Thursday, July 28, 2011

Confinement After C-Sec Delivery

Similar as the first experience, this time I undergo confinement in my hometown, Gombak. I did not hire any helper or confinement lady like any other modern mom these days, it's my mother who help to take care of me and the babies. If the first time, I had my grandmother as well to assist me with the confinement rituals, this time I does most of the rituals by myself while my mom take care of my twins. I only hire a massager (urut lady) to perform the afterbirth massage for me on both confinements.

So far, I feel that my last confinement was better than this time. Having the twins give me a big challenge in time management; to handle the twins, Faaz and myself. Sometimes, I only managed to do 'bertungku' and urut in the evening due to time constraint. My kids are my top priority. Nevertheless, I try my best to do all the rituals, regardless of the time. Kadang2 hanya sempat pakai binder time nak tido je! punyela tak sempat! hihi :))

I still chose Nona Roguy set as my confinement set as this product suits me and has proven to help me to heal and get back in shape by end of confinement last time (this time, not sure tho...I've gained 20kg and my tummy grew to 114cm from 25cm!! *pengsan*)

previously it was in green packaging, now in white :)

Among all the things included in the set, I started to use Minyak Herbaneka (Herbaneka oil) first. I brought it along with me to the hospital and started to use it the night after I delivered my babies. Hubby helped to rub it on the back of my neck, both shoulders and both of my legs before putting on the socks on my feet. It made you feel warm and reduced wind.

I officially start using the rest of the set only after 7th and 14th days, as per the instructions. By 15th day of confinement, I have started to use the complete set.

Basically, these are the confinement rituals that I go through everyday for 44days..

Body Cleaning/ Bathing

Using my NR confinement set, I:

1) Scrub my body with Herbaneka Lulur (herb scrub)
-start from day#7

2) Clean my body with Uncang Cuci Herbaneka (Herb cleaning sachet) which boiled in hot water together with Sireh Leaf and other herbs (optional). Feel refreshing! However, I have to be careful not to wet the wound area. ouch!!
- start from day #7

3) Apply the Herbaneka Oil on the neck, shoulder, legs n feet before putting on a pair of socks.
- start from day #1

*** I did not applied "Param" as one of the ritual, it doesn't contained in the NR set so I just ignore it :P. Param is actually good in firming the skin, I hope NR lulur that I applied have the same wonder as param..hihi.

Applying Binder/Barut & Tapal

For someone who undergone c-sec delivery, I only used the abdominal binder from day #1 at the hospital till the 3rd week of confinement to support my body. Tell you its so handy especially during the crucial time, which is the next day after operation; when the nurse asked you to start walking. It gives support to your flabby stomach hence reduced the pain near the wound. I was lucky that I have kind nurses in SDMC to help me applied the binder comfortably everyday during my stay of 4days...

As soon as 14days is reached, I rubbed
the Krim Herbaneka Barut (Herbaneka Tummy Cream) on my tummy before putting on the abdominal binder.

Now, I am waiting for another 1 more week before applying the traditional binder and using the "Tapal" - a traditional home made tummy cream which contains jadam, asam jawa, kapur sireh dan asam jawa. Mudah-mudahan boleh tolong kecikkan peha dan punggung yg telah membesar dengan jayanya...huhu. good luck, Nadine!! :P

Applying Pilis

According to my Tok Mak, applying the 'Pilis' on the forehead helps to reduce wind and prevent headache. The 'Pilis' according to my grandmother's style is prepared by using "Kayu Sepang" "Kapur" and a bit of water, (by rubbing them on a ceramic plate till you got a pink-brownish paste). -Start from day # 1 at home.

This is how 'Kayu Sepang' looks like

The paste (end product) will look pinkish like this..


