Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednessday...

....DJ Faaz in Daaaaa Houuuuuse.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Breastfeeding Checklist

I am not a pro when it comes to breastfeeding. To tell you the truth, I only managed to breastfeed my Faaz until he was 4 months old. Yes, I failed to exclusive breastfeed my first son, but I really hope I can this time, with the twins...

....May Allah blessed the twins with Al-Rezq and grant my wish this time, Ameen.

I'm not gonna elaborate more about my past experience as it was too painful for me. Not only the struggling part, but being surrounded by some people who are just so blunt was torturing emotionally (tears in my eyes every time I remembered the days that I went through). Anyhow, I accept the Qada' & Qadar that has been given to me with open heart...

To me, breastfeeding is the "art" that you need to experience firsthand before mastering it, it's not only depends on theory, its more than that.
I learnt a lot from the mistakes in the past, and I do hope my second experience is gonna be better, insyaAllah.

I am more determine and confident this time I am now surrounded by lovely, caring friends who are very successful in breastfeeding department like MommyNadia, Diyana & Izu :) So far, I've been getting the tips from Lady D currently and I will need more tips/guidance as the journey begins. Sila beri tunjuk ajar ye kawan-kawan..thank you! mmmuahs!! :)

Currently, I am getting ready for breastfeeding journey again. And my checklist to breastfeed the twins are:

1) Breast Pump - Service
I used Spectra 3 for pumping the last time and I have no complaint about it except for the weight. Although it is still in a good condition, I plan to send it for service since it has been in the box for more than 1 1/2 years. Biar lebih tip top and feel brand new..hihi. Found out from Lady D and through blogwalking to ibu Aqil's blog that the service center is actually located in Subang Jaya itself..yay! It is located at SS18, so close to the famous JM Briyani restaurant. For those who needed the full address, here it goes:
No. 41, Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya.
Or if you need to call them, this is the number:
03- 5631 7288
(actually you can find the number on the pump itself).

p.s: made a call to them today and I have made appointment to send my pump this Friday :)

2) 2nd Breast Pump

As mentioned above, I have no complaint against my Spectra 3 except for the weight. I find it a bit bulky and heavy to bring to the office together with my laptop and working files to the customer's office. Mind you, lifting heavy weights after the cesarean delivery is not advisable. It was not an issue back then since I was working in /// headquarters in Cyberjaya and I can keep my laptop and working files in my own locker. But now I am based in customer's premises and I do travel a lot between Subang & Cyberjaya.

Thus, I am thinking of owning a 2nd breast pump. So far, I've been eying on Medela Breast Pump line. However, I am not really sure of which one should I buy. Of course the Medela Swing is very tempting among all (kan?! kan?! :). With my past experience, I am not sure will it be a wise thing to invest? I just want to ensure every RM spend is worth, since we will be spending more when the twins are born. Anyone care to share? Convince me to buy this, perhaps? :)

Medela Swing - RM699

A friend suggested Medela Mini Electric instead since it's cheaper and easy to bring around but from reviews I read through the net, people commented that it is quite noisy. Anyone has a hands on experience on this pump? any comment?

Medela Mini Electric - RM398.

What about Medela's manual breast pump? Madela Harmony, perhaps? Is it good and recommended? Or is it taking too much time to express the milk? ( sorry, but I have no experience with manual breast pump so far..)

Medela Harmony - RM228

2) Nursing Pillow

From my past experience of undergoing c-sec type of delivery, it was uncomfy and quite hard to breastfeed my son with the "baseball position" without a proper nursing pillow ( I only used normal pillow and Fadzil's extra hand to support me :P).

And now, with the arrival of the twins I feel the need to have a proper support for breastfeeding as well as proper support of my posture. I fell in love with EZ-2-Nurse Twins Feeding Pillow by Blessings..

Not only it is wide enough to place two babies on each sides, I love the fact that it has a detachable pillow to support the mom's back...something I am looking for.

Sadly, it is not available in Malaysia and to purchase via international shipping cost me a price of another feeding pillow...even through e-bay. So, who said shopping via e-bay is cheaper? tak pun.. :(

My another alternative would be the My Best Friend Nursing Pillow...
not that one....

but this one:
My Best Friend Twins Plus Nursing Pillow

I've seen the single Best Friend Nursing Pillow at Mothercare and it is available at some online store but the Twins Plus, is it available in store too? Anyone saw it? I really appreciate the info...thanks! If possible, I would love to buy it. Kalau boleh tak maulah kirim kat orang yang pegi oversea, sian si dia nak bawak sebesar2 bantal balik Malaysia...huhu.

