Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The First Outing with the Twins

Yesterday, we had the first outing with the twins, the first outing for the 5 of us as a family. The main intention was of course to shop for our children, as we have zero Raya preparation so far.

As this was the first time, or shall I say the first 'test', we chose Empire Gallery which is only 10 minutes distance from home. We plan to go there after iftar & Maghrib prayer since it's a weekday and Fadzil was working.

Now that I have 3 child to get ready for plus myself, I started to get them dressed as early as 5.30pm! It started with the twinnies, I bathe them, dressed them, and later tandem feed them. As soon as Faiqa & Falisya were in lalaland, I bathe Faaz and dressed him up, packing up my handbag a.k.a the diaper bag. Believe it or not, it took me 2 1/2hours to complete all of these, without me and Fadzil getting ready yet! Huhu, I really need a helper...

Faiqa & Falisya chillin while waiting for us to get ready...

By the time I bathe and got ready, its already Maghrib and time to break the fast. Soon, it was time to feed the twins again. In order to cut short the time, I chose a simple combination of outfit with the main criteria of... THE LESSEN NEED TO IRON :P So what I wore was...

a black chiffon palazzo pants which I bought from ThePoplook (note: chiffon material is less crumple, and no ironing needed if you hang it nicely)

match it with my cotton ruffled Zara top (note: ruffled sleeve need not ironing except the body part hence saving time :P)

and complement it with a crumpled scarf from viscose + cotton material (note: of course a crumpled scarf need not to be iron! :D)

Well, I have save some time to get ready. As for the makeup, I only applied the basic stuff; compact powder, mascara & lipstck and I was done! still can't afford to melawa-lawa but enough to look less pale (still, can't hide the blackish eye bags...redha je la :P)

oh well, sempat lagik tu! :P

Managed to pump some milk while Fadzil got ready. I need the EBM as standby, in case both girls need to be fed at the same time later, Fadzil can assist one while I feed the other...

Alhamdulillah, we managed to arrived there by 8.30pm. The triple F was asleep, of which supposed to make our shopping trip easier, by right. Unfortunately, it did not happened that way. We were surprised and overwhelmed by the attention we got as soon as we entered the mall (I totally forgot about this as I was too long confined in the house, and perhaps too excited to go out after quite sometime!). While walking, while browsing, in the lift, at the counter, and while eating...there were people who greeted us and admiring the babies. Paying for items at the counter took at least extra 5 minutes for a short "interview" of the twins, missed the lift to go up, and go out from the lift at the wrong level due to answering some questions about the twins..something that we never encountered before. Nevertheless, we appreciate the share of joy of seeing a pair of twins :)

So most of the time at the Empire, we only went to one shop to another, browsing and surveying. The only things that we managed to buy was the twins' 1st shoes (kasut raya :D), a hulla hoop for Faaz (he's been requesting for it this week) and white raddish for me...haha! you read it correctly, I was hunting for white raddish, one of my milk boaster. The mini market near our house don't sell it so terpaksa la cari, nasib kat Jaya Supermarket ada! :)

twinnies raya shoes :)

We then proceed to Chilli's to have some snack and I took the opportunity to feed my hungry babies. Lucky it was almost 10pm so the crowd was lesser. Managed to get a secluded placed so we don't have to search for the nursing room. Oh by the way, for those who didn't know, Empire Gallery do provide a nursing/baby room at level 1, near the Popular Bookstore. For more info check this entry

Eid Mubarak is just a few days to go..and we definitely looking forward to the second (and more trips) to the mall. May it be a smooth sailing journey this time as we know already what to expect. Really hope the kids will be at their best behavior too! If not, alamatnya tak beraya la kitaorang...hehe.

I know by tomorrow most of you will start the Eid holiday and go back to the hometown. Drive safe, ok ;) With an open heart and humbleness, I seek forgiveness for my wrongdoings through actions or words. HAPPY EID MUBARAK everyone! :)


mommaholicSURI said...

Awwwww!! Those knitted shoes for the twin are adorable! :) Cute sangat-sangat! I perasan dekat OU Wing lama ade satu kedai yang mmg segala bagai clothing dia knitted. Tapi i x sure ada for babies ke x :)But empire is kind of baby stuffs friendly jugakla kan. The whole top floor tu kedai for baby and kids.

Salam Eid-Ailfitri, Minal 'Aidin wal-Faizin to you and family, Nadine. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Mimy Hamid said...

so how experience bawak twins berjalan...senang tak...sebb ada 2 baby kan...but i know ur hubby is helping u most of the time...nice shoes kiddos...i like...beb baju zara lawa nya...i selalu perasan the polook but ada size i ke?? baju situ lawa lawa la

salam aidilfitri nad..maaf zahir dan batin

~Rushes~ said...

Oh crap! We're planning our first trip out as a family of 5 on saturday! lets see how it goes :P

ishamizu said...

Hihi cute n3. Nmpknya mommy ada reason yg kukuh utk hire helper! Hihihi

Btw yay first outing bjaya..i believe kita mmg kene biasakan derg to the crowd awal2 lg. Aisey klu aunty kt msia mst nk hang out ngan uol lg! Hihi

Lastly, the shoes are soso cute! Pandai mommy pilih.:)

Nadine said...


oic, dh lama I tak pegi OU, 4 bulan ade kot :) Ni 1st time outing kena la cr tmpt yg dkt2, so Empire jd pilihan. Bnyk tak bnyk kedai make do je dear :)

Kasut twinnies tu kebetulan terjumpa kt Lovely Lace Baby. Masa tu I tgh usha cotton gowns mlgnya warna biru xde. Last2 dpt kasut..hihi :)

Same here babe..kalau armi pegi studio, singgah2la beraya ke rumah usj :)

Nadine said...


bawak twins berjalan, sgt senang. Diaorg tu naik je keta tido, letak dlm stroller provided both cars n stroller tu bergeraklah. Kalau berenti lama je kat traffic lite ke kedai ke, mula la diaorg menggeliat sana sini..hihihi.

TQ :) the poplook mmg lawa2 kan. I light the simple, colorful design they have. erm tentang size tu I am not sure la dear. Why not u drop them a mail n tanya :)

Nadine said...


How was the trip, dear? Have fun being center of attention? :D



Hihi, seriously Izu. We really need a helper. Kalau tak sian my MIL tak menang tangan nak jaga a growing toddler + pair of twins. she's not that young anymore kan. Doakan kitaorg cpt dpt maid yg baik ye, TQ :)

Tula miss the time we hang out together. Takpe2, kitaorg tunggu u'olls balik M'sia nanti k :)

Hihihi, TQ izu. Hajat dihati nak beli pre-walking shoes yg comels2, tp apakan daya babies ku kecil lagi :D