Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nose Warehouse Sale

Whenever I am free, I love to check out on the warehouse sales near to my place from or I usually chose to go to the warehouse sales with good reviews and comments as well as by looking at the items bargained (of course I look for something that useful to me la kan :P)...

Some of the warehouses that I've been for the couple of years are Pureen's, Levi's, Christian Dior's, Nestle's and Nose. Been to those few times and the bargain had never disappointing me so far. Since I've been to those warehouses few times already, I also know where to find easy parking as well as avoiding peak hours where the crowd went crazy! ;)

So last Friday, I went to Nose warehouse sale during Friday's lunchtime. Saja je since I don't have any lunch plan for that day plus the location; Wisma RSH is only 15mins drive from my place. Since ///'s lunchtime started at 12 noon, there was only small crowd when I arrived..I was surprised to see the sale this time. Nose had really improved compared to the last time I went to their sale, two years ago..bravo! :)

This time around, the shoes stocks are saperated between sizes (size 4 to 10) and according to prices (RM10, RM20, RM30). It made so much easier for us ladies to do our shopping based on our sizes. The prices are also cheap, the most expensive shoe or bag that you can find here is only RM30 - barulah warehouse sale namanya :P

But the best part was, the stock are quite new, and some of the shoes are really in good condition. Berbaloi2 beli dengan hanya RM10! And the stock for size 5 and 6 has the most designs compared to the rest. Sangat rambang mata! :D Bought few for myself and for my lil sister since we love to mix and match shoes with our clothes. Hihihi :D

Damaged of the day???

4 pairs = RM50

Two for me, and two for my sister :)

Not bad kan utk pakai saja2 tukar2 kasut? Hihi..

Kak Ngah, I hope u like this! Will drop by once u got back from Melaka, k ;)

Oh, and if you purchase goods with RM50 or above, you also got an RM10 vaucher from Nose:

By the way, they also sell cheap bags and clutches ranging from RM10 to RM30 as well at the warehouse sale although to me, the stock are quite old fashion. But for those who loves bling bling clutches, there are some nice and cute design for you :)

So for those of you who are interested and live nearby, you might want to check it out this warehouse sale today since it's is the last day ;) Here's the map of Wisma RSH for your reference:

For more info do check it out the two websites mentioned earlier in this post.
Happy shopping, ladies! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

20 Reasons Why It's Great To Have Twins

Finding out that you're pregnant with twins is often a shock. But there are lots of reasons to be excited about bringing two babies into the world at the same time. Here are just some of them.


Knowing that you are only going to have to go through the birth process once to end up with two children.


Enjoying the fun of choosing two baby names that fit together perfectly.


Being able to hold one baby in each arm and feeling a huge rush of love and pride.


Watching your babies sleeping peacefully side by side.


Having to establish only one routine.


Getting all the sleepless nights over and done with in one go.


Watching them carve out their own identities as they grow.


Knowing that they are going to have a best friend in each other for life.


Enjoying the attention that twins inevitably attract.


Feeling confident that they can help each other on their first day of school.


Discovering all their amazing little differences.


Watching them create their own secret language and games.


Knowing that they will never be lonely.


Loving the fact that they are constant playmates and can entertain each other.


Feeling special because you've joined the exclusive club of twin mums.


Only having to buy one of every must-have toy and not having to give baby number two (by a few minutes!) hand-me-downs.


Only having to bake one birthday cake and throw one party a year.


Seeing them learning and encouraging each other to reach their milestones.


Watching them taking care of each other when one is upset or hurt.


Knowing that their shared history means they have one of life's most unbreakable bonds.

(article is from


It sounds wonderful isn't it? :) But there are a lot of obstacles and sacrifices that has to be made along the journey. Hopefully, I'll have the patience and courage to overcome these obstacles... insyaAllah. Doakan saya ye kawan2? :)

To date, the pregnancy just turned 18 weeks today and so far, alhamdulillah everything is great :) The sickness has gone, the fetuses has started kicking and so far I have not encounter any issue in my pregnancy. No sugar trace on my urine like the previous pregnancy, and no sign of high BP as well. Syukur sangat2. I only have anemia, and it is something common for mothers who carrying twins so nothing to worry about. I just need to have plenty red spinach and chicken's liver to increase my red blood platelet. I have gain quite a number of kg's too, people. 7.4kg in 4++ months! ! gulp! :P

However, I am not that worry as through my readings I came to know that for a healthy, normal weights mothers the weight gained during twin pregnancies are between 37 - 54 lbs or between 17 - 25kg.

Ok, now where all these weight go???

