Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 31

I am now at week 31 of pregnancy, which means that I have entered the final phase of being pregnant or known as the 3rd trimester :)

Praise to Allah SWT for the smooth journey so far, except for the extreme morning sickness that leads to dehydration and being warded. This time around, no traces of sugar/protein from my urine so far thus I am so glad that I can skip the sugar test yg sungguh yuck ittuew :P There is no issue with the blood pressure as well although during the 1st trimester I did experienced anemic due to severe vomiting...but this is common for mothers who carrying twins tho...

week 31 tummy

In terms of size, I am now weighing 62.5kg which is a personal record so far! never imagined that I will be this FAT. With Faaz, I only gained 15kg and I got back my pre-pregnancy figure within 1 month of confinement, thanks to breastfeeding. This time? I am not sure whether its still possible...huhu :( Even my tummy has outgrown from 26cm (before this pregnancy) to 108cm. Now you can imagine how HUGE my stomach is :P Although my tummy is super duper big, alhamdulillah so far I have no stretch mark problem, thanks to Pureen's Stretch Mark Lotion. I've been introduced to it by Mama when I was conceiving Faaz and I love it since! I even continued applying it after confinement ends, the collagen and vitamins are good for your stomach to stretch back to normal size.

Because of the excessive weight especially during this last trimester, backache and lower abdominal pain are very very common. To give my body extra support, I am now using the maternity support belt or also known as pregnancy belt. This helps to relieve back pain and pressure as my uterus stretches to accommodate my growing babies. There are many types of belt available in the market.

Mine is similar like this photo, bought it from Mothercare.

I also purchased Modernmum support brief (similar like normal maternity brief except it comes together with support band around the tummy), and I wear it whenever I don't feel like wearing the support belt itself. (Kadang2 rimas jugak pakai berlapis2 ni :P)

During the latest checkup that we had last week, both babies are doing fine, alhamdulillah :). Twin I is weighing at 1.39kg while Twin II is weighing at 1.5kg (which is the ideal weight at this point of time). I do hope the twins will gain as much as they can by week 37. Cepat2 naik more than 2.2kg ye sayangs! :)

(Note: Although from this point the baby's weight will increase faster than his/her length, the weight increase in twins will be slower than the singletons because of the lack of room in the uterus - source:

At week 31, the babies ideal position should be like this; where both babies are in vertex position.


However, that is not in my case so far. During the 2nd trimester, one baby was in vertex position and the other was in breech position, just like this illustration:


and now, during the 3rd trimester, their position has changed to breech and transverse, just like the illustration below:


which means, I have no choice but to undergo the cesarean section operation again this time (unless the babies changed their position the very last minute). So far, we haven't set up the date but tentatively it will be on the 37th week, as soon as the babies are in their full term and ready to be born. That means, if everything goes well, we got to finally meet the babies in 6 weeks time!! :)

Actually, I am a bit concern about my condition. I have already experienced several braxton hicks and I have already experienced mild contractions of which according to my gynea is nothing to be worried of, unless the occurrence is too often. From my readings on other mommies experience, it is quite common that the contractions started as early as week 32 which caused them to be bed-rest until delivery. Most of them deliver before 37th weeks too. Oh, I really don't want it to happen to me...everyday I constantly pray that the twins will be born when they have reached their full term. I even talked about this to the twins at night, before I go to sleep. Mudah-mudahan the twins sabar duk dalam tummy mommy diam2 ye sayangs.. :) Friends, kindly pray for me as well yea...

As for me frequent back pain, lower abdomen pain, short of breath and energy are very common these days. The most challenging situations are: one - at the workplace; where I have to climb up stairs to level 2 as there is no lift available in the customer's office, and two - at night; to find the right position to sleep. These days, I can only sleep for only 4 to 5 hours at night the most. Trip to the malls are not smooth like those days. I need to stop and sit in between frequently.
But don't get me wrong tho, I am neither complaining nor whining, just sharing my experience with others.. people always said to me how lucky I am to have a twin but sometimes they do forget that with this special gift comes a big challenge :)

I am so lucky that not only my hubby and son are being so understanding, people around me are being so nice to me too. For example, the guards at the customer's office do book me a parking space 200m from the main door everyday (although the parking spots inside the premises are actually for the staffs only). Most of the shops that I went offer me a seat if I need to wait for hubby to shop or if I am waiting for my turn to pay. Sometimes, strangers do allow me to cut the queue...awwwwh.

