Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Guessing Game

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

As expected, after we attended the detailed scan session last week, me and Fadzil been asked the most favourite question by families, relatives, friends and even my dear readers of this blog: The gender of our babies :)

Alhamdulillah, after waiting for 22 weeks finally our question and prayers were answered. We are so thankful to Allah SWT and are still over the moon with the news. Hopefully it remains the same until both babies are delivered, insyaAllah.

In order to share the happiness as well as a token of appreciation to all of you who kind enough to read this blog all these while, for the supports and do'a given for me, my family and the twins, I would like to organize a simple contest; "Guess the gender of my twins" :)

As simple as 1,2,3...all you have to do is just leave a comment in this post guessing the gender of the twins together with your email address (so that it is easier for me to contact the winners for mailing purposes). There is no requirement for you to be my follower, anyone (except my close family) who read this blog as known or silent reader is welcome to join :)

The winner will be based on the first two correct answers posted on the comment wall and the prize will be: Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush Lip Glosses worth RM30 each!

Tips: Find the clues from my previous posts since I got preggy...e.g: what I crave, what I love to do, and how my tummy looks like...

Good luck peeps!! :)

So, tunggu ape lagi...let the guessing game begins! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sneak Peak...

My Twins @ 22 weeks :)

Snapshots were taken during the detailed scan held on 23/3/2011. Praise to Allah SWT, everything seems normal and the babies are healthy :). Twin no. 1 is 458gm while Twin no. 2 is 512 gm, about 54gm difference in weight. Finally, me and Fadzil get to see their genders during the 1hr 15mins session. Alhamdulillah :)

Smoga segala2nya dipermudahkan dan berjalan dengan lancar. Please pray for me, ya. Thank you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Although Fadzil and I are not so into lamb, we love Middle East cuisine. If I remember correctly, I started to love Middle East food when I was studying in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), where majority of the foreign students came from Middle East country. Whenever I became bored with local cuisine, I will definitely buy food from The Nile, at the Riverside food (the name is given because the food court ni berhadapan dgn sungai :D).They are the only shop that sell Middle Eastern food and it was all nyummeh! Wonder if the shop is still there now..

When we started working, we started to visit Middle Eastern restaurants here in KL whenever we crave for it. Among our usual dine out spot includes Tarbush, Al-Amar & Saba

Since my mom is also into Middle Eastern food lately, we brought her to Al-Rawsha which is situated at Kg Pandan, KL to celebrate her birthday last month. It was my first dining experience there and I fell in love with everything...the decorations, the ambiance and of course, the food!

The interior deco of a two storey bungalow

From outside, you can see that an old English style bungalow has been transformed into a Middle East Castle and as u enter the main entrance, catchy Middle Eastern songs and Middle Eastern waiters welcomed you. Feel as if you are totally in an Arab country :)

us, while waiting our meals to arrive :)

The service was quite fast although the restaurant was packed that night. They used blackberry to send orders to the kitchen. Everything looks nyummy on the menu, not only us, even Faaz Naqi having a hard time deciding what to eat! Hihi..

We had Falafel and Hummus as starters. In case you are not familiar with Middle East food, Falafel are made of of fried balls of spiced fava beans and chickpeas while Hummus is a paste of ground chick-peas and sesame oil flavored with lemon and garlic.

I also ordered Al-Rawsha Salad as the cold appetizer. Tak lalu makan kalau takde leafy vege..The vege was fresh but I found the dressing is too tangy to my liking...

As main course, my big eater hubby had his usual menu, The Mixed Grilled which basically combined beef and lamb kebabs and steak.

while I chose my favourite cuisine, Shish Tawook (grilled chicken breast mixed with spices and wrapped in bread). Love their garlic dip! Tastier compared to Tarbush's...

My mom, my little brother and Faaz on the other hand had Al-Rawsha's famous cuisine..The Lamb & Chicken Mandy. All of them had Chicken Mandy (Traditional Hadramaut Earth Baked rice with Chicken) since mak is not into lamb and Hazwan, the lamb lover wants something different this time.

Tell you, altho the rice look pale, it was soft and tasty itself without gravy. Faaz really enjoyed his meal, banyak dia makan malam tu :)

Al-Rawsha also provide a playroom for young patrons. It is situated on the ground floor itself. The room was a bit messy when I brought Faaz in but Faaz couldn't care much. He demanded to play there so I let him for a while..

Overall, it was a nice dining experience at Al-Rawsha. It's not that hard to find the restaurant and there are ample parking space for the patrons. We will definitely dine in again in the future...

Later at home, we had a simple birthday celebration for my mom when my sister came back from Malacca. We had cuppies from Cupcake Chic as the "birthday cake" cum dessert that night....


Happy Birthday Mak/Tok Mak!!

