Friday, February 11, 2011

Faaz 2nd Birthday Bash

On 09.01.2011 (Sunday) of last month, my precious Faaz Naqi turns 2 years old. Compared to last year, we celebrated his special day modestly with close family members.

Remember I mentioned in my last post that I requested 'something' from my mum and my siblings for my birthday? Well that something was for them to help me to cook for Faaz's small birthday bash. Maklumla, yours truly was having a bad nausea at that time. Jangan kata memasak, bau orang menumis je boleh kasi I flat the whole day! :P The only dish that I managed to prepare was egg sandwiches since it only involves boiling...hihi.

Since Faaz Naqi is so fond of the playground, I've decided to do an outdoor birthday bash; a picnic @ Perdana Lake Garden to be exact. If last year the party theme was 'blue + balloon' this year we've decided a simple theme..COLORFUL. :)

Last year we celebrated Faaz's birthday with most of the family from Fadzil's side, so this time around it was my family's turn. We invited my family, my grandmother (who happens to be in KL at that time), and my youngest aunt's family. Fadzil's parents did joined us too..mana boleh miss b'day cucu tersayang, ye tak? :D

The ladies in my mom's house woke up very early on Sunday morning, the day Faaz Naqi turns 2 to cook simple meals for the picnic. We prepared fried tomyam bihun, fried singapore bihun (for the kids), fried rice, steamed sausages, fried nuggets, sardine sandwiches and egg sandwiches. As for the dessert, Fadzil bought mini chocolate ice-creams, Faaz's favourite.

Actually, all food prepared that day were Faaz's favourite except for tomyam bihun, mommy Faaz yang request sbb her favourite. Heeee.. Even this year cake was Faaz's choice. At first I thought of ordering a customize cake for him. However, Fadzil suggest that we bought this cake instead....

Why is that?

Apparently when he and Faaz went to the bakery to buy my birthday cake previously, Faaz fell in love with this simple cake and seboleh2 dia nak cake tu. Nasib Fadzil dapat pujuk dia that time, if not can you imagine me blowing this cake for my 30th birthday???!!! OMG! Hahahaha!

We arrived at Perdana Lake Garden at 10 am, and the crowd was there. Lucky my in-laws from USJ arrived earlier than us, they managed to secure a nice spot near to the playground.

Justify FullOur spot...few meters away from the playground :)

As soon as we finished setting up everything on the picnic mat, we started the picnic @ the party with cake cutting ceremony. Faaz was so happy the minute he saw me un-box the cake that he like. "Fa-ash cake! Fa-ash cake!" exclaimed him :) If last year Faaz was a bit blurred when people surrounded him and sang the birthday song (which eventually made him overwhelmed and cried :P), this year he was so looking forward to it. He even asked me to faster lighten up the candles...which was very challenging at that moment since it's open air and the wind started blowing..

He was a bit shy, but joyed when everyone sang, "Happy Birthday to Faaz...Happy Birthday to you!" Tersipu-sipu senyum :D

Us with the birthday boy who was so eager to cut the cake by himself....
sudah 2 tahun katakan :P

and finally, the moment he's been waiting for..ada hati nak serve semua org tau!

The birthday boy then enjoyed his chocolate cake, Nani tolong suapkan. TQ ma :)
At the same time, since everyone haven't had their breakfast yet, we all wallap the delicious food prepared by mak, tok mak and kak ngah. Nyum, nyum!

The birthday boy also felt hungry that he ate a lot that morning. It was nice to see him gained back his appetite after losing it for quite sometime when he fell ill previously.

Actually, while eating Faaz already requested to play at the playground...especially when he saw his little uncle already went playing instead of having his meal. Lucky he obeyed us and finished off his meal first before he got to play.

The minute we say, "Ok, lets go!" Faaz jumped with excitement and ran straightly towards the slide, his favourite ;)

First with mommy as the 'chaperon'...
But as I got exhausted easily, my place was replaced by few men

...starting from Papa...
then replaced by

He was missing in the photos since he was busy taking his son's photos :P

Soon, his place was replaced by... little brother :)

Faaz's little uncle was nowhere to be seen in most of the photos above as he loves to run here and there. Susah betul nak snap gambar cousin kecikku Ammar. I did bring Ammar to joined Faaz playing the slides but apparently he's afraid of height. Hihi...

He preferred to play the swing instead, with his bibik :)

after a while playing at the playground, Faaz became thirsty and hungry again. It was time for him to enjoy his dessert, ice-cream and drank plenty of plain water.

Sempat played with the balloons while quenching his thirst...

At first, I was a bit sad that the preparation for Faaz's birthday was all last minute. I was weak due to the constant vomiting and my energy drained easily. Although it was a simple bash, we were glad that we chose everything that Faaz's like. From the venue, to the meals, the cake and even his attire (he even wanted the socks to be that high..tutup aurat tul my boy :P). It's all worth it when we saw happiness in his face during the bash...

It was priceless! :)

Not only Faaz showed his excitement by smiling and laughing, he also showed it through his actions..

1) by Non-stop jumping
2) and even dancing in public!