Bertungku is one of the session that I love the most in pantang. I love it when the warmth of the stone touched my flabby tummy and back. I feels good. I did not buy any modern tungku, instead I am using the traditional way - by using the river stones (batu sungai). According to Tok Mak, batu sungai is better as it hold the warmth of the heat longer. Usually, before starting to clean myself I will heat the stone on the stove and leave it. It can then be used when I am ready ;) Usually, the bertungku session is between 1/2hr to 1hr. Bagus untuk mengecutkan rahim dan membuang darah kotor.
-Start from day #7.

hot stone fresh from the stove :P


Berurut or massage after c-sec delivery usually is done after 7th or 14th days of confinement. As for me, it is done during the 14th, 15th & 16th day of confinement and another round of 3 consecutive days during the end of confinement. The method of berurut is also different from normal birth, the massage lady will massage the body in the sideway position (mengiring) and the main focus are head, shoulders, back of body, bum, and legs. The stomach, especially the wound area will not be touched. For this purpose, I hire a massage lady from Kajang with a rate of RM50 per session. So far, I am satisfied with her service since the last confinement. Anyone who interested to hire her can PM me, I'll be happy to share her contact number ;)


Bertangas is considered as "mandi wap" or steam bath. Some said it should be done as soon as the confinement starts and some said it should be done after the bleeding stopped. As for me, I will only do it during the last 2 weeks confinement. Reason being? Worried that the sweat from the steam bath will effect my wound. Ngeri ok! :P Usually, for the bertangas, the river stones or bricks will be heated with fenugreek seed. Just before we sit on the small bench, vinegar will be poured onto the hot stones and quickly we have to sit and covered ourselves with big blanket so that the steam will remained within our body and help us to sweat. Start from day #30 of confinement.

Confinement & Baby

During confinement, babies also have some rituals to do such as wearing the binder (barut), applying the telon oil on their stomach (to prevent stomach discomfort due to wind), wearing mittens and booties, as well as being swaddled.

Since my first baby (Faaz) until now, I did not buy any telon oil, e.g: Minyak yuyi, etc...Instead, I use the traditional telon oil prepared by my mom using my grandmother's recipe. Our family has been using this oil for all the babies in the family (including me) and so far alhamdulillah, none of us ever encounter with stomach discomfort or even colic. The main ingredients includes the coconut oil and traditional leaves.

As for swaddle, my babies are being swaddled day and night using the swaddling blanket made by their tok mak. Sometimes, I did put on the modern swaddle blanket (which I'm gonna share about it in a later post) especially since Faiqa & Falisya always managed to get their hands out of the blanket. Lasak ok anak2 dara I :P

Well, this pretty much covered what I go through during this confinement. For me, regardless of traditional, semi-traditional or using modern method, confinement rituals are important for the health of a lady after giving birth. We might not see the effect now, but trust me it shows as we are aging ;)
To date, it has been 21days and yet my tummy is still considered as big. Crossed my fingers for the next 23days. Hopefully, to be back after confinement with flat tummy is not only a dream...chaiyo' Nadine!! :D

p.s: fuhhhh... it took me a whole week to update this entry. :P


Mimy Hamid said...

suka entry ni...kalau ikut family i mak, mil, nenek semua berpantang tradisonal...mana yang baik ikutla...tapi i pun meamng plan nak belis et nona roguy tapi ada budak opis i suggest jamu mak dara..diorang kata good much set nona roguy??

INDA said...

nadia, this is a very useful and informative entry from you. seriously, tetiba inda berdebar plak nak melalui semua ni sekali lagi, especially bab mengharung hari esok selepas operation tu... aduhhh ngeri ok, rasa nk nangis. masa aiman dulu, frankly tak bersungguh2 pantangnya, since everyday, lunch and ptg kena berjalan ke hosp, jenguk aiman n hntr susu. bdn mmg tak sedap, even after 44 days. seriously, inda hrp pregnancy kali ni berjalan lancar, taknak jd mcm dulu, doakan ye. i will surely bookmark this entry of yous, hopefully blh apply sebaik mungkin this nov :)
p/s: aiseh... pjg komen dh mcm entry blo plak hehehe

my.mastura said...

aku x penah berpilis2, sapu2 bagai..ntah le..mak aku x kenan..hahaha..see, tgk the results now! *sigh...

psl mkn2 pill pon aku x penah..sbb org kata nnt x elok utk susu badan..ntah le..2bd ni, aku nk try le apa2 sapu2 patut..huhu

wawa said...

salam.... saya slalu jugak baca u punya blog...interesting....