We love you!! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

1st Time Eating Ice-Cream with Cone :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Two Years Old Toddler..

Remember this post when Faaz was about to reach two years old? Now that he is already 2 years old, this little man of mine becomes more and more talkative. He always has an answer for every question we asked and he always has something to say to get away from any trouble (in other words, "loyar buruk" :P) Not a day he missed make the whole family laugh with his words!


Faaz & Fadzil were upstairs while Mama (Faaz's Nani) was downstairs...

Faaz : "Daddy!"
Mama : "Yessss!" *grinning*
Faaz : "Daddy!"
Mama : "Yessss!" *grinning*
Faaz : "Daddy!"
Mama : "Yessss!" *grinning*

Faaz went nearer to his Daddy and said,
Faaz : "Daddy, Nani thinks Nani is Daddy, huh?" *sambil buat muka*
Everyone: LOL!! :))


While we were in Penang, recently...

Faaz: "Mommy, Faaz wanna go big shop, can??"
(*big shop = shopping mall*)
Me : "Faaz asklah Nana, mommy don't have car...only Nana got car"
Faaz: "Mommy, mommy have car, Honda chity, remember??" *while putting his face so close to mine*
Me : Hahaha!


While the 3 of us was walking in a mall, Fadzil was carrying Faaz...

Me: "Yang, wait for me please. You guys are walking too fast, I can't catch up.."
Fadzil: "We are not walking, we are running...exercise"
Faaz: "Noooo! Daddy running, Faaz not running."
Me: Kah Kah Kah...betul jugak ;)


Me and Faaz were in our room upstairs, while Fadzil was at the living hall downstairs...

Faaz: "Mommy, Faash wanna see Pocoyo can?"
Me: "No.."
Faaz: "Plish mommy, plish??"
Me: "Go ask daddy first"
Faaz went to the stairs and without he realized I was peeking from the door...
Faaz: "Daddy, Faash see Pocoyo,can?"
No reply from Fadzil as he was fully concentrating on the football match on tv so Faaz went back inside the room.
Faaz: "Mommy, Daddy say can!" while grinning happily
Me: (in my heart) "pandainye budak kecik ni :P"


Fadzil just came back from work...

Fadzil: "Faaz, daddy's hungry. Can I bite your ears?"
Faaz: "Can-notttt!"
Fadzil:"Please, daddy's hungry.."
Faaz: "Daddy bite Mommy's hair, can?"
Fadzil: "Cannot...mommy's hair is thin. I need something to make me full like protein"
Faaz: "Daddy eat ice-cream can??"
Fadzil: *grinning* :D


I am sure most of you experienced the same thing as your toddler begins to catch up more vocab each day. Betul tak? :) Subhanallah, isn't it amazing to see how their brains work at such a young age? These young generations are surely brilliant, kan? With this fast pace information channeled through various sources, it is our responsible as parents to ensure these information is filtered, and at the same time keep ourselves updated as well. Kalau tak, masak nak menjawab..Hihi. Mudah-mudahan kita berjaya, insyaAllah... :)

Muhammad Faaz Naqi, my cheeky boy,
Mommy geram!! :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Very 1st Grilled Lamb Steak

Although cooking is my passion, I had never cooked lamb in my life. Firstly, I am not really a fan of lamb, and as far as I remember, my mother never cooked lamb in her house either.

"Kambing kalau tak pandai masak, hanyir dia tak hilang.."

That's what she said when I asked her whenever my late father or my little brother craving for lamb meal, we dine out instead. The story is different when I got married to Fadzil. His family, especially my father in-laws (FIL), loves lamb. Mama always cooked lamb as part of our lunch or dinner meal. Lucky me, Fadzil also not a big fan on lamb so I thought it's ok for me not to know how to cook lamb. Hihi, so I thought lah kan....

The day finally come when I have to cook lamb. Ok, not HAVE TO, I was the one who VOLUNTEERED :P My FIL did something sweet for me last month so I thought it would be nice if I can cook something for him as a return. Since papa loves lamb and loves Western food I chose to cook grilled lamb steak. Told Fadzil about the idea and he approves it. Fadzil kalau bab steak2 ni, ok je... :D

Since it will be my first time cooking grilled lamb, I did a little bit research through the net on the recipe, especially the marinating part and this is what I've found out:

Westerners, especially the Europeans mostly use 3 main ingredients; Salt, Pepper & Rosemary/Basil, while the Indians mostly use spices such as Cumin, Black Paper & Turmeric Powder and the Chinese uses
Soy Sauce & Ginger as their main marinade ingredients. From the website, I can see most of the recipe just used the ready-made brown/bbq sauce such as HP sauce as the marinade. After taking tips from few recipes, I decided to marinade the lamb with my own experimental recipe using only 4 main ingredients:

Powdered Ginger, Steak Spice Seasoning, Olive Oil & Black Pepper (not in the photo).


