Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Of Becoming A Brother - Part I

When I first knew that I am preggy, I noticed that Faaz became a bit distant to me. He chose to sleep with his grandparents than us. It made me wonder, is it true that young kids can "sense" this? We didn't say a word to him about the pregnancy at that time..

His behavior started to change when the sickness started. He became more concern. He started to ask questions such as,

"Mommy not well?"
"Mommy vomit again?"

and since he saw his daddy will follow me to the loo and rub my back when I vomited, he too started to do the same. Each time he saw me running towards the toilet, he will follow closely and rubbing my back.
Awwwwh, I was so touched, he's just a 2 years old toddler, subhanallah.. and when I was admitted for 2 days in SDMC for dehydration, Faaz was so sad. It was seen clearly from his facial expression.

Faaz lying on the hospital bed...

We finally broke the news of me carrying babies inside my tummy to Faaz after the 1st scan. At that time, my tummy has grew a little bit bigger. Surprisingly, he understand and accepted it quiet well. He was so happy that he himself broke the news to our relatives by proudly saying,

"There's 2 baby inside mommy's stomach!"


As I entered the 2nd trimester, Faaz became more and more attached to me. He will follow me everywhere I went, wanted to sit, sleep, bath, eat and be everywhere with me. He even refused to sit in his carseat like the usual, instead crying every time we were about to go out for wanting to seat at the front passanger seat with me. Many times, we had to abide his request...rasa tak sampai hati. Ended up memang berhimpitla kami duduk kat seat depan tu; me, my big tummy and Faaz..huhu

sleeping soundly with his hand on my big tummy...ish ish ish...

Apart from that, we noticed a change in his behavior. Believe it or not, Faaz starts behaving as a "baby" himself. Crying like a baby rather than a big boy, don't know how to talk (making sounds such as "aaaa", "eeeh", etc. instead), crawling instead of walking and demanded to be carried A LOT. He also refused to be called as "Abang" but told us that he is actually "the giant baby" of us. Hihi....sabar je la :P

Faaz started to show the jealousy when we started to do preparations for the twins. Once, he followed us to Mydear warehouse sale. We wanted to survey a playpen for the twins. As usual, Faaz asked a lot of questions on the way till we arrived at the warehouse. When Fadzil explained to him that we wanted to purchase a playpen for the twins, Faaz quickly claimed that the playpen was for him. He then acted like a baby and wanted to try out the playpen at the showroom...nasib tak patah! :P

our "giant baby" testing out the playpen, ignoring the crowd who passed by him...

We tried to assemble the playpen when we came home. As soon as it was successful, Faaz quickly took his mattress and pillow, demanded those two things to be put inside the playpen. He then cried for his milk and told Fadzil that he wanted to sleep inside the playpen. He declared that the playpen is his, not the twin. Pulak dah...tapi kami layankan aje since its too early... :)

happy "giant baby" :D

The other side of Faaz shown as soon as the 3rd trimester entered and it surprised us how mature our son can be, made us proud with him too. He became more independent, helpful and very concern especially regarding my well being...very brotherly. For example, Faaz never let me pick up any things that fell down, saying that "mommy can't bend down, mommy's stomach so big". Instead, he's the one who will do that voluntarily.. He also didn't allow me to carry heavy things..sangat2 caring :) he no more wanted to seat with me in the car, but demanded that I sit at the back while he sat at the front with his daddy..

When I felt sad (especially when Fadzil was away for outstation), he tried his best to cheer me up especially when he saw tears in my eyes. If he failed, he will then cried as well, which successfully made me stop each time :P

a joker, just like his daddy... :)

The only thing that made me worried the most at that time was...his love for a teddy bear. I know, there's nothing wrong about little boys like playing with soft toys. But the way Faaz loves his teddy made me a bit worried. He 'took care' of the teddy as if he was playing with a doll - cuddle, carry, bring everywhere, dressing up, etc...etc. Just like a little girl! Lucky that it didn't prolong. It only last for about a month I think... *phewww* lega ok. Perhaps it was his way of showing us that he's ready to be a big brother and take care of 'an adik'. Faaz ni bikin mommy panic je :P

This is the little teddy that Faaz was so fond of...sayang sungguhla time tu! :D

I believe that every first child must have their own behavior towards becoming a big brother/sister. It is an interesting phase for us as parents to observe and understand what they are going through. Let's see how Faaz Naqi's behavior change as soon as his sisters were born in Part II... :)

Till then,


ishamizu said...

Hihi mmg deeg bole rasa kn. Ank2 izu pon mcm tu, org sll kata bdk nk dpt adik will act like that.

Nway, Good boy !. I'm sure he will be a good n sweet brother..;)

mommyNadia said...

Nad, tak sabar nak tahu citer part II. Adam pun ada kerenah jgak u bila dapat adik ni. Tapi sabar je lah kn..almost like Faaz jgak!nanti after part 2, baru boleh comment lebih and compare with Adam.


| SUE | said...

i senyum je bace entry ni nadia.. sweet sangat abg faaz ni taw :D

mommaholicSURI said...

Faaz gonna be a very verygood companion to mommy and his sisters! :) part dia urut2 belakang you masa you vomit tu sangat sweet!!! Caaayang Faaz!

Ira Sufian said...

