Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

A Santa Wannabe??

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our 1432 Eid

Today is 28th Syawal 1432 which means two days left for this festive month to pass us by, so I guess it's not too late to post about Eid this year :)

Our Eid preparation this year was very modest. Most of the attention went to the kids, of course. I finished off my 44 days confinement a week before Eid and alhamdulillah, I managed to fast on the last 5 days of Ramadhan. At least ada jugak dari takde, ye tak? ;) Fasting was ok but energy will drained out by 5pm onwards..alhamdulillah, it was still manageable. Dates and multivitamins did help a lot.

As I only allowed to go out a week before Eid and Fadzil is only available during the weekend (he's working on weekdays), we only managed to do our "Raya" shopping on the last weekend before Eid. Very last minute, huh? Fadzil requested for BLUE color this year so BLUE it was! :) Co-incidentally Fadzil's Baju Melayu matches the blue kurung which I bought for my SIL solemnisation last December. Since I've only wore it once, I decided not to buy a new kurung this year. Faaz also have a matching Baju Melayu, which was bought for the same function but never been worn as it was too big at that time. Just nice! ;) Jimat cermat this year..hihi.

~1st Syawal 1432~

This year, the 1st Syawal 1432 was celebrated in modest but joyful as now we have the twins. As usual, our 1st Raya was in USJ with my in laws. As everyone was so excited to see the twins, my in laws house was flooded with relatives from after Eid prayer until midnight. Tired I must say but all of us had fun catching up with each frequent do we have this opportunity in our busy daily life, if not because of special occasion, right? :) We don't even have time to snap the proper family photos with the in laws. What we managed to snap were few photos before Fadzil went to Eid prayer, only via iphone. Let see what we have in our collection.... :)

Faaz Naqi, early in the morning.
He got ready even before his Daddy...macam dia yang nak pegi solat sunat aidilfitri :D

A cheeky boy himself, within a minute the pose has turn into this...
(don't ask me what type of pose was this :P)

Then came the daddy and together they pose...who's the cutest?? :P

Me and Faiqa Nayra was the last to get ready.
But where's Falisya Nayla?
Hihi..awal2 dah kena kidnap with her Nana :)

Me, Faiqa & Faaz (with his "peace" sign).
Lately, it's his favourite pose.
Nasib dah pandai :P

A family friend was kind enough to give us a cake for Aidilfitri and Faaz insist to cut it. When asked what cake was that, he said it's a birthday raya cake. Hihihi

Finally, yours truly with the other half...
just before I served him breakfast (sempat lagi tu :P)

That was it. No "us" family photo :( Lucky us, among all the relatives who came that morning, Fadzil niece, Tasya was kind enough to capture us using her DSLR cammie. If not because of her, there will be no F&N family photo this year. Thank you so much Sya! You saved the day! :)

Us in BLUE
Check out Faaz's and Falisya's hand - "We are 5!" Hihihi..
Heart this photo to bits! :)

Faaz, Mommy & Daddy.. Peace memang tak tinggal punya ;)

Datin Abby (Tasya's Mom/Fadzil's eldest cousin) and the twinnies
Both were admiring her beauty :)

Tasya and her bestfriend... Bukan main lagi lentoknya! :)

But when asked to pose with his mommy,
this was what I got..cet! :P

~2nd Syawal 1432~

Second day of Eid was spent in Gombak, my mom's place. We went back there on the evening of 1st Eid and had the scrumptious Rendang "Nogori" as well as Johorian food prepared with love by mak. Terbaek! :)

We got ready quite early the next morning and went out to visit relatives who lives in the Klang Valley area. Minimal photos were taken as we were too busy to eat, talk and eat again. Hehehe..

Twinnies with their Tok Mak, as soon as they got ready in the morning :)

Some of the houses that we visited...

When we arrived home in the evening, Mommy's girls were all tired...
poor lil things.
Takpela ye, dapat banyak duit raya.. :P

~3rd Syawal 1432~

We were out the whole day as well as we have 4 open house invitations from the relatives to be fulfilled. We started off from USJ to Sunway to Sri Kembangan and finished off in Putra Heights. Around Subang/Puchong area je :)

Again, me in BLUE..hihi I only managed to pose on the door on the 3rd day of Eid.. Kesian... :P

Cheeky Faaz n Me at Aunty Gayah's place. Again, I failed to get his decent pose...sabar je la

Falisya slept the whole time at Aunt Gayah's place. Dapatla mommy makan 2 round. Hihihi

At cousin Rehana place for Mariam Pupu (aunty) & Azranaz's Birthday Party that evening...

Cousin Fouziah was so excited to see the twins for the first time...
She even babysit Faiqa for 20 mins. Sempatla Mommy enjoyed the food..hihi

Later that night, at Khairul's (our uni friend) parents' place for BBQ Faaz and his partner in crime; Emir were having their own sweet time. :P Siap landing atas lantai lagi my boy. haihs!

