Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nose Warehouse Sale

Whenever I am free, I love to check out on the warehouse sales near to my place from or I usually chose to go to the warehouse sales with good reviews and comments as well as by looking at the items bargained (of course I look for something that useful to me la kan :P)...

Some of the warehouses that I've been for the couple of years are Pureen's, Levi's, Christian Dior's, Nestle's and Nose. Been to those few times and the bargain had never disappointing me so far. Since I've been to those warehouses few times already, I also know where to find easy parking as well as avoiding peak hours where the crowd went crazy! ;)

So last Friday, I went to Nose warehouse sale during Friday's lunchtime. Saja je since I don't have any lunch plan for that day plus the location; Wisma RSH is only 15mins drive from my place. Since ///'s lunchtime started at 12 noon, there was only small crowd when I arrived..I was surprised to see the sale this time. Nose had really improved compared to the last time I went to their sale, two years ago..bravo! :)

This time around, the shoes stocks are saperated between sizes (size 4 to 10) and according to prices (RM10, RM20, RM30). It made so much easier for us ladies to do our shopping based on our sizes. The prices are also cheap, the most expensive shoe or bag that you can find here is only RM30 - barulah warehouse sale namanya :P

But the best part was, the stock are quite new, and some of the shoes are really in good condition. Berbaloi2 beli dengan hanya RM10! And the stock for size 5 and 6 has the most designs compared to the rest. Sangat rambang mata! :D Bought few for myself and for my lil sister since we love to mix and match shoes with our clothes. Hihihi :D

Damaged of the day???

4 pairs = RM50

Two for me, and two for my sister :)

Not bad kan utk pakai saja2 tukar2 kasut? Hihi..

Kak Ngah, I hope u like this! Will drop by once u got back from Melaka, k ;)

Oh, and if you purchase goods with RM50 or above, you also got an RM10 vaucher from Nose:

By the way, they also sell cheap bags and clutches ranging from RM10 to RM30 as well at the warehouse sale although to me, the stock are quite old fashion. But for those who loves bling bling clutches, there are some nice and cute design for you :)

So for those of you who are interested and live nearby, you might want to check it out this warehouse sale today since it's is the last day ;) Here's the map of Wisma RSH for your reference:

For more info do check it out the two websites mentioned earlier in this post.
Happy shopping, ladies! :)


POSH76 said...

not bad the promo


I jarang dpt peluang pergi warehouse sale..
warehousesale yg best2 pun biasa kat area kl, jauh nak pergi time keja..
I pernah pergi kat area Shah Alam ni pun, Ausinno w/sale..
mmg best..good bargain!
mcm nak sapu semua benda..special all those towels ;)

btw,bnyk ek borong kasut Nad!

|| sue-imanja || said...

i pon suka pergi warehouse sale. :D

anyway,u boleh refer kat sini juga...

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnyaaaa, berbaloi2 la apa yang nadia beli tu.

fariq ada bagitau psl warehouse sale tu. tp cd cam malas nak pege sbb takde geng. kalau tau nadia pege aritu boleh join. huhu.

kak NgAh said...

WOWIE, junior juice!!

TQ along! mmmuahs2x! which two are mine?? :D

Mimy Hamid said...

oh dear..i tau adv ni tp tak dpt pegi balik kg...i adore ur red shoes la...adehh jeles

kella said...

waaahhh.. sangat berbaloi baloi! dengan hanya rm 50? pastu lagi dapt vouchr pulak tu...huhuhu... best nyer... :)

ishamizu said...

Wah mmg sgt bbaloi, 4psg shoes dpt beli dgn RM50 je. Untung betul org dok KL kn, sll je bley pegi warehouse sales..izu pnh pg sekali je tu pun warehouse sales Anakku kt Klang, ikut my SIL..hehe..

Nadine said...


Hi there,
Thanks!! :)



Owh that Aussino w/house sale. I dgr mmg sgt best! Tp I tak pegi time tu. Hehe, kebetulan I free masa tu, so saje check it out. Kasut tu banyak sbb I belikan for my lil sister as well. 2 for me, 2 for her. Kitaorg mmg addicted to shoes :D

Nadine said...


High 5!! hihihi..
Owh, ade link lain ye. Tq dear! :)


Lady D,

Tula, berbaloi2 la this time. For RM10, the quality is not bad at all! Bolehla buat kasut utk tukar2 pakai :)

Alaaa, kalau tau haritu leh pegi sama2 since Nadia pun based in Subang. Next time I buzz u k ;)

Nadine said...

KaK Ngah,

Hihi..ur welcome sis. Which one? Surprise!! Come back home 1st then u'll know :P

Nadine said...


You tau tak, masa I terpandang kasut merah tu kan, mmg I teringat kat you. I dont know why...mmg u minat merah eh dear? :)

Nadine said...


Yes dear, berbaloi kan, siap dpt voucher lagi *happy* :)



Awwwh, tak yah jeles dear. I yg patut jeles kat you sbb London ade Boxing Sale!! Branded items pulak tu! *drooling*

Thara said...

omgggg. u tau takkkk i sangat laaaa nak pi warehouse ni tapi cannot find anyone yang free to go wimmeeee! GRRRRR! kalau i tau u nak pi, i dah pi dah dgn u! sobs sobs. anyways, LOVE THE SHOESSSS!

Nadine said...


Ala ye ke. I tak tau pun. Kalau tau boleh pegi sama. I pegi sorang je Thara. Konon nak pegi tgk2..kononlah kan. Hahaha! Takpe2 next sale yg best we tweet tweet each other k ;)
Thanks!! So far selesa pakai, bolehla nak tukar2 kasut kan :)