Saturday, May 14, 2011

His First Time... (part 1)

Me and Hubby have lots of plans for Faaz Naqi since he turns 2 years old. We want to bring him to see, taste and explore new things around him. However, most of the plans are delayed due to my health condition especially during my first trimester of being pregnant.

As soon as I entered the 2nd trimester, we tried our best to fulfill our plans despite our hectic scheduled. We want to spend the "just-the-3-of-us" time well before the new family members arrived in few more months time. Kasi chance we manja2 with our "baby" Faaz before he's officially hold the "big brother" title :)

It's hard actually to make time as our weekends are always full with loads of activities including the preparations for the coming newborn twins as I know that I won't be able to do much in my 3rd trimester (true enough! my stamina is so low these days! :( ). Alhamdulillah, despite that we managed to squeeze in some time for Faaz to experience new things around him.

Some of them includes;

His First Time - Eating Sushi & Using a chopstick!

We had introduced him to Middle East Food earlier and alhamdulillah, Faaz loves it -especially Chicken Mandy. So we thought why not this time we introduce him to Japanese Food -Sushi. So far, Faaz loves teppanyaki as much as we do so we hope he'll enjoyed sushi as well.

At first, we wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai but the queue was too long so we went to Sushi King Instead. Alhamdulillah, the queue was not that long that day.

We ordered few types of sushi from Gunkan and Nigri section. For yours truly, of course raw sushi is a big NO-NO. We ordered the Tamago Maki (Omelet sushi) for Faaz's first sushi meal as Faaz loves egg and the sushi was small in size, suitable for his first chopstick handling session! Hihi...

It was fun to see Fadzil teaching Faaz on how to use the chopsticks. Funny and soooo cute! Hihi! :)

He listen well to his daddy's instruction and very determined; concentrate habis! :)

Now his turn...upsie! it fell off the plate :P

yay! at last!...but err, isn't that wrong, son?? :D

Some of the sushi that we ordered...(the rest dah selamat masuk perut...kih kih)

My current addiction - Fried Salmon Skin
(lagi2 cicah soy sauce with bits of wasabe...cedap!)

Terliur sangat tengok Daddy Faaz's coffee...apekan daya :(

Faaz considered passed this time (although I must admit he enjoyed playing with the chopsticks and sushi rather than eating 'em most of the time :P). Next try-out session: Dim Sum! :)

His First Time - Watch a Movie in the Cinema!

Last month, we brought Faaz for his 1st Movie session at the cinema. It all started when we bought the Happy Meal set from McDonald for Faaz and got this complementary ticket to watch Rio :)

We then set a date on one of the weekends. I was more excited when I came to know that my friend, Lady D had just watched the same movie with his son, Hadif. Memang rasa tak sabar sangat time tu! :) However, there's one thing we were worried about. No, not about sitting still during the session or crying, Faaz Naqi is a well behaved boy so far (alhamdulillah). But it's about his talkativeness that I'm a bit concerned. FYI, my son started to talk at the age of 11 months and by 2 years old, he can speak quite well in full sentence. His vocabulary is also building up as he LOVES to talk. Sometimes, he will talk out loud, especially when he get excited. Itu yang I risau..huhu.

Faaz all ready with a jacket... Sekejap je ni, masuk the cinema hall, dia buat selimut je jacket tu...sabar je la :P

We went for the earliest show on Saturday morning (11am) as Faaz was still fresh. We redeemed the free tix for Faaz and chose the couple seat for us. We also bought the Rio Popcorn Set saja2 for Faaz. Makin excited budak kecik tu. Keep on asking us when we can enter the movie hall to watch the cartoon :)

Since we occupied 3 out of 4 seats, we also conquered the last seat (sapela nak duk sorang2 sebelah us I filled up the empty seat with our stuff..hihi). As Faaz is not tall enough, I also brought along two mini cushions so that he can have a better view.

First thing first, the two boys filling up their stomach before the show.. :P

As this was his first experience, Faaz anxiously waiting for the show to start. He kept on asking both of us the same question before the wide screen curtain was opened:

"Mommy/Daddy, when the movie gonna stat (start)?"

"Mommy/Daddy, where the Rio cartoon?"

Jenuh jugakla we had to say, "In a shortwhile, sayang.." Hihihi...

