Wednesday, February 23, 2011

20 Reasons Why It's Great To Have Twins

Finding out that you're pregnant with twins is often a shock. But there are lots of reasons to be excited about bringing two babies into the world at the same time. Here are just some of them.


Knowing that you are only going to have to go through the birth process once to end up with two children.


Enjoying the fun of choosing two baby names that fit together perfectly.


Being able to hold one baby in each arm and feeling a huge rush of love and pride.


Watching your babies sleeping peacefully side by side.


Having to establish only one routine.


Getting all the sleepless nights over and done with in one go.


Watching them carve out their own identities as they grow.


Knowing that they are going to have a best friend in each other for life.


Enjoying the attention that twins inevitably attract.


Feeling confident that they can help each other on their first day of school.


Discovering all their amazing little differences.


Watching them create their own secret language and games.


Knowing that they will never be lonely.


Loving the fact that they are constant playmates and can entertain each other.


Feeling special because you've joined the exclusive club of twin mums.


Only having to buy one of every must-have toy and not having to give baby number two (by a few minutes!) hand-me-downs.


Only having to bake one birthday cake and throw one party a year.


Seeing them learning and encouraging each other to reach their milestones.


Watching them taking care of each other when one is upset or hurt.


Knowing that their shared history means they have one of life's most unbreakable bonds.

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It sounds wonderful isn't it? :) But there are a lot of obstacles and sacrifices that has to be made along the journey. Hopefully, I'll have the patience and courage to overcome these obstacles... insyaAllah. Doakan saya ye kawan2? :)

To date, the pregnancy just turned 18 weeks today and so far, alhamdulillah everything is great :) The sickness has gone, the fetuses has started kicking and so far I have not encounter any issue in my pregnancy. No sugar trace on my urine like the previous pregnancy, and no sign of high BP as well. Syukur sangat2. I only have anemia, and it is something common for mothers who carrying twins so nothing to worry about. I just need to have plenty red spinach and chicken's liver to increase my red blood platelet. I have gain quite a number of kg's too, people. 7.4kg in 4++ months! ! gulp! :P

However, I am not that worry as through my readings I came to know that for a healthy, normal weights mothers the weight gained during twin pregnancies are between 37 - 54 lbs or between 17 - 25kg.

Ok, now where all these weight go???

Roughly, these are the weight distribution during pregnancy. Women who are carrying twins will gain more weight than women who are carrying a singleton, as much as 45-50 pounds depending on their pre-pregnancy weight:

  • Baby - At birth your baby may weigh between 6-7.5 pounds.
  • Uterus - The uterus expands during pregnancy and may weigh 2 pounds.
  • Placenta - The placenta, vital for nourishing your baby, generally weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • Breasts - Breast tissue often grows during pregnancy, and may weigh up to 1.5 to 2 pounds.
  • Blood Volume - Your blood volume will increase during pregnancy up to 4 pounds.
  • Fluid - Your body will retain some fluid during pregnancy, as much as 4 pounds!
  • Amniotic Fluid - The fluid surrounding your baby will weigh approximately 2 pounds.
  • Maternal Fat Stores and Nutrients - You will also gain about 7 pounds of weight that can be attributed to maternal fat and nutrient stores as well as muscle development.
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I am now getting a lot of attention from public especially whenever I go back Cyberjaya office. Strangers will just say hi to me in the cafeteria, in the lift or even in the Musolla. They even addressed me as the "twin pregnant lady". hahaha, it sounds funny :P

Lately, everyone started asking the babies gender to me and Fadzil. Sorry fellas, we have no idea yet. I am only at 4++ months being pregnant and the babies are still small. Some are even started to guess the gender based on my belly shape and it get us confused and sometimes.

