "surprise" gifts that I've mentioned in my last post although some of you already know about it. Well, after getting the greenlite from my beloved hubby, here it goes...





Notice anything different?? ;)

Yup, Faaz is gonna be a big brother soon!

We found out about the pregnancy during the 5th week, on last week of November and decided to keep quiet about it since it was too early. It was during Fadzil's big sister's wedding that we finally share the happy news with our extended family and decided to let the friends knows about it afterward. At first, we decided to let all of you know after the first trimester ends but since almost everyone keep on popping up the same question we decided today is the best day to do so.. :)

Sorry for kept on avoiding to say "Yes" before. It's not we are trying to play fool of you, we felt that it was too early to tell, especially when my health condition worsen for the past few weeks. Alhamdullillah things are getting better now..

This pregnancy is totally different from the first one and so far it is the most challenging one. Why? Because this time, my hormone level has increased twice as before, means that I had twice nausea or sickness compared when I was conceiving Faaz. I was twice dehydrated as a result of massive vomiting and that explains why I was warded for 3days 2nights recently and currently is on m.c for 10 consecutive days.

This come to the 2nd surprise news...

Tadaaaa....presenting, Faaz Naqi little siblingS...

Aren't they cute? :)
Now you know why my tummy is so obvious, right? ;)

InsyaAllah, with Allah's Will and if everything goes well, I will be a mother of 3 at the age of 30 in July. It was such a blessing and we are so thankful to Allah SWT taala for this miracle. You see, none of our both family has this history before. I know it will not be an easy one, but I believe I can go through this, insyaAllah...Friends, do pray for us, will you?

Thank you :)



mommaholicSURI said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nadine, you're having twins!!!!!!
I'm crying now.
May Allah bless you..may you have the greatest health and I'm really2 happy for you babe!!!
You're such a lucky one.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



it's the greatest Birthday ever, Nadine!!!!!! :)

my.mastura said...

Ya Allah Nadia!!!

excited nye aku!!! x benti2 aku tersenyum baca entry ko ni...aku mula tersenyum masa kata Faaz nk dpt adik..aku lebih tersenyum bila dpt tau yg it's a twin..Ya Allah!!! gembira sgt2 aku nih! hahahahaha..mcm aku lak yg pregnant!

an u notice ba[er byk tanda seruan aku buat..tu makna nye aku terlampau gembira..kalau ada icon lompat2, aku dh letak dh kt sini..heheheh

owwhh..Alahamdulillah..murah rezeki korg yer..jaga diri baik2 tau...!

nadhrah zamil said...

congratulations nadia~menjadi double little FN ye=)..anyway happy birthday! semoga diberi kesihatan yg baik,murahkn rezeki dan dipanjangkn umur..cant wait to read ur journey with the new editions including handling abang faaz..tk care..

irradhil said...

Nadine.....thousand congrats!!!!!!
besnyer nk dpt twins!!!!!!!sukernyer....sukernyer.....i'm hepi 4 u dear.....

nway....take a good good care dear frend......

congrats to F family!!!!

RuZaNNa said...

Nadine.. Congrats!!
You tau.. since u're previous entry.. i dok teka2 dgn ikhwan on what are the surprises.. and betul tekaan i.. you're pregnant with twins!!!
Happy nyaa.. i've always dream to have anak twins.. but tgklah rezeki dr tuhan camne.. but i'm so happy with you!
Btw, you mmg ada family tree with twins ek? i think cam ada.. but i can't really remember..
Take care and happy birthday again :)

jannahrais said...

yay!!!! hepi30x! alhamdulillah rezeki yg paling beharga untuk nadia kali ni ek!

sonoknye faaz nak dapat adik...lagi sonok faaz nak dapat 2 adik! :D jage diri bebaik ek nadia....mungkin pregnancy kali ni semuanye kene nadia tanggung dengan double tapi jangan risau....semua tu pahala yg menanti kalo nadia lalui dengan sabar dan redha :)
xoxoxox untuk nadia!