Finally, when the lights were dimmed Faaz became more excited....

that he smiled widely!! :)

But he was dissapointed as the screen started to show all the promos. He though the movie was really starting that time. Poor him. As expected, Faaz questioned us again on when the show will finally starts. Non-stop ok! Senyum je orang yang duk lane bawak kitaorg dengar..Heeee :D

Finally, the show started after 10 minutes and we were relieved that our lil boy started to sit still and concentrate watching the movie. *phewww*. But it didn't last long tho..apparently, every time they changed the scene and whenever Rio - the blue bird was out of sight, Faaz started to question: "Mommy, where Rio go??". At one time, it was quite loud. Malu ok people sitting in the middle rows duk pandang us. But few seconds after that, we heard a similar question but from the other side of the hall. Hihihi, Faaz ade geng rupanya, hilang sket rasa malu kitaorang...muahaha!

Alhamdulillah, Faaz managed to watch the movie until it's finished. He doesn't like the popcorn but he kept on munching potato chips and drank milo during the show. When the movie finished, we made our way to the exit door. As we were walking down the stairs, Faaz asked a question that made both me and Fadzil burst to a big laugh.....

Nak tau ape dia?

He asked for something....

"Mommy, whe's (where's) the lemote (remote), Mommy?? Faaz wanna off the TV". "Show finished oredi (already).."

(**pelik sebenarnya, Faaz ni kadang2 boleh sebut "R", kadang2, failed!**)

he looked confused when we laugh to the max! Hahaha! Faaz, Faaz! :))

Dah kuar dari cinema hall baru nak pakai hoodie...hihi

Nah, it's too warm. Mommy can keep the jacket now...

The next day, Faaz asked me if he could go to watch Rio again at the cinema. I guess he really enjoyed the show. We planned to bring him to see Kungfu Panda next by end of this month. Itupun, if I still laratlah...but before that, turn Daddy & Mommy nak berdating dulu tengok my hunky Mr. Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean ye, son! :P

Resting a while to gain back my stamina...tired but happy! :)

-to be continued in Part 2-


Ninie Hanis said...

oh cutenya Faaz tanya mana mesti dia lagi seronok tgk Kungfu Panda. :)

Aleyn said...

Hahaha...there is always a 1st time for everything.....oh ya..all the best for u and ur baby

mommaholicSURI said...

Hik Hik cute sungguh Faaz dengan jacket yg dibuat selimut tuh! :)

And syabas Faaz sebab dah berjaya ke panggung wayang. Aunty masih x confidence nak bawak Oman sebab confirm dia akan bekerjasama selama 10 minit aje. The only cartoon he could glue his eyes to the screen is Upin Ipin. Ahahaha. Enjoy your 2nd movie nanti!! :)

Ans Sushi!! Ahhh i really love Sushi. Raw pun ku hentam saja. :) Nadine, have you tried Rakuzen at Empire? My sil cakap sangat best. I went there at 3pm for lunch but their kitchen had already close. Naaaaah. You suka fried salmon skin ke? mmg sedap!! I pulak suka seaweed and mackerel!! Damn tasty! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya. tak sabar tunggu part 2. boleh jadi idea for us juga. we were very busy this year ngan work n pindah rumah. kesian hadif. dah lama tak buat any activity that makes him enjoy to the fullest.

nanti nak bawa hadif try sushi gak la. i was a bit scared on trying it at first. sbb takut kang sakit perut ke makan pulut tu kan. tp bila tgk menu nadia for faaz, ok juga. maklum la, cd tak reti makan sushi. fariq je yg terer. hehe.

nadia tau tak ada training chopstick for kids? we're planning to buy for hadif. tp tak beli2 pun lagi. huhu. akong dia dah bising tanya.

Nadine said...