Roughly, these are the weight distribution during pregnancy. Women who are carrying twins will gain more weight than women who are carrying a singleton, as much as 45-50 pounds depending on their pre-pregnancy weight:

  • Baby - At birth your baby may weigh between 6-7.5 pounds.
  • Uterus - The uterus expands during pregnancy and may weigh 2 pounds.
  • Placenta - The placenta, vital for nourishing your baby, generally weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • Breasts - Breast tissue often grows during pregnancy, and may weigh up to 1.5 to 2 pounds.
  • Blood Volume - Your blood volume will increase during pregnancy up to 4 pounds.
  • Fluid - Your body will retain some fluid during pregnancy, as much as 4 pounds!
  • Amniotic Fluid - The fluid surrounding your baby will weigh approximately 2 pounds.
  • Maternal Fat Stores and Nutrients - You will also gain about 7 pounds of weight that can be attributed to maternal fat and nutrient stores as well as muscle development.
(taken from:

I am now getting a lot of attention from public especially whenever I go back Cyberjaya office. Strangers will just say hi to me in the cafeteria, in the lift or even in the Musolla. They even addressed me as the "twin pregnant lady". hahaha, it sounds funny :P

Lately, everyone started asking the babies gender to me and Fadzil. Sorry fellas, we have no idea yet. I am only at 4++ months being pregnant and the babies are still small. Some are even started to guess the gender based on my belly shape and it get us confused and sometimes.

take a guess, peeps! :P

Believe it or not, both photos above were taken at the same week, when I was 17 weeks preggy. People said I am carrying girls based on my wide tummy from the LEFT side photo and they said I am carrying boys based on my round shape tummy from the RIGHT photo. Isn't it confusing??! Sometimes, I do feel my tummy is sooo big and sometimes, I don't. I guess the twins loves to move around hence there will always be two shapes until they outgrown and can't afford to move so much...hihi

Of course yours truly would love to have at least a baby girl although Mr. hubby is excited with the idea to have more boys around. Everything is in God's hand and as slaves, we accept anything that come to us with thankful...let's just wait for the announcement in few more weeks to come, if the babies are ready enough to show "it" to their daddy and mommy :)

p.s: I will be having my next checkup this Saturday. Let see what's Dato' Siti have to say this time. Looking forward to see the twins during the ultrasound session ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Easy Peasy Roti John

I love to eat roti john when I was staying with my family. Whenever we went to Night Market near my house on every Monday night, I never missed to buy 1 and shared it with my lil sister.

But since I got married and move to Subang Jaya, I hardly find a nearby Night Market, let alone the type of roti john that I like. Since then, I tried made my own, experimenting the recipe from internet as well as refreshing my memory during the trip to the Night Market. I loved seeing the seller mixed all the ingredients and prepared my roti john.

Last Thursday, I craved for it once again. Since I can't find anyone who sell roti john around USJ, I went to a nearby supermarket, bought the ingredients and made it myself. Let me share with you my simple recipe...

Easy Peasy Roti John


1 big shallots, diced *
300gm minced meat *
3 medium size eggs *
white pepper *
salt *
1 packet of frankfurter's bun (6 pcs)
Chilli sauce


1) Placed the * ingredients into a mixing bowl and mixed well

2) Cut the frankfurter's bun into half

3) Heat the non-stick pan with a bit of butter in a low heat.
Pour in two handful spoon of the mixed ingredients flat into the pan, about the same size as the bun.

Note: It is important to use low heat at this point or else your meat will not cooked inside
4) Placed the bun on top of the meat mixture, softly pressed the bun so that it will stick to the meat. Let it cooked until the meat turn brown/crispy.

5) Then, placed the cooked roti john on top of chopping board. Spread mayonnaise and chilli sauce on top of your roti john, close it and cut into half and served! Isn't it easy? ;)

Notes and  Tips!!

-If you like spicyness, you can add some curry powder into the mixture in step 1)
-According to your preference, white pepper can be substituted with black pepper
-If you don't have minced meat in your refredgerator, you can substitute it with burger meat instead
-If you don't prefer to take time to cook your roti john under low heat, what you can do:
a) Fry first the minced meat with diced shallots, pepper and salt until the meat is dry.
b) Then only mixed the meat with the eggs, followed by no. 2), 3), 4) & 5).
You can use the medium heat as usual and no need to worry if your meat is undercook :)

Happy Trying!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trip To The National Zoo

You know your toddler is absolutely need an adventure in a Zoo when....

he looked at these animals,

and when you asked him, "Faaz, what animal is this?"

confidently he answered, "Horse!"

LOL! :))

(*Cow to Faaz is similar to this animal but it's skin has patches of black and white pattern. Talking about too much of cartoons I guess :P)

So we finally visited the National Zoo during the 1 week CNY holiday. It was on Saturday, the day most of the people in the city center busy made their way to their hometown for a long holiday. Unlike them, we stayed in KL as I was not fit to travel far. Mak has gone back to Batu Pahat for a wedding and my in-laws were away for vacation in Krabi..tinggallah kitaorg ber3 di KL...

