Thursday, September 8, 2011

Twinnies @ 2 Months Old

Salam Aidilfitri Dear Readers, :)

Twinnies, early morning of 07.09.2011

Yesterday marked 2 months since the twins were born and in few more days I will start to work again *sob* :(. After 2 weeks of m.c + 2 months maternity leave + 1 week of Raya leave, no doubt I will need a big head start in getting back the momentum to be a working mom again. Especially since we have no luck yet in finding a helper, the mind is constantly thinking of "quitting the job" & "be a full time housewife" I wished! :P If only we can afford it...*sigh*

Anyway, lets talk about the twins' development. Alhamdulillah, both Faiqa & Falisya are growing healthily. Although they are not as significantly chubby as other babies, we can feel the increase in weight (haven't got the chance to weigh them yet tho, the next appointment with the Pediatrician will only be on next month). I can say that both girls inherits Fadzil's gene when it comes to height. Currently, Faiqa is 59cm in height while Falisya, who looks smaller than Faiqa is 60cm in height which is lesser by 3cm from Faaz's when he was at their age. Falisya ni rangka kecil, just like me :). In fact, we share the same weight when we were born -2.2kg :) I guess that's why she look smaller than her sister.

Miss Faiqa @ 2 months

Miss Falisya @ 2months

In terms of look, both of them has slowly building up their own feature, yet still maintaining the similarities with their big brother...satu acuan la katakan, hihi! :) Differentiating them has become easier than before. Both of them also have different personalities. Faiqa is the cool sister,
more relax. Most of the time, her routine is more straightforward. She wakes up, drink her milk2, and off to lalaland. She will only be awake to play and cooing in the evening. She is tolerant too, just cuddle and distract her, she can wait for her turn to be fed. Unlike her, Falisya is very demanding. Don't expect to delay feeding her when the times come, she will cry out of her lung as if being beaten or compromise at all :P She loves to be pampered. She will sleep soundly in your arms but will instantly wake up once you put her in the cot. Very light sleeper. She is very active too! She will be awake most of the time, looking around, cooing and playing with the toys hanging near her.

Despite their differences, they are still twins. Sometimes, one will suddenly cry when the other does it, one will be awake if she sense the other is not around her in the cot. The best part, both of them will smile while sleeping right after being fed...rasa bahagia and semangat nak bf even though terlalu banyak halangannya. Alhamdulillah, until today I managed to exclusive breastfeeding both babies (although Faiqa had been given formula milk on her day 1 in the hospital as she can't stop shivering due to low sugar in her blood when she was born). May Allah continue to provide me this privilege longer, to make up the loss during Faaz's time. Ameen.

Can't wait to see their next milestones. In the meantime, I just love to communicate with my girls through conversation, music and soft toys :)


| SUE | said...

Hi Faiqa, Hello Falisya!!

mommyNadia said...

They were both look the same..
tak boleh nak beza!

congrats for ur 2 mos smooth journey in bf!and all the best for 6mos exclusive bf Nad..Pray for ur success dear!

ishamizu said...

Alhamdulillah both peincesses sht. Itu yg penting kan! Tahniah still bf them. Doakan izu jgk k..dah start belajar ni anythung can happen hopefully i cn still fully bf zafri too. Amin.

Nway happy back to work! Goodluck! Mst mix feeling kan? Harini hr pertama izu kt uni, mmg mix feeling ada. Huhu.

Mimy Hamid said...

gegirl twin dah besar...boolat sudah...comey nyaaaaaaaaaa.....geram la kalau kembar ni..seronok je tgk gelagat

mommaholicSURI said...

I doakan sangat-sangat u berjaya exclusive bf both girls sampai 6 months. Lagi baik, sampai 2 tahun. Amin :)

I can imagine how busy you're as a mother now, Nadine. Sure x cukup tangan kan? But i'm sure you receive a lot of helps from you lovely families. Abam Faaz mesti rajin jugak assist mommy nih.

About maid, i doakan one day you can get one yang baik and boleh assist you doing house chores.

Kiss to the twin!! and abam Faaz. :)

dyana "his other half" said...

comele je both twins. susah juga cd nak cam diaorg kalau diaorg dok skali. tp yg cd perasan falisya nampak cam faaz masa baby dulu kan. ke cd silap eh. hehe.

insya allah, cd doakan nadia berjaya BF diaorg selama mungkin. tak kisah la berapa lama pun. janji u had try ur very best. bukan senang nak BF twins. but i know nadia kuat semangat :).

Nadine said...


On behalf of the twins, "Helloooo aunty Sue yg suwit!" :)



Still look the same meh? us yg tgk hari2 ni dh lain dh feature diaorg :)

TQ so much, sifu! really appreciate ur support. Still a long way to go and a lot of obstacles. Smoga diberikan rezeki berpanjangan dan kekuatan...ameen :)

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, TQ dear. InsyaAllah Izu, sama2 la kita. Tp Izu dh ade bnyk experience, sure no prob punye. Good luck on your study dear! :)

Oh, definitely! Lucky bnyk sgt benda nak kena buat so tak sedar time flew!

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, tq dear. Nanti anak u lahir pun mesti comels! :)

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, thank u so much, really appreciate it. Ameen!

At first, mmg sgt tunggang langgang hidup ni. Waktu makan, mandi, tido mmg out terus. Slowly as they grow, their pattern changes n things slowly getting better. Alhamdulillah, family members are really helpful. Abam Faaz lagila, rajin sgt2, mmg boleh disuruh. Sejuk perut I :)

TQ dear, will do. Kisses to Oman Chan! ;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Exactly, mmg suma org pernah tgk faaz masa baby ckp falisya ade iras faaz. Betul pun, kalau banding both of their babies photos, mcm kembar jugak! :)

Awwwwwh, thank you dear for believing in me and ur support too all this while. So lucky that I have you as a friend :)