Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The First Outing with the Twins

Yesterday, we had the first outing with the twins, the first outing for the 5 of us as a family. The main intention was of course to shop for our children, as we have zero Raya preparation so far.

As this was the first time, or shall I say the first 'test', we chose Empire Gallery which is only 10 minutes distance from home. We plan to go there after iftar & Maghrib prayer since it's a weekday and Fadzil was working.

Now that I have 3 child to get ready for plus myself, I started to get them dressed as early as 5.30pm! It started with the twinnies, I bathe them, dressed them, and later tandem feed them. As soon as Faiqa & Falisya were in lalaland, I bathe Faaz and dressed him up, packing up my handbag a.k.a the diaper bag. Believe it or not, it took me 2 1/2hours to complete all of these, without me and Fadzil getting ready yet! Huhu, I really need a helper...

Faiqa & Falisya chillin while waiting for us to get ready...

By the time I bathe and got ready, its already Maghrib and time to break the fast. Soon, it was time to feed the twins again. In order to cut short the time, I chose a simple combination of outfit with the main criteria of... THE LESSEN NEED TO IRON :P So what I wore was...

a black chiffon palazzo pants which I bought from ThePoplook (note: chiffon material is less crumple, and no ironing needed if you hang it nicely)

match it with my cotton ruffled Zara top (note: ruffled sleeve need not ironing except the body part hence saving time :P)

and complement it with a crumpled scarf from viscose + cotton material (note: of course a crumpled scarf need not to be iron! :D)

Well, I have save some time to get ready. As for the makeup, I only applied the basic stuff; compact powder, mascara & lipstck and I was done! still can't afford to melawa-lawa but enough to look less pale (still, can't hide the blackish eye bags...redha je la :P)

oh well, sempat lagik tu! :P

Managed to pump some milk while Fadzil got ready. I need the EBM as standby, in case both girls need to be fed at the same time later, Fadzil can assist one while I feed the other...

Alhamdulillah, we managed to arrived there by 8.30pm. The triple F was asleep, of which supposed to make our shopping trip easier, by right. Unfortunately, it did not happened that way. We were surprised and overwhelmed by the attention we got as soon as we entered the mall (I totally forgot about this as I was too long confined in the house, and perhaps too excited to go out after quite sometime!). While walking, while browsing, in the lift, at the counter, and while eating...there were people who greeted us and admiring the babies. Paying for items at the counter took at least extra 5 minutes for a short "interview" of the twins, missed the lift to go up, and go out from the lift at the wrong level due to answering some questions about the twins..something that we never encountered before. Nevertheless, we appreciate the share of joy of seeing a pair of twins :)

So most of the time at the Empire, we only went to one shop to another, browsing and surveying. The only things that we managed to buy was the twins' 1st shoes (kasut raya :D), a hulla hoop for Faaz (he's been requesting for it this week) and white raddish for me...haha! you read it correctly, I was hunting for white raddish, one of my milk boaster. The mini market near our house don't sell it so terpaksa la cari, nasib kat Jaya Supermarket ada! :)

twinnies raya shoes :)

We then proceed to Chilli's to have some snack and I took the opportunity to feed my hungry babies. Lucky it was almost 10pm so the crowd was lesser. Managed to get a secluded placed so we don't have to search for the nursing room. Oh by the way, for those who didn't know, Empire Gallery do provide a nursing/baby room at level 1, near the Popular Bookstore. For more info check this entry

Eid Mubarak is just a few days to go..and we definitely looking forward to the second (and more trips) to the mall. May it be a smooth sailing journey this time as we know already what to expect. Really hope the kids will be at their best behavior too! If not, alamatnya tak beraya la kitaorang...hehe.

I know by tomorrow most of you will start the Eid holiday and go back to the hometown. Drive safe, ok ;) With an open heart and humbleness, I seek forgiveness for my wrongdoings through actions or words. HAPPY EID MUBARAK everyone! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Twinnies @ 1 Month

07.07.2011 to 07.08.2011, one month has passed away since the day my twinnies were born. It was still fresh in my mind from the pain I went through during the operation, to the indescribable feelings of hearing two babies crying for the first time until the moment I finally able to hug, kiss and feed my babies...subhanallah :)

Faiqa Nayra was born with 2.42kg while Falisya Nayla with only 2.2kg (she share the same weight as me when I was born). Yes, my babies are so small in comparison with Faaz Naqi, who was born with 3.11kg but if you added up both weight, I was carrying a total of 4.62kg of baby weight in my womb! And they are actually considered as "big" for twin babies whom usually be born ranging between 1.8kg to 2.2kg.

