Monday, April 25, 2011

My Breastfeeding Checklist

I am not a pro when it comes to breastfeeding. To tell you the truth, I only managed to breastfeed my Faaz until he was 4 months old. Yes, I failed to exclusive breastfeed my first son, but I really hope I can this time, with the twins...

....May Allah blessed the twins with Al-Rezq and grant my wish this time, Ameen.

I'm not gonna elaborate more about my past experience as it was too painful for me. Not only the struggling part, but being surrounded by some people who are just so blunt was torturing emotionally (tears in my eyes every time I remembered the days that I went through). Anyhow, I accept the Qada' & Qadar that has been given to me with open heart...

To me, breastfeeding is the "art" that you need to experience firsthand before mastering it, it's not only depends on theory, its more than that.
I learnt a lot from the mistakes in the past, and I do hope my second experience is gonna be better, insyaAllah.

I am more determine and confident this time I am now surrounded by lovely, caring friends who are very successful in breastfeeding department like MommyNadia, Diyana & Izu :) So far, I've been getting the tips from Lady D currently and I will need more tips/guidance as the journey begins. Sila beri tunjuk ajar ye kawan-kawan..thank you! mmmuahs!! :)

Currently, I am getting ready for breastfeeding journey again. And my checklist to breastfeed the twins are:

1) Breast Pump - Service
I used Spectra 3 for pumping the last time and I have no complaint about it except for the weight. Although it is still in a good condition, I plan to send it for service since it has been in the box for more than 1 1/2 years. Biar lebih tip top and feel brand new..hihi. Found out from Lady D and through blogwalking to ibu Aqil's blog that the service center is actually located in Subang Jaya itself..yay! It is located at SS18, so close to the famous JM Briyani restaurant. For those who needed the full address, here it goes:
No. 41, Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya.
Or if you need to call them, this is the number:
03- 5631 7288
(actually you can find the number on the pump itself).

p.s: made a call to them today and I have made appointment to send my pump this Friday :)

2) 2nd Breast Pump

As mentioned above, I have no complaint against my Spectra 3 except for the weight. I find it a bit bulky and heavy to bring to the office together with my laptop and working files to the customer's office. Mind you, lifting heavy weights after the cesarean delivery is not advisable. It was not an issue back then since I was working in /// headquarters in Cyberjaya and I can keep my laptop and working files in my own locker. But now I am based in customer's premises and I do travel a lot between Subang & Cyberjaya.

Thus, I am thinking of owning a 2nd breast pump. So far, I've been eying on Medela Breast Pump line. However, I am not really sure of which one should I buy. Of course the Medela Swing is very tempting among all (kan?! kan?! :). With my past experience, I am not sure will it be a wise thing to invest? I just want to ensure every RM spend is worth, since we will be spending more when the twins are born. Anyone care to share? Convince me to buy this, perhaps? :)

Medela Swing - RM699

A friend suggested Medela Mini Electric instead since it's cheaper and easy to bring around but from reviews I read through the net, people commented that it is quite noisy. Anyone has a hands on experience on this pump? any comment?

Medela Mini Electric - RM398.

What about Medela's manual breast pump? Madela Harmony, perhaps? Is it good and recommended? Or is it taking too much time to express the milk? ( sorry, but I have no experience with manual breast pump so far..)

Medela Harmony - RM228

2) Nursing Pillow

From my past experience of undergoing c-sec type of delivery, it was uncomfy and quite hard to breastfeed my son with the "baseball position" without a proper nursing pillow ( I only used normal pillow and Fadzil's extra hand to support me :P).

And now, with the arrival of the twins I feel the need to have a proper support for breastfeeding as well as proper support of my posture. I fell in love with EZ-2-Nurse Twins Feeding Pillow by Blessings..

Not only it is wide enough to place two babies on each sides, I love the fact that it has a detachable pillow to support the mom's back...something I am looking for.

