Monday, September 26, 2011

Our 1432 Eid

Today is 28th Syawal 1432 which means two days left for this festive month to pass us by, so I guess it's not too late to post about Eid this year :)

Our Eid preparation this year was very modest. Most of the attention went to the kids, of course. I finished off my 44 days confinement a week before Eid and alhamdulillah, I managed to fast on the last 5 days of Ramadhan. At least ada jugak dari takde, ye tak? ;) Fasting was ok but energy will drained out by 5pm onwards..alhamdulillah, it was still manageable. Dates and multivitamins did help a lot.

As I only allowed to go out a week before Eid and Fadzil is only available during the weekend (he's working on weekdays), we only managed to do our "Raya" shopping on the last weekend before Eid. Very last minute, huh? Fadzil requested for BLUE color this year so BLUE it was! :) Co-incidentally Fadzil's Baju Melayu matches the blue kurung which I bought for my SIL solemnisation last December. Since I've only wore it once, I decided not to buy a new kurung this year. Faaz also have a matching Baju Melayu, which was bought for the same function but never been worn as it was too big at that time. Just nice! ;) Jimat cermat this year..hihi.

~1st Syawal 1432~

This year, the 1st Syawal 1432 was celebrated in modest but joyful as now we have the twins. As usual, our 1st Raya was in USJ with my in laws. As everyone was so excited to see the twins, my in laws house was flooded with relatives from after Eid prayer until midnight. Tired I must say but all of us had fun catching up with each frequent do we have this opportunity in our busy daily life, if not because of special occasion, right? :) We don't even have time to snap the proper family photos with the in laws. What we managed to snap were few photos before Fadzil went to Eid prayer, only via iphone. Let see what we have in our collection.... :)

Faaz Naqi, early in the morning.
He got ready even before his Daddy...macam dia yang nak pegi solat sunat aidilfitri :D

A cheeky boy himself, within a minute the pose has turn into this...
(don't ask me what type of pose was this :P)

Then came the daddy and together they pose...who's the cutest?? :P

Me and Faiqa Nayra was the last to get ready.
But where's Falisya Nayla?
Hihi..awal2 dah kena kidnap with her Nana :)

Me, Faiqa & Faaz (with his "peace" sign).
Lately, it's his favourite pose.
Nasib dah pandai :P

A family friend was kind enough to give us a cake for Aidilfitri and Faaz insist to cut it. When asked what cake was that, he said it's a birthday raya cake. Hihihi

Finally, yours truly with the other half...
just before I served him breakfast (sempat lagi tu :P)

That was it. No "us" family photo :( Lucky us, among all the relatives who came that morning, Fadzil niece, Tasya was kind enough to capture us using her DSLR cammie. If not because of her, there will be no F&N family photo this year. Thank you so much Sya! You saved the day! :)

Us in BLUE
Check out Faaz's and Falisya's hand - "We are 5!" Hihihi..
Heart this photo to bits! :)

Faaz, Mommy & Daddy.. Peace memang tak tinggal punya ;)

Datin Abby (Tasya's Mom/Fadzil's eldest cousin) and the twinnies
Both were admiring her beauty :)

Tasya and her bestfriend... Bukan main lagi lentoknya! :)

But when asked to pose with his mommy,
this was what I got..cet! :P

~2nd Syawal 1432~

Second day of Eid was spent in Gombak, my mom's place. We went back there on the evening of 1st Eid and had the scrumptious Rendang "Nogori" as well as Johorian food prepared with love by mak. Terbaek! :)

We got ready quite early the next morning and went out to visit relatives who lives in the Klang Valley area. Minimal photos were taken as we were too busy to eat, talk and eat again. Hehehe..

Twinnies with their Tok Mak, as soon as they got ready in the morning :)

Some of the houses that we visited...

When we arrived home in the evening, Mommy's girls were all tired...
poor lil things.
Takpela ye, dapat banyak duit raya.. :P

~3rd Syawal 1432~

We were out the whole day as well as we have 4 open house invitations from the relatives to be fulfilled. We started off from USJ to Sunway to Sri Kembangan and finished off in Putra Heights. Around Subang/Puchong area je :)

Again, me in BLUE..hihi I only managed to pose on the door on the 3rd day of Eid.. Kesian... :P

Cheeky Faaz n Me at Aunty Gayah's place. Again, I failed to get his decent pose...sabar je la

Falisya slept the whole time at Aunt Gayah's place. Dapatla mommy makan 2 round. Hihihi

At cousin Rehana place for Mariam Pupu (aunty) & Azranaz's Birthday Party that evening...

Cousin Fouziah was so excited to see the twins for the first time...
She even babysit Faiqa for 20 mins. Sempatla Mommy enjoyed the food..hihi

Later that night, at Khairul's (our uni friend) parents' place for BBQ Faaz and his partner in crime; Emir were having their own sweet time. :P Siap landing atas lantai lagi my boy. haihs!

That was pretty much of our Eid this year. By right, we should have more photos it was the busiest Raya for us so far, non-stop attending open house invitations. But with the twins, memang tak menang tangan!


kella said...