I still remember how my hand shivers when I changed Nayra's diaper for the very first time. Her legs were so tiny and skinny, I felt as if I was touching solely her bone...scary!
Same goes with the teenie weenie Nayla. Halus je!

Can you see how thin her leg was??

One month had passed, and the day for the twinnies 1 month checkup has arrived. Coincidentally, Faaz needs to take his 2nd Hepatitis A jab. So all 5 of us went to SDMC for the appointments.

The first time the twinnies went to SDMC for checkup was when they were 7days old. Me too, went to see my Gynea on the same day for wound inspection. As I can't walk that far at that time, and we haven't bought a twin stroller, we placed the twinnies inside Faaz's stroller...both! Kata kecik je kan :P Most people doesn't realized that Fadzil actually strolled 2 babies inside the stroller while I was strolled by the SDMC personnel on a wheelchair until he lift the an instant, we became the center of attention.

my tiny babies, 7 days old @ SDMC

This time, since we STILL haven't bought any twin stroller yet (I'm still in confinement, remember? :)), we placed the twins inside the very same stroller. Guess what?? They have grown till no more empty space left!

my not-so-tiny babies, 30 days old @ SDMC

Hehe, I guess it's about time for stroller hunting. The confinement also is about to end soon, just nice! :) Both girls have their 2nd Hep B jab during the checkup. Nayra has gained 700gm since birth which make her now weighing 3.1kg while Nayla has gained 800gm. She shoot up from 2.2kg to 3.01kg, only 900gm behind Nayra. Alhamdulillah :)

you can see clearly the difference....Nayla now is chubbier!
hurray! :)

Also at 1 months old, their bones are slowly become invisible...
Baru boleh pakai mitten n booties, before this tak boleh, longgar!

Hopefully more babyfats are produced when the twinnies reached 2 months old this Raya. Then they can fitted well in their clothes. Did you know currently they can only fit in the "New Baby" size of Mothercare clothing range. For your information, "New Baby" are smaller size than the 0-3 months size. Yup, my babies masih belum betul2 muat in 0-3 months sizes. Agak sedih disitu, I still tak dapat nak dress up my babies lagi...huhu.

As for the mommy, for the past one month, I have shed 24kg so far and still 4kg more to go in order get my pre-pregnancy weight. Alhamdulillah, I have fit in my old clothes, especially my favourite skinny jeans...such a relieve! Having said that, I must admit there are still issues when it comes to the tummy and buttocks,...they are still less firm, they are still a bit flabby after 9 months expanding like nobody business! :P Perhaps, in 2-3 more months everything will be back to normal..(hopefully :P) Will keep my fingers crossed! Haha..

Me on the 30th day...

p.s: to-date, 2 more days to go before confinement ends.. can't wait!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Spectra 3 For Sale!

Dear Readers,

I am letting go my Spectra 3 breastpump as shown in the photo below. Excellent condition as it has been serviced recently, and previously used for only 3 months.

Selling for RM235 (inclusive postage)
- Additional breast shield set not included
- For serious buyer only
- 1st come 1st serve- mail me at:


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of Becoming A Brother - Part II

As soon as the twins were born, we were anxious, excited and at the same time a bit worried to see how Faaz will react when he see/realized that our family has expanding tremendously with the arrival of the twinnies. Yelah, he got not only one, but two lil sisters at a time... :)

According to my SIL, Faaz was quiet and a bit puzzled when he first saw them in front of the nursery, as soon as the babies freshly came out from my tummy (during the inspection + azan session). Couldn't blame him tho, the babies were crying out their lung and their skin were still in pale, pinkish color. He kept on asking of my whereabout instead...awww, mommy's lil boyfie :)

Things were different during his 2nd visit to the ward that very evening. The babies were in the room with us when he entered, cheerfully he giggled as soon as he saw them. He became excited! :)

"look, another baby sister here..haha!"

One of my favourite "brotherly" shot, kudos to hubby dearie :) "Sleep well, Falisya. Abang loves you.."

"Ok, now I want to see the other baby.."

And my heart melted when I saw Faaz naturally touches Faiqa's head as soon as Rozana (hubby's cousin) said "cheeseeee!" and snapped a photo of Fadzil's family. That moment, I know that Allah has granted my prayers all this while; Faaz can accept his little siblings well and I had a gut that he will be a loving brother, insyaAllah...

love this pic as well although I was not around :)

Faaz affection and excitement of becoming a brother does not ends on the first day. When his uncle Munif & aunty Reen brought him to the hospital for the 3rd visit on our 2nd day at the ward, his reaction remained. He was so excited that we allowed him to hold the babies himself...takut-takut at first but sukaaaaa sangat bila dah dapat pegang sampai tak mau lepas! hehe...