Sadly, it is not available in Malaysia and to purchase via international shipping cost me a price of another feeding pillow...even through e-bay. So, who said shopping via e-bay is cheaper? tak pun.. :(

My another alternative would be the My Best Friend Nursing Pillow...
not that one....

but this one:
My Best Friend Twins Plus Nursing Pillow

I've seen the single Best Friend Nursing Pillow at Mothercare and it is available at some online store but the Twins Plus, is it available in store too? Anyone saw it? I really appreciate the info...thanks! If possible, I would love to buy it. Kalau boleh tak maulah kirim kat orang yang pegi oversea, sian si dia nak bawak sebesar2 bantal balik Malaysia...huhu.

3) Breastmilk storage
Last time, I used Moms Precious Breastmilk storage (2oz) as I only managed to pump between 2-3oz per session when I started to work. This time around, I plan to add the BPA free milk storage bags as many moms out there feedback that it's a good way to manage the space in the refrigerator. And I plan to build up my stock as soon as the confinement starts. We'll see how much milk I'll manage to store (hopefully enough for my twins), kalau ade rezeki lebih bolehla plan for bigger storage and all...

4) Supplement
I have just started taking some additional supplements besides the normal daily supplements for the babies in my tummy. Hopefully, it will help me to produce better quality milk and perhaps add as the milk boaster. We'll see the outcome when the breastfeeding journey starts again. Mudah-mudahan membantu... :)

5) Doa & Tawakkal

This is the most important thing in my list. None of the things listed above will help me in the breastfeeding journey except if Allah SWT permit it. I constantly pray everyday that I will make it this time, smoga dikurniakan rezeki yang lebih utk the twins.

There are a few Surahs recommended by dear friend Ina to recite while preggy..dengan niat supaya Allah permurahkan rezeki kita, rezeki anak di dalam rahim dan banyakkan susu badan kita...mudah2an.

- Surah Al-Baqarah verse 60

- Surah Al-Hujurat

- Surah Al-Kautsar

Would love to hear any positive feedback on this post. I am still learning :) Hopefully, I will make it through the breastfreeding journey this time. InsyaAllah...Doa-doakan ye kawan....sayang korang :)

-disclaimer : all photos are courtesy of google search -


ishamizu said...

I'm not a pro either la dear..:) Iris dulu pon smpi 4bln je izu dpt bf her exclusively..sedih sgt sbb bbysitter tk helpful n supportive to give her my ebm yg dibekalkn..:( tp kt umah n lps tk keje still keep on bf her until 1 yr 10 months. Alhamdulillah.

Nway, izu akn sokong Nadia 100%. yg ptg kita kene positive, be prepared early, kn. :)

Psl breastpump, (wpon tk de experience pki Medela), klu Nadia mampu better beli Medela electrical punye sbb Nadia keje kn so sng n cpt nk pump susu kt ofis nti. ;) Izu tk keja, so izu beli Avent manual je. Ok je as long as kita disiplin mengepam, mmg makin cpt n byk susu will be produced. :)

Nway, menariknya nursing pillow fr Blessing tuh! ;) Izu pon beli jgk taw, tp beli yg Mothercare. beli sblom bsalin, tk sangka kene c-sec mmg sgt2 bguna la. Tadela bdn bby/kaki thempap kt luka abdomen tu..lgpun tgn pun tk lenguh nk kene ampu bert bb. hehe..

Betul pki breastmilk storage bag tu mmg jimat space. Since peti ais ktrg pun tk la bsr mn izu pon beli..pki jenama Timmee Toppee..sbb Avent storage beli tk byk..Mommy Nadia beli byk tk pe, dia dh ada deep freezer, kn? ;D

Lastly, TQ for sharing the surah2..bleyla izu amalkn jgk pasni..kita sama2 bdoa agr kalini kita bjaya bf bby kita exclusive 6 bln pertama n trus bf smpi bb at least 2thn k. Amin!

Tk care dear! xoxo.

ps: Nadia mkn supplement apa yeh for the booster?

mommaholicSURI said...

