Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to Work Again

After 2 months and 3 weeks off I finally stepping my feet again at Cyberjaya last Monday and officially hold back the working mommy status. As expected, it was hard...harder than before as I was leaving not only one, but three precious gems at home.

"Mommy stay at home pliiiiisss. Mommy dont work forever laaah!"
(siap "forever" lagik :P)
that was what Faaz said to me when I told him that I have to work on Monday. If only I can, son..huhu

my faaz..

Faiqa and Falisya? They were too small to talk but amazing, surprisingly...after the last direct feeding before I made a move to work, both my girls smiled widely for like 1 minute! subhanallah...menitik air mata. How I wished I can stay at home with my darlings instead! T_T

my girls..

Frankly, I expected nothing much when I came to work. Firstly, my close friends were not around as most of the people in my department are away for oversea assignment. I was right, only 4 of my colleagues were presence in the office when I arrived. Secondly, my new manager was away from the office on Monday so there's no update for me. Quite a boring day but surprisingly time flew so fast that without I realized, it's time to go home! Percaya tak?

Mana taknya, to begin with I forgot the system password for my working laptop thus it took the IT man 1/2 hour to load the new password. Then, when I finally managed to log in, 1536 unread mails waited in my outlook. It took me few hours just to clear/reply/delete 'em!! Next, I have to update my consultant CV for the next project and settle the claims for the past 3 months, during my absence. Very occupied kan? :)

Alhamdulillah, despite that I managed to do the pumping session and for this very 1st time I managed to collect a total of 17oz of ebm. Not that much compared to the twins need which is 24oz per day but I pray hard that it will get better as the days go by...positive, positive! :) Ape ape pun, doa dan tawakkal banyak2 pada Allah swt...insyaAllah. Thank you to all my darling friends for the doa and encouragement *hugs*. I really, really appreciate it because it's not an easy job. Macam2 dugaan datang!

1st day session at the office..

Yesterday, I've met my new manager, a very technical person as compared to the previous one who wasmore on the managerial side. Interesting. So far he has been very understanding and considerate...I've been excused from the company's team building (yay! don't have to leave my children for 2days!) and I've been secured to a local project for 6 months. I am now based in customer's office in PJ so from now on, it's a hello to the Faderal Highway and bubbye LDP/Elite Highway! :P


mommyNadia said...

awesome Nad!!
gud job..InsyaAllah,lama2 nanti lagi stable collection bm tu ;)

dyana "his other half" said...

ala, ayat faaz tu mmg buat aunty pun cair la. tak sampai hati. huhu.

bestnya tgk nadia dpt pump banyak camtu. insya allah, harap lepas ni bertambah2 lagi rezeki faiqa n falisya.

Mimy Hamid said...

wah mummy dah keje...mesti rindu giler ngan faaz n the twins kan...alolo...sempat bf u pakai brand apa yer...then nak ..u tanya...sapa jaga the twins n faaz..u ada maid ke

mommaholicSURI said...

Alhamdulillah. 17 oz minggu ni. I doakan minggu2 akan dtg, satu hari at work u boleh pump 30 oz amin. :)
I think Faaz mesti occupied jugak at home. Tolong nani dia jaga adik- adik. :)
Happy working, Nadia. Welcome to Federal Highway. Kalau sebelah- sebelah tu, kita hai hai bai bai k. hihi

ishamizu said...

Alahai mmg cair dgr Faaz ckp mcm tu hihi

Nway, good job dear, byk tu 17oz skali session!! Murah rezeki twins! InsyaAllah btmbh2 murah lg lps ni happy betul dgr! Sbb izu tk pnh dpt sbyk tu per session taw. Hehehe. Keep it up k!;)

Nadine said...


TQ darling, ameen! doakan ye :)


Cee D,

Faaz mmg mulut manis tau :) Ntah dari mana dia blajar. Alhamdulillah, dulu tak merasa mcm ni. Tp tula, banyak pun still blum cukup utk 2 org la Cee D, tengah berusaha ni. Ameen, mudah-mudahan :)

Nadine said...