YOI said...

bestnyaaa......nurul teka betui. nak peti ais satu! hahaha...congrats nadia! see..kan susah nak kejar tuh.hehehe...

shah sulong said...

selalu jadi silent reader, today rasa happy sangat that i wish to share it with you dear.. CONGRATSSSS!!!

the number 3 sure do means a lot to you today right?

Alhamdulillah :DD

MaRyD said...

congratz ye dear..
btw,nice baju u...i like

||imanja|| said...

WOW congratssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
Beshnyerrrrrr!...mmg super duper susprise!!! i'm hepy for u...

dyana "his other half" said...

oh dear,
im sooo happy for u. sangat2 happy. twins pula tu! dah la dua2 side takde history of twins kan. mmg betul2 rezeki ni. tak sabar to wait for july comes.

take a really good care of u n the babies k. ishh, bestnya. is till can't believe it with my own eyes. dah berkali2 ulang tgk ur scan picture tu.

im sooo happy :).

Mimy Hamid said...

wah..congratzz nad..hppy for u...bestnya dah preggy..i'm keep trying la macam ni....take care key

mommy mel said...

Happy 30th Birthday and a big congratulations nadine!!! Been following ur blog and decided to break the silence :D My fren is also a mother of 3 boys - a 3 yr old toddler and 9 mths twins. You can find her stories here if it does make any help to you (http://moments-to-adore.blogspot.com). She is still fully breastfeeding her twins up till today :)

p/s: btw, i attended both ur SIL's nikah & reception as hubby's a good friend of your new BIL :) Nak tegur but u seemed busy and always out of sight..hehe. Anyway, can't wait for the write-up!

hushuss said...

Nadine, congratulations!
I know that I am not the only person yg excited today lepas baca your entry. I am sure your family and friends semuanya excited. I am really happy for you...nanti boleh buat rombongan bloggers ke hospital. Take great care of yourself and happy birthday once again!

Thara said...

yeay! it's finally official! ive congratulated you the other day at the hospital, and im congratulating you again here. CONGRATULATIONS DARLING! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! i think u're gonna be a fabulous mom for the twins, just like what you have been for faaz! u have all of us whenever u need us ok? all u have to do is holler! ;)

take care babe! xoxo. :)

:: NieSha :: said...

nadine...! congrats! congrats! congrats! wah...excitednya baca entry nadia kalini...hehehe..kan betul masa nadia warded haritu wani teka nadia preggy :-)
xsabarnya tunggu july.ok..wani mmg xdapat nk kejar izu ngn nadia lagi dh..korang semua nk jadi mummy of 3 dh..hehe...congrats again :-)

nadhilah salawati mohd ariffin said...

Congrate Nadia,berganda2 rezeki dariNya. Hadiah birthday n anniversary paling bermakna.. Alhamdulillah.. take care dan semoga dlm kesihatan yg baik selalu.

faisyura said...

awhhhh kiut sgt the twins! ;) muah muah! sukeeee nye bace entry nadia.. still rase nk lompat2....

anyway congrats dear! congrats to abang faaz too ;) and hope nadia sihat2 selalu.... take care!! ;)

Diyana Didie said...

OMG...They are twins.
me pulak yg bergenang air mata tgk scan picture n bila dgr this news! congrats kak! alhamdullilah rezeki melimpah ruah. patotlah lain mcm je morning sickness..take care akak... :)

yusparisa said...

nadine, congrats...take care dear..sukanya baca..happy 4 u too..

Anak Bapak said...

alhamdulillah...bestnyer....rezeki nadine sekeluarga..
saya smpai skrg masih menanti cahayamata kedua dan seterusnya...insya-Allah..akn dtg rezeki tu..
doakan utk saya sekeluarga yer...
take care...

Ummu Umar said...

barakallah to nadia dan fazil, in age of 30 u all akn dpt 3 kids,seronoknya.... the chosen one ni...take extra care, moga Allah permudahkan segalanya

ishamizu said...