The brotherly side of him really shown in these photos... :)

We also realized that Faaz can become very defensive. Tell him you want to take one of the babies and his face will instantly go sour. Ask him if it's possible to take one of the twins and he will sternly shout, "No!". Ask him few times the same question and you'll be smacked (at least that's what happened to one of Fadzil's aunt who tried to provoke him). Saaaayang sangat kat adik-adik dia. Certainly he can become a good bodyguard to the twinnies when they all grow up...i hope ;)

His behavior remains the same as we went back home and stay together as a family...alhamdulillah :) Being a sharp observer, he quickly pick up of necessary actions to take for each situation. For example he took the fan's remote control and off it when he saw me came with the babies to the changing mat (especially after bath) and quickly on it back as soon as he saw the babies are nicely being swaddled, bring the pacifier to the kitchen and handed it to his Tok Mak and asked her to wash it when the pacifier fell down on the floor, and handed me the diapers when I put the babies on the changing mat. Tak payah suruh I tell you, impressive...sonang mommy!

He loves to watch his little sisters sleeping as well. Sometimes, sampai dia skali tertidur! Hihi...

"Falisya is awake now, abang...when are you gonna get up?"

The best thing is, he is so calm whenever the babies cry...

What he loves the most??

Taking photos with the twinnies.

Without having to ask, he will give you the most sincere, happy and proud smile!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swaddling Blanket

During confinement, swaddling your baby is one of the important thing to do. Swaddling promotes baby to sleep better, prevents startle reflects, face scratching as well as make them warm and cozy. Besides that, most importantly swaddling has proven to reduce the risk of SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which claims the lives of about 2500 each year in the United States...scary huh?!

Currently, are many types of swaddling blanket available in market as compared to those days, where plain white cotton piece of cloth becomes the swaddling blanket. These days, they are available in printed colorful designs and some are even with straps.

When we made preparation for the arrival of the twins, swaddling blanket is one of the item that I planned to buy since we only bought few the last time and mostly it's in blue color. So we bought few Bumble Bee's receiving blankets, in pinkish and girly designs :)

our babies in Bumble Bees'

While Faiqa is all wrapped up, Falisya on the other hand has managed to let her arm out!

This is Faiqa after 5 minutes being swaddled..
(muka tak bersalah je :P)

From our past experience, thinking of the 'problem' that we might faced with this type of swaddling blankets, I thought of adding the modern types of blankets which can prevent the baby's hands and legs from coming out. At first, I was thinking of purchasing this:

Summer Infants: Swaddle Me Fleece

**photos are courtesy of google search

Interesting, isn't it...looks comfy too :) However, as I was browsing the net to do some online shopping for the babies, I accidentally landed on this interesting page - Woombie (the name is taken after the word 'womb' :) and I fall in love with it instantly. It's easy to wear and I'm sure there's no way the twins can let their hands and legs out of it (unless they know how to unzip :P).

There are 4 types of Woombie available in the market;

the original Woombie

the convertible Woombie

the leggies Woombie

the convertible leggies

The descriptions, size and price are available on the website itself. Do check it out k :) The best thing is, Woombie is available in Malaysia too at Honey Kids & Baby Centre so you don't have to worry about international shipping cost! ;)

Being a mommy, it's hard to avoid temptations of cute, cool things for babies...rasa nak beli semua jenis pun ade..hihi. Finally, I decided to go for the original Woombie as it suits the need of my newborns. Decided to try it on first on my babies...if it suits them than I can go for other types as they grow...

my purchased :)

For your information, Woombie is available in various colors as well...which make it hard for me to choose! Lucky I get to pick two! hihi..

Lavender and Bubblegum for my girls :)

The review?

Love the softness of the material, it stretches and snuggle ur baby's body well. The material is also not too thin/thick, suitable if the babies to be placed on an air-conditioned room like our bedroom. Tell you, my babies sleep well in air-cond!

Although both Woombies that I received are in newborn sizes, the lavender seems to be bigger than the other. And since my babies are quite small in sizes, they only perfectly fitted in the bubblegum woombie. Tunggu besar sket baru nicely fitted in the lavender woombie.