Nadine dear , I'm not an expert too dear but i fully support breastfeeding mommies. I really hope you will success this time. Insya Allah.
Oh by the way, i was a medela swing user. Love it so much! Senang pun senang. Cumakan dear, i would really live to recommend medela to make it with 2 pumps. Sebab if we express both sides, the production will be better. And really suitable for career mom, kalau ada 2 pumps cepat sikit.But, breast pumping need ketenangan, xblh nak rush2 jugakkan. hihi
I really wish you all the best my dear. It may go very tough since you gonna 2 babies this time but i believe you're a braveheart. Amin. :)

my.mastura said...

sebak pulak baca post ko ni sbb aku rindu time aku bf Mikhail..

aku pon x der lama sgt bf dia..5-6 bulan Alhamdulillah tiap kali pump, dpt 6-7oz..kenyang dia..

sorryla aku x dpt nk tlg ko psl breastpump tu sbb aku guna yg murah punyer..hehhee..from Pureen..

YOI said...

adoiii..dah post komen, tapi tkleh send tadi...

Caiyo' nadia. Pertama sekali yang penting, stok masa dalam pantang. Jangan jadi mcm nurul, stok dalam pantang takde. Jadi bila start kerja, kebetulan tukar kerja baru, kelam kabut. Bila stress sgt pon tak elok. Dina plak demand susu 27oz, dalam masa 8 jam kat nursery.

Time growth spurt, lagiiii demand. Kena increase pump session. Kul 2 dan 4 pagi bangun untuk pump. Sebab hasil hari ni, untuk bekalan dina esok. Kalau ada stok, takla se stress ni. huhuhu...

Nurul pon sedih bab breastfeed masa dina. Pengetahuan sangat2 cetek. Takde preparation. Bila susu dah nak merudum, takde gi cari pil/supplement. Jadi nurul rasa, usaha nurul tak betul2 bersungguh. Sesalan tu masih terasa. Tapi Alhamdulillah, manage tu full bf dina until 6 months. (tapi lam pantang, campur2..huhu)

Bab pump, awal2 nurul guna avent manual (guna kejap lam pantang, time 'b' penuh..). Nak masuk kerja, beli spectra 3. Double pumping lagi mudah kat tempat kerja. Sebab pump sebelah, sebelah lagi mengalir. Klo double pump, lagi mencurah2...

Gud luck nadia!

Che da said...

salam nadia...sihat ka?? harap sihat bersama bby kembar yer....nadia bole refer blog ni, ada info cara susukan anak kembar...

insyallah nadia bole dulu pon anak yg pertama dan kedua gagal susukan anak...bertahan hingga 4 bulan jer

bila masuk anak yg keempat sy bertekad, dan masa anak dlm perut lg sy pasang niat...berdoa minta ALLAH permudahkan....alhamdulillah sampai skang sy masih susukan kena bg support especially masa dlm pantang,,,masa pantang kena rajin mengepam buat stok susu...

sy guna pam avent isi iq uno (elektrik,bateri dan manual)...
sy guna storage bottle bumble bee dan mom little one...plastik storage dy guna joy angel...
nursing pillo sy tak guna pun...klu nadia nak beli ok gak...

bykkan membaca info penyusuan di susu situ byk pengalaman ibu yg menyusu...

ok harap nadia berjaya susukan bayi kembar yg bakal lahir nanti....good luck

Tupperware Lovers said...

salam nadia...sihat ka?? harap sihat bersama bby kembar yer....nadia bole refer blog ni, ada info cara susukan anak kembar...

insyallah nadia bole dulu pon anak yg pertama dan kedua gagal susukan anak...bertahan hingga 4 bulan jer

bila masuk anak yg keempat sy bertekad, dan masa anak dlm perut lg sy pasang niat...berdoa minta ALLAH permudahkan....alhamdulillah sampai skang sy masih susukan kena bg support especially masa dlm pantang,,,masa pantang kena rajin mengepam buat stok susu...

sy guna pam avent isi iq uno (elektrik,bateri dan manual)...
sy guna storage bottle bumble bee dan mom little one...plastik storage dy guna joy angel...
nursing pillo sy tak guna pun...klu nadia nak beli ok gak...

bykkan membaca info penyusuan di susu situ byk pengalaman ibu yg menyusu...

ok harap nadia berjaya susukan bayi kembar yg bakal lahir nanti....good luck

maleen said...

all the best nadine! have i shared with you my friend's blog who successfully breastfed her twins boys?