DArlinggg!!!! what a great news!!I'm so happy for you, Fadzil and Faaz!!!! Many congrats!! see, sape kata tok leh kjr kami..tengok2 dpt twins trus even with us!! heheheheee.......Wah, bestnya nk ada twins nti!!! ^_^

Hisham aritu kn dok tkt2 kn Izu tah2 Izu pregnant twins sbb belah izu ada twins history..adik beradik my mom, ada twins tp meninggal..my cousin pun twin, tp kembar dia meninggal...tp bila scan satu je la...hehehehee..

Nway, Alhamdulillah, mmg hadiah plg best for ur anniversary n birthday tuh!:D Happy three zero birthday again!!! Smg btmbh2 lg rezeki dgn kehadiran twins ni.. Take extra care this time..i pray u'll be juz fine..insya Allah!


Nadine said...


Such a big surprise, right? That's how we felt when we did the first scan on 21.12.2010. Happy, surprised, unbelievable, touched...semua bercampur baur. You know, tiap2 pagi kitaorg mesti tgk gambar scan tu..still rasa mcm tak percaya pun ade mula. Tp bila dh scanned again masa I warded and we can see the twin became bigger, we knew this was not a dream, its reality!! :)

Awwwwh, thank you darling for your kind wishes, ameen! Mudah-mudahan semuanya berjalan lancar. Doa2kan yer. Tq..

Yes, it's definitely the greatest gift Allah had given us after our wonderful Faaz Naqi. :) Thank you, Allah..

Nadine said...


Hihi, aku boleh nampak betapa excitednye ko, siap 3x hantar wish kat FB, blog n sms. Thank you my dear friend :)

Alhamdulillah, Allah nak beri rezeki lebih sket kali ni. Aku terima dgn penuh kesyukuran. Insyaallah Mas, thank you again :)

Nadine said...


Thank you, dear :) Itula berkembanglah nampaknya F&N family tak lama lagi. Terima kasih, amin, amin, amin ya rabbal alamin!

With this 'gift' comes great responsibilities. Mudah2an kami diberi kekuatan utk tempuhinya..and may Faaz Naqi becomes the best brother for his little siblings, insyaAllah :)

Nadine said...


Thank you, darling! Mmmmuahs!! :)
p.s: jom join d club jom! Hihi..

Nadine said...


Ye ke...tere ah korang teka especially tang TWIN tu!! :) Kalau kitaorg mmg tak terjangkal dek akal. I tak pernah terpk pun before this ade chance utk dpt twin sbbnya dr moyang I or Fadzil sampai la generasi skang, both families x pernah ade history of twins lagi. We are the first! Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Berkuasa :)

Thank you, dear..

Nadine said...


Thank you, dear for sharing our happiness! I'm still on cloud 9 ni :)

Dgn rezeki yg lebih ni mmg dugaan agak berat esp dr segi kesihatan. Alhamdulillah sbb dh masuk 30 dh matang sket compared to last pregnancy..dh takde nangis2 dh. hihi. kalau tak larat tu mmg kuatkan jugak semangat demi anak2 dlm perut ni. smoga perjalanan lebih mudah lepas ni hendaknya. Nanti bolehla Nadia berguru dgn Jannah cemana nak handle anak ramai...ur more expert than me in this dept ;)

Nadine said...


Hihihi, pandai ibu Dina teka! Tak susah nk kejar, preggy je lagi skali terus kita even: 3. Nurul sudah 2x mengandung, Nadia br nak masuk 2x :)

Nadine said...


Thank you dear friend :) Itula nampaknya no. 3 bawak tuah plak tahun ni. Syukur alhamdulillah. :)



Thank you! :) Baju tu I beli beaded chiffon then tempah buat Salwar Kameez with churidar (sbb wedding SIL I bollywood theme)Tempah awal masa bulan puasa dulu skali preggy plak. Sendat2 pun I sarung jugak..tu yg mcm sarung nangka je bila I pakai :P

Nadine said...