Nak tya org yg bsalin operate bleh pkai barut ke....Actually sya msih dlam pantang bsalin secara operate (7.7.2011) new exp...sebelum ni secara svd @ normal...rasa mmg sakit... ngeri pun ada jgak esp bla tgk tang luka operate tuu..sya madi pun just lap2 badan je ..tak berani nak mandi penuh lagi tkut tkena luka operate tu...

Nak tya bleh btungku ke... kata org tkut nanti haba panas tu bleh buat jahitan terbuka... betul ke...
Badan pun dah rasa lain mcm x bleh nak btungku, berbarut perut..

Klau saya pakai barut yg trandisional 2 (yg pkai tali byak 2) bleh tak?

need your opinion....pls..

Nadine said...


Oh ye, I dgr jugak pasal jamu mak dara tp tak pernah cuba. since 1st time bersalin dulu dh guna NR and ok, I teruskan je this time. My opinion, mana2 pun ok, yg penting sesuai dgn diri & keperluan kita. NR ade few sets, I took the 30days confinement set, rm300 (member's price). kalau u jd beli NR nnti, u boleh PM me, I can give u my member's ID, boleh dpt disc :)

Nadine said...


Glad u found this entry useful :) Nadia share ni pun sbb ade kwn br undergo c-sec tnya cemana nk pantang. nk explain trough email cam berjela so I thot why nt here..

I understand what u've gone through dear. ape2pun anak priority kn? terbalik la kita kali ni, Nadia this time mmg pantang x strict mcm dulu esp bab masa, slalu out bila ade 2 babies ni. cuba jugakla buat semua biar smpai ke mlm :)

InsyaAllah dear, my prayer is always with u. smoga semuanya berjln dgn lancar sampai adik aiman selamat me;ihat dunia. ameen :)

take care ok!

Nadine said...


Hihi lain org, lain preference nye kn. takpe, utk yg 2nd nie kalau la teringin ko nk berpilis ke tapal ke, u let me know. nnti aku share recipe nye ;)

so far aku air akar kayu tu aku tak brani lg (tak tahan pahit pun ye jugak :P), aku cuma telan Phytonatal tu je. so far babies aku ok, pill tu help utk boast milk jugak.

Nadine said...


Salam perkenalan. Thanks sudi baca my blog :)

Yes dear, boleh. tp bukanlah the first week terus pakai. first day sampai 3rd week tu u pakai binder mcm I tunjuk dlm my blog. binder tu pakai so that luka c-sec tu in between (pakai sampai pangkal peha).

cukup 4th week boleh pakai barut. tricknye, ketat kt perut, peha n punggung tp longgarkan t bhgian wound tu ikut selesa. that's what I did masa 1st time dulu.

hihi, bab mandi tu mmg gory kn? I pun samala mcm you, mula2 tu main lap2 je sbb ngeri. :)

bertungku boleh, tp jgn letak batu tu kt luka tu. memadai tuam kt perut sampai area pusat (atas dr luka tu). bertungku buang bnyk angin esp utk kita2 yg operate ni ;) so far dr 1st experience smpai skang alhamdulillah tak plak terbuka jahitan tu :)

ape2pun, yg penting kena yakin. kalau takut2 atau teragak2 mmg rasa risau n ngeri. jgn paksa diri ye, buat sket2 dulu utk bina ur confidence..I masa mula2 dulu pun mcm you, risau n takut. tp my mom bnyk bg I confidence utk try. lama2 ok. Happy berpantang! :)

ishamizu said...

Nadia, berbaloi amik masa seminggu post n3 ni! I like! Izu smpi skrg tak ter update2 lg my confinement aritu dah la 1st time csec Kan hihi igt nk blog it too nti dah Tua baca blk br Teringat pengalaman semula tp tatau la bila..;D

Nway, bgs u wat all the rituals. Izu pon pki set NR, batu sungai n masa kecik2 pon pki minyan recipe my gramma Jgk namanya minyan masyhur. Hihi may be sbb Kira johorian kot byk persamaan eh? ;P

Okla kisses to the cuties

Anonymous said...

