Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week 12

Feels just like yesterday I found out that I am conceiving again and now the journey has come to the 12th week. Hopefully the pregnancy sickness will totally go off soon...ameen.

It is true what people said, every pregnancy is different. Especially for me since now I am carrying a twin. I still remember a week before I finally did the pregnancy test, I was so energy-less. Exhausted. I was so tired climbing only 16 steps of stairs at Customer's office although I never face this problem before. I will headed straight to bed when I came back from work as I felt my energy level has dropped to zero, macam baru lepas panjat gunung penatnya! I was thinking what went wrong with me, was I sick? or was I having the low blood pressure again? Being pregnant was never on my thought since I was only late for a day at that time. Takkan cepat sangat kot??

It was when my friend, Aida commented that I look so pale and was wondering whether was I sick (almost a week after the exhaustion going on) that I decided to do the test. I was kinda scared, not scared of being pregnant, scared if the test go -ve then I must be sick. That was what I feared the most! Alhamdulillah, as soon as I dropped some sample of my urine on the test kit immediately visible 2 lines appeared. "Wow!"I told myself. It was pretty fast for the lines to appear clearly considering the fact that I only late for my period for like 5 days. Slalunya samar2 je..but I couldn't care much about it. All I knew was I am preggy, I'm soo happy sampai rasa nak lompat like the first time dulu. But this time, I managed to stay calm and kept it a secret from my hubby while keep on hinting him about it. It lasted for 2 days before I broke the news to him and man, he was soo happy!! Since my calculation showed I was only 5 weeks preggy we've decided to keep it to ourselves until we went for the first scan on week 9 to ensure everything is alright.

Then we found out about the big news; a TWIN. It was after that moment that I begun to do some readings on twin pregnancy, the signs and the journey and suddenly it all make sense. If not because of I am gonna have one, manalah I baca pasal signs of twin pregnancy kan. Therefore, let me share it with you my dear readers, who knows maybe some of you will be joining me in this exciting journey ;)

Some Signs of Twin Pregnancy:

  • Extreme Fatigue

Seriously ladies, it was extremely-unbelievably-tired. Betul, tak tipu. Before I knew it is a twin that I am carrying I even gave advice to my close friend in office - Nini to get pregnant early. I thought it was the age factor (I got preggy weeks before I turn 30 years old) that caused the fatigues. Haha! :P

According to the article,
extreme fatigue is the most commonly reported complaint from moms pregnant with twins. Which is ironic, because the prenatal fatigue is nothing like the exhaustion suffered during the first few months of life with twins! Most pregnant women face some degree of sleepiness, lethargy and exhaustion during the first trimester as the body gears up and works overtime to nurture your growing baby. This is compounded as the body tries to nurture two (or more) growing babies.

  • A Big Fat Positive on the Pregnancy Test

Remember how I was amused with the fast result? This is because, when you carrying twins the hormone (Human chorionic gonadtropin or hCG) is at a higher levels than the usual pregnancy, thus is traced fast by the test kit.

p.s: Oh just to add about the higher level of hCG hormone, it made my body goes wild sometimes. At times acne and pimples comes like crazy and sometimes I felt my skin kinda smooth. wacky betul! :P
  • You Are Always Hungry - More than the Usual

I am always a big eater but this time, oh my...scary ok! I feel hungry every 2 -3hours people! If during the previous pregnancy I can eat some snacks such as dates, prunes, raisins and biscuits to ease my hungry, now I can't. It wasn't enough. I have to take heavy food or else I'll vomit non-stop. Imagine I can eat 4-5 chocolate buns everyday and sometimes, I can eat rice again after 3 hours due to hunger. Sampai en. Suami pun pelik isteri dia tak kenyang2 walhal baru lepas makan. Tak baca bismillah ke ape kan...hahaha. Now that I know I am carrying more than 1 baby barulah I can eat happily. Like Fadzil said to me, "You eat not for two, but three people, Sayang!" Hehe :D

  • Extreme Morning Sickness

Again, this is due to the high hCG hormones in your body. According to studies, twin pregnancy will cause many women having twice morning sickness than the normal pregnancy. In my case, it's soo true. This time the sickness is more challenging. Compared to the last pregnancy, this time around the sickness is not 'morning sickness' but 'afternoon to midnight sickness'. It will starts after noon and can continue up to 2-3am. As a result, I'll feel extremely tired the next morning due to the vomiting + not having enough sleep. Alhamdulillah, despite the challenges I am more stronger in terms of emotions. I guess I am more mature now compared to before. All I think about is the sweetness of carrying twins in my arms whenever I feel weak. It works ;)

Btw, I am doing much better now. No more constant vomiting like two weeks ago. I did have constant nausea but only vomit twice a day. Hopefully it all disappear in two weeks time. Aminn.. :)
  • The Belly Grow Fast!