I used My brestfriend nursing pillow and mmg worth the money but like u said i pun x pernah nampak the twins one. Maybe you can add "Mia Fichita" in FB, she handles a lot of new & babies stuff from local and overseas. Who knows if she can help arrange the logistics etc :)

bEth said...


150% support from me for exclusive bf...insyaAllah...masa jijiya pon x berjaya tapi juhayya nieh alhamdulillah.

cuma, bila nak menyusukan twins nieh akan sgt mencabar...u have to prepare mentally n physically my dear. beth highly suggest instead of buying 2 breastpumps, why dont u invest in medela freestyle? a bit pricey but worth every penny. believe me. spectra 3 bole let go kerana high demand.

kenapa beth highly suggest breastpump nieh utk nadia sbbnya:

a. u gonna bf 2 lil munchkins. so u need to produce more my dear. double pumping will be helpful.

b. u'll be travelling here n there and fs is the best. currently, beth akan pump otw ke ofis. so, dptla jimat masa bila kat ofis, memandangkan skrg da stat busy like a bee. w/p fs kecil, tp dia bole buat heavy duty sama mcm spectra 3.

c. medela fs using rechargeable battery. so, sgt senang n mudah. charge 4 hrs bole thn berhari2 depends dgn penggunaan. x mxm spectra 3 u have to plug in n bulky. fs ringan, kecil so seswai utk mami yg comel mcm nadia :)

the most important thing for bf mommy is stock utk waktu bekerja. buat stok sebanyak yg mungkin. skrg nieh beth mengalami ketandusan stok. adek minum makin byk n mama x dpt pam slalu mcm sblm nieh n asek travelling jer. tp beth keep bf her. hopefully dptla sampai 2 thn nnt. amiiin

gud luck my dear n i believe u can do it! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

insya allah dear. u can do it. u have the full support from me. anytime boleh call je cd tau. but cd bukan la expert 100% lagi. baru anak sorang. hehe. alhamdulilah Allah bagi rezeki lebih untuk cd n hadif.

1. about breastpump, cd pun pakai spectra 3. memang sangat berbaloi2. if ada budget, i would suggest u to buy another tube and corong so that u may do double pumping. lagi cepat and higher in production.

2. kalau cd has the choice to have a 2nd breastpump rather than my spectra 3, cd akan vote for avent. hehe. i never use medela swing before but i had a couple times used medela mini electric. mmg sangat efficient and bagus kat tmpt yang takde proper electric power and it can fir just nicely inside my handbag. pakai battery je and the suction power is exactly the same as it is from the electric. tp make sure beli battery alkaline ye bukan abttery murah kat pasar malam tau. hehe.

3. about manual pump pula, i'd used it during my confinement period. pinjam dari my mama's neighbour kat penang. pump murah je takde brand pun. susu alhamdulilah ok cuma lambat sket and lenguh tangan nak pump. but i heard that avent manual pump is very good. it was rated among the best manual pump by my sifu and friends here in the office. tiap orang ada kesesuaian masing2 kan.

4. nursing pillow tu i never known about it ever. sampai la hadif dah 4 bulan baru sedar apa gunanya bantal cam donut separuh tu. surely if im expecting another child, mesti beli nursing pillow. hee. thanks for sharing it dear.

5. thanks also for the ayat dear. cd tak pernah tau pun. surely akan amalkan those ayat in the future.

insya allah, cd doakan rezeki yg cukup for nadia and the twins. caiyok, mesti nadia boleh nya. u have all of us here :).


hi Nad,
Lamanye tak comment blog mommy u,tak dan..;(

Anyway,I adore ur spirit to bf..InsyaAllah..past is past..for next babies,Nadia doa Nadine success..even I know u will face more challenge since u gonna bf twins..Amin!

Its gud,awal2 dah buat preparation..senang nanti tak payah kelam kabut kan..

owh btw,I've been using spectra for abut 3 yrs,tak pernah hntr service..agak2 pump I makin slow skrang bcoz of that..nak kena hntr jugak lah..;)thanks for the contact no!