Faaz was asleep when we arrived at the Zoo and it was gloomy although the clock showed it was 12.30pm. The rain had just stopped, just perfect for us to start our exploration. Faaz immediately woke up when we told him that we finally arrived at the Zoo. He was excited dalam mamai2 dia tu..comel jerk.

Faaz was still daydreaming when we first started..baru bangun tido katakan :)

the map of the Zoo..

We started our journey from Entrance A, towards the giraffes and elephants place. The animals were entertaining a bunch of tourist when we arrived, thus we got the chance to see them closely. Sugar canes were also given to the tourists who cared to feed the hungry elephants...

the giraffes...

and the friendly mr. elephant..

Faaz Naqi was quite scared when Mr. Eli came close to us..

so to convince him that it was ok, mommy had to pose with Mr. Eli...haha!

We then continued our journey along the lake, heading towards the Bird House (Rumah Burung). We decided to walk throughout our journey so that Faaz Naqi can take his own sweet time to see and have a closer look at each animal, for us to exercise as well as easier for me to capture each animal we saw. Yes, peeps..I am the photographer for that day. I plan to developed the photos and make an animal scrapbook for Faaz Naqi to learn ;) On the way, we saw a lot of flamingos at the lake and it amazed Faaz.
"wow, so many birds, mommy.."

We started off with Ostriches. They were quite aggressive when people came near and it kinda scared Faaz off...He was clingy to Fadzil the whole time.

By the way, it was the first time in my life to see green colored eggs. It belongs to the Ostriches that we huh??

It was when we entered the bird's house that Faaz became comfy to walk by himself. Birds in different shapes, sizes and colors were displayed, including the beautiful peacock.

Next, we headed to the Tigers & Lions place. Faaz was so looking forward for it since Lions are his favourite animal..grrrrr! :) However, since the weather was gloomy after the rain apparently some of the animals were gloomy too. Sleepy to be exact, and that includes Mr. Lion...

The sleepyheads...zzzZZZ

Lucky some of the tigers are wide awake to entertain lil Faaz. We spent almost 20 minutes here just because Faaz wanted to see more and more of Mr. Tiger :)

Concentrate habis! :P
cute like a cat, eh? :)
Faaz really concentrate looking at the tigers that he don't even bother to smile to the camera :D

Next, we went to the Mammal kingdom to see more animals. Among them were the Puma and Black Cheetah...they were fierce!

We skipped the Insect Zoo and the Ape Center since we have to travel really deep to get there and I was not that fit to further climb the hilly road. So we proceed to the Savannah
Walk, and then made our way to the Amphibian World.

My men yang gagah berjalan jauh...hihi

Some of the animals we saw..

These days, Faaz is soo into The Sound of Music film. He can watch the DVD over and over again. He even know how to sing every song in the movie including Edelweiss. Thus, he was so excited when I introduced him to the dear cause it reminds him of the Do Re Mi song - "Do, a deer, a female dear".

Lama betul dia borak dgn deer tu :D

He even excited to see a goat. Hihihi..

At the Amphibian Park...

Besides the lions and tigers, the other animal that really caught Faaz's attention was the Bear. They were so active and we actually managed to see them rolling, walking around, swimming and even standing!

Faaz standing from a higher bridge near the bear cage to get a clearer view of the bears..

cute aite? :)

The final destination that we went before calling it a day was the Aquarium. Here, Faaz enjoyed seeing fishes, especially the huge ones. And oh, the cute penguins as well ;)

We were exhausted as the tour end (especially mak buyung, balik mmg lepak habis! :P), but it's all paid off when we saw the satisfactory smile on our son's face...

Faaz Naqi really enjoyed his trip that he told the story of him visiting the zoo to everyone he met that whole week :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Faaz 2nd Birthday Bash

On 09.01.2011 (Sunday) of last month, my precious Faaz Naqi turns 2 years old. Compared to last year, we celebrated his special day modestly with close family members.

Remember I mentioned in my last post that I requested 'something' from my mum and my siblings for my birthday? Well that something was for them to help me to cook for Faaz's small birthday bash. Maklumla, yours truly was having a bad nausea at that time. Jangan kata memasak, bau orang menumis je boleh kasi I flat the whole day! :P The only dish that I managed to prepare was egg sandwiches since it only involves boiling...hihi.

