Sunday, August 21, 2011

Twinnies @ 1 Month

07.07.2011 to 07.08.2011, one month has passed away since the day my twinnies were born. It was still fresh in my mind from the pain I went through during the operation, to the indescribable feelings of hearing two babies crying for the first time until the moment I finally able to hug, kiss and feed my babies...subhanallah :)

Faiqa Nayra was born with 2.42kg while Falisya Nayla with only 2.2kg (she share the same weight as me when I was born). Yes, my babies are so small in comparison with Faaz Naqi, who was born with 3.11kg but if you added up both weight, I was carrying a total of 4.62kg of baby weight in my womb! And they are actually considered as "big" for twin babies whom usually be born ranging between 1.8kg to 2.2kg.

I still remember how my hand shivers when I changed Nayra's diaper for the very first time. Her legs were so tiny and skinny, I felt as if I was touching solely her bone...scary!
Same goes with the teenie weenie Nayla. Halus je!

Can you see how thin her leg was??

One month had passed, and the day for the twinnies 1 month checkup has arrived. Coincidentally, Faaz needs to take his 2nd Hepatitis A jab. So all 5 of us went to SDMC for the appointments.

The first time the twinnies went to SDMC for checkup was when they were 7days old. Me too, went to see my Gynea on the same day for wound inspection. As I can't walk that far at that time, and we haven't bought a twin stroller, we placed the twinnies inside Faaz's stroller...both! Kata kecik je kan :P Most people doesn't realized that Fadzil actually strolled 2 babies inside the stroller while I was strolled by the SDMC personnel on a wheelchair until he lift the an instant, we became the center of attention.

my tiny babies, 7 days old @ SDMC

This time, since we STILL haven't bought any twin stroller yet (I'm still in confinement, remember? :)), we placed the twins inside the very same stroller. Guess what?? They have grown till no more empty space left!

my not-so-tiny babies, 30 days old @ SDMC

Hehe, I guess it's about time for stroller hunting. The confinement also is about to end soon, just nice! :) Both girls have their 2nd Hep B jab during the checkup. Nayra has gained 700gm since birth which make her now weighing 3.1kg while Nayla has gained 800gm. She shoot up from 2.2kg to 3.01kg, only 900gm behind Nayra. Alhamdulillah :)

you can see clearly the difference....Nayla now is chubbier!
hurray! :)

Also at 1 months old, their bones are slowly become invisible...
Baru boleh pakai mitten n booties, before this tak boleh, longgar!

Hopefully more babyfats are produced when the twinnies reached 2 months old this Raya. Then they can fitted well in their clothes. Did you know currently they can only fit in the "New Baby" size of Mothercare clothing range. For your information, "New Baby" are smaller size than the 0-3 months size. Yup, my babies masih belum betul2 muat in 0-3 months sizes. Agak sedih disitu, I still tak dapat nak dress up my babies lagi...huhu.

As for the mommy, for the past one month, I have shed 24kg so far and still 4kg more to go in order get my pre-pregnancy weight. Alhamdulillah, I have fit in my old clothes, especially my favourite skinny jeans...such a relieve! Having said that, I must admit there are still issues when it comes to the tummy and buttocks,...they are still less firm, they are still a bit flabby after 9 months expanding like nobody business! :P Perhaps, in 2-3 more months everything will be back to normal..(hopefully :P) Will keep my fingers crossed! Haha..

Me on the 30th day...

p.s: to-date, 2 more days to go before confinement ends.. can't wait!!


ishamizu said...

Alhamdulillah both girls sihat n makin chubby! Mmg tserlah pp nya yg bam2 tu..eei geramlah, rasa nak picit2 je..hihi..insya Allah, raya nti bley dressing more lg..skrg ni pun dah lawa gtu, pki pink n pki cute booties tuh!;)

Nway, Nadia sgt sdh slim ok!! blom habis pntg lg ekk..bravo!! 2 hr lg bebas ehh..hihi happy stroller hunting, tak sbr nk tgk new tandem stroller for the cute princesses!;)

Take care!

Mimy Hamid said...

Ya Allah kejap nya masa berlalu..pejam celik the twins dah 1 cute la berdua duaan...teruja pulak...dan u also gorgeous kejapnya loose weight jeles ni..pembakar semangat...pantang lg ke??

Diyana Didie said...

wah cepatnya mereka besar. dd still nmpk mereka sama saje. belom boleh teka mana nayla mana nayra. hehe btw, nnt share rahsia cepat slim taw kak ;p

wawa said...


i selalu jgak baca yr blog..

Tgk yr twins teringat kat my baby. Klau baby alive mesti dah bsar mcm baby U.

For yr info I del same date like U and Csec lg but unfor. my baby passed away.

my.mastura said...

ALhamdulillah sihat twins ko kan...

mak nye pon, kemain..makin vogue! jeles tau!!!

~Rushes~ said...

AAAAHHHHH i've only lost 15 kilos!! 10 more to go. This is ridiculous!

diana said...

nadia,knp bg babies pacifier?akak penah tny doktor and the doctor said it's not good to give u babies pacifier esp if u r still bfeeding them..just an advice;)

Nadine said...


My heartiest condolence to u if u read this comment. Was so busy to read all the comments before this, sempat approve je. Sedih I dgr cerita you, berat sungguh dugaan utk you. Sabar ye dear, I percaya ada hikmah yg besar disebalik semua ni. I believe u are one strong mommy, kalau tak Allah takkan uji u sebegini berat. Insyaallah, baby u tunggu u kat syurga nanti. Take care ok, if u need a friend to talk to, you are welcome to mail me via *hugs*

Nadine said...

Kak Diana,

Ada reason bagi my babies pacifier :)
First of all, pacify diaorg helps utk jarakkan waktu feeding diaorg esp bila Nadia take care diaorg sorang2. Takde sapa nak tolong assist for tandem nursing so while I feed one baby, the other pacify dulu. Babies I dua2 suka hanging on my B, which is something difficult, sbb ada dua org so pacify do helps. So far alhamdulillah, diaorg tak alami nipple confusion ke ape so I teruskan. Fyi, Faaz dulu pun pakai pacifier n cukup setahun we stopped it. :)

Zanna Rohim said...

Salam...your blog sio sweet and your family so cute

Nadine said...

W'salam Zanna :)

Awwww, TQ dear. I dh terjah blog u, ceria n menarik ok blog you :) Senang2 singgah la lagi ye