take a guess, peeps! :P

Believe it or not, both photos above were taken at the same week, when I was 17 weeks preggy. People said I am carrying girls based on my wide tummy from the LEFT side photo and they said I am carrying boys based on my round shape tummy from the RIGHT photo. Isn't it confusing??! Sometimes, I do feel my tummy is sooo big and sometimes, I don't. I guess the twins loves to move around hence there will always be two shapes until they outgrown and can't afford to move so much...hihi

Of course yours truly would love to have at least a baby girl although Mr. hubby is excited with the idea to have more boys around. Everything is in God's hand and as slaves, we accept anything that come to us with thankful...let's just wait for the announcement in few more weeks to come, if the babies are ready enough to show "it" to their daddy and mommy :)

p.s: I will be having my next checkup this Saturday. Let see what's Dato' Siti have to say this time. Looking forward to see the twins during the ultrasound session ;)


Ninie Hanis said...

sis Nadine,

Congratulations on your twins pregnancy! U have a great story to tell and we'll always love to read that.

I pun xsabar nak tau gender diorang ;)

Nadine said...

Hi Ninie,

Thank you! :) Awwwh, so sweet of u to say that. Thanks again dear. I pun enjoy baca ur blog, cuma segan nak comment. Hihi..Owh, U did a good job on bakingg and decorating the cake. Sgt comel ok! Wished I pandai deco cake mcm you juga :)

InsyaAllah, bila dh tau nanti I akan war2kan :)

my.mastura said...

ko pregnant sepasang kot! sorg laki, sorg pompuan...still, the boys will outnumbered the girls la..heheheheh

anyway, aku suka lak fakta2 tu..mcm sonot je...if I'm getting a twin..hmmm

p/s: nk tau apa lak idea for ur twins names...:D

MOMMY NADIA said... about a gal and a boy!!a pair!Possible kan???
So I doa for that..ok???

Love to see u in maternity dress..sgt comel and cun banget..
I takde maternity dress..teringin plak nak pakai tgk u pakai..hehheehe;)

lucky u to have twin this time...
many more weeks to go..take care dear..specially with this weather!

Nadine said...


Ameen! Alangkah bahagianya kalau dpt baby girl. sorang pun jadila. family in-laws aku mmg kemarau cucu lelaki hokey. hahaha!

tula baca fakta2 tu cam sonok je bunyinye kan. tp sblum tu, proses mengandungnya banyak dugaan. lagi2 3rd trimester nanti. the more aku baca seriau plak jadinye. hik!

p.s: haha, aku pun tak tau la cemana nanti. kalau dua2 boys kan, mmg masak. hampir habis dh nama start ngan huruf "F" sbb cousin2 lelaki Fadzil ramai nama start ngan "F"!!

Nadine said...


It's possible since the twins are fraternal! Tapi...I takmo la menaruh harapan yg tinggi, takut keciwa nanti. Hihi...
Anyway thank you dear, so sweet of u!! :)

Hihi thanks. Mengandung kali ni kan tak tau nape I asik nak melawa girly2 type je. Nak pakai dress lah, skirt lah. Over kan :P Those are not maternity dresses tau. Dress biasa je tu. On the left tu my MIL belikan from Krabi and on the right hand side tu from Cotton On. Nanti dh lepas preggy pun boleh pakai balik ;)Jomla you pakai dress kali ni preggy.. best tau, sejuk je perut. Hik Hik :D

Thank you dear, u take care too ok, smoga ur cough will go away fast. Cant wait to see adik Adam in few more weeks! ;)

ishamizu said...

Awh bestnya baca all the 20 reasons! Insya Allah, u'll be doing fine with twins around soon! Amin! :)

Dworry abt the weight, i'm sure u can back into ur shape just before u're pregnant. ;)

Again, izu doakan Nadia dpt sorg boy n sorg girl k..Amin! tk care dear, u look hawt in both pics! i loikee..hihi.

neena_kechik said...