Thank you dear! Doakan semuanya berjalan dgn lancar ye :)


Cee D,

Thank you dear. Now u know why teruk sgt sickness nadia kali ni kan :) Kitaorg pun hari2 tgk gamba scan tu Cee D, mcm tak percaya, tp percaya! Nanti Hadif dh masuk 2 thn je cpt2 bagi adik tau..ade la kawan the twin nanti ;)


ala Nad..smlm dah comment..agaknye kelamkabut nak balik..tak send properly..write again ;)

I was smile when u said u're preg..tp bila tgk gmbr scan terus goose bumped..TWIN!!!
happy for you dear..!!!

Faaz kena jaga dua adik..mesti happy Abg Faaz..kalau kuar pair lagik best kan..ur family or fadzil ada twin ek??

neway, take a lot of care dear..have a gud rest..
mesti tak sbr nk lepas 1st trim..

and happy 30th birthday..sgt meaningful b'day present kali ni ek ;)

again..CONGRATS to u n Fadzil..

Nadine said...


Thanks :) InsyaAllah, Mimy! I doakan akan ade good news dr you tak lama lagi. Nanti bolehla kita preggy sama2. Chaiyo'!!


Mommy Mel,

Thank you, Thank you! :)
Oh really, hey thanks!! I'll sure to bloghop there soon as I really need help n guidance esp. in the breastfeeding dept. Really appreciated it. Skang pun I mmg tgh read a lot about twin pregnancy and related parenting books.

La ye ke. What a small world. It would be nice if we have meet up. But issokay, nanti kita suruh the newlyweds buat housewarming party k ;). Sorry I was quite occupied during the occasions. Maklumla, I stay with my in-laws so I dh jadi tuan rumah, mcm2 kena handle termasuk anak bujang I yg cheeky tu..hehe :D

Nadine said...


Thank you, dear. Hihi since we broke the news mcm2 reaction org we can see..alhamdulillah, most of u are very supportive and shared the happiness with us. Thank you! Tp ade juga kata2 sinis tau Huspa...but kitaorg tak ambil port pun. Yg penting kami bahagia :)

Rombongan pegi hospital???! OH Nooo! I boleh bayangkan betapa slim melim n gorgeousnye korang while I sgt tembam dn buruk time tu. Malunyeeee! Korang dtg tgk babies je without the mommy aci tak..hehehehe

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks babe. Really appreciated the visit and rasa x bestnya time tu tak dpt pegi tgk Aydein. Shud have visited first before masuk ward. Bila dh pasang drip mmg susah nak bergerak kena bawak tiang tu. InsyaAllah, thanks again. :)



Hihi, thanks Wani! Maaf ye tak dpt nak mengiakan time tu. Masa tu belum dpt izin suami nak heboh2..lagipun awal sgt. Risau nak excited terlebih. Nadia pun tak sangka angan2 masa single dulu nak ade anak ramai by umur 30 akan tercapai (insyaAllah) sbb kawin pun dh umur 27. Kita hanya merancang kan, Allah SWT yg menentukan. Syukur alhamdulillah :)

Nadine said...


Salam perkenalan :) Thank you dear, sedap nama you. Alhamdulillah, syukur. InsyaAllah, amin. Tq again :)



Hihi, thanks so much dear. Pasni I nak dptkan parenting tips dr u jugak so that Faaz sayang adik2 dia mcm abam Zaim kamceng ngan Aariz. Boleh yer ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, thank you adik! Tula mmg lain macam sket sickness kali ni. Hihi. :)



Thank you dear. Really appreciated it :)


Anak Bapak,

Salam perkenalan :) Tq sudi baca blog I. Ic..insyaAllah, I doakan cpt rezeki tu dtg, mana tau boleh kita sama2 berjemaah mengandung. Take care :)


Nadine said...


