Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 31

I am now at week 31 of pregnancy, which means that I have entered the final phase of being pregnant or known as the 3rd trimester :)

Praise to Allah SWT for the smooth journey so far, except for the extreme morning sickness that leads to dehydration and being warded. This time around, no traces of sugar/protein from my urine so far thus I am so glad that I can skip the sugar test yg sungguh yuck ittuew :P There is no issue with the blood pressure as well although during the 1st trimester I did experienced anemic due to severe vomiting...but this is common for mothers who carrying twins tho...

week 31 tummy

In terms of size, I am now weighing 62.5kg which is a personal record so far! never imagined that I will be this FAT. With Faaz, I only gained 15kg and I got back my pre-pregnancy figure within 1 month of confinement, thanks to breastfeeding. This time? I am not sure whether its still possible...huhu :( Even my tummy has outgrown from 26cm (before this pregnancy) to 108cm. Now you can imagine how HUGE my stomach is :P Although my tummy is super duper big, alhamdulillah so far I have no stretch mark problem, thanks to Pureen's Stretch Mark Lotion. I've been introduced to it by Mama when I was conceiving Faaz and I love it since! I even continued applying it after confinement ends, the collagen and vitamins are good for your stomach to stretch back to normal size.

Because of the excessive weight especially during this last trimester, backache and lower abdominal pain are very very common. To give my body extra support, I am now using the maternity support belt or also known as pregnancy belt. This helps to relieve back pain and pressure as my uterus stretches to accommodate my growing babies. There are many types of belt available in the market.

Mine is similar like this photo, bought it from Mothercare.

I also purchased Modernmum support brief (similar like normal maternity brief except it comes together with support band around the tummy), and I wear it whenever I don't feel like wearing the support belt itself. (Kadang2 rimas jugak pakai berlapis2 ni :P)

During the latest checkup that we had last week, both babies are doing fine, alhamdulillah :). Twin I is weighing at 1.39kg while Twin II is weighing at 1.5kg (which is the ideal weight at this point of time). I do hope the twins will gain as much as they can by week 37. Cepat2 naik more than 2.2kg ye sayangs! :)

(Note: Although from this point the baby's weight will increase faster than his/her length, the weight increase in twins will be slower than the singletons because of the lack of room in the uterus - source:

At week 31, the babies ideal position should be like this; where both babies are in vertex position.


However, that is not in my case so far. During the 2nd trimester, one baby was in vertex position and the other was in breech position, just like this illustration:


and now, during the 3rd trimester, their position has changed to breech and transverse, just like the illustration below:


which means, I have no choice but to undergo the cesarean section operation again this time (unless the babies changed their position the very last minute). So far, we haven't set up the date but tentatively it will be on the 37th week, as soon as the babies are in their full term and ready to be born. That means, if everything goes well, we got to finally meet the babies in 6 weeks time!! :)

Actually, I am a bit concern about my condition. I have already experienced several braxton hicks and I have already experienced mild contractions of which according to my gynea is nothing to be worried of, unless the occurrence is too often. From my readings on other mommies experience, it is quite common that the contractions started as early as week 32 which caused them to be bed-rest until delivery. Most of them deliver before 37th weeks too. Oh, I really don't want it to happen to me...everyday I constantly pray that the twins will be born when they have reached their full term. I even talked about this to the twins at night, before I go to sleep. Mudah-mudahan the twins sabar duk dalam tummy mommy diam2 ye sayangs.. :) Friends, kindly pray for me as well yea...

As for me frequent back pain, lower abdomen pain, short of breath and energy are very common these days. The most challenging situations are: one - at the workplace; where I have to climb up stairs to level 2 as there is no lift available in the customer's office, and two - at night; to find the right position to sleep. These days, I can only sleep for only 4 to 5 hours at night the most. Trip to the malls are not smooth like those days. I need to stop and sit in between frequently.
But don't get me wrong tho, I am neither complaining nor whining, just sharing my experience with others.. people always said to me how lucky I am to have a twin but sometimes they do forget that with this special gift comes a big challenge :)

I am so lucky that not only my hubby and son are being so understanding, people around me are being so nice to me too. For example, the guards at the customer's office do book me a parking space 200m from the main door everyday (although the parking spots inside the premises are actually for the staffs only). Most of the shops that I went offer me a seat if I need to wait for hubby to shop or if I am waiting for my turn to pay. Sometimes, strangers do allow me to cut the queue...awwwwh.

