Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swaddling Blanket

During confinement, swaddling your baby is one of the important thing to do. Swaddling promotes baby to sleep better, prevents startle reflects, face scratching as well as make them warm and cozy. Besides that, most importantly swaddling has proven to reduce the risk of SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which claims the lives of about 2500 each year in the United States...scary huh?!

Currently, are many types of swaddling blanket available in market as compared to those days, where plain white cotton piece of cloth becomes the swaddling blanket. These days, they are available in printed colorful designs and some are even with straps.

When we made preparation for the arrival of the twins, swaddling blanket is one of the item that I planned to buy since we only bought few the last time and mostly it's in blue color. So we bought few Bumble Bee's receiving blankets, in pinkish and girly designs :)

our babies in Bumble Bees'

While Faiqa is all wrapped up, Falisya on the other hand has managed to let her arm out!

This is Faiqa after 5 minutes being swaddled..
(muka tak bersalah je :P)

From our past experience, thinking of the 'problem' that we might faced with this type of swaddling blankets, I thought of adding the modern types of blankets which can prevent the baby's hands and legs from coming out. At first, I was thinking of purchasing this:

Summer Infants: Swaddle Me Fleece

**photos are courtesy of google search

Interesting, isn't it...looks comfy too :) However, as I was browsing the net to do some online shopping for the babies, I accidentally landed on this interesting page - Woombie (the name is taken after the word 'womb' :) and I fall in love with it instantly. It's easy to wear and I'm sure there's no way the twins can let their hands and legs out of it (unless they know how to unzip :P).

There are 4 types of Woombie available in the market;

the original Woombie

the convertible Woombie

the leggies Woombie

the convertible leggies

The descriptions, size and price are available on the website itself. Do check it out k :) The best thing is, Woombie is available in Malaysia too at Honey Kids & Baby Centre so you don't have to worry about international shipping cost! ;)

Being a mommy, it's hard to avoid temptations of cute, cool things for babies...rasa nak beli semua jenis pun ade..hihi. Finally, I decided to go for the original Woombie as it suits the need of my newborns. Decided to try it on first on my babies...if it suits them than I can go for other types as they grow...

my purchased :)

For your information, Woombie is available in various colors as well...which make it hard for me to choose! Lucky I get to pick two! hihi..

Lavender and Bubblegum for my girls :)

The review?

Love the softness of the material, it stretches and snuggle ur baby's body well. The material is also not too thin/thick, suitable if the babies to be placed on an air-conditioned room like our bedroom. Tell you, my babies sleep well in air-cond!

Although both Woombies that I received are in newborn sizes, the lavender seems to be bigger than the other. And since my babies are quite small in sizes, they only perfectly fitted in the bubblegum woombie. Tunggu besar sket baru nicely fitted in the lavender woombie.

Mademoiselle Falisya in the original Woombie :)

I received an overwhelming enquiry via FB messages and comments on the woombie when I upload this photo on my FB. So, mommies who are interested, kindly visit Honey Kids & Baby Centre's facebook page to order yours now! ;)


RuZaNNa said...

Thank you for this babe! i was about to look for a better swaddling blanket.. i dari dulu tak pernah master camne nak bedung pakai normal kain tuh.. huu huu..
Anyway, nak tny pasal the neck area.. tak tercekik eh with the zipper sbb nampak cam ketat aje kat the neck area..
Do let me know..

ishamizu said...

Yay dah nmpk mata faiqa, sblom2 ni gmbr dia tdo je..hihi

Nway nice swaddle fr wombie! Ada zip tu nmpk mcm sleeping bag lak cuma kain dia lbh tipis. Apa2 pun good fir them sbb dh tak leh kuar tgn lg ekk so tadela cpt tkejut time tdo. Zafri dh lama tak bbedung kdg tkejut2 dia. Huhu

Mimy Hamid said...

hi nad..thanks sharing info berbedung...thats y my mum suka baby bedung..dia kata lena tido...kalau keluar tangan sedap la baby tu...i think nak dapatkan jugak the tu la tak tau jantina..boy or girl

mommaholicSURI said...

Ala tomei tomei! :) Your girls must be very very comfy being swaddled with Woombie. :)
I'm gonna get one for my next one. Bila agaknya ek? hihihi. Kiss to triple F :)

my.mastura said...

eh..nk tny..kan pakai bedung nk straightkan kaki dia, kalau guna yg jenis zip tu, kaki baby tu x terkangkang ker?

Nadine said...


My pleasure. Sejak post photo kat FB the other day ramai pulak tanya, tu yg blog about it. Tak Anne, if u look closely into my photo with the caption 'lavender n bubblegum for my girls' then u can see the neck area tu wide, ikut size ur baby. plus, the material is stretchable, bila dh pakaikan u boleh tarik2 ke bawah nak adjust for ur baby.

so far my girls pakai ok, cuma Faiqa je mula2 ngamuk sbb xleh kuarkan tangan dia cam biasa :D

Nadine said...


Come to think of it, yerlah! I always post photos of my twinnies yg tgh tutup mata. muahaha! ok, noted! will upload more photos of them wide awake :)

They seems to be comfy in these while sleeping at nite so alhamdulillah la. risau jugak kalau it doesn't suits them..beli dua kot. hihi.

oic, tp Zafri lahir2 dh besar n bam2 kan dear, I'm sure dia kalau nak bedung ni mesti x muat kain bedung biasa ni...haihs! geram tau ngan ketembaman dia! dahla comel :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, I dah agak dah, new-mommy-to-be mcm you mesti teruja punya dgn entry2 mcm ni. nanti ada masa I share lagi link2 cute2 baby stuff k. boleh je u nak beli babe, either u beli neutral colors yg both baby boy/girl boleh pakai atau u tunggu la sampai dh confirm scan with gynea then boleh beli :)

Nadine said...


cute kan?! alhamdulillah, malam2 nyenyak diaorg tido wearing the woombies. siang i tak pakaikan, pakai bedung biasa je sbb nak train utk luruskan kaki diaorg kan. my mom kata malam2 takpela, kasi chance :D

so far Falisya ok je...very cool cuma Faiqa la, the first nite wearing it dia mcm fussy sket. dia marah tangan dah tak leh kuar. hihi.

oh, of course! i pun tunggu je good news from u, dear. kawan2 batch kita ramai dh start 2nd batch, cpt2la join u! :)

Nadine said...


Yup2, especially org tua2 ni kalau bedung nak luruskan kaki baby kan. Siang my twinnies pakai bedung biasa, malam pakai woombie ni. kangkang eh? entah, aku tgk babies aku rapat je kakinye cuma bengkok2 kadang2 :)

Thara said...

this is a very interesting share! tetibe rasa nak beli jugak altho perut masih kosong hahahaha :P ni yang buat i rasa nak berusaha dengan lebih kuat ni! :P thanks for sharing babe! love this entry! :D

Nadine said...

hehehe, boleh je babe..persediaan :D
that's good to hear, insyaallah Thara I pray for u. ameen. :)

Hunny Champ said...

Hi Everyone,

Woombie boleh didapati di Malaysia sekarang. Sila ke laman web estore kami di untuk pilihan Woombie! Kita ada ready stock ya!

Terima Kasih, Cik Nadine. :)