Thursday, May 19, 2011

His First Time... (Part 2)

Last two weeks, my in-laws were away for a 1-week vacation, and towards the end of the week, my hubby had to attend a 3-days teambuilding session at Pangkor Island. Tinggallah me and Faaz alone in SJ house to spend the "Mother's Day weekend" together...

Pitying my son, I started to think of what type of activity that we can spend time together, and make him enjoyed his weekend even without his Daddy, Nana & Nani. However, my condition limited the plans that I can think of. Since I entered the 3rd trimester, my stamina is very low as I get tired easily. Nak bawak Faaz jalan2 kat mall pun tak berani because I know I can't afford to walk fast to catch him up, he loves to run!

So when my mom was finally available on that Sunday (she too was out of town), quickly I made plans with her after getting green lights from Fadzil; to bring my mom out for Mother's Day lunch and to bring Faaz for a tour at the place he will enjoy - Aquaria! :)

His First Time - Went to Aquaria!

Faaz was a bit blur when I told him the plan. This was because he was confused between an "aquarium" and the "aquaria". You see, Faaz loves fish so much, and he adores big fishes such as Arwana and Sharks. Sometimes, me and Fadzil do bring him to fish shops so that he can see the fishes, so we always tell him that we want to bring him "to see big fish in the aquarium". So this time, when I told him that I'm gonna bring him "to see bigh fishes at the Aquaria", he stared at me and asked few times, "aquarium, Mommy?"..hihi, susah tul nak explain :P

Upon reaching the Aquaria, after lunch, Faaz demanded for his stroller. Ooo oh! It's a sign that he was sleepy...not good! But, as soon as he saw the entrance of the Aquaria, he became excited (peminat fish la katakan). *pheewww* lega...

tengok tu, isap jari lagi...ish ish ish :P

The first part of the discovery journey was The Evolution area. As you walk in, you will see the Touch Pond, where you can touch the displayed animal creatures there such as baby shark and the horseshoecrab (belangkas in Malay).

Only my mom was the bravest to touch 'em among us three..teehehe. Mommy and Faaz, GELI :P Brani tengok saja...

Next, we saw the electric eel...What interesting about this creature is that it can generate powerful electric shocks which it used for hunting and self-defense.

Just for your info, camera FLASH is not allowed to be used once you are inside the Aquaria. For someone who doesn't own a nice DSLR and have limitations in using the camera functions like me, it's hard to snap nice photos as we go deep further inside the Aquaria. It's getting darker and darker inside! T_T

Aquaria was built based on the journey of water from land to sea. Before heading for the famous tunnel, we passed by the exhibition of amphibians animals such as;

and this;
Faaz Naqi was trying to peek on one of the small aquarium displaying the potbelly seahorse...

Faaz did not enjoyed much of these exhibits as he is more interested to see the fishes. You can see how unexcited he was, even when the Coatmundi (an animal from racoon family) approached him. Buat dunno je dia, lagi mengantuk ade kot. Hihi..

But as soon as he entered the new section which display a lot of fishes in small aquariums, he started to become excited and focus...

He was so looking forward to see "big fishes" and sharks that he refused to look at the camera when we wanted to snap his photos...all he wanted was to walk ahead fast and enter the fish tunnel...

Poor Tok Mak and Mommy...Faaz buat tak layan je kat kitaorg yg excited nie...cheh! :P

Finally, we reached the ultimate destination, the place Faaz been waiting to visit - Aqua Theater, which is the 90m acrylic underwater tunnel.

I was so thankful that my mother was with us..Faaz Naqi can't sit still inside his stroller during the journey. Kejap nak bangun, kejap nak duduk, kejap nak dukung!

The fish that Faaz looked forward to see - The SandTiger Shark! Fierce huh?

Apart from the sharks, the main attraction here is the 180kg Stingray - The Giant Bloatched Faintail Ray (it's really huuuuge!), the Arapaima fish and the giant Garoupa. The best thing about this tunnel is, you can enter it as much as you want to, if you feel your first visit is not enough. Since Faaz is soo hooked up inside the tunnel, we brought him inside twice...mencabar my stamina but its all worth it when I saw Faaz being so excited.

As I told you before in the previous post, Faaz talks a lot when he became excited. The same things happened as we were walking inside the tunnel. He was so busy talking about "daddy shark", "mommy shark" and "baby shark" out loud. Few times he made the foreign visitors laugh and smiled with his remarks. See this video to see how much he babbles...