I'm using mini E as my 2nd pump incase kena travel, but seriously selain the noisy sound tu, pumping a lil bit slow..
As Nuurill said, kalau u beli double pump much more better, but yet Swing pun ok..yg penting its not bulky!

yeap, I guess the c-sec mommy and specially expecting for twins,u kena beli lah nursing pillow case I golek2 je atas katil ngan Ryan...hehehe ;)

Nad,for supplementary, I suggest u to take Milelea soy milk..Alhamdulillah it really help me in producing more milk..

All the best dear..;)

ps: Nad, how long the it take to service the pump?

Nadine said...


Thank you dear. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya sampai jugak 1 thn 10 bulan. InsyaAllah, doakan ada rezeki the twins ye Izu. I know its not gonna be easy but I will give my 200% this time. I need your support :)

Thanks for the input on the pump, nmpk gaya ramai suggest electrical pump. ingatkan dh ade satu, satu lagi kot nak cuba manual..not a good idea, huh? :)

Owh, nursing pillow mmg sgt membantu c-sec mothers Izu. tula haritu lupa nak mentioned dlm email..sorry dear. nasib izu dh sedia siap2. nadia dulu struggle la jugak sbb guna bantal biasa. kat hospital lagi la, everytime bfeed tangan fadzil pun tampung skali baby sbb nak buat position baseball tu. Hehehe.. kalau baby sorang, nursing pillow yg kat pasaran ni muat kot, tp Nadia nak tandem nursing d twins so kena cari yg lebih lebar utk muat 2 babies...harap2 jumpa la nanti.

No problemo dear, Nadia pun kawan baru kenal yg share. Mudah2an kan Izu, ameen!

Slamat breastfeeding Izu, take care :)

p.s: nanti Nadia private msg Izu k :)

Nadine said...


Insyaallah dear :) Yup, it will be really tough tp blum cuba belum tau, kan? :) Some said baby girls drink less than baby boys and some said 2nd child, milk production is better compared to the first. kalau betullah, it will be helpful to me.

Ape2pun I tgh train my mind utk bersedia and sentiasa positive. Juga train my mind utk menjauhi komen2 -ve yg boleh effect my emotions. Smoga ditabahkan hati dan diberi kesabaran. Ameen. :)

Oh really, best eh swing? I mmg mcm tertarik dgn swing tp tgk pk2 lagi ni. You know la, expenses for twins is more so I kena pandai2 urus budget. so far I dh beli one more tube n pump for my spectra 3 set utk buat double pumping during confinement. Nanti I nak tau more bout swing I YM you eh :)

thanks dear!

Nadine said...


Huhu, aku pun sama. Lagi2 bila terkenang first experience aku kn. At least wpun tak lama kenyang jugak Mikhail skali feed dpt 6-7Oz kan? Aku dulu plg bnyk pernah dpt pun takat 4oz. Sian Faaz...

Takpe Mas, ko bagi aku semangat n galakkan pun aku dh cukup happy. I need +ve aura n encouragement babe :)

Nadine said...


InsyaAllah. Mmg plan nak build up stock masa dlm pantang. Dulu masa Faaz try jugak tp Faaz menyusu kerap. Kdg2 dlm 2jam skali, kdg2 dlm 1jam skali pun ade. Mmg tak dan nak pump. Habis menyusukan je "b" dh kosong. Br nak pump, dia dh bngun nak susu lagi.

Tu yg kali ni try amik supplement siap2. Kalau tak membanyakkan susu pun, at least pekatkan susu supaya baby cpt kenyang. Harap2 berkesan lah.

Mmg target kali ni nak double pumping and kalau boleh pun nak tandem nursing both babies wpun time diaorg demand tak sama (I read from few twin mommies experience yg fraternal twins tak demand susu serentak, slalunye identical yg demand serentak). Mudah2an diberikan rezeki yg lebih kali ini...insyaallah.

Thanks for ur input..

Nadine said...