3) Breastmilk storage
Last time, I used Moms Precious Breastmilk storage (2oz) as I only managed to pump between 2-3oz per session when I started to work. This time around, I plan to add the BPA free milk storage bags as many moms out there feedback that it's a good way to manage the space in the refrigerator. And I plan to build up my stock as soon as the confinement starts. We'll see how much milk I'll manage to store (hopefully enough for my twins), kalau ade rezeki lebih bolehla plan for bigger storage and all...

4) Supplement
I have just started taking some additional supplements besides the normal daily supplements for the babies in my tummy. Hopefully, it will help me to produce better quality milk and perhaps add as the milk boaster. We'll see the outcome when the breastfeeding journey starts again. Mudah-mudahan membantu... :)

5) Doa & Tawakkal

This is the most important thing in my list. None of the things listed above will help me in the breastfeeding journey except if Allah SWT permit it. I constantly pray everyday that I will make it this time, smoga dikurniakan rezeki yang lebih utk the twins.

There are a few Surahs recommended by dear friend Ina to recite while preggy..dengan niat supaya Allah permurahkan rezeki kita, rezeki anak di dalam rahim dan banyakkan susu badan kita...mudah2an.

- Surah Al-Baqarah verse 60

- Surah Al-Hujurat

- Surah Al-Kautsar

Would love to hear any positive feedback on this post. I am still learning :) Hopefully, I will make it through the breastfreeding journey this time. InsyaAllah...Doa-doakan ye kawan....sayang korang :)

-disclaimer : all photos are courtesy of google search -

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pregnancy and Dresses

Before I came to know the gender of my twins, my instinct strongly believe that I am carrying at least a baby girl, if not both. This is because I tend to have interest or love to do girly things such as cooking, reading chick lit novels (of which I seldomly do) and wear something ladylike. Sometimes, I do spend a long time at the dressing table, playing with my make up set. Owh, I finally know how to use an eyeliner.. LOL!

It was so different from my previous pregnancy where I was more comfy in wearing pants and I like to be as simple as I can. Tak minat nak melawa2 ni. Rimas! :P

My instinct is totally right this time. I guess the aura from the baby girls in my tummy made me fell in love with Maxi Dresses & Babydoll dresses...

@ 17 weeks..
Wearing a Cotton On Maxi + Cotton On Drape Cardi

@ 17 weeks preggy
Wearing a cotton Maxi Dress fr Krabi (gift fr Mama)

@19 weeks
Wearing a babydoll dress bought in Sg Wang

@21 weeks
Wearing my old MNG babydoll dress

@ 23 weeks
Wearing a maxi dress bought in Sg Wang
F21 mini cardi

@25 weeks
Wearing a maxi dress from Krabi (gift fr Mama)

@ 26 weeks
Wearing a Nichi Maxi Dress
Boyotkan saya skang? :P

These are some of my humble collections. They made me feel so comfy wearing it, especially now since my tummy has grew bigger than ever until I can hardly fit into any of my maternity pants. Strangely, wearing something ladylike improved my mood too. Tak kisahla muka lebar dan bnyk jerawat..bila dapat pakai dress lebih confident. Pendek kata, wearing dress made my days. I don't mind wearing cheap dresses too, as long as it is NOT a maternity maxi. Once, I tried a nice maternity dress at 9 Months Maternity but I wasn't happy at all...memilih betul the twins nie! :))

The best thing is, I didn't spend much on these dresses as most of it are actually bought even before I got preggy. My both moms - Mama and Mak, also generously buying me some dresses too as they love to see their mak-buyong-daughter in maxi dresses. Hihi.. :)

Macam-macam ragam kan bila mengandung ni...agak-agaknya kalau mengandung lagi in future, ape pulak peelnya....hmm....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunglasses Oh Sunglasses

I seldom go out without my sunglasses during the day, especially when I have to drive. Therefore, I always keep one in the glove compartment of the car, one in hubby's car and a few of my collections at home. Not all are expensive as I sometimes choose it for its unique design, just like below;

my F21 sunglasses - RM35
love the silver handle design so much :)

