Thursday, July 28, 2011

Confinement After C-Sec Delivery

Similar as the first experience, this time I undergo confinement in my hometown, Gombak. I did not hire any helper or confinement lady like any other modern mom these days, it's my mother who help to take care of me and the babies. If the first time, I had my grandmother as well to assist me with the confinement rituals, this time I does most of the rituals by myself while my mom take care of my twins. I only hire a massager (urut lady) to perform the afterbirth massage for me on both confinements.

So far, I feel that my last confinement was better than this time. Having the twins give me a big challenge in time management; to handle the twins, Faaz and myself. Sometimes, I only managed to do 'bertungku' and urut in the evening due to time constraint. My kids are my top priority. Nevertheless, I try my best to do all the rituals, regardless of the time. Kadang2 hanya sempat pakai binder time nak tido je! punyela tak sempat! hihi :))

I still chose Nona Roguy set as my confinement set as this product suits me and has proven to help me to heal and get back in shape by end of confinement last time (this time, not sure tho...I've gained 20kg and my tummy grew to 114cm from 25cm!! *pengsan*)

previously it was in green packaging, now in white :)

Among all the things included in the set, I started to use Minyak Herbaneka (Herbaneka oil) first. I brought it along with me to the hospital and started to use it the night after I delivered my babies. Hubby helped to rub it on the back of my neck, both shoulders and both of my legs before putting on the socks on my feet. It made you feel warm and reduced wind.

I officially start using the rest of the set only after 7th and 14th days, as per the instructions. By 15th day of confinement, I have started to use the complete set.

Basically, these are the confinement rituals that I go through everyday for 44days..

Body Cleaning/ Bathing

Using my NR confinement set, I:

1) Scrub my body with Herbaneka Lulur (herb scrub)
-start from day#7

2) Clean my body with Uncang Cuci Herbaneka (Herb cleaning sachet) which boiled in hot water together with Sireh Leaf and other herbs (optional). Feel refreshing! However, I have to be careful not to wet the wound area. ouch!!
- start from day #7

3) Apply the Herbaneka Oil on the neck, shoulder, legs n feet before putting on a pair of socks.
- start from day #1

*** I did not applied "Param" as one of the ritual, it doesn't contained in the NR set so I just ignore it :P. Param is actually good in firming the skin, I hope NR lulur that I applied have the same wonder as param..hihi.

Applying Binder/Barut & Tapal

For someone who undergone c-sec delivery, I only used the abdominal binder from day #1 at the hospital till the 3rd week of confinement to support my body. Tell you its so handy especially during the crucial time, which is the next day after operation; when the nurse asked you to start walking. It gives support to your flabby stomach hence reduced the pain near the wound. I was lucky that I have kind nurses in SDMC to help me applied the binder comfortably everyday during my stay of 4days...

As soon as 14days is reached, I rubbed
the Krim Herbaneka Barut (Herbaneka Tummy Cream) on my tummy before putting on the abdominal binder.

Now, I am waiting for another 1 more week before applying the traditional binder and using the "Tapal" - a traditional home made tummy cream which contains jadam, asam jawa, kapur sireh dan asam jawa. Mudah-mudahan boleh tolong kecikkan peha dan punggung yg telah membesar dengan jayanya...huhu. good luck, Nadine!! :P

Applying Pilis

According to my Tok Mak, applying the 'Pilis' on the forehead helps to reduce wind and prevent headache. The 'Pilis' according to my grandmother's style is prepared by using "Kayu Sepang" "Kapur" and a bit of water, (by rubbing them on a ceramic plate till you got a pink-brownish paste). -Start from day # 1 at home.

This is how 'Kayu Sepang' looks like

The paste (end product) will look pinkish like this..


Bertungku is one of the session that I love the most in pantang. I love it when the warmth of the stone touched my flabby tummy and back. I feels good. I did not buy any modern tungku, instead I am using the traditional way - by using the river stones (batu sungai). According to Tok Mak, batu sungai is better as it hold the warmth of the heat longer. Usually, before starting to clean myself I will heat the stone on the stove and leave it. It can then be used when I am ready ;) Usually, the bertungku session is between 1/2hr to 1hr. Bagus untuk mengecutkan rahim dan membuang darah kotor.
-Start from day #7.

hot stone fresh from the stove :P


Berurut or massage after c-sec delivery usually is done after 7th or 14th days of confinement. As for me, it is done during the 14th, 15th & 16th day of confinement and another round of 3 consecutive days during the end of confinement. The method of berurut is also different from normal birth, the massage lady will massage the body in the sideway position (mengiring) and the main focus are head, shoulders, back of body, bum, and legs. The stomach, especially the wound area will not be touched. For this purpose, I hire a massage lady from Kajang with a rate of RM50 per session. So far, I am satisfied with her service since the last confinement. Anyone who interested to hire her can PM me, I'll be happy to share her contact number ;)


Bertangas is considered as "mandi wap" or steam bath. Some said it should be done as soon as the confinement starts and some said it should be done after the bleeding stopped. As for me, I will only do it during the last 2 weeks confinement. Reason being? Worried that the sweat from the steam bath will effect my wound. Ngeri ok! :P Usually, for the bertangas, the river stones or bricks will be heated with fenugreek seed. Just before we sit on the small bench, vinegar will be poured onto the hot stones and quickly we have to sit and covered ourselves with big blanket so that the steam will remained within our body and help us to sweat. Start from day #30 of confinement.