Che Da/Tupperwear Lovers,

Thanks dear for your comments. Bkn takat kat blogspot ni pun, siap private msg kat FB lagi. So nice of you to show ur concern. Mcm Nadia ckp haritu, I really2 appreciate it. :)

Nadia dh baca dh pengalaman indah Pn. Noriz tu. InsyaAllah, dah ambil tips2 dh. Nadia pun skang mmg suka follow blog2 ibu yg menyusukan anak kembar ni utk dpt tips2 n sediakan diri. Nadia tak brape minat folo forum2 yg terlalu hardcore ni, rasa mcm drowning plak...

alhamdulillah, tade masalah support from family, in fact this time they even more helpful. yela, perjuangan besar sket kali ni. Hehe..Mak Nadia pun siap belikan tea n supplement milk for enhancing breast milk. Nadia sendiri pun mmg ambil suppliment supaya susu lebih berkualiti hendaknya..

InsyaAllah, thanks again Che Da :) Nanti ade pape nak tanya Nadia private msg you k. Take care :)

Nadine said...


Thank you dear!! :)

Yes, since u bg I the link I mmg folow ur friend's blog. Gigih I pegi archive dia utk cari backdated post dr mula dia pregnantkan d twins. Tp I tak pernah comment lagi..segan. Silent reader buat masa ni. Hee :)

Owh, I dh add Mia. Thanks a lot for introducing me to her. She has been very helpful to me. So far dia tak jual, but she said last month a friend of hers nak jual a preloved of the pillow. She's trying to scout for me if its still available. Itupun dh buat I happy :)

Thanks a lot, Maleen. Mmmuahs!! :)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear, u inspired me as well tau! I pun nak berjaya mcm you for my 2nd & 3rd child :)

Menarik jugak Freestyle but I am not sure I mampu ke tak dear. Budget I dlm 1K je. Preparations for the twins itself pun mmg tinggi since I have to double most of the expenses. Jadinya I have to prioritize. Maybe I boleh consider dkt2 nak habis confinement nnti. I tgk dulu my milk production mcm mana bila buat double pumping via Spectra3 ni. Sambil2 tu leh kumpul duit kn ;)

Really appreciate your input dear. I'll surely take a note! Nanti ade pape nak tanya, I msg you, bleh ye...:)

Thanks dear for the support *hugs*

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Awwwwh, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :)

1. Yup dear, that's my plan too during confinement ni. Try double pumping..mudah2an it works! :)

2. Ok, noted. Nanti Nadia pegi try dulu n see mcm mana. Avent pun well known brand kn. sure bagus jugak..

3. Ic..ic. Betul tu, tiap2 individu lain kesesuaiannya. Nmpk mcm ramai feedback manual not really a good choice, ok noted! :)

4. Bantal separuh donut?? Hahaha, Cee D sgt kelakar ok :)) Ic, Nadia dulu masa prepare 1st baby ingatkan bersalin rasa mcm tak perlu. Skali dh ceaser n lalui..mmg I need bfeeding pillow. nak2 skang akan ade dua babies :)

5. Sama-sama dear. Nadia pun kawan yg baru Nadia kenal sharekan. Mudah-mudahan doa dimakbulkan. Ameen.

Amin ya Rabbal Alamin. Thanks again dear. :)

Nadine said...


Hello dear, it's nice to see u here! :) Issokay babe, I totally understand. Nanti bila tiba time I ntah cemana la pulak. Anyway hoping u and Ryan are doing well at home :)

Amin! Thanks dear. Dah pernah gagal sekali, kalau boleh nak berjaya kali ni. I tgk mem-positive-kan diri as the first step. Susah mmg confirm akan susah, tp mana tau kali ni Allah nak bagi rezeki yg lebih for my twins kan? Mudah-mudahan.. :)

Oh ye ke. A'ah you, bolehla anta service nnti. Dkt pun dkt jugak. Slalunya it took them 3 days utk service. Tp terpulang la pd pump kita, how much it need the service. kalau condition ok, dlm 2 hari dh dpt balik.

Ic..ic. Ok babe, noted. Mini pump is out of the list. Hihi..tula, so far mcm pro to Swing. Tp still got time to decide. My friend suggest that I pegi try dulu before beli..I dh survey the shops with such services, pasni leh la mengadakan lawatan rasmi plak. Hihi..