Hahaha! Funny kan, he thought the screen tu wide LCD TV agaknya. Ni sbb dh terbiasa la tu. At home, everytime after his turn to watch TV is over, we teach him to turn off the TV :)



Yes dear! and I'm excited to let him experience all the first things in his life. Awwwh, thanks! :)

faisyura said...

whoaaaa another one dah berjaya masuk cinema.. kemainnnn lagi faaz siap ngn jeket dia.. encem!

kitorg blom berani lagi bwk zaim and aariz; but decided mase CARS2 keluar nanti.. sbb diorg ni minat kete je.. so harapan utk berjaya tgk smpi abis tu tinggi skit kot time tu.. hahha

btw, mase zaim umo faaz pun, dia suke mkn sushi.. tp bukan nk mkn sushi sgt, mkn sup jeee.. hahaah..


ms i preggy dulu pun mcmtu,tried to spend as much as activity bertiga..time tu tkde movie best for tangguh.
InsyaAllah before start keje,plan nak bawak Adam tgk Kungfu Panda..
Adam sgt suka tgk intro kungfu Panda at his papa lappy..bnyk kali hopefully he enjoys the movie soon..
plus we all confident sket nk bawak Adam g movie sb Adam boleh concentrate tgk fully movie skrang..dah bnyk kali dia repeat tgk cite Up..
noted,nanti kena bwk cushion kan..
wish me luck too dear!

btw,this month bnyk sungguh movies yg best...bnyk I miss..specially the serial Fast n movie wit hubby...;(

9mos cuti sushi..lepas nih kena serbu!!me too antu sushi..

ps:babe,tq for the pressie..cute!InsyaAllah muat..dont worry ;)

Nadine said...


Hihi, susah tau nak suruh dia pakai jacket dari kecik smpaila skang. Ni pun sbb kitaorg kata dlm cinema tu sejuk, kalau tak takleh masuk tgk cartoon Rio tu :P Oman bagus kan, I tgk dr kecik dia ok je pakai jacket :)

Ic..hihi, upin & ipin mmg won every kids heart kan. Even I pun suka tgk. They are soooo cute!! Faaz wpun tak paham sgt BM pun layan Upin & Ipin. Faaz so far, I tgk movies yg involved animals dia ok. Kalau totally cartoon, tgk movie jugak. Once we tried cars sbb dia minat keta, unfortunately, dia tak bape minat :)

You tau kan I tak bape sushi2 ni. Tp preggy kali ni asik nak makan sushi je. But I eat mostly yg x raw la sbb ade "tuan inspector" monitor I. Hihi. Yup! Rakuzen best! You, mmg tau, I went with my colleagues after work for some work related celebration, we kena book d place for dinner BEFORE lunctime yer. Tiap2 hari penuh je..the food wpun mahal sket tp berbaloi2. my friends ordered the sashimi and its all fresh (diaorg ckpla, i tak rasa..hihi). I enjoyed the dragon roll. Kalau u pegi sana harus cuba tau!

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Takpe, slow2. Korang pun masih ber3 lagi kan. Kitaorg dh nak ber5 lagi 7 minggu. Harus spend as much time with Faaz before dia kena kongsi kasih ngan adik2 dia :)

Hihi, tryla Cee D. Nadia tak plak terpk plak pasal sakit perut makan nasi pulut tu, Nadia cuma elakkan Faaz makan raw sushi je sbb takut perut dia tak tahan. Alhamdulillah dia ok :)

Tau! slalu nmpk kat Daiso bila Nadia pegi sopping sana. Cute2 plak tu. Cee D mmg wajib train Hadif, dia ade Chinese blood. Nanti CNY senangla dia. Kitaorg ni saja2 je Cee D. Kat rumah mmg sgt jarang pakai. Cuma time mengada je makan mee/mee hoon guna chopstick. Nadia ade bad habit, kdg2 suka curik satu batang chopstick utk buat cucuk sanggul Haha!

Nadine said...


Julung2 kalinye ye. Before this mmg bercenta la nak suruh dia sarung jacket. This time jalan sbb nak tgk Rio punye pasal. Haha! tp tgkla, belum halfway dia sibuk nak bukak. Alasan dia? "Faaz feet cold". Sudahnye jadi selimut :P Dah nak kuar dr cinema tu br dia nak pakai balik. Sabar je la tau! :)

Ha'ahla, Cars 2 nak kuar kan summer ni. Mmg sgt sesuaila since ur boys loves it kan?! I'm sure they will enjoy it :) Ingatkan Faaz will enjoy the movie Cars. Tp dia tak bape minat la pulak bila kitaorg put on the DVD. So far tgk trend, movies yg ade animals dia layan.

Hihi, ic. Faaz pun suka sup. Tapi miso sup dia tak suka. dia kata masam. hehe :D

Nadine said...