Mixed the powdered ginger, black paper and steak spice seasoning as well as the olive oil into a small bowl until the mixture become a paste. Marinate the lamb with the paste.

(I used 1/2 tb spoon of powdered ginger, 1/2 tb spoon of black paper, 1 tb spoon of steak seasoning and 1 tb spoon of olive oil)

For those who are wondering, Steak Spice ingredients consist of:

The ingredients look fine, so I tak was-was guna :).
FYI, salt is included as well so no additional salt is needed.

Considering both me and Fadzil were clueless about lamb, we bought lamb shoulders for the steak. What we've learned from Papa later on were these useful tips especially for a first timer like me:

Tips no.1: Lamb shoulder meat is tougher as it contains a lot of muscles.
Tips no. 2: Lamb leg is more suitable for steak as it is more tender and contains less fat
Tips no. 3: However, the shoulder meat can be tender if we marinate it for a longer period (if you want to avoid using meat tenderizer)

Since I was so worried that my steaks will not be tender, dengan semangatnya I did the marinating as early as 8.30 am in the morning and only started cooking by 6.30 in the evening. About 10 hours tu!! haha!

my marinated lamb..
When preparing the lamb, I've learned more tips...

Tips no. 4: Pan fried your steak for about 15-20mins (with minimal oil; enough for the meat not to stick on the pan) until the lamb's fat dissolves, then only transfer the steak onto a griller/into the oven for grilling process till the meat is well done. Trust me, your steak will turned out more tasty! Garing diluar, lembut n masak di dalam! ;)Tips no. 5: Don't throw away the residue from the grilled meat. Transfer it into a measuring cup. Scoop up the first thin layers of oil and throw it away. Take the remaining juice and used it as part of ingredients for the steak gravy, instead of using chicken stock/broth.

Alhamdulillah, my steak turns out quite well; the meat was tender, the meat tasted so good with the marinade recipe and most of all, my family loves it, especially Papa. Kena puji sampai makin kembanglah perut mak buyung yg sedia kembang ni. Hihi. :) However, my steak was a bit salty in certain parts. Padan muka yours truly sebab gatal tangan last minute pegi sprinkle some salt on the meat before grilling :P

my first grilled lamb steak:
served with brown & black paper sauce, mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, boiled broccoli & boiled corn

Of course our little darling was not forgotten. For him I made grilled chicken breast with brown sauce, mashed potatoes and boiled broccoli. Tapi budak kecik ni tak sabar-sabar, belum sempat letak gravy dia dh start makan. Tak sabar betul nak main potong2 pakai pisau :P

Hopefully these tips will be useful for a first timer like me. For those who are considered as Pro in cooking lamb, do share your tips with me. Mana tau nak masak lagi lamb in the future, it will be a good reference :)

Till next recipe, daaaa!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Singing Sensation ;)

Faaz Naqi currently is soo into The Sound of Music - which happens to be my all time favourite movie :)

He can watch the DVD over and over again without feeling bored. He loves to see the Von Trapp children singing and he loves to sing along to each song featured in the movie. He addressed Julie Andrew as "the mother", Christopher Plummer (Captain Von Trapp) as "the daddy" and the captain's 7 children as "the children".
Among his favorites songs are "Do Re Mi" (which he address as "Do A Deer Song" :D), "So Long, Farewerell" and "Edelweiss".

Among the 3, his capability of singing "Edelweiss" amazed us the most. Never had we thought that a 2 year, 1 months old toddler have interest in such a slow number! FYI, Edelweiss is a song describing a white and small flower, well known in Austria called Edelweiss. You can view the original video here :)

We had a family potluck cum welcome party to Fadzil's uncle who came back from Swiss last Saturday night. Among the activities we had besides eating and gossiping was karaoke session. I am sure few of you knew that I love karaoke but that night, I wasn't the star...but a two year, two months old toddler named Faaz Naqi :)

He surprised the whole crowd that night with his confidence! Not only one, but he ended up singing 3 songs that night. Memang conquer habis karaoke set tu!! :P He sang Edelweiss, Do Re Mi and Yesterday (by The Beatles) especially for his Nana Kamal & Nani Monique, the guest of honor. Although it was not perfect, out of tune sometimes (since he can't read the lyrics yet), but for a toddler who has just turned 2 years old it was impressive enough for us! :)

Enjoy bits of his performance of Edelweiss that night. Mind you, my boy improve his score from 70+ to 86% ok! Even some adults kalah dgn score dia..hehe...

"Without further due, I present to you our singing sensation: Muhammad Faaz Naqi! "


"Mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke tak?" :)