Awwwwh, bestnya you golek2 sambil bfeed Ryan! I rasa kalau I bersalin normal pun, jgn harap I dpt chance mcm tu. My nenek is very strict tau. She said dlm pantang jgn mengiring, rahim br nak mengecut nnti senget katanya. Even I nak tido mengiring masa pantang dulu pun kena membebel :))

Milelia ye? Ok dear, noted! Nanti i give it a try as well.

Thank you and take care! :)

Ummu Umar said...

salam nadia

saya hanya ada pengalaman buat stok ebm selama 6 bulan dgn mnggunkana pam yang murah saja.(pastu just direcfeed) sbb umminya ada dgn anak sentiasa.

sokong sangat2 ibu2 hebat yang berkerjaya nak bf...chaiyo mommy nadia...Insyallah doa ibu yang nak menyusukan akan makbul, tambah plak nadia berkemampuan dari segi keperluan gadget breastfeeding ni...nanti bila tgk gadget2 tu lagila bersemangat nak buat ebm :))

bagi saya, kalu guna yg manual mmg kena rajin luarbiasa skit...tapi for your twin better yg double pump kut...

dgrnya supplement shaklee pun bagus utk milkbooster (cuba tanya hadha selaku ejen shaklee kan)

Nadine said...

W'salam Zah :)

Thank you so much for ur support. Mudah-mudahan kali ni dpt Nadia ikut jejak langkah korang, insyaAllah :)

Ok, noted. Nadia sudah padam manual pump from my list. Hihi..

yes dear, mmg bnyk dgr. insyaAllah, I'll find out more :)

dila~noor said...

hi nadine..congratulation on your pregnancy..

i pakai medela swing skrg and mmg best sgt..but for you i suggest freestyle,sng dan cpt..

refer link ni utk package breastpump yg sgt2 berbaloi..

airin diana said...

nad, all the best! baca ur entry very touchy. i pun mcm u gak, nad..mommy nadia as our mentor :)
Take good care of urself ye.. with twins, mmg kena jaga diri betul2.

iedanatasha said...

salam dear, i totally support bf moms esp. working moms like us, sgt2 byk cabaran & dugaan utk buat kita quit bf. just nak share with u, i exclusively bf my 2 kids, 1st kid til 1 yr, yg 2nd till 2.5 yrs, alhamdulillah. admittedly it wasnt easy, i nearly quitted like >1000 times. tapi sbb my willpower sgt kuat nak bf my kids & with effort, sweat & tears usaha jugak cari jalan nak increase ebm e.g. double pumping, tandem nursing/pumping, power pumping, supplements, etc. dpt jugak la jimat blanje beli susu formula :P

on breast pump, i've used avent manual masa mula2 bf my 1st bb, tapi tangan lenguh giler + handle pam sampai patah sbb guna heavy-duty for exclusive bf :P lagipun nak abis pam both sides punya la lama, bos slalu bising sbb i asyik hilang 30-40 minit x 3x sehari kat ofis :P

dah jadi camtu, i pun beli medela double pump masa my 1st bb 6 bln, mmg very useful for bz working moms sbb 15-20 minit pam dah selesai both breasts, plus it can be used anywhere sbb boleh plug-in or pakai bateri. pam ni tahan sampai la my 2nd child weaned himself at 2.5 yrs, cuma yg tak tahan tu noisy & quite heavy/bulky, tmbh2 bila carry dgn cooler bag + dry ice + ebm.

now, like u, i'm also expecting twins (tu yg terjumpe your blog) at 28 weeks, due 22 jul 2011. since my medela pump dah kaput, i bought medela freestyle sbb it's double pump, boleh plug-in & pakai rechargeable bateri (included), kecik & ringan, plus it has 2-phase expression sgt membantu let-down reflex & increase ebm in short time..sgt value for money, i thk.