Thank you, alhmadulillah. Berat tanggungjawab menanti dimasa depan. Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan dan slamat semuanya, ameen. :)



Thank you dear! :) Itulah, kalau semuanya berjalan lancar kita even! Izu kena bagi tunjuk ajar ye sbb Izu lebih pro handle anak2 ni, Nadia newbie lagi ;)

Oh ye ke Izu, wow...big chances tu. Kitaorg takde sape pun dlm both families ade history twins dr moyang sampai la skang. Itu yg mmg tak pernah terpk nak anak twins pun tup2 Allah nak bagi rezeki lebih. Dgn kesyukuran dgn tangan terbuka kami terima. Kalau satu dr dua ni girl alangkah bestnya...everytime tgk ur princesses rasa teringin nak anak ppuan :)

InsyaAllah dear, thanks! Hugs for the Eins k :)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, sampai 2 kali comment. Thanks babe. Sorry tak reply ur sms haritu. Masa tu blum dpt greenlite lagi. Hope u understand..

Tula u asik ajak I teman you, haaa skang I dh teman you dh. Tp u dh halfway, I baru nak start..hihi :D

Faaz masa mula2 tau I preggy dia ckp "Faaz dowan baby". Tp asik cium2 je perut I. Now that he knows he gonna get 2 adiks, he kinda enjoy it. Kalau jumpa org je habis dia ckp, "Faaz got two adik incide mommy's stomach". Harap2 bila adik2 dia lahir dia boleh terima dgn baik :)

Takde you, none of our families baik blah mak ke bapak ke ade twins history. Kuasa Allah, we are the first in the fam :) The twins are not identical since they are in different sacks so Dr. Siti there are possibilities that they both different gender. I tak mau berharap sgt since Fadzil's family sume boys je kan tp tipula kalau tak teringin baby girl :)

Thank you dear, mmg cptlah habis 1st trimester and cptlah habis sickness ni..huhu.

U pun take care ok. Kisses for Adam :)

kella said...

Nad! nad pregnen?
ya Allah.. kembar pulak ke?
tiba tiba rasa sangat terharu..
rasa gembira!
tahniah Nad! Alhamdulillah..
tumpang rasa gembira dan syukur bagi pihak nad!
rezeki untuk nad dan suami!
me akan doakan nad serta kandungan sihat selalu! insyaAllah nad.. insyaAllah.. mommy dan babies sihat hendaknya...
tumpang gembira.. tumpang teruja!
tumpang rasa... gembira sampai bergenang air mata tanpa disedari..

ketahuilah kita semua kawan2 nad akan doakan moga Allah berikan kesenangan dan kemudahan pada nad sepanjang tempoh mengandung ini!

rasa macam nak buat satu entri tentang ini.. :) boleh ke...

tahniah sekali lagi!
warm hugs for u nad! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats nadia...wat a big surprise. i'm so happy 4 u...do take a good care of ur self n the twin dear...May allah bless u. i pray 4 ur healthy during ur pregnancy...happy 30th birthday dear..may year ahead bring more joy n happiness to u..

Anonymous said...

30? tp u nmpk lebih muda dr itu la..!
seronoknya dpt baby twin... congratulations nadine.

bEth said...

hahahahaha bestnyer! congratulations nadia! nieh da potong i terus nieh heheheh btw, i x bole nak anak twin coz am thalasemia carrier. kalu dpt musti kne stay hospital punya uhuk! good luck for ur pregnancy may everything goes well dear! so, bila due?

epi besday too dear~

Nadine said...


Thank you, darling. I am speechless, you buat I terharu *hugs*

Amin, amin, ya rabbal alamin. Tq Kella, thank you friends..sayang korang semua. Mmmuahs!! :)

p.s: boleh, ape salahnya..

Nadine said...


Thank you, dear. InsyaAllah, thanks again for the warm wishes. May Allah gives happiness to you always...amin :)



Ye ke..hihi, ni yg makin kembang kuncup hidung I nie. Hihi..thanks! Take care ok :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, thanks. Tula dlm nak dok join terpotong plak. What to do, rezeki lebih Allah bagi I terima dgn kesyukuran. InsyaAllah due end of July.

Thank you again dear!
p.s: sila beri tunjuk ajar on BF ye. tq :)