At this point of pregnancy, public attention is very common. Suddenly, strangers started to greet me and people being so friendly to me. "Is it twins?" while pointing to my stomach is very common greeting these days instead of "hello". Being someone who reserved to unknown people, it was weird at first but slowly I get used to it. Mak said I will get more attentions when the twins are born later..nampaknya kena la belajar meramahkan diri :D

I guess this pretty much explain me and the babies condition so far. Will update more in few more weeks insyaAllah if I have free time.

Till then,

p.s: By the way, currently I love to see the photos of Imaan & Tiara, the newborn twin of Sazzy Falak. They are so adorable!! And looking at them made me thinking of my babies. I wonder how they gonna look like - me? fadzil? or faaz? hmmmm... :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

His First Time... (Part 2)

Last two weeks, my in-laws were away for a 1-week vacation, and towards the end of the week, my hubby had to attend a 3-days teambuilding session at Pangkor Island. Tinggallah me and Faaz alone in SJ house to spend the "Mother's Day weekend" together...

Pitying my son, I started to think of what type of activity that we can spend time together, and make him enjoyed his weekend even without his Daddy, Nana & Nani. However, my condition limited the plans that I can think of. Since I entered the 3rd trimester, my stamina is very low as I get tired easily. Nak bawak Faaz jalan2 kat mall pun tak berani because I know I can't afford to walk fast to catch him up, he loves to run!

So when my mom was finally available on that Sunday (she too was out of town), quickly I made plans with her after getting green lights from Fadzil; to bring my mom out for Mother's Day lunch and to bring Faaz for a tour at the place he will enjoy - Aquaria! :)

His First Time - Went to Aquaria!

Faaz was a bit blur when I told him the plan. This was because he was confused between an "aquarium" and the "aquaria". You see, Faaz loves fish so much, and he adores big fishes such as Arwana and Sharks. Sometimes, me and Fadzil do bring him to fish shops so that he can see the fishes, so we always tell him that we want to bring him "to see big fish in the aquarium". So this time, when I told him that I'm gonna bring him "to see bigh fishes at the Aquaria", he stared at me and asked few times, "aquarium, Mommy?"..hihi, susah tul nak explain :P

Upon reaching the Aquaria, after lunch, Faaz demanded for his stroller. Ooo oh! It's a sign that he was sleepy...not good! But, as soon as he saw the entrance of the Aquaria, he became excited (peminat fish la katakan). *pheewww* lega...

tengok tu, isap jari lagi...ish ish ish :P

The first part of the discovery journey was The Evolution area. As you walk in, you will see the Touch Pond, where you can touch the displayed animal creatures there such as baby shark and the horseshoecrab (belangkas in Malay).

Only my mom was the bravest to touch 'em among us three..teehehe. Mommy and Faaz, GELI :P Brani tengok saja...

Next, we saw the electric eel...What interesting about this creature is that it can generate powerful electric shocks which it used for hunting and self-defense.

Just for your info, camera FLASH is not allowed to be used once you are inside the Aquaria. For someone who doesn't own a nice DSLR and have limitations in using the camera functions like me, it's hard to snap nice photos as we go deep further inside the Aquaria. It's getting darker and darker inside! T_T

Aquaria was built based on the journey of water from land to sea. Before heading for the famous tunnel, we passed by the exhibition of amphibians animals such as;

and this;
Faaz Naqi was trying to peek on one of the small aquarium displaying the potbelly seahorse...

Faaz did not enjoyed much of these exhibits as he is more interested to see the fishes. You can see how unexcited he was, even when the Coatmundi (an animal from racoon family) approached him. Buat dunno je dia, lagi mengantuk ade kot. Hihi..

But as soon as he entered the new section which display a lot of fishes in small aquariums, he started to become excited and focus...

He was so looking forward to see "big fishes" and sharks that he refused to look at the camera when we wanted to snap his photos...all he wanted was to walk ahead fast and enter the fish tunnel...

Poor Tok Mak and Mommy...Faaz buat tak layan je kat kitaorg yg excited nie...cheh! :P

Finally, we reached the ultimate destination, the place Faaz been waiting to visit - Aqua Theater, which is the 90m acrylic underwater tunnel.

I was so thankful that my mother was with us..Faaz Naqi can't sit still inside his stroller during the journey. Kejap nak bangun, kejap nak duduk, kejap nak dukung!

The fish that Faaz looked forward to see - The SandTiger Shark! Fierce huh?