Confinement & Baby

During confinement, babies also have some rituals to do such as wearing the binder (barut), applying the telon oil on their stomach (to prevent stomach discomfort due to wind), wearing mittens and booties, as well as being swaddled.

Since my first baby (Faaz) until now, I did not buy any telon oil, e.g: Minyak yuyi, etc...Instead, I use the traditional telon oil prepared by my mom using my grandmother's recipe. Our family has been using this oil for all the babies in the family (including me) and so far alhamdulillah, none of us ever encounter with stomach discomfort or even colic. The main ingredients includes the coconut oil and traditional leaves.

As for swaddle, my babies are being swaddled day and night using the swaddling blanket made by their tok mak. Sometimes, I did put on the modern swaddle blanket (which I'm gonna share about it in a later post) especially since Faiqa & Falisya always managed to get their hands out of the blanket. Lasak ok anak2 dara I :P

Well, this pretty much covered what I go through during this confinement. For me, regardless of traditional, semi-traditional or using modern method, confinement rituals are important for the health of a lady after giving birth. We might not see the effect now, but trust me it shows as we are aging ;)
To date, it has been 21days and yet my tummy is still considered as big. Crossed my fingers for the next 23days. Hopefully, to be back after confinement with flat tummy is not only a dream...chaiyo' Nadine!! :D

p.s: fuhhhh... it took me a whole week to update this entry. :P

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Chosen Ones...

Choosing a name for your unborn/newborn baby is something fun to do. It can shows the creative side you, besides given you the knowledge/history behind names.

I still remembered the first time I got pregnant, me and Fadzil were sooo excited to choose the name for our first baby. As soon as we knew the gender, we started to search for the perfect name. The main criteria that we're looking into were:

i) Arabic names with good meanings sebab bila panggilan nama tu nanti part of doa, kan :). Seboleh-bolehnya, nama pendek yang tak perlu dipendekkan supaya makna nama tu tak lari...

ii) Having the "F" & "N" initials.. itu wajib hihi :P

I list out all the potential names and together with Fadzil we shortlisted the final two and chose "the one" together. The chosen name has been decided as early as 5th months of pregnancy - Muhammad Faaz Naqi which means, "Praiseworthy, Victorious, Pure". Since then, we started to call our unborn baby by the name of "FAAZ". And the day he was born, when Fadzil was about to recite the beautiful Azan to his ear, Faaz opened his eyes widely the minute Fadzil said, "Assalamualaikum, Faaz.." :)

Things were different when it comes to the 2nd pregnancy. We only start searching for the names seriously when I was in my last trimester. This time around, we split the task, Fadzil to find the perfect names that started with the "F" initial while I took the honour to find the names with the "N" initial. It wasn't easy tho, as we weren't sure wheather to give totally different name to the twins or giving rhyming name. And when we finally decided, we're having a hard time to decide who shall have the first name and who shall have the second name..hihi. It was only in the last few hours before I went to the Operation Theater that me and Fadzil finally decided, "Hey, this is it!" :)


The Chosen Names for our little darlings are...

"Tanaaaaaa!" (Faaz way of saying Tadaaaaa! hihi...)

Faiqa means : excellent, outstanding
Nayra means: shining, glittering

"yang cemerlang, bercahaya dan bersinar-sinar"


Falisya means : happiness
Nayla means: winner, achiever

"kegembiraan, kemenangan"


Falisya Nayla (left) & Faiqa Nayra (right) sleepng safe n sound :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Most Awaited Arrival...

Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers,

It's been a while since the last time I updated this blog. Life is pretty hectic these days but it has becomes more n more meaningful...alhamdulillah :)

Praise to Allah SWT, the Most Merciful, Most Gracious. (As most of you already aware,) I have safely delivered a pair of healthy baby girls at 37th weeks of pregnancy via Lower Section Caesarian Section (LSCS) at Sime Darby Medical Center, Subang Jaya (SDMCSJ).

The special date was on Thursday,

me and my girls, day 4 at SDMC :)

The first twin was born at 1.59pm and weighing 2.42kg while the second twin was born a minute apart at 2.00pm and weighing 2.2kg. As compared to their big brother Faaz, the twins are smaller in sizes. Both of them are in the pink of health, with minor jaundice. Alhamdulillah, we only had to spend extra one night due to this and by Sunday noon, all of us were discharged. Although they are fraternal twins, they really look alike at the moment, and have similar features as their abang Faaz :)

The twins create new history for our family and they are the first two grand daughters in both families. Double bundle of joy, indeed :)

Everything is good so far, and so does the breastfeeding journey (for those who keeps on asking) .so far its better than my 1st experienced...alhamdulillah. Cuma blum sempat buat stock lagi since I've been using it when Fadzil took turn to feed one of them when I'm too tired. Oh, I already mastered the "American Football" position and love to tandem nursing them with this position. Anyhow, the breastfeeding journey is still too early to tell, I just pray that the rezk will still prolong...ameen.

Guess I have to stop here, my babies are "calling" me with their lullaby...dunno when the next entry will be...till my fingers meet the keyboard again :)

p.s: thank you so much for the overwhelming warm wishes via sms, FB & twitter...sampai harini belum sempat reply one by one. You guys really made our day...xoxo! ;)