i pun tgh mencari twins nursing pillow..b4 this tak pernah rasa i need it sbb deliver normal + single babies je..but with twins, we'll definitely need all the help with bf, esp. if deliver c-section. i've trawled online for one, but so far tak jumpe supplier that ships to let me know if u finally find it ok? ;)

ebm storage i used avent storage cups, disposable storage bags, baby bottles. masa dlm pantang i even used covered ice cube trays sbb bb tak byk minum tapi kerap, so milk cubes lagi senang thaw compared to seketul from storage bag ;)

supplements i started taking masa 2nd bb sbb my experience dgn 1st bb if i puasa ebm dropped. i started with shaklee soy protein + alfalfa sbb ramai bf moms rekemen & alhamdulillah it worked, ebm jadi thicker & creamier, so bb lagi cepat & lama kenyang. lagi satu, i found my ebm melimpah-ruah bila minum dried longan (air mata kucing), so u can try see if it works for u ;)

on doa2 tu, tq so much for sharing, nvr knew ada doa2 specific for bf :P

nways, all the best with the twins..see who gets their twins out first, u ke i ;)

Nadine said...

Hi Dilla~Nor,

:) Thanks dear. Thanks sudi singgah my blog too. Tula, ramai recommend Freestyle so I pun mcm dh terpaut hati. Tgh kumpul duit ni, insyaallah ade rezeki nanti I beli :)

p.s: thanks for d link, menarik! mmg berbaloi2!! :)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear for your support. InsyaAllah, sama2 kita ikut jejak langkah mentor kita k :)

U take care too dear, congrats on ur newborn princess. such a long, nice name u have there. slmt berpantang Irin! :)

Nadine said...


hi dear, thank you so much for sharing with me. really appreciate it. thanks jugak sbb sudi add I kat facebook. teruja tau dpt kenalan baru sama2 pregnantkan twins..sama2 bawak baby girls plak tu, what a nice coincidence! :)

ok, since ramai dh advice i mmg dh letak manual pump out of the list. double pumping selesai in 15-20mins? wow, that's really saving time. Ni yg lagi smgt nak buat double pumping ni. insyaAllah dear, will take note on everything u share here. tq so much again, take care ok.

p.s: rasa mcm babies you kuar dulu ni, my actuall EDD is on 30th July :)

~Rushes~ said...

Hey Nadine! Just read this post. I managed to breastfeed missy for up to 14 months! And that too while I was working. she was never exclusive breast fed, because I had to go back to work and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with the supply. So i pumped at work and gave her that on the way home. While at day care she used formula milk. And when at home and during the weekends she was breastfed exclusively. The first 2-3 months were torture but we got used to it. I used a tommy tippee manual pump for when i was at work and it was TORTURE! I didnt use a boppy pillow or storage bags..didn't need them really, but I HAVE heard the pillow is good for use with twins!

This time, I went and got a single medela mini electric (I hope its not noisy like u said!!) I plan to express milk for the day for 1 baby and feed the other myself (switiching between the two of course). Lets see how that works out, if not there is always formula milk! My mom says our diet is not as healthy to maintain a healthy milk supply and there is no harm in formula feeding babies.

So don't feel guilty!!

Thanks for adding the verses from surah Baqarah and surah Hujarat :)

Nadine said...


wow, that's a big achievement! ur so lucky! I really hope I can make it this time, insyaAllah.

Ah ic..I have heard about it too, but in M'sia its soo expensive! and still, I couldn't find the twin breastfeeding pillow here. kinda frustrating. I think I'll buy the single breastfeeding pillow, at least I have something to support me..

I'm planning to buy medela freestyler, still searching the best offer. It's so expensive here in M'sia. It cost you around 2000 Malaysian ringgit *sigh*.
Awwwh, thanks babe :)

It's my pleasure! Hope both of us will success in breastfeeding our twins! :)

mrs.syediz said...

awak. xsure whether awak dh beli ke blum freestyle/swing. saya ada jumpe kt 1 website ni

cheapest in town!

Anonymous said...


Nak tanya, you dapat beli twins feeding pillow tu? mana ye u beli? i tgh mencari for my sis in law :) she due in Jan 2013..

Appreicate kalo u dpt reply to my email or sms me :)

mobile: 019 3766499