Hai Nad! =)
sempat singgah blog nad yang dah lama kita tak tinggal jejak kan..
harap nad tak berkecil hati..
kita memang tak berkesempatan sekarang ni nak dok kat blog.. =)

ceria gembira hari raya nad kan..
bertambah ceria dengan kehadiran sikembar itu.. Alhamdulillah.. =)
faaz pun dah makin besar.. makin ensem.. =)
suka tengok gambar u all sekeluarga kat atas tu... best

take care nad sekeluarga ya..
panjang umur nak jumpa dengan nad... nak jumpa faaz dan adik adiknya... dan ibunya sekali espeacially... =)

(kita sedang cuti ni.. tu yang boleh jalan2 blog.. ) hehe

madammondoq said...

wah.. u punya blue pun nicelah!! faaz hensem in blue.. eh.. fauziah gaus cousin u ke? syoknyer!! leh bawak i jumpa die nanti yek..

ishamizu said...

Alhamdulillah, meriah sguh raya bsama si kembar yg comel tu. Mst byk collection kn?;) faaz pon handsome la pki bju melayu tu.:) nway, Raya nadia blue theme sguh la, biru mata hitam izu. Hihihi. Tp nice, semua sedondon i loikee And u dear sgt slim hokeyy! Cayalah..!:)

| SUE | said...

Assalam Nadia,

Wah uols look blue! Hehheehe...cantiknya biru tu even kita tak suka kaler biru. Royal blue kah ini?

Meriahnya raya u ni. Semua cantik², comey², hensem². Bertambah seronok lagi dengan adanyer twins. Tak snap gambar rendang raya ke?...hahaa kiter terlupa snap..sebok makan je...

Mimy Hamid said...

biru theme sefamilia...yeayyyy..nad i think u suka blue ye...pernah tgk ur baju raya theme i salah yer la kot...dan paling best tahun ni faaz opcos dah besar dah tau bestnya beraya sambil kutip duit raya dan u dah ada si gegurl kembar...terus anak jadi 3...wowwwwwwww bestnya nad...happy family..kirim salam fauziah ghous

mommaholicSURI said...

Waaaaa... theme color raya you all pun Blue jugak ek? hihi.. samer!! Anne pun Blue jugak!! macam berjanji-janji pulak :)

Meriahnyer Raya you tahun Ni NAdine. Even though xpakai baju Raya baru (tapi tetap gorgeous), tapi tahun ni meriah sebab member of you family dan jadi 5. wau!!!!


Nadine said...

Hi Kella! :)

Eh no worries lah, cpt atau lambat, janji u dh tak lupa kat I/Faaz..hihi.

alhamdulillah, raya tahun ni sgt ceria dgn kehadiran cahayamata baru. nak nak gugurls kan. excited! :)

Awwwwh, thanks dear. I pun teringin sgt nak jumpa dgn you tau. Insyaallah, the time will come one day ;)

wah, bestnya cuti!! hihi

Nadine said...


Hihi tula you, majority kawan2 I sume theme biru thn ni..go blue go! :D

Fouziah cousin my hubby, papa diaorg adik beradiks. sure, nnti kalau ada event kat rumah I dia dtg I roger u ek? :)

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, collection sgt memuaskan..hehe. rezeki si kembar, abg Faaz pun dpt tempiasnye :)

Wah, biru mata hitam Izu?? Dah jadi mat salleh london la ni..hihihi. Tgk2 balik gamba betulla Izu, very d blue..sampai raya ke 3 kot! haha! nak buat cemana, kami pencinta BIRU! :)

Izu, nampak je sgt slim, hakikatnye tak spt dulu. Izu lagi slim dr Nadia tau.Confirm!!

Nadine said...

W'salam Sue,

Yes dear, inilah warna royal blue...supposed to be our last year's theme color tp tak jadi atas masalah teknikal. hik!

Tq, Tq! Awww Sue ni, kembang I skejap. Hehehe. Mmg seronok now dh ramai family members. Rasa beso lak family I. Cemana la org ade anak 6-7 kan? :)

Hahaha, nak snap family photo pun mengharap ihsan org, inikan nak snap gamba food, Sue. Mmg nan ado! hehe

Nadine said...


Yes dear, warna peberet I! hihi :) Akceli as a family blum pernah ade theme biru you. Tapi my modern kurung tu I pernah pakai masa my SIL's wedding :)

duit raya Faaz n twins mmg masyuk tahun ni. i guess sume org pretty excited dgn the first twins in both families :)

insyaAllah dear, will do bila I jumpa dia lagi.

Nadine said...


Tula, madam pun theme biru tahun ni. Blue rules!! :D

Yes dear, tiba2 je ber5! Rasa ramai plak. Nak-nak bila naik keta. Penuh isi kereta tu. Hehehe

kak ina kl said...

akak pun suka warna biru..happy dan ceria family kamu kan. tak sangka fauziah tu sepupu hb kamu..nanti leh lah jemput akak ek.

Nadine said...

Yay! bertambah geng biru! i loike! :)
Hihi, boleh2 ada event sure I invite akak punye..