Mademoiselle Falisya in the original Woombie :)

I received an overwhelming enquiry via FB messages and comments on the woombie when I upload this photo on my FB. So, mommies who are interested, kindly visit Honey Kids & Baby Centre's facebook page to order yours now! ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Mommy's Little Helper

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Of Becoming A Brother - Part I

When I first knew that I am preggy, I noticed that Faaz became a bit distant to me. He chose to sleep with his grandparents than us. It made me wonder, is it true that young kids can "sense" this? We didn't say a word to him about the pregnancy at that time..

His behavior started to change when the sickness started. He became more concern. He started to ask questions such as,

"Mommy not well?"
"Mommy vomit again?"

and since he saw his daddy will follow me to the loo and rub my back when I vomited, he too started to do the same. Each time he saw me running towards the toilet, he will follow closely and rubbing my back.
Awwwwh, I was so touched, he's just a 2 years old toddler, subhanallah.. and when I was admitted for 2 days in SDMC for dehydration, Faaz was so sad. It was seen clearly from his facial expression.

Faaz lying on the hospital bed...

We finally broke the news of me carrying babies inside my tummy to Faaz after the 1st scan. At that time, my tummy has grew a little bit bigger. Surprisingly, he understand and accepted it quiet well. He was so happy that he himself broke the news to our relatives by proudly saying,

"There's 2 baby inside mommy's stomach!"


As I entered the 2nd trimester, Faaz became more and more attached to me. He will follow me everywhere I went, wanted to sit, sleep, bath, eat and be everywhere with me. He even refused to sit in his carseat like the usual, instead crying every time we were about to go out for wanting to seat at the front passanger seat with me. Many times, we had to abide his request...rasa tak sampai hati. Ended up memang berhimpitla kami duduk kat seat depan tu; me, my big tummy and Faaz..huhu

sleeping soundly with his hand on my big tummy...ish ish ish...

Apart from that, we noticed a change in his behavior. Believe it or not, Faaz starts behaving as a "baby" himself. Crying like a baby rather than a big boy, don't know how to talk (making sounds such as "aaaa", "eeeh", etc. instead), crawling instead of walking and demanded to be carried A LOT. He also refused to be called as "Abang" but told us that he is actually "the giant baby" of us. Hihi....sabar je la :P

Faaz started to show the jealousy when we started to do preparations for the twins. Once, he followed us to Mydear warehouse sale. We wanted to survey a playpen for the twins. As usual, Faaz asked a lot of questions on the way till we arrived at the warehouse. When Fadzil explained to him that we wanted to purchase a playpen for the twins, Faaz quickly claimed that the playpen was for him. He then acted like a baby and wanted to try out the playpen at the showroom...nasib tak patah! :P

our "giant baby" testing out the playpen, ignoring the crowd who passed by him...

We tried to assemble the playpen when we came home. As soon as it was successful, Faaz quickly took his mattress and pillow, demanded those two things to be put inside the playpen. He then cried for his milk and told Fadzil that he wanted to sleep inside the playpen. He declared that the playpen is his, not the twin. Pulak dah...tapi kami layankan aje since its too early... :)

happy "giant baby" :D

The other side of Faaz shown as soon as the 3rd trimester entered and it surprised us how mature our son can be, made us proud with him too. He became more independent, helpful and very concern especially regarding my well being...very brotherly. For example, Faaz never let me pick up any things that fell down, saying that "mommy can't bend down, mommy's stomach so big". Instead, he's the one who will do that voluntarily.. He also didn't allow me to carry heavy things..sangat2 caring :) he no more wanted to seat with me in the car, but demanded that I sit at the back while he sat at the front with his daddy..

When I felt sad (especially when Fadzil was away for outstation), he tried his best to cheer me up especially when he saw tears in my eyes. If he failed, he will then cried as well, which successfully made me stop each time :P

a joker, just like his daddy... :)

The only thing that made me worried the most at that time was...his love for a teddy bear. I know, there's nothing wrong about little boys like playing with soft toys. But the way Faaz loves his teddy made me a bit worried. He 'took care' of the teddy as if he was playing with a doll - cuddle, carry, bring everywhere, dressing up, etc...etc. Just like a little girl! Lucky that it didn't prolong. It only last for about a month I think... *phewww* lega ok. Perhaps it was his way of showing us that he's ready to be a big brother and take care of 'an adik'. Faaz ni bikin mommy panic je :P

This is the little teddy that Faaz was so fond of...sayang sungguhla time tu! :D

I believe that every first child must have their own behavior towards becoming a big brother/sister. It is an interesting phase for us as parents to observe and understand what they are going through. Let's see how Faaz Naqi's behavior change as soon as his sisters were born in Part II... :)

Till then,