Actually, I am not gonna share with you about me and the sunglasses in this entry; instead, it's between my one and only son - Faaz Naqi and the sunglasses :)

We had a one week holiday at the Pearl Island @ Penang Island last month with my in-laws. It was during the journey to Penang that this little man of mine started showing deep interest in sunglasses. I remembered the scene in the car when we continued our journey after stopping by for breakfast at R&R Tapah. As the sun begun to rise and shine, I took out my sunglasses from my handbag and wore it. Faaz Naqi who sat next to me looked at me and asked (for the 1st time),

"Mommy, why Mommy wear sungases (sunglasses)?"
"Owh, because it's hot outside, the sun is shining. Mommy's eyes cannot stand the hotness." I told him
"Faaz cannot stand, outside so hot. Faaz want to wear mommy sungases!" he started to demand.

Few times pujuk, he still demanded my sunglasses...finally, I gave up.....

and he wore my sunglasses along the journey until the Penang Bridge!! Sabar je la tau :P

Looking at his "enthusiasm", we decided to buy him the kid's sunglasses when we went to Gurney Plaza the next day. Tell you, he was so choosy! Didn't like any color or shape that me or Fadzil chose. He wanted to pick himself. Tergelak2 SA kat Toy's R Us tu tengok gelagat si kecik ni :))

His very first sunglasses, chosen by him

Later, we had some shopping at the mall. Coincidentally, they were having a sale. While we were walking around, Faaz Naqi saw a rack of sunglasses...not that he demanded to buy one, he demanded....

...that everyone tried the sunglasses, including his Daddy and his Nani...

"same like Ash!"
he said happily when they wore it. Since he always see me wear one, I was exempted from the list. hihi... :)

Since that day, he's been wearing the sunglasses religiously on daytime, during the 6-days trip.

He wore it during breakfast, in the car, even when we went for a walk. Masuk swimming pool je tak pakai, nasib tak mintak goggles mcm Daddy kat swimming pool tu :P

When we came back from Penang, he demanded less for it, but I have to ensure it's inside my handbag together with mine whenever we are going out for outing...because this boy still request to wear it in the car, just like his mommy...

candid of me and my 5 months tummy @ Tg Bungah Beach :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet Like Chocolate

I am sure any hubby will be extra sweet , extra loving and have extra patience when his wife became pregnant. So do I, I mean, my hubby of course :P

During the first pregnancy, he was so patience with me being "extra sensitive" or emotional. Don't blame me, we've just got married and he's been away to Norway TWICE during the pregnancy; when I was in 1st trimester and when I was at my last trimester. To added with, the pregnancy hormone really made my eyes teary easily. Sedih tau, muntah teruk2 takde sape nak urutkan..pastu dah sarat2 nak bersalin suami takde...huhu. Lucky he managed to be back before I delivered Faaz, kalau tak laaaaagi sedih! huhu. Oh, and I am lucky too that Faaz Naqi was born not to be a cry baby, but instead he is one cheerful and cheeky baby *pheww*...alhamdullillah! :)

October 2008, at KLIA. Sending him off to Norway while I was 8 months preggy

My hubby also fulfilled most of my cravings, especially the "must-have-steak-every-week" craving. Not a single day he whine to me about this although I know it cost him kering pocket for the too often visit to Chilli's/TGIF/Tony Romas. Thank you, sayang :) (Tapi Faaz Naqi lahir air liur meleleh gak...haha).

Now, during this 2nd pregnancy, I also craved for variety of food and alhamdulillah, so far I get what I (or shall I said the babies) wanted to eat..hihi. However, I feel that this time he was being more sweeter than the usual. One of the cravings that I want to highlight was my craving for the famous OM Burger in Ampang Jaya.

The fact that I was craving at 10pm on a weekday, and the fact that he willing to drive all the way from Subang Jaya to Ampang to satisfy my craving is really sweet! Mind you, he just came back late that evening from work - in Ampang itself! (you can imagine how bad the traffic was especially when it's raining). I was touched and surprised as I thought I will only get what I wanted by that weekend, rupanya malam tu jugak. Even Faaz who was asleep at that time pun diangkut skali (sorry son :P)

I even twitted it...terharu ok!