Beside dancing, Faaz loves to sing these days. He's the entertainer for the family. Thank You Allah The Almighty for giving me and Fadzil this precious gift. InsyaAllah, we will try our best to take care of this Amanah that you gave to us. May Muhammad Faaz Naqi grow healthily, wisely and be a good Caliph on earth. Ameen.

Oh ya, before we made a move, Faaz Naqi managed to play hide-and-seek with his favourite aunty, Mak Ngah and snap some photos with his uncle Ammar...

Awwwwh, so sweet! :)

Thanks to my close family for your effort and presence. It really made our day. With God's will insyaAllah in the future, Faaz sambut birthday with friends pulak, ok :)


ishamizu said...

What a colourful and joyful bday bash for lil Faaz..dear! Seronok apa buat outdoor camni..ada playground, wat picnic ngan close family..ada cute balloons..awhh so sweet!=)

Suka tgk Faaz, happy btul dia haritu..sume org layan dia ye! :D best2..kek Faaz tu mbuatkn izu tingat kt bday Zahin thn lps , Zahin pilih kek mcm ni la jgk, yg ada picachu ats dia..hehehe..yg ptg our kid happy rite? ;)

So, hAppy belated birthday, again Fa-ash dearie..May Allah bless you always. Amin to ur mommy's doa as well. ;)


Happy belated birthday Faaz!!

dah 2 years pun,mesti lagi kelatah cakap ni..
Faaz seems to enjoy the day so much..happy betul dia..

Nadia pun dah plan, Adam's 3rd year bash nanti nak arrange with close family..picnic at playground is god idea too kan..!!

Actually I pun dah lama konon plan nak berpicnik kat Perdana lake,bawak Adam..time pergi dulu2 pun mase bujang2...
konon boleh bwk anak teruna mesti best!!

may Allah blessed u always dear..and grow up as healthy and smart kid!!
Be a good big brother soon Faaz..

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya picnic kat situ. hadif pun suka picnic situ tp bukan nak main playground pun. asyik berlari ke padang je. tak terkejar kitaorg. hehe.

tak kisah la birthday party besar ke kecik ke, with friends and families ke yang penting biar birthday boy happy kan. it's his day pun :).

again, happy belated birthday faaz naqi. be a good boy and abang ok.

maleen said...

happy 2nd birthday faaz! what a creative way to celebrate a birthday, simple but nice and I would say a happening one!

faisyura said...

Sukeee!!! Suke the idea, and paling suke adelah suke tengok faaz! Seronok laa nadia, family picnic cam ni... aritu mase spent one evening kt titiwangsa pun zura ade nampak orang buat birthday camni.. nmpk meriah sgt walopun only close family and friends.. ade jugak pasang niat nak buat...hihih...

faaz ligat sgt, active lari-lari.. tapi pipi menten je tau... tembom lagi.. aunty sukeeeeeeee!!!cute!

Anonymous said...

Faaz is sooooo cute! Especially time menari2 tu. Tergelak2 saya tgk video dia akak. Ulang sampai 3x tau! :))

Happy Belated Birthday, Faaz! Smoga membesar bijak dan handsome. Akak, u did a great job for the bash although u unwell masa tu. I love the concept..creatiplah :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Alalalala. Syoknyer picnic!! Hihi and the Birthday Boy tu.. kemain lagi dia ek :)

I noticed that Faaz menari ala-ala MJ la! hihihi. Dia ade tgk MJU's concert ker? Ahahahah, so funny to seehim move here and there. May Allah bless you, handsome boy! :)

p/s:Nadine, your brother dah potong rambut ek?

LyDiA said...

yesh! 2 thumbs up for faaz sense of fashion. i love knee high socks!

Sila panggil kakak nini lg ye =)muahahaha

Thara said...

happy birthday again, dear faaz! may you grow healthily and happily! :D true babe. it doesn't matter where we and how we celebrate our little boy's birthday, the most important thing is they're happy and that's all that matters kan :)

ps : picnic birthday idea at the playground is very nice! :D

my.mastura said...

jgn kata Faaz, kalau aku pon makan sumer...heheh

tom yam mihun?? aku pon susah nk carik yg sedap..n, kena buat sendiri...huhuhu

Nadine said...


Thanks dear, mmg seronok sgt! tp tulah panas sket since we did it from 9am to 12pm. Masa early January kan still musim tengkujuh, ptg2 je hujan so pagi je la chance kitaorg.

Bila tgk Faaz happy kan Izu, rasa puas hati sgt2. Itu yg terpenting skali :)a'ah, he was the center of everyone's attention. Tu yg happy bangat sampai menari2 :D

Ye ke izu, sama lah anak2 kita. Hahaha, Faaz punye kek ni ade patung ape tah Nadia tak kenal :P
Nadia tunjuk from google customize cake chuggington ke mickey ke tp dia buat dek je. Since Fadzil kata cake tu yg dia berkenan sgt we all pun beli je la. dia pun yg nak makannye :D

Thanks dear, ameen :)

Nadine said...