Apart from the sharks, the main attraction here is the 180kg Stingray - The Giant Bloatched Faintail Ray (it's really huuuuge!), the Arapaima fish and the giant Garoupa. The best thing about this tunnel is, you can enter it as much as you want to, if you feel your first visit is not enough. Since Faaz is soo hooked up inside the tunnel, we brought him inside twice...mencabar my stamina but its all worth it when I saw Faaz being so excited.

As I told you before in the previous post, Faaz talks a lot when he became excited. The same things happened as we were walking inside the tunnel. He was so busy talking about "daddy shark", "mommy shark" and "baby shark" out loud. Few times he made the foreign visitors laugh and smiled with his remarks. See this video to see how much he babbles...

Hehe, even my mom can't stop grinning while entertained her bubbly grandson :D

After the tunnel, we went to the giant aquarium display, just to let Faaz see the fishes swimming before we bid goodbye to Aquaria..

As I was explaining to Faaz, suddenly there was an announcement that there will be a Shark-Feeding-Session in 15 minutes time at the place we were standing. So we decided to wait for it, and as we were already there, we get to seat in the middle of front row facing of the aquarium. yay! :)

15 minutes later, two divers arrived for the feeding session and everyone, including the sea creatures were excited!. The fishes surrounded them like crazy!!

The funny thing was, the shark which was supposed to be fed did not have the apetite to eat that evening. Puaslah the divers attract them with fishes meat, tak dilayan langsung! during the session that I came to know that these sharks are fed every 2 days and it can live without food for a month. Shark boleh puasa sebulan without food! I managed to capture an attempt of feeding the shark, moments before the show was about to end...we thought finally the shark eaten the meat. Unfortunately, it threw it away after that...pulak dah...xde selera kot :P

You will enter the Atlantis Gift Shop as you exiting the Aquaria. Wanted to buy kid's t-shirt for Faaz unfortunately my lil hero was already slept the moments we arrived there. So Mak bought some toys for his grandson instead and I bought a FM for myself :)

Oh, we also bought this photo as was taken at the main door before you enter the Aquaria.
Yeah, I know, I look damn FAT in this photo and Faaz wasn't smiling at all (he was afraid of the big sized photographer..hehe)..but I want my mom to have it as a Mother's Day keepsake :)

Those of you who have kids that loves underwater world and fishes, do visit Aquaria. I'm sure they'll enjoy it as much as my son do! If you are wondering, Aquaria is a stroller friendly place, they even have lifts and shortcuts for those who bring along their strollers, so nothing to worry off. There were a lot of shows during the weekends too :)

To my lovely mother, thank you so much for your assistance. Tak terdaya rasanya tour satu Aquaria with Faaz alone. You made our day! I hope you were happy too spending mother's day with me and Faaz. We love u a lot, Mak/Tok Mak! Mmmuahs! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

His First Time... (part 1)

Me and Hubby have lots of plans for Faaz Naqi since he turns 2 years old. We want to bring him to see, taste and explore new things around him. However, most of the plans are delayed due to my health condition especially during my first trimester of being pregnant.

As soon as I entered the 2nd trimester, we tried our best to fulfill our plans despite our hectic scheduled. We want to spend the "just-the-3-of-us" time well before the new family members arrived in few more months time. Kasi chance we manja2 with our "baby" Faaz before he's officially hold the "big brother" title :)

It's hard actually to make time as our weekends are always full with loads of activities including the preparations for the coming newborn twins as I know that I won't be able to do much in my 3rd trimester (true enough! my stamina is so low these days! :( ). Alhamdulillah, despite that we managed to squeeze in some time for Faaz to experience new things around him.

Some of them includes;

His First Time - Eating Sushi & Using a chopstick!

We had introduced him to Middle East Food earlier and alhamdulillah, Faaz loves it -especially Chicken Mandy. So we thought why not this time we introduce him to Japanese Food -Sushi. So far, Faaz loves teppanyaki as much as we do so we hope he'll enjoyed sushi as well.

At first, we wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai but the queue was too long so we went to Sushi King Instead. Alhamdulillah, the queue was not that long that day.

We ordered few types of sushi from Gunkan and Nigri section. For yours truly, of course raw sushi is a big NO-NO. We ordered the Tamago Maki (Omelet sushi) for Faaz's first sushi meal as Faaz loves egg and the sushi was small in size, suitable for his first chopstick handling session! Hihi...