This is soo true! I can feel my tummy bulging out as early as 6 weeks. I was puzzled at that time but did not once the word TWIN came into my mind. I just thought the same case happened - excessive waterbag problem and I thought since now that the tummy skin had stretched before, its faster to stretch this time...hihi, silly me! :P

Some said, I look like a 4 months preggy woman now, but some said, "tak nampak pun perut besar lagi.." People, people, have you forgotten. I am just few weeks preggy. Not even reached first trimester and I've started to be buncits. Isn't it a bit fast??
Now compare between these two photos..

2008 - first pregnancy - 11 weeks

2011 - 2nd pregnancy - 9 weeks
Bigger right?

Anyways big or small, I accept as long as my babies are fine and grow healthily inside the tummy. Insyaallah. :)

Actually there are more few symptoms of twin pregnancy. You can refer to:
or any other article via mister google.

* All photos (except the last two) are courtesy of google

I can't spend so much time on the screen lately, it made me feel dizzy and wanna puke. I guess the babies are still not IT-friendly :P Will continue the wedding part-2 story soon, insyaAllah.

Take Care everyone!


mommaholicSURI said...

hoho.. i feel like i'm swinging away with you my dear. =D
Twice the morning sickness babe? Oh my. Hopefully cepat-cepatla it goes kan. :) I x de experience morning sickness like muntah2 and all masa Oman. But xtaula if next pregnancy rasa ke x. Macam nak rasa la pulak ha. hehe.
By the way, xkesah la you perut you cepat besar. You tetap comel! hihi. Cemanala bila u dah carry the twin for 7 months nanti kan?. Xpe, u kan kecik kecik cili padi :)

Semoga you and the twin sihat-sihat selalu. Amin! Kiss to Faaz kay. :)

Anonymous said...

i mesti follow semua entry u.. esp pasal preggy baby twin ni.. untung2 dpt baby twin walau pun x der history kan? ekekekek!

Mimy Hamid said...

oh nad itu ka simptom u....bila la nak rasa ni...hmm...doa kan i too yer preggy mum...comel je faaz kiss perut mummy....alalalala..big brother ni

ishamizu said...

Hehe thnks for sharing, dear. Seronok baca! Betul kata Nadia tu, klu tk pregnant twins mst tak ada inisiatif nk read on twins pregnancy. Ni bolehla ktrg tumpang tau dpd u..;)

Nway, sekejap je kn dh 12weeks..:) Izu pon mcm tak caya je ni,tgl 3 bulan je lg nk meletup. hee. U tk care k!

my.mastura said...

org kata, kalau 2nd pregnancy, perut mmg ketara even kalau not twins kata la..on ur case, dh laa 2nd pregnancy, twins pulak tu..tu yg berkali2 ganda nampak perut..hehehehe

aku x tau psl morning sickness coz i never experienced b4 :P bertuah kan? hahahah

dyana "his other half" said...

oh i love this entry :). thanks for sharing. fariq dari dulu lagi angan2 nak cd pregnant twin sebab family side fariq mmg banyak twin. tok fariq sendiri kembar 3. but usually the gen lagi kuat if the twin is on the woman side kan.

yup, i agree perut nadia nampak besar this time. tapi tadak hal la. ada 2 cute little munchkinS junior dlm tu kan :) and u still look beautiful n radiant! bestnya.


Nad kenapa symptom twins ada kat I jugak time 1st trimester..
hahaha..I think my case more to symptom ngade2..I dah detail scan mmg 1..tak de yg terselindung..hehehe ;)
specially bab makan tu..hahhaa..
risau u..this pregnancy berat I naik mendadak..terok betul..

neway..keep on updating about bace..
I guess u pun more excited kan..

cepat2 abis 1st trim!!
take care dear!!

MaRyD said...

ermm i'allah everything gonna b fine babe,,
take care of urself n the babies k

INDA said...

take care dear, kena extra rehat2 ni, since ur carrying twin. mcm br je nadia dtg rumah lama, makan mee bandung and bgtau tgh pregnantkan faaz rasanya... how time flies :)

Nadine said...


Yup, twice the volume of nausea and puking. Haha! its always the case kan, tak pernah rasa nak rasa...nnti dh rasa br tau :P I think x payahla babe, penat sgt2. Tp yg best about sickness are they constantly reminding that u are preggy, u are in first trimester and your baby is doing fine inside the tummy. :) Mesti mama you dulu mengandung pun xde sickness2 ni kan? Mcm I ikut my mak. Dia lagi kesian, she said when she was conceiving me, 9 bulan ok dia nausea. Phewww! nasib I tak ikut that long :)

Awwwwh, thanks babe. Comel ye, comel mcm snow man. Boolat je perut dia. Muahaha! I cant imagine my tummy at that stage you. I wished my tummy not that big, nak mcm tummy Leya Hot FM masa ngandung her twin or Sazzy Falak pliss. Their tummy comel je x nmpk sgt mcm carrying twins! :)

Thanks darling. Ameen. Faaz kim salam kat Oman. Nampak gamba Oman kat blog u tu dia kenal tau, spontan je ckp, "Mommy, that is Oman!" :D

Nadine said...