Sangat :( Ada berpuluh kali kot duk belek2 gamba/video diaorg..huhu.

U mean the pump? I pakai Medela Freestyle. Really recommended :)

Skang yg jaga my kids is my MIL. Still x dpt helper lagi jadi me and hubby kena gilir2 work from home utk support. Hopefully we'll find someone soon!

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah. Awwwwwh, so nice of u! Ameen! TQ dear. Hihi, mmg. First skali dia jadi monitor pada d twins. Kalau salah sorang nangis, dia la pegi report kat Nani dia. Then jadi tukang ambil things, tukang buang dirty diapers, tukang cheer the twins and tukang bagi pacifier. Tagline dia bila adik2 dia nangis ape tau you, "superFaaz to the rescue!!" Hahaha!

Thanks! Tula, skang baru I rasa ape u rasa everytime terstuck dlm jam (my 1st experince was yesterday evening. restless ok!!). Sure, tp kalau tak ternmpk tu jgn marah tau. I slalu tak perasan org kalau tgh drive. heeee..

Nadine said...


Ameen, TQ dear. Izu tak pernah dpt sblum ni sbb Izu punye demand utk seorang je kan? Nadia demandnye utk dua org, jadi banyak la sket. Still, as I said, supply nye masih blum cukup. Risau gak sbb next week dh start busy, sempat ke nak pump consistantly..dhla kena up kan supply. Oh, malas nak pk! just go with the flow n doa je la. Malas nak kusutkan fikiran. Positive, positive! :)

Aleyn said...

MEsti berat jer hati on ur 1st day of work after a looooong break..kan kan...especialy when u hv to leave ur small ones'll pass.....once u get the hang of it...insyaAllah

LyDiA said...

welcome back to work nadia!

kita jumpe october nanti hehe =)

Anonymous said...

Nadia jgn lupa amik suplement tuk tambahh susu n kesihatan badan... happy breast-feeding

Nadine said...


I mmg dh start amik supplement for both since I tau I pregnant twins, in fact I still consuming till now :)

TQ so much!! :)

~Rushes~ said...

Hey...I was expressing 15 oz every 3 hours!! canu believe it? This was when twins were in NICU. When they home I found it harder and harder to make time to express..they didnt feed directly because they preferred the bottle. Well...from 3 hours, it became every 4 hours, then 6 hours..then thrice a day, then twice a day, then once a day...and I ended up with only 2 oz milk PER DAY! they've been on formula for almost a month now. I feel horribly guilty.

I was using the Medela mini electric.

Nadine said...


InsyaAllah, hopefully soon. skang ni dh ok sket tp sentiasa wondering how are they? what are they doing? rindu x usah ckpla... :)

Nadine said...


TQ, TQ :)

October??! LAMBATnyeeeer! :(

Nadine said...


Subhanallah! ur so LUCKY my dear!! Oh my, it dropped to 2oz? Issokay dear, u tried ur best. I know it's not easy to be a housewife and manage 3 kids at the same time. Maybe its written that theirs is only until that time...dont feel that bad, at least you have successfully BF Missy last time, rite ;)

Like me, I failed during Faaz time so with the twins I strive as hard as I can as I really want to BF my babies like any other mothers. Perhaps the thought that MAYBE this is the last chance that keeps me going on. However, I tell you my journey is not that easy, we'll see how long I can survive. Wish me luck! :)

kak ina kl said...

salam ziarah nadine..bestnya tgk baby kembar kamu. comel

madammondoq said...

baru dapat tengok si kembar yg gorjes tu.. jelesss!!!

Nadine said...

Kak Ina,

TQ, I baru slamat ziarah blog akak. Sgt menarik. Nnti ada masa free nak baca all the backdated entries :)

Nadine said...


Hihi..mekacih2. Bila nak tambah 2nd one, best you ada baby girl! :D