Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of Becoming A Brother - Part II

As soon as the twins were born, we were anxious, excited and at the same time a bit worried to see how Faaz will react when he see/realized that our family has expanding tremendously with the arrival of the twinnies. Yelah, he got not only one, but two lil sisters at a time... :)

According to my SIL, Faaz was quiet and a bit puzzled when he first saw them in front of the nursery, as soon as the babies freshly came out from my tummy (during the inspection + azan session). Couldn't blame him tho, the babies were crying out their lung and their skin were still in pale, pinkish color. He kept on asking of my whereabout instead...awww, mommy's lil boyfie :)

Things were different during his 2nd visit to the ward that very evening. The babies were in the room with us when he entered, cheerfully he giggled as soon as he saw them. He became excited! :)

"look, another baby sister here..haha!"

One of my favourite "brotherly" shot, kudos to hubby dearie :) "Sleep well, Falisya. Abang loves you.."

"Ok, now I want to see the other baby.."

And my heart melted when I saw Faaz naturally touches Faiqa's head as soon as Rozana (hubby's cousin) said "cheeseeee!" and snapped a photo of Fadzil's family. That moment, I know that Allah has granted my prayers all this while; Faaz can accept his little siblings well and I had a gut that he will be a loving brother, insyaAllah...

love this pic as well although I was not around :)

Faaz affection and excitement of becoming a brother does not ends on the first day. When his uncle Munif & aunty Reen brought him to the hospital for the 3rd visit on our 2nd day at the ward, his reaction remained. He was so excited that we allowed him to hold the babies himself...takut-takut at first but sukaaaaa sangat bila dah dapat pegang sampai tak mau lepas! hehe...

The brotherly side of him really shown in these photos... :)

We also realized that Faaz can become very defensive. Tell him you want to take one of the babies and his face will instantly go sour. Ask him if it's possible to take one of the twins and he will sternly shout, "No!". Ask him few times the same question and you'll be smacked (at least that's what happened to one of Fadzil's aunt who tried to provoke him). Saaaayang sangat kat adik-adik dia. Certainly he can become a good bodyguard to the twinnies when they all grow up...i hope ;)

His behavior remains the same as we went back home and stay together as a family...alhamdulillah :) Being a sharp observer, he quickly pick up of necessary actions to take for each situation. For example he took the fan's remote control and off it when he saw me came with the babies to the changing mat (especially after bath) and quickly on it back as soon as he saw the babies are nicely being swaddled, bring the pacifier to the kitchen and handed it to his Tok Mak and asked her to wash it when the pacifier fell down on the floor, and handed me the diapers when I put the babies on the changing mat. Tak payah suruh I tell you, impressive...sonang mommy!

He loves to watch his little sisters sleeping as well. Sometimes, sampai dia skali tertidur! Hihi...

"Falisya is awake now, abang...when are you gonna get up?"

The best thing is, he is so calm whenever the babies cry...

What he loves the most??

Taking photos with the twinnies.

Without having to ask, he will give you the most sincere, happy and proud smile!


ibuhana said...

kagum la auntie ngan faaz nih.. :)

ishamizu said...

Hihi mmg good boy n brother la u faaz! Sng mommy..rajin tlg itu ini tak yah dusuruh pun ekk ;)

Plg tak thn bab 'smack' tu maknanya mmg dia syg n care benar la adik2 dia hihi

Again, love the video. So sweet! Mmuahh to three if them. And faaz comey sgt smile dlm last pic.:)

Mimy Hamid said...

faaz good brother la...terserlah sgt...pndi jaga adik...yang u candid tu i suka sebab nampak dia dah sayang sesangat nampak nya...adik dia dah besar lg la dia syg..dah la comel kembar pulak...suka nya

mommaholicSURI said...

Such an adorable brother. Very helpful sungguh Faaz.

I'm not sure how Oman will react if one day he will become a brother. I don't think he is ready. No body can be hugged by me or his dadda even his little cousin Zyva. That day dia hampir nak tolak Zyva because Zyva sleep next to Armi. Wah!! Kuat jelos budak tu!! :)

Ninie Hanis said...

comelnya faaz,sangat loving gitu..pandai pulak tu tolong mummy..cair tau aunty ninie tengok faaz ni.bijak sgt! hehe..

Aleyn said...

Brotherly love....cute

Nadine said...


Awwwwh :) thanks. Maybe sbb Faaz lonely all these while sorang2 je kat rumah, bila dpt adik excited la dia dpt friends! :)

Nadine said...


betul tau, terkejut kitaorg bila tiba2 dia pukul daddima dia. very defensive! huhu..

Awwwh thanks dear :) ur girls lagila affectionnye kt adik diaorg kn? girls more loving n caring ;)

Anonymous said...

suka tengok faaz berusaha memujuk adik.... good brother!

| SUE | said...

Sweet betul Abam Faaz ni! Beruntung twinnies!

my.mastura said...

aku sebenar nye ngeri tgk video tu...aku takut faaz terhempap adik2 dia jer..hahahahah

aku suka tgk gambar2 faaz pegang adik tu..aaww...kiut sungguh!

Nadine said...


Awwwh, thanks. Sejuk perut ngandungkan dia. Harap2 sampai besarla dia sayang adik2 dia. Jangan adik2 dia besar sket berebut bergaduh sudeh..hehe

Nadine said...


Oh ic, i thot Oman sgt2 sayang Zyva. Dalam sayang ade jealous jugak yer..hehe. Maybe sbb Oman ni dh biasa sorang kot you. Cam Faaz, blah Fadzil dia cucu ke 4, agaknya selama ni dia sorang, dia tgk cousin dia 3 beradik cam best. So, bila dia ade adik, dpt plak skali dua tu yg dia excited. Don't worry babe, insyaallah when the times come sure Oman boleh terima punye ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks! Alhamdulillah tak sia2 akak doa siang malam masa preknen dulu. risau jugak kalau dia takleh terima 2 adik skali gus...

Nadine said...


:) thanks dear!



I pun suka tgk..xyah ajar eh benda2 ni. Diaorg perhati and apply :)



They are indeed! Moga diaorg pun sayang sgt kat abam diaorg :)



Hahaha, ye ke. Actually masa tgh record tu aku pun mcm cuak esp masa dia nak kiss tu, ingatkan dia nak buat ape..