At this point of pregnancy, public attention is very common. Suddenly, strangers started to greet me and people being so friendly to me. "Is it twins?" while pointing to my stomach is very common greeting these days instead of "hello". Being someone who reserved to unknown people, it was weird at first but slowly I get used to it. Mak said I will get more attentions when the twins are born later..nampaknya kena la belajar meramahkan diri :D

I guess this pretty much explain me and the babies condition so far. Will update more in few more weeks insyaAllah if I have free time.

Till then,

p.s: By the way, currently I love to see the photos of Imaan & Tiara, the newborn twin of Sazzy Falak. They are so adorable!! And looking at them made me thinking of my babies. I wonder how they gonna look like - me? fadzil? or faaz? hmmmm... :)


Diyana Didie said...

kak! cutenya ur tummy...mmg nmpk sgt besar. n org mesti excited nak tanya twin ke tidak...hehe tapi me tak rasa u nmpk gemuk pon...mcm berisi saje n normal utk ibu mengandungkan. 6 week time lebih kurang my big day.. cant wait nak tgk mereka ;)

p/s: sazzy falak's twin mmg adorable :)

Mimy Hamid said...

perut sudah nampak besar...kedudukan twin pun sama...i'm excited...moga u dipermudahkan bersalin..amin

my.mastura said...

aku plak yg excited nk tunggu ur girls tu keluar..hahahahah

insyaAllah all 3 of u will be find..kawan2 sentiasa doakan..

~Rushes~ said...

6 weeks is not too long! its just around the corner!! :) I'm so happy for you! I started feeling the tightening of the stomach around 25 weeks...I believe its the BH contractions.Haven't had them for about a week now though. The lower pelvic pain is TORTURE! I should get that band from mothercare too. Time is passing by so quickly.

mommaholicSURI said...

Waaaaaa... dah dekat dah!!
I follow jugak Sazzy Falak and hEr Husband twitter. Omaigosh!! memang their princess sangat adorable. Sazzy pun nampak sangat enjoy being a mother.

I doakan kesihatan you baik and everything will be per plan sampai lahirnya princess2 you nanti. Cemanalah Faaz dapat adik dua sekali ek? I terbayang pipi diorang mesti macam Faaz jugak! hihihi :)

|| sue-imanja || said...

Still comel la mummy ni!
Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan segalanya ok. Tak sabar nak tgk twins!

fa10 said...

i like ur preggy pic... skirt tu menambahkan lg kecantikan ibu mengandung.
berangan nak baby twin juga ni.. ekekekek

kella said...

nad nampak sungguh sunggh la sangat comey.... suka sangat tengok!!
pejam celik pejam celik je.. dari mula tahu yang nad pregnant hingga la sekarang perut nad dah besar pun.. cepat sungguh masa berlalu..
semoga semuanya selamat.. dirimu dalam doaku...

Anonymous said...

Nadine, take good care dear... ina doakan sume selamat insya Allah~

~Salina Saaya~

Thara said...

i pray for a smooth sailing delivery for u babe! take care! *hugs* :)

Aleyn said...

Wow...u gonna hv twins?...that's wonderful...used to imagine what would it be if I hv twins...hahaha...

All the best and take care!!

irradhil said...

wahhh....kejap jer ms berlalu.dh 3rd trimester rupernyer.msti xsabar kan???hehehe

take care dear...

iedanatasha said...