Hehe, even my mom can't stop grinning while entertained her bubbly grandson :D

After the tunnel, we went to the giant aquarium display, just to let Faaz see the fishes swimming before we bid goodbye to Aquaria..

As I was explaining to Faaz, suddenly there was an announcement that there will be a Shark-Feeding-Session in 15 minutes time at the place we were standing. So we decided to wait for it, and as we were already there, we get to seat in the middle of front row facing of the aquarium. yay! :)

15 minutes later, two divers arrived for the feeding session and everyone, including the sea creatures were excited!. The fishes surrounded them like crazy!!

The funny thing was, the shark which was supposed to be fed did not have the apetite to eat that evening. Puaslah the divers attract them with fishes meat, tak dilayan langsung! during the session that I came to know that these sharks are fed every 2 days and it can live without food for a month. Shark boleh puasa sebulan without food! I managed to capture an attempt of feeding the shark, moments before the show was about to end...we thought finally the shark eaten the meat. Unfortunately, it threw it away after that...pulak dah...xde selera kot :P

You will enter the Atlantis Gift Shop as you exiting the Aquaria. Wanted to buy kid's t-shirt for Faaz unfortunately my lil hero was already slept the moments we arrived there. So Mak bought some toys for his grandson instead and I bought a FM for myself :)

Oh, we also bought this photo as was taken at the main door before you enter the Aquaria.
Yeah, I know, I look damn FAT in this photo and Faaz wasn't smiling at all (he was afraid of the big sized photographer..hehe)..but I want my mom to have it as a Mother's Day keepsake :)

Those of you who have kids that loves underwater world and fishes, do visit Aquaria. I'm sure they'll enjoy it as much as my son do! If you are wondering, Aquaria is a stroller friendly place, they even have lifts and shortcuts for those who bring along their strollers, so nothing to worry off. There were a lot of shows during the weekends too :)

To my lovely mother, thank you so much for your assistance. Tak terdaya rasanya tour satu Aquaria with Faaz alone. You made our day! I hope you were happy too spending mother's day with me and Faaz. We love u a lot, Mak/Tok Mak! Mmmuahs! :)


kella said...

hehehe... faaz faaz.... macam macam ya! teringin benar nak jumpa dia lah nad... adik adiknya yang masih dlam perut pun dah di buatnya kawan... =)
how sweet...

hai nad, byk tertinggal entri nad.. sorry la nad, harap nad tak terasa hati sebab singgah jarang jarang kat sini.. sebab tak sempat nad.. kita tengok nad je selalu datang rumah kita.. thanks nad for your supportive! i appreciated it!

apa pun, harap u sihat ya dengan si kembar dalam perut tu.. moga moga i pun dapat kembar macam u! hehe.. berangan je..
perut u pun makin besar tu.. dah nampak ketara..
semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya untuk u nad dan keluarga semua...
jaga diri baik baik.. =)


wah faaz seems soooo happy kan..MashaAllah dear..he's really a talkative boy..cute gile!
haha,tell u kitorang masuk tunnel tu >2 times,I mase tu 2nd trim!huh penat..
tp syokkan bila tgk diorang excited..plan to go again before Adam turn 3,for free ticket..hehehe ;)

cepatkan, u dah 3rd trim!happy mother's day Nad!

|| sue-imanja || said...

Abg Faaz nampak hepy sgt. Memang potpet sungguh dia kan. Kiyut je ngan pipi montok dia tu. Geram! hehehe

Nadia ni kalau org tk tengok perut mesti tak rasa u peknen. Muka menten je, tak naik pong. Maken syomel adalah...

Bawak Alany gi aquaria best jugak ni :D

dyana "his other half" said...

waaaa, bestnya. hadif dulu pun pege excited je dia ngan pish, pish. huhu. eh, so sweet la photo korang bertiga tu. since kahwin bukan senang nak dapat spend time with our moms camtu kan. it's a priceless mother's day gift :).

ishamizu said...

Best kan Aquaria esp kt aquarium tunnel tu. hee. Nti blk Msia nk pg with the kids lak..kt sini London Aquarium katanya tk besh, dh la mhl..huh, cancel. tp nti klu ada rezeki lebih apa salahnya kn :D

Izu suka btol tgk video Faaz ngn Tok Mak tu!! bkn main bubbly lg dia ek. hihi comey sgt, Geram aunty!