That was pretty much of our Eid this year. By right, we should have more photos it was the busiest Raya for us so far, non-stop attending open house invitations. But with the twins, memang tak menang tangan!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to Work Again

After 2 months and 3 weeks off I finally stepping my feet again at Cyberjaya last Monday and officially hold back the working mommy status. As expected, it was hard...harder than before as I was leaving not only one, but three precious gems at home.

"Mommy stay at home pliiiiisss. Mommy dont work forever laaah!"
(siap "forever" lagik :P)
that was what Faaz said to me when I told him that I have to work on Monday. If only I can, son..huhu

my faaz..

Faiqa and Falisya? They were too small to talk but amazing, surprisingly...after the last direct feeding before I made a move to work, both my girls smiled widely for like 1 minute! subhanallah...menitik air mata. How I wished I can stay at home with my darlings instead! T_T

my girls..

Frankly, I expected nothing much when I came to work. Firstly, my close friends were not around as most of the people in my department are away for oversea assignment. I was right, only 4 of my colleagues were presence in the office when I arrived. Secondly, my new manager was away from the office on Monday so there's no update for me. Quite a boring day but surprisingly time flew so fast that without I realized, it's time to go home! Percaya tak?

Mana taknya, to begin with I forgot the system password for my working laptop thus it took the IT man 1/2 hour to load the new password. Then, when I finally managed to log in, 1536 unread mails waited in my outlook. It took me few hours just to clear/reply/delete 'em!! Next, I have to update my consultant CV for the next project and settle the claims for the past 3 months, during my absence. Very occupied kan? :)

Alhamdulillah, despite that I managed to do the pumping session and for this very 1st time I managed to collect a total of 17oz of ebm. Not that much compared to the twins need which is 24oz per day but I pray hard that it will get better as the days go by...positive, positive! :) Ape ape pun, doa dan tawakkal banyak2 pada Allah swt...insyaAllah. Thank you to all my darling friends for the doa and encouragement *hugs*. I really, really appreciate it because it's not an easy job. Macam2 dugaan datang!

1st day session at the office..

Yesterday, I've met my new manager, a very technical person as compared to the previous one who wasmore on the managerial side. Interesting. So far he has been very understanding and considerate...I've been excused from the company's team building (yay! don't have to leave my children for 2days!) and I've been secured to a local project for 6 months. I am now based in customer's office in PJ so from now on, it's a hello to the Faderal Highway and bubbye LDP/Elite Highway! :P

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Twinnies @ 2 Months Old

Salam Aidilfitri Dear Readers, :)

Twinnies, early morning of 07.09.2011

Yesterday marked 2 months since the twins were born and in few more days I will start to work again *sob* :(. After 2 weeks of m.c + 2 months maternity leave + 1 week of Raya leave, no doubt I will need a big head start in getting back the momentum to be a working mom again. Especially since we have no luck yet in finding a helper, the mind is constantly thinking of "quitting the job" & "be a full time housewife" I wished! :P If only we can afford it...*sigh*

Anyway, lets talk about the twins' development. Alhamdulillah, both Faiqa & Falisya are growing healthily. Although they are not as significantly chubby as other babies, we can feel the increase in weight (haven't got the chance to weigh them yet tho, the next appointment with the Pediatrician will only be on next month). I can say that both girls inherits Fadzil's gene when it comes to height. Currently, Faiqa is 59cm in height while Falisya, who looks smaller than Faiqa is 60cm in height which is lesser by 3cm from Faaz's when he was at their age. Falisya ni rangka kecil, just like me :). In fact, we share the same weight when we were born -2.2kg :) I guess that's why she look smaller than her sister.

Miss Faiqa @ 2 months

Miss Falisya @ 2months

In terms of look, both of them has slowly building up their own feature, yet still maintaining the similarities with their big brother...satu acuan la katakan, hihi! :) Differentiating them has become easier than before. Both of them also have different personalities. Faiqa is the cool sister,
more relax. Most of the time, her routine is more straightforward. She wakes up, drink her milk2, and off to lalaland. She will only be awake to play and cooing in the evening. She is tolerant too, just cuddle and distract her, she can wait for her turn to be fed. Unlike her, Falisya is very demanding. Don't expect to delay feeding her when the times come, she will cry out of her lung as if being beaten or compromise at all :P She loves to be pampered. She will sleep soundly in your arms but will instantly wake up once you put her in the cot. Very light sleeper. She is very active too! She will be awake most of the time, looking around, cooing and playing with the toys hanging near her.

Despite their differences, they are still twins. Sometimes, one will suddenly cry when the other does it, one will be awake if she sense the other is not around her in the cot. The best part, both of them will smile while sleeping right after being fed...rasa bahagia and semangat nak bf even though terlalu banyak halangannya. Alhamdulillah, until today I managed to exclusive breastfeeding both babies (although Faiqa had been given formula milk on her day 1 in the hospital as she can't stop shivering due to low sugar in her blood when she was born). May Allah continue to provide me this privilege longer, to make up the loss during Faaz's time. Ameen.

Can't wait to see their next milestones. In the meantime, I just love to communicate with my girls through conversation, music and soft toys :)