Kan?! Life will not be the same again when the newborns came so sementara ade masa tu nak cherished just the 3 of us :)

Tula, you masa tu takde sgt movies for kids. I pulak dh time sarat2 ni yg belambak sbb dh nak masuk Summer kan. Berderet cartoon2 best mcm Kungfu Panda, Cars 2, Puss in Boats..haihs, entah larat n sempat ke tak nk bawak Faaz nie :D You dh nak habis confinement eh? Bestnya! Pasni lehla bawak sikecik tu lihat dunia luar :)

A'ah you, kena bawak kusyen kecik tu. If not their vision mmg terlindung oleh org dpn. Hihi, unless u nak pangku la. :)

Oh you suka sushi gak eh. U geng ngan Nuurill la. I sejak preggy kali ni yg tetiba suka sgt sushi. tp I mkn yg tak raw punye le. Hihi.

p.s: ye ke, alhamdulillah :) I risau tak fit je sbb I tgk Ryan semangat...geram ok!!

ishamizu said...

Salam Nadia

Kelakar baca Faaz tny remote mana tu..hihi so cute n clever lah..;) Nway, best eh citer tu? igt nti nk dload je la..snce nk pg cinema seems inappropriate for us now..dh ada si kecik Zafri ni kn! hehe..

Wah, Faaz kecik2 lg dh practice mkkn guna chopstick eh? good2..aunty ada jg skali gatai nk try guna chosptick, tpelanting!! fail lah. hihi mujur kt umah je..;)

Dear, my mom dtg sabtu ni. :) Aritu tk smpt nk reply ur comment n others' kt blog izu, tgk2 dh hlg. :P

Mimy Hamid said...

mummy dah ajar abg berdikari ni...hehehe..bagusla faaz ikut je apa mummy ajar...good boy...tang makan chopstick tu comel je...hihi salah lol...

nad, best ek makan sushi king...ramai org duk nk try tp bukak tekak jepun acaner??

nad, mmg pun mak syafinaz tu cikgu..hihih..dijemput tak majlis tu

my.mastura said...

good boy la Faaz boleh duduk diam..kalau anak aku, x tau le..x berani aa nk bwk lg..hehehe

eh Nadia, ur tummy sooooo big la...mcm dh nk tunggu masa jer :P

Nadine said...

Salam Izu,

:)Hihihi. Think back about it yelah kan, dia dh diajar utk tgk tv at certain times je. Habis show mmg dia kena off kn tv tu. terbawak2 plak sampai dlm cinema. Hehe. Best Izu, kelakar! Even me and Fadzil enjoyed it. Yeah, u have to ask isham to download it :)

Hihihi, saje je kasi dia new experience Izu. Kat rumah tak pakai pun. Skali skala try benda baru, excited la si kecik tu kan :)

Ala ye ke. Dah tak sempatla mcm tu. Ingat nak poskan hadiah kat ur mom then suh dia bawak pegi London. Mcm ni, Izu msg Nadia ur adress in London, I have a small gift for lil Zafri..nnti Nadia poskan :)

Nadine said...


Hehehe, tula. Dia nak ikut mcm susah je, dia cari alternative dia sndiri. Janji dpt masuk mulut. :D

Mimy, I pun not so into sushi dear, tp entahla mengandung kali ni layan je pulak. Tp kalau teringin nk rasa sushi, I advice u try dgn yg tak raw punye. amik sushi yg intinye dh masak. takla loya sgt.

I tak dijemput, tp my family ye. Aunty I pegi wedding tu dear :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, alhamdulillah. Anak aku so far ok. Cuma lately ni kdg2 dia suka menjerit. Especially bila dia excited. Haihs! takpela, maybe Mikhail belum ready lagi tu :)

Haha, mmg besarla babe, ade 2 babies dlm perut maaa. Memang skang pegi mana2 je perut aku mesti jadi perhatian. dah mcm celebrity pun ade, eceh! :P

kella said...

hadoii.. faaz! kita punya cara sama la faaz! heheh.. dulu dulu aunty makan guna chopstick dengan sushi macam faaz la! hehehehe...
ure so cute la faaz... big hugss and kisess.... =)

makin hensem nampak nya anak teruna u ni nad!

Nadine said...

Hahaha ye ke, Kella??! Gengla Faaz dgn aunty Kella nmpknye :D

awwh, thanks babe. dia skang dh start nak tembam balik, apetite makin bagus lately. syukur alhamdulillah :)