Dear, sweet sgt last pc tuh. i loike 1000x. V.Exclusive. And u don't look FAT u look fabulous kn? *wink*

Nway Tk care dear. Kisses to Faaz k. :)

Nadine said...

Hi Kella,

Awwwh, :) Itulah, entah bila la kita nak terserempak kan. Faaz kalau mula2 jumpa dia akan shying away. Kalau org tu peramah n pandai amik hati dia, dlm 10-15min dia dh ok n start rancak berborak dah. :D

No worries dear. I pun kdg2 bz, lambat je terjah blog kawan2. Tp mesti terjah punye wpun lmbt. Sebab tau cite korang sume best utk dibaca ;)

Ameen! Thank you so much Kella. Mudah2an..mmg dh sangat besar perut I Kella, lg besar dr pregnantkan Faaz dulu. Ada lebih kurang 7 minggu lagi utk I bertahan before adik2 Faaz melihat dunia :)

my.mastura said...

kuat lg mak ko yer..Alhamdulillah..mak aku, sejak kuar spital tu, mmg x kuar rumah dh..takat depan belakang je, tgk2 bunga..heheheh

aku ni, dr sblm kawin lg nk gi Aquaria..x pegi2..smp dh terkeluar sorg ni..kang dibawak kang, sumer di kata "fish"..binatang berkaki 4 sumer dipanggil "dog" atau "cat"..hahahh

Nadine said...


Hihi. Faaz mmg sgt talkative you. The only time the house will be in silent is when he is sleeping or when he went out. Kadang2, when he get too excited, dia ckp kuat you. Malu2 kucing I..huhu.

Yes dear, mmg worth it wpun penat kan?! A'ah mmg boleh bawak lagi before kena bayar tiket tu. Hihi..

Hihi, tula. Time flies fast! Thanks dear, sorry lambat reply. Happy Belated Mother's Day to u too! :)

Nadine said...


Mmg dia happy sungguh. Haah you, Faaz mulut kalau berckp susah nak diam. Ikut daddy dia..heee :D

Haha..ade2 je Sue ni. Thanks dear. Tp mmg haritu, masa nak beli tix kat counter aquaria tu, org tu mintak I student card. Dia ingat I student lagik sbb dia tak nmpk perut. Counter tu tinggi, perut I terhidden, dia tak nampak. Mengekek je mak I gelak bila dgr :D

Alany dah nak setahun in few more days kan Sue? Dah boleh sgt la bawak dia. Sure dia enjoy punyer la! ;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Ha'ahkan, now that you've mentioned it br teringat yg Hadif dh pegi Aquaria dulu kan. Okla Cee D, dia ckp pish, pish je time tu. Skang bawak Faaz hamek, mcm2 soklan dia. Dah dpt tgk shark dpn mata seekor tak puas hati, mesti nak kena ade 3 - daddy shark, mommy shark n baby shark. bila takde je tanya mana..hahaha, mencabar ok! :D

Really?? thanks! :) A'ah, dh berkeluarga ni susah sket nak spend time mcm tu kan...

Nadine said...


Yeah, u should. By the time balik nnti Zafri pun dh besar sket kan, he can appreciate it as her sisters nanti :) Oh ye ke, I thought London punye sure lagi best dr M'sia :)

Hihi, thanks Izu. Dia tgh phase bnyk ckp, bnyk tanya. Jadi kitaorg kena sabar melayan keletah dia ni..Hihi.

Awwwh, thanks dear. Takla Izu, seriusly I look so kembang in that photo. Tp disebabkan nak jugak kenangan kat sana utk mak and mak pun look so lovely in that photo, Nadia pejam mata n beli jer :D
U take care too dear, have fun with ur mom!! :)

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, dia sihat dan kuat lagi. Dia pun blum sampai umur 60 thn, tu yg aku confident ajak dia skali...jgn tak tau mak aku kaki jalan jugak orgnye. Hehe. Ic, takpela, mak ko kena banyak rest. She needs a lot of time to fully recover. :)

Hihi, sama la kita Mas. Kalau tunggu Fadzil belum tentu aku dpt pegi sampai harini. Dari berchenta aku mintak tak dpt2. Hahaha...