Since Faaz Naqi is so fond of the playground, I've decided to do an outdoor birthday bash; a picnic @ Perdana Lake Garden to be exact. If last year the party theme was 'blue + balloon' this year we've decided a simple theme..COLORFUL. :)

Last year we celebrated Faaz's birthday with most of the family from Fadzil's side, so this time around it was my family's turn. We invited my family, my grandmother (who happens to be in KL at that time), and my youngest aunt's family. Fadzil's parents did joined us too..mana boleh miss b'day cucu tersayang, ye tak? :D

The ladies in my mom's house woke up very early on Sunday morning, the day Faaz Naqi turns 2 to cook simple meals for the picnic. We prepared fried tomyam bihun, fried singapore bihun (for the kids), fried rice, steamed sausages, fried nuggets, sardine sandwiches and egg sandwiches. As for the dessert, Fadzil bought mini chocolate ice-creams, Faaz's favourite.

Actually, all food prepared that day were Faaz's favourite except for tomyam bihun, mommy Faaz yang request sbb her favourite. Heeee.. Even this year cake was Faaz's choice. At first I thought of ordering a customize cake for him. However, Fadzil suggest that we bought this cake instead....

Why is that?

Apparently when he and Faaz went to the bakery to buy my birthday cake previously, Faaz fell in love with this simple cake and seboleh2 dia nak cake tu. Nasib Fadzil dapat pujuk dia that time, if not can you imagine me blowing this cake for my 30th birthday???!!! OMG! Hahahaha!

We arrived at Perdana Lake Garden at 10 am, and the crowd was there. Lucky my in-laws from USJ arrived earlier than us, they managed to secure a nice spot near to the playground.

Justify FullOur spot...few meters away from the playground :)

As soon as we finished setting up everything on the picnic mat, we started the picnic @ the party with cake cutting ceremony. Faaz was so happy the minute he saw me un-box the cake that he like. "Fa-ash cake! Fa-ash cake!" exclaimed him :) If last year Faaz was a bit blurred when people surrounded him and sang the birthday song (which eventually made him overwhelmed and cried :P), this year he was so looking forward to it. He even asked me to faster lighten up the candles...which was very challenging at that moment since it's open air and the wind started blowing..

He was a bit shy, but joyed when everyone sang, "Happy Birthday to Faaz...Happy Birthday to you!" Tersipu-sipu senyum :D

Us with the birthday boy who was so eager to cut the cake by himself....
sudah 2 tahun katakan :P

and finally, the moment he's been waiting for..ada hati nak serve semua org tau!

The birthday boy then enjoyed his chocolate cake, Nani tolong suapkan. TQ ma :)
At the same time, since everyone haven't had their breakfast yet, we all wallap the delicious food prepared by mak, tok mak and kak ngah. Nyum, nyum!

The birthday boy also felt hungry that he ate a lot that morning. It was nice to see him gained back his appetite after losing it for quite sometime when he fell ill previously.

Actually, while eating Faaz already requested to play at the playground...especially when he saw his little uncle already went playing instead of having his meal. Lucky he obeyed us and finished off his meal first before he got to play.

The minute we say, "Ok, lets go!" Faaz jumped with excitement and ran straightly towards the slide, his favourite ;)

First with mommy as the 'chaperon'...
But as I got exhausted easily, my place was replaced by few men

...starting from Papa...
then replaced by

He was missing in the photos since he was busy taking his son's photos :P

Soon, his place was replaced by... little brother :)

Faaz's little uncle was nowhere to be seen in most of the photos above as he loves to run here and there. Susah betul nak snap gambar cousin kecikku Ammar. I did bring Ammar to joined Faaz playing the slides but apparently he's afraid of height. Hihi...

He preferred to play the swing instead, with his bibik :)

after a while playing at the playground, Faaz became thirsty and hungry again. It was time for him to enjoy his dessert, ice-cream and drank plenty of plain water.

Sempat played with the balloons while quenching his thirst...

At first, I was a bit sad that the preparation for Faaz's birthday was all last minute. I was weak due to the constant vomiting and my energy drained easily. Although it was a simple bash, we were glad that we chose everything that Faaz's like. From the venue, to the meals, the cake and even his attire (he even wanted the socks to be that high..tutup aurat tul my boy :P). It's all worth it when we saw happiness in his face during the bash...

It was priceless! :)

Not only Faaz showed his excitement by smiling and laughing, he also showed it through his actions..

1) by Non-stop jumping
2) and even dancing in public!

Beside dancing, Faaz loves to sing these days. He's the entertainer for the family. Thank You Allah The Almighty for giving me and Fadzil this precious gift. InsyaAllah, we will try our best to take care of this Amanah that you gave to us. May Muhammad Faaz Naqi grow healthily, wisely and be a good Caliph on earth. Ameen.

Oh ya, before we made a move, Faaz Naqi managed to play hide-and-seek with his favourite aunty, Mak Ngah and snap some photos with his uncle Ammar...

Awwwwh, so sweet! :)

Thanks to my close family for your effort and presence. It really made our day. With God's will insyaAllah in the future, Faaz sambut birthday with friends pulak, ok :)