It was fun to see Fadzil teaching Faaz on how to use the chopsticks. Funny and soooo cute! Hihi! :)

He listen well to his daddy's instruction and very determined; concentrate habis! :)

Now his turn...upsie! it fell off the plate :P

yay! at last!...but err, isn't that wrong, son?? :D

Some of the sushi that we ordered...(the rest dah selamat masuk perut...kih kih)

My current addiction - Fried Salmon Skin
(lagi2 cicah soy sauce with bits of wasabe...cedap!)

Terliur sangat tengok Daddy Faaz's coffee...apekan daya :(

Faaz considered passed this time (although I must admit he enjoyed playing with the chopsticks and sushi rather than eating 'em most of the time :P). Next try-out session: Dim Sum! :)

His First Time - Watch a Movie in the Cinema!

Last month, we brought Faaz for his 1st Movie session at the cinema. It all started when we bought the Happy Meal set from McDonald for Faaz and got this complementary ticket to watch Rio :)

We then set a date on one of the weekends. I was more excited when I came to know that my friend, Lady D had just watched the same movie with his son, Hadif. Memang rasa tak sabar sangat time tu! :) However, there's one thing we were worried about. No, not about sitting still during the session or crying, Faaz Naqi is a well behaved boy so far (alhamdulillah). But it's about his talkativeness that I'm a bit concerned. FYI, my son started to talk at the age of 11 months and by 2 years old, he can speak quite well in full sentence. His vocabulary is also building up as he LOVES to talk. Sometimes, he will talk out loud, especially when he get excited. Itu yang I risau..huhu.

Faaz all ready with a jacket... Sekejap je ni, masuk the cinema hall, dia buat selimut je jacket tu...sabar je la :P

We went for the earliest show on Saturday morning (11am) as Faaz was still fresh. We redeemed the free tix for Faaz and chose the couple seat for us. We also bought the Rio Popcorn Set saja2 for Faaz. Makin excited budak kecik tu. Keep on asking us when we can enter the movie hall to watch the cartoon :)

Since we occupied 3 out of 4 seats, we also conquered the last seat (sapela nak duk sorang2 sebelah us I filled up the empty seat with our stuff..hihi). As Faaz is not tall enough, I also brought along two mini cushions so that he can have a better view.

First thing first, the two boys filling up their stomach before the show.. :P

As this was his first experience, Faaz anxiously waiting for the show to start. He kept on asking both of us the same question before the wide screen curtain was opened:

"Mommy/Daddy, when the movie gonna stat (start)?"

"Mommy/Daddy, where the Rio cartoon?"

Jenuh jugakla we had to say, "In a shortwhile, sayang.." Hihihi...

Finally, when the lights were dimmed Faaz became more excited....

that he smiled widely!! :)

But he was dissapointed as the screen started to show all the promos. He though the movie was really starting that time. Poor him. As expected, Faaz questioned us again on when the show will finally starts. Non-stop ok! Senyum je orang yang duk lane bawak kitaorg dengar..Heeee :D

Finally, the show started after 10 minutes and we were relieved that our lil boy started to sit still and concentrate watching the movie. *phewww*. But it didn't last long tho..apparently, every time they changed the scene and whenever Rio - the blue bird was out of sight, Faaz started to question: "Mommy, where Rio go??". At one time, it was quite loud. Malu ok people sitting in the middle rows duk pandang us. But few seconds after that, we heard a similar question but from the other side of the hall. Hihihi, Faaz ade geng rupanya, hilang sket rasa malu kitaorang...muahaha!

Alhamdulillah, Faaz managed to watch the movie until it's finished. He doesn't like the popcorn but he kept on munching potato chips and drank milo during the show. When the movie finished, we made our way to the exit door. As we were walking down the stairs, Faaz asked a question that made both me and Fadzil burst to a big laugh.....

Nak tau ape dia?

He asked for something....

"Mommy, whe's (where's) the lemote (remote), Mommy?? Faaz wanna off the TV". "Show finished oredi (already).."

(**pelik sebenarnya, Faaz ni kadang2 boleh sebut "R", kadang2, failed!**)

he looked confused when we laugh to the max! Hahaha! Faaz, Faaz! :))

Dah kuar dari cinema hall baru nak pakai hoodie...hihi

Nah, it's too warm. Mommy can keep the jacket now...

The next day, Faaz asked me if he could go to watch Rio again at the cinema. I guess he really enjoyed the show. We planned to bring him to see Kungfu Panda next by end of this month. Itupun, if I still laratlah...but before that, turn Daddy & Mommy nak berdating dulu tengok my hunky Mr. Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean ye, son! :P

Resting a while to gain back my stamina...tired but happy! :)

-to be continued in Part 2-

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Suratan atau Kebetulan??