Hi...Good day!I've been following your blog few months back when I google for breastfeeding article and accidentally saw yoyr blog.

I'll be undergoing c-sec on 18th August, and I am very interested to know the makcik urut contact. I am not sure if she accept chinese customers?

I have some questions on the urut as well, i thought those undergo C-Sec cannot have massage until week 6th? Correct me if I am wrong...on the abdominal support, may I know where to get it and how much does it cost? This is my first baby and I am really worried about the pain...By the way, really thanks so much for the tips sharing.


Nadine said...


Hihi, rasanya semua entry lepas ni mmg akan minimum seminggu kot amik masa nak karang. 24hrs not enuff for me! :P

Ye ke Izu, maybe lah :) Nadia tak tau plak nama minyak baby tu ape, sbb kalau tanya kat mak ke tok mak ke, jwpn dia "minyak baby la"...hahaha!

tq, happy fasting dear! :)

Nadine said...


Hello there, thank u for dropping by :) I've sent u the details to ur yahoo mail. Do check it out k.

p.s: Advance congrats for ur coming delivery. Will pray for both u and the baby, may everything goes well. take care mommy-to-be! :)

Anonymous said...

i pun cadang2 nak guna NR utk yg no3 nanti.. blum ada pun lagi. hehehe, berangan jer lebih.
nanti blh la guna ur member card ek? buat muka tak malu! ekekekekek

Nadine said...


Waaa, no.3 coming soon ke? best2, boleh dear, nnti bila nak beli je msg I k. I'll give u the member's no :)

babYpose said...

Hi Nadine, very informative sbb sedang berpantang , baru panggil kayu araa spa-tanamera dtg rumah buat massage.set bersalin guna tropicale herbs.. Teringin nak guna herbanika ni, mcm cepat kesannya.

Nadine said...


Hello :) Owh you baru bersalin ye, congrats! Glad this entry can help a bit. Yup, mmg cpt kesannya, try la ;)

Lenda Daud said...

Salam Nadine,

just nak share 1 story...i just had a baby (my 4th actually) via C-sec and it took everything under the sun to get rid of the baby weight and the spare tyre...

But, I managed to get off all the baby weight and plus ... get the body shape i always wanted...with No Pills, No Diet, No Exercise...dengan cara selamat dan berkesan...dan hanya sekali je keluar duit with life-time warranty! you deserve it!

so, do contact me via phone at 013.389 9990 or email for more info...or visit my blog at

Tq Nadine...

parveen gajera said...

Hello nadine,

Thank you for such an informative post. I am due to deliver in feb next year and most likely will be operated because of low lying placenta. I am interested in getting the stomach support. Where did you buy that from? Can I have the contact number of your urut lady? Thanks a lot. My e-mail address is

contemporarymuslimwoman said...

Salaam. I juz stumbled upon ur blog when I was searching for Nona Roguy! Glad I came across ur blog :) Sis, I plan to take NR also but i heard its very heaty. I naturally have a warm body. So wat do u think? On top of that, my MIL was tellg me that I shldn't drink too much water during my pantang. How true is that? This is my first child n Im super dooper lost!


Nadine said...

Salam Tia,

Thanks for reading my blog :)

Hmm, let me share with you from my personal experience; its not that heaty. I took nona roguy even when I breastfeed my baby (it didn't effect the jaundice on my baby as well so its safe for bfeeding mom). Me too have natural warm body temp, so I know what u mean :)

Oh noooo! u should dring A LOT of water during confinement. Not only for u, but for ur milk production dear. BUT, dont drink a lot at one go! mmglah nanti perut buncit :P Like myself, my grandma asked me to drink water sip by sip, using straw. Sekejap2 sedut, sekejap2 sedut. that will do the trick! ;)

Anis_Apis said...

Salam nadine... I berminat nk tau ur massage lady as i pun c-sect juga... Boleh drop me an email on that?

Look forward to ur reply :)

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