Salam dear, seronok baca yr update coz our experience almost identical so far, except that i had to be hospitalised for premature contractions at 28 weeks! As at last check-up last 2 weeks, my twins were 1.5kg & 1.42kg with twin A breech & twin B vertex. Really hoping twin A change to vertex so i can hv normal delivery. My waistline pun naik byk, from 27 to 109cm! Backpain toksah cakap la, mmg suffer teruk! But so far alhamdulillah i nvr had stretch marks on my belly for all 3 pregnancies, cuma at my hips & breasts ada, but too lazy to sapu2 krim or losyen :P I'm also having BH contractions quite often now but as long as they x come at regular intervals, i usually take a deep breath & wait for them to pass. In view of my recent scare, my gynae said we'll hold out till i'm 36 weeks & see how thgs progress. Going to work is really taxing now coz i get tired easily plus the frequent backache x help either. Turning sides at nite can be an adventure in itself sbb kena turn reaaally slowly, otherwise takut ter'pull' some muscles :P I wonder if u feel very painful between the legs, as if the babies' weight tekan some of your nerves there? I usually feel it if i stand up after prolonged sitting /lying down. Btw, where do u hv yr check-ups / plan to deliver? Who's yr gynae? Lets keep in touch ya?

P/s: i ada pm u kat fb abt the twin nursing pillow, in case u hvnt checked yr inbox.


ya Allah Nad..dah 3rd trimester pun..Allhamdulillah..
Tak sabar nak tengok the twins nanti..
oklah tu, cepat turun balik berat badan u..mine dah abis 60days,still tak balik berat asal..camane??

neway dear..take care..;)

Nadine said...


Besarkan? Kdg2 org guess twin, kdg2 org ingat akak tgh tunggu hari je nak meletups. Hihi..

Tula, mmg dkt dgn ur wedding date la adik. selang few days je. akak plak tak sabar nak tgk u in ur wedding dress. mesti gojes punye!! :)

p.s: kan?! cair je hati tiap kali tgk :)

Nadine said...


Ameen, thanks dear! :)



Hihi, sume org excited, aku plak cuak dh last2 ni. Almaklumla, nak kena masuk OT lagi skali..seriau jugak. Thanks Mas, smoga slamat semuanya... :)

Nadine said...


Yes dear, it's coming soon! I'm nervous and excited at the same time :).

Agreed with you, pelvic pain is really torturing. Especially when I wanna switch position or get up from bed..huhu.

Yeap, u shoud. It helps a bit to carry the weight. Might feel weird at first but u'll get used to it soon. Take care and kisses to Missy! ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, awak tu yg sweet tau! thanks dear, ameen. InsyaAllah bila dh lahir nnti kitaorg post bnyk2 gamba babies ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwwwh, thanks dear. One thing yg best time mengandung ni, dpt tumpang seri baby..hihi.

Insyaallah, doa2la. Mana tau rezeki Fa10 kan?! :) Eh, chop!! Fa10 tgh preggy ke ni??

Nadine said...


Seronok kan tgk their life now. Tula, how I wished I am as lucky as Sazzy, she can get 10-12oz of breastmilk for her twins! Nak jugakkk!! :D

Thanks dear, ameen. Tula, I pun tgh terpk2 cemana la Faaz nak terima skali 2 org adik. Dahla lately he's being so manja and easily get jealous. Tiap2 hari I doa dia boleh terima adik2 dia bila diaorg lahir nanti :). Hihi, best gak tu kalau diaorg ikut pipi Faaz. So far tak nmpk dlm scan photo tp I know one of the twins hidung mancung, ikut daddy dia...jelas dlm gamba scan :)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, thanks dear. Comel ke? Dah sarat2 mcm ni rasa kembang n comot je diri ni. Hihihi...

Time flies fast kan. Nadia pun tak sangka lagi bape minggu je lagi nak jadi mother of 3 kids. Such a big responsibility ni. Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan dan ditunjukkan jalan olehNya :)

Nadine said...


Ina!! Good to see u here. Thanks sudi singgah sini. Thanks also for the wish dear. Lama tak jumpa Ina, rindu! :)



Thanks babe! Really appreciate it :) *hugs*

Nadine said...


Hihi, yes dear...rezeki lebih this time. Really? Wow...I never had the thought before. Tu yg bila Dr. announce mcm terpaku skejap. Hihi :)

Thanks and take care too!!

Nadine said...


Yes dear, dah tak lama lagi dah ni..*nervous* :) Thanks!! u take care too, and happy anniversary! :)

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