Kak nadia, comel tau!!! pregnant2 pun still comel!!! :) due bulan 7 kan??? hopefully jatuh same dgn tarikh lahir neena.hehehe leh celebrate birthday ngan twin!!! hehehe :)
semoga kak nadia n twin selamat,sihat and comel!!! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

uwaaaa, bestnya pregnant twins. hehe. bila tengok kawan2 dah pregnant ni tiba2 rasa nak join pula. huhu.

cd would love if they are a pair. baru boleh jadi cam beverly hills tu. hehe. apa2 pun rezeki Allah nak bagikan. mana2 pun boleh janji babies n mommy sihat :).

oh cd pun perasan nadia sangat cantik kali ni n suka pakai dress. masa faaz tu nak makeup pun tanak kan. huhu.

|| sue-imanja || said...

Hye Nadia!

Mmm comel gila mommy ni taw. Gila pon tak comel camni. Anyway bila i tgk both pics pon i assume sama mcm org lain. Yg kiri nampak gegurl, kanan cam boys laks. Tapi tk mustahil u carry tu sepasang. Sgt bonus kalau girl kan.

Nadine said...

Izu dear,

Ameeen! TQ so much..smoga dipermudahkan semuanya. Hehe, setiap kali naik weighing scale tu mmg risau Izu. Bkn ape, takut kalau berat sgt nnti kaki tak dpt nak tampung berat, nnti kena bedrest..kalu boleh dielakkan, nak elakkan :)

Amin..thanks again Izu, u are such a sweet, sweet friend. mmmuahss!! :)

Nadine said...

Salam Neena,

Awwwh, awak la yg comel Neena. Awak muda remaja lagi. Akak dh 3series dik...masih comelkah? :))

Ooooh, Neena lahir in July eh. Bape hb.? twins due date so far 27/7 :)

Amin, amin, amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin. Thank you sweetie, take care ok *hugs*

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Lepas slamat masuk rumah baru sila plan for adik Hadif ok :) Aah la dear, ramai tau this year geng kita yg preggy; Azah, Sood, wife Halim, wife Hanif.

I love the idea too, mcm Brandon and Brenda Walsh eh Cee D? berangan je la Nadia ni..skali tgk, dua2 hero lagi..hehehe. tula, agree with u. yg penting semuanya selamat. kalau takde rezeki baby girl kali ni, perhaps 3-4thn lagi boleh try lagik (yeke?? :D). Hihi..

Owh ye ke..hihi. Mmg masa mengandungkan Faaz Nadia agak sempoi. Stakat pakai talcum powder n lip gloss je. Maklumla time tu satu bijik jerawat pun x naik. Confidentla kan. Skang terbalik plak, jerawat naik tak hengat ok, nak kuar rumah kena touch up sket sbb segan sgt. Tp yes, kali ni mengandung rasa nak melawa je...mengada kan mak buyung sorang nie :P

Nadine said...

Hi Sue,

Hahaha, tergelak I baca ur 1st sentence..statement yg comel ok!! :)
Tulah, since I punye twins are fraternal (kembar tak seiras), my gynea ckp mmg ade chances different gender. masing2 disenyawakan oleh 2 telur n 2 sperm berbeza :)

Ok, kita tunggu few more weeks, harap2 time tu scan dh nampak la d gender. nnti bolehla I start menyoppingkan diri. kekeke

kella said...

nad u nampak cute laa ..perut dah nampak bulat.. heheh..
gembira dengar u sihat bersama kandungan kembar itu...
me too tak sabar nak tahu apakah jantina mereka~
owwhhh kalau dapat sepasang best kan nad.. apa pun seperti kata u tu.. serahkan segalanya pada Allah...
u bertuah sungguh nad.. :)

take care my dear fren.. :)

Nadine said...

Kella, ke, thanks! :)

Tula, so far si kembar masih belum bersedia nak bgtau kitaorg ape gender diaorg. Last Saturday checkup tak nmpk. Kita tunggu plak checkup akhir March ni kot2 ade rezeki nak tau diaorg punye gender.

InsyaAllah, dear. Thanks a lot :)