Alhamdulillah, the queue was not that long when we arrived so we don't have to wait that long. There were few chairs in front of the stall so I waited for our burgers comfortably.

The famous OM burger - did you know the name OM came from Java word, "Om" which means "uncle"?

The can chose either normal burger or oblong burger

Each burger will be accompanied by a serviette, since those who eat it will become messy, hence the so called messy burger get it's name :)

Owh, this was what I craved for. Look sloppy eh?? (hence the name sloppy burger)
But trust me, the taste is opposite, its nyummeh!
Terbaek ok! I have 2 of those! :))

That weekend, we went to Ampang Park for lunch. He then brought me to a watch shop. It's a normal watch shop, nothing extra ordinary about it except it is special for the sake of F&N memory :) It was still fresh in my mind, from that shop he bought me an expensive watch as a surprise gift for our monthly-versary of our courtship :)

As we were looking around, he showed me a cute, simple Casio Watch. He then asked the assistance to let me try it and asked what did I think. Of course I told him it's cute and I like it. Instantly he bought the watch for me as a present. He said "untuk pakai suka-suka". Although it was not as expensive as the previous watch he gave to me or as expensive as the watch I am currently wearing, I find it very special...

Because he chose a PINK colored watch, as a symbol of his happiness to have daughters (insyaAllah), soon. My hubby is not a romantic type of guy but he is definitely one sweet guy. Sweet like chocolate he is! :)

That is why I wrote this entry today, a dedication to my sweet other half. Sayang, thank you so much. I really appreciate all the things and all the efforts you made to make me happy. Meh I nanyi lagu Sedetik Lebih untuk you...kasi feeling sket. Hihi...

p.s: best kan lagu ni..nak2 Anuar Zain nanyi..layan habis! :))

Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu

Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu

Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa

Kasihku... ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya

Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu

Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu

Love you forever n ever n ever...! :)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Malaysian International Shoe Festival

I think I already mentioned so many times in my blog that I am a shoe-holic... :)

and being one, I always ensure myself to keep updated with the latest style and news on footwear.

Did you know for the first time last year, Malaysia has started a major footwear event called the Malaysian International Shoe Festival (MISF)? I was hoping to go last year but I missed it due to something came up the very last minute *sob*

But no worries, to you who are in the same "shoe" as me, there's a great news! MISF is gonna be back soon!

and when is that??

Really soon ladies! ;)

The event will take place from 7th April 2011 - 10th April 2011 and it will be open for public from 8th April 2011 till 10th April. It will be held at the same spot as last year, at Hall 2, PWTC and admission is FREE! :)

This year theme will be: "Walking in Unity - Sole of the Nation" and there are more interesting activities lined up this year such as :

Wow, I wonder who is the lucky Cinderella who can fit on a 9-inch heels!! and I wonder how big is the biggest Baba-Nyonya chocolate shoe made of 130kg of chocolate!

For the stylista babes, I am sure you will be looking forward for the glamorous showcase by our famous Jimmy, aite? Me too! Hihi.. ;) From what I know, there will be other footwear fashion shows too during this festival.

Among all, of course the last activity -SHOP is the most tempted one. Who knows good bargain will be offered, kan? kan? Hihi..

Besides the ones mentioned here, there will be other activities such as shoe painting activities and competition such as miniature shoe competition.

So ladies, especially the shoe-lover, ape tunggu lagi...jom serbu PWTC this weekend! (Not sure tho whether this mak buyung will be fit enough to be in the crowd...semangat je lebey..ahaks! :P)


Oh by the way, thank you so much to dear readers who participated in my simple contest. It was interesting to know what did you guess :)

The first correct answers have been identified and the prizes are on it's way to meet the winners. InsyaAllah, the parcel will be arriving in 1-2 days. Hope you'll like my humble gift :)

So, nak tau tak gender my babies??? Hihi....

Oh well,

Twin no. 1 is a....


Twin no.2 is a....


InsyaAllah, if everything remains the same till day of birth, we will gonna have a pair of GIRLS! :)

Syukur sangat, sangat for the rezki given to us. We are really thankful to The Almighty for answering our prayers. We are over the moon!

Doakan sampai bersalin gender babies tak berubah ye kawan-kawan!

Thank you :)

To Shahidah & Mastura, congratulations!! :)