Ya, Rabbi you..mmg sgt petah ok! skang dia ckp non stop sampai kdg2 pening pala dibuatnya tau. dia stop ckp time menyusu/tido je tau. mcm2 benda dia nak ckp. skang dia suka buat ayat sambung2 guna "because", "and then" ngan "after that". :D

I plan celebrate with close family lps 1st birthday faaz sbb kitaorg rasa tak puas spend time ngan dia.. sibuk sgt layan tetami n faaz pun masa tu bertukar2 tgn. mommy dia nak dukung pun x dpt :P ingat nnti dia dh besar sket, dh ade friends baru buat party besar2an lagi ;)

Oh ye ke you, dating kat taman bunga eh dulu..romantic ;) I masa dating ngan fadzil dulu, tak pegi the lake, instead taman burung kt situ. jgn tanya napa, we all pun tak tau, tiba2 je dia ckp jom and I was like, "ok, jom". hahaha! bawakla adam pegi you, mesti dia suka sbb kawasan tu luas! Im sure he'll enjoyed it ;)

Faaz say thanks aunty nad yg sweet. kisses from Faaz :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Haa, Hadif sama la dgn cousin Nadia yg kecik tu, si Ammar. Instead of the playground he chose to ran here n there. Nasibla bibik dia kena ikut dia merata :D

Yes,dear. It's true indeed. Bila anak happy kita laaagi happy :)

Faaz say thanks to aunty Diyana. Kim salam kat Hadif k, laaama x jumpa dia :)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear. Terpaksa jadi creative sbb Mommy Faaz tak larat time ni. Everything pun last minute. Faaz send his kisses and thanks for d wish. Mmmuahss!! :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, spontaneous idea Zura sbb Nadia mmg tak larat nak plan birthday party. Nak mintak tolong mak prepare food pun mcm rasa bersalah je, tu yg pk at least kalau b'fast makanan ringan2 ok kot. Hihi.
Best Zura, I know ur boys will enjoy it. Buatla for Aariz punye birthday ke. Kalau tak picnic kat park, kat waterfall pun best juge. Boleh mandi manda ;)

Hihi, pipi dia kekal sampai besar agaknya Zura. Badan dia dh dua tiga kali surut tp pipi gebu itu tetap maintain!:D

Anonymous said...

bestnya celebrate kat park... cake tu mmg cantik! i suka..

happt birthday son!! tahun dpn dah kena panggil abg faaz!

Nadine said...


Hihi, thanks. Singing and dancing are his latest passion, dik! Kitaorg tak ajar pun, dia sendiri je..pengaruh TV ler tuh :)

Ameen. TQ again dik, time2 desperate mcm ni mmg kena jadi kreatip. Alhamdulillah, it turned out well :)

Nadine said...

Momma Oman,

Bkn MJ you, tp Akai the 10 year old kid who won Got To Dance UK. Dia mmg glued je to the TV bila Akai perform. Tu inspired dr Akai ler tuh. Hehe..

Faaz mmg ligat menari skang. Masa my SIL reception kat Penang, dia boleh dance sorang2 atas stage. Terkejut semua org. Rugi tul I was warded that time. Miss to see him in action ;)

Ameen, tq dear!
p.s: Yes! Dia sudah gondol :))

Nadine said...


Hahaha, girls ok kot, bila kena kat boys cam pelik je Nadia tgk :))
Takde maknanya yer, tiap2 hari Nadia train dia aunty Nini, bkn kakak Nini :P

Nadine said...


Thank you! Faaz send kisses for sweet aunty Thara...mmmuahs! :) Yes babe, togetherness yg plg penting. Tp tula, ralat sket sbb everything was prepared last minute. tak well plan mcm slalu..

Nadine said...


Hehehe. Sedap kan? Aku suka kalau letak banyak bunga kantan hiris..uuuh, menaikkan selera ok! Owh, org jual pun ade eh babe. Aku tak pernah lagi nmpk kat kedai2 makan yg aku pernah gi. Slama ni kalau nak makan bihun goreng tomyam mmg order kat mak aku jer. terbaek ah! :D

Nadine said...


Terima kasih :) Hehe, cake simple and cake plg murah kat confectionery store tu, Fa10! Dah dia berkenan, kitaorg turutkan aje. :D

|| sue-imanja || said...

Hepy belated birthday ABG FAAZ!!! may Allah blessed u always.. mmg kalerful sungguh birthday bash faaz ni. Meriah!!! Boleh tiru nanti.. hehe

Nadine said...

Thank you, adik Alany & Mama Alany! :)

Boleh2, ape salahnya. kos pun rendah. hihihi..

kella said...

seronoknya tengok gambar gambar ini semua! happening je...
suka tengok aksi aksi faaz tu...

Nadine said...


Hihi, aksi budak2 mmg mencuit hati kan? :)

Eliza said...

Haaa...saya dah lama plan nak buat kat lake garden...tapi tak buat2..camne buat kat sana ek? Takpe ye just bwk all the foods and picnic?

Nadine said...

Boleh dear, mmg ramai org buat mcm tu. as long as kita bersihkan d area lepas picnic, its all right! :)

Happy ber picnic ya ;)