Nadia, I went thru the same thing. anak saya pun jadi mcm tu jgk pd awalnya. such a baby. Tapi diorg sgt cepat belajar. Try to engage him with all the activities with regard to his sister. Ada baby mmg kene bg perhatian lebih tp jgn sampai die rs trsisih. Perhatian kene sama rata. Diorg akan jadi
lebih manja bila rs xdipedulikan.
yg part teddy tu nk trgelak. Faaz kire ok lg la main ngan teddy. Anak saya siap ade anak patung. Siap bg nama Baby. yg xtahan nk g jalan2 pn bwk Baby. Tido ngan Baby sebantal. Hai..Layan jela. Risau jgk sbnrnya tp klau ambik, menangis. Sabar je la.

faisyura said...

hihih faaz the little bf! ;) geng ngn abang zaim.... mmg boyfriend type ;) hihihi... sejuk perut kan bile diorg caring2 tu...

zaim dlu pun mase awal2 dpt aariz dia eksen jadi big bro.. but bile ujung2 pregnancy tu dia start manje mcm baby jugak... tp bile adik dh kua, jadi big bro balik...

sekarang, jadi lawyer adik.. kalau mommy marah adik sedap je dia backing "Mommy dont marah my brother... dia kan kecik lagi... takpela.." hahaah tp dalam lawyer2 tu, selalu jugak debik adik ;P

kella said...

so sweet faaz! surely faaz ni memang boleh di hrap ni! jadi abang yang baik ya faaz.. tolong mommy jaga adik adik... =) dia ni mesti jadi protector untuk adik2 dan mommynya nih!
caaaaayang faaz!! emmuah!! =D

Diyana Didie said...

awww so sweet faaz. budak clever mmg mcm tue...thats why pregnancy took 9 months kan? sbb got enough time for us to "prepare"... :)

Aleyn said...

Nice one....sweet2 giant baby is now a big brother...can't wait to see his reactions towards the twins...

Mimy Hamid said...

faaz dah naik pangkat..abang faaz for 2 lil sista...mmg naik pangkat teratas....dua adik tau..heheh..faaz cool jek ..boleh diharap ni..jaga adik yer faaz ...jangan kacau

äмän ♥ said...

AWW cute Masha'Allah <3 i am your new follower .. follow me :)

fa10 said...

well done Abang Faaz.
Anak sulung memang selalunya caring,responsible and telorate. Nanti u boleh tgk perbezaan sikap dan perangai anak2.. seronok.

Nadine said...


Itulah, selama ni dgr jeorg ckp mcm tu..betul rupanya. mmg betulla the saying; 'org tua2 lebih dulu makan garam' :)

Awwwh, insyaAllah..mudah2an :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, harap bersabar eh you. I bnyk sgt pending entries, semuanya halfway je. being mother of 3 really make me busy 24hrs! this week faaz stays with his grandparents in Subang, so adela sket free time..will try my best to update all the pending entries soon, insyaAllah :)

Ye ke you, haha its a phase that all first child yg toddler mcm tu agaknye kot. Hehe..nnti I update we compared k ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwwh :) I pun tak sangka how sweet my boy can be. Tu yg sayang bangat kat dia. Senang hati mommy...harap2 sampai besar la dia maintain sweet :)

Nadine said...


Ameen, mudah2an masin mulut you :) So far dia mmg sgt sayang kat adik2 dia...tp in future tak taula bila adik2 dia dh besar sket. harap2 berkekalan la sifat brotherly n caring dia tu. A'ah, terharu sgt time tu, cair habis I!

Nadine said...


Haha, tulah dia. Mmg kitaorg cuba sedaya upaya utk bg perhatian sama rata kat dia. Kadang2 Fadzil terlupa, Nadia la take up n begitula sebaliknya. But sometimes, we do entertained the twins 1st..maklumla skali dua2 nangis kan, mmg Faaz kena mengalahla. Tp lepas tu mmg Nadia pampered dia lebih sket. Alhamdulillah, so far dia ok lagi, boleh tahan understandingnya. kalau jealous pun belum tahap sampai tunjuk kemarahan kat adik2 dia. awal lagi kot eh?

Owh, daris pun mcm tu jugak ye...hihi. Risau kan awak?! Actually teddy bear tu pun Faaz panggil baby tau. haihs! sabar je la. Nasib tak lama, skang teddy bear tu dh tercampak je dlm bakul mainan dia. x pandang dh pun..hihi

Nadine said...


Boyfriend type?? I loike that term :) Betul, betul, betul (ala2 U&I), sejuk je hati :)

Zaim dh jadi lil lawyer? Awwwwh, brotherly habis la Zaim ni. Untung Aariz kan...mommy mesti happy kan they both get well together :)

Nadine said...


Ameen, tq dear for ur kind words, mudah2an. Kalaula Faaz jadi ape yg u wish tu, I lah org yg paling bahagia skali :)

p/s: I dh kiss kn Faaz on ur behalf :)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, so sweet of you :) Yes dear I agree with you Allah tu Maha Kaya kan? :)



Hihi, nnti kita update Part II pasal giant baby kita yg sorang ni :D

Nadine said...


Hehehe, kelakar la you ni...pangkat teratas tuuuu! :D
insyaAllah, mudah2an..



thank you! will do soon, need to find time to do blogwalking soon :)

Nadine said...


tula, slama ni dgr org ckp je..nw dh melaluinya :)

sronok kn tgk reaction anak2 ni. tak sabar nk tunggu the twins besar sket n see how's their reactions towards their big bro pulak. jgn Faaz kena bully sudah! hihi :D