Hihi, betul. You never know...skali rezeki nak dtg, kun fayakun :)



Yes dear, inilah symptom2 mengandung kali ni. Lain sket dr my previous pregnancy. Insyaallah Mimy, I doakan tak lama lagi ade great news dr you. Leh teman I preggy sama2.

Hihi, sweetkan? Harap2 dh lahir nanti dia sayang adik2 dia. Ameen :)

Nadine said...


Kan? Kalau tak mmg x terpk nak check the symptoms sume ni. Tu yg Nadia share, mana tau lepas ni ade reader yg 'berjangkit' kan. Takla nnti pandai2 buat theory mcm Nadia. Hehehe :D

Izu, 3 months to go?? Waaaa!! Kejapnya. Nadia br nak start gear Izu dh nak sampai destination dh. Tak sabarnye nak tgk Isham Jr pas 2 Izu Jrs. :)

Nadine said...


Betul, betul, betul. Tp inipun org asik ckp tak nampak pun perut. Adeh, br 1st trimester kan, patut tak nmpk sgt pun kan..T_T This time perut aku melebar compared to dulu. Dulu menonjol ke dpn..yela dulu sorang, skang nak make space for two, tu yg lebar je badan. Pinggang pun dh makin xde shape. lurus je...huhuhu.

Sgt bertuah! Jadinya bolehla bagi raaaamai adik utk Mikhail *wink* Hehehe

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Oh ye ke. Ramai rupanya friends yg ade history twin in the family. That is interesting to know. InsyaAllah, who knows lepas ni Cee D plak ikut jejak Nadia kan? :)

Awwwwh, thanks dear. Haritu je kot beautiful n radiant. Skang acne naik dgn jayanya! Tak sama tul dgn preggy Faaz dulu :( But two babies inside tummy tu a very good excuse utk cover malu pewut besar. Hik! :)

Nadine said...


Ye ke?? Betul ni mmg satu je? Hahaha, it's the hormone la tu babe. But seriously, penat sgt2 kan? Mcm drained out je energy everyday walhal xde la buat activity lasak..

I punye weight turun naikla. Haritu naik sket je. But masa warded I lost 3kg in 1 week, now recovering. Next week checkup br tau dh naik brape.

Oh yeah!! I'm dying for the sickness to go away, SOON i hope! :D

Nadine said...


Amin..thanks babe :)



Thank you darling. Tula nasib dpt m.c 10days haritu. Dptla recharge energy balik. Kalau tak, working days susah nak curi masa rehat2. Loads n tons of work waiting :(

Tula, time flew fast. Inda pun skang dh jadi a mother. Enjoy ur motherhood dear! Kiss to Aiman k :)

irradhil said...

wah....teruk jgk yer alahan nadine kali ni yer....mmg lain twins ni.yerla....agaknyer sorang craving for burger...sorang lg nadine pn vomit la...then mkn lg...then vomit.its such a routine!!!

huhuhu...trigt lak ms peknen bile bc entry's such a precious time to remember kan.mmg seronok peknen tp bab alahan jer yg xseronok kan.huhuhu.irra alahan ms peknenkan dina xsama ms peknenkan esya.totally igtkan nk dpt bby boy...ruper2 rezeki bby girl lg.heheheeh.anyway xkesahla kan...janji sihat kan.(nk sedapkan hati jer ni)huhuhu

nway....take a double triple good good care dear....

Nadine said...


Hehehe, pandai irra buat theory. kalau ikut article yg I baca, sbb hormone hCg tu lagi tinggi, jadi it triggers more nausea than usual pregnancy :)

itula, I was hoping kali ni xde sickness ke, kurang ke. I was wrong! hehe, xpela yg penting babies sihat kan? :)

thanks dear!! :)

Mama Kembar 3 said...

Yup, i experienced ALL the symptoms too. All day sickness sampai lah hari branak, sakit blakang, tak leh tidor, kaki bengkak etc etc etc lah... Lapar setiap masa, but tak lalu makan, pastu bila makan je muntah balik sbb rahim tekan perut sampai terlalu sempit that i can't keep anything inside. Perghhh seksa! But i'd do it all over again without a doubt. Coz it's soooo worth it :-)