Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Create Memories With Mum Getaway

Recently, I was invited by Nuffnang Malaysia to join the 'Create Memories with Mum' Workshop and it was held at Aman Rimba Estate, Janda Baik. The one day workshop was organized and supported by Her World Magazine while the MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) HPV Vaccination Program for Teen is supported by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharmaceuticals. The workshop aims to educate both mothers and daughters on the risk of cervical cancer and how it can be prevented.

The invitation :)

I was so excited to receive the invitation at first since it was my very first Nuffnang event. However, deep inside I felt guilty to leave my children especially the twins at home with their daddy on weekend. Being someone who is supportive and understanding, my other half managed to convince me to join this workshop and I am glad I did :) Not only I had fun involved in the activities and meeting new blogger friends (whom obviously are famous!), I am now aware of cervical cancer and its prevention. Really, really useful for someone who has daughters like me!

Us, while waiting for the bus to arrive.
From left: KakInaKL, Madammondoq, MommyNadia and yours truly :)

Nadine & Nadia all ready to take off...Janda Baik here we come!!

We gathered at Blu Inc. Media office in PJ by 8a.m and from there we were transported to Janda Baik via express bus. The journey to Aman Rimba Estate took about 1 hr 30 min. As the road was pretty narrow as it goes further inside, our bus had to stop halfway in Janda Baik and we had to walk further to Aman Rimba. It was pretty tiring as the sun already shines brightly but as soon as we saw the tranquil scenary especially the river and the wooden bungalows, we became excited and anxious at the same time!

Walking in style...ehehe :P

The river with clear see-through water...made it so tempting. Feels like jumping inside on the spot! Hihi.

As expected, Aman Rimba is a beautiful place! The lush greenery surrounding and the Balinese concept deco gave a warmed welcome. Without hesitant, me and mommaholicsuri quickly took a photo in front of the main entrance. We love every bits of it! ;)

The first thing we did upon reaching here of course was filling our empty stomach with scrumptious breakfast. Nasi Lemak, Lontong and nyummylicious traditional dessert were among the menu.

My nasi lemak ayam goreng...nyummeh!

As the Malay saying, "Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut senang hati", all the participants were focused when the briefing was given by Her World representative afterwards. The first activity The first activity of the workshop was the treasure hunt. Before the game started, all the participants were grouped up into 5 teams; YELLOW, BLUE, ORANGE, SILVER & PINK. Coincidentally, I got the pink ribbon which means I was in the PINK theme, matching with my top! Hihi…

The briefing session

Mommy bloggers in different groups.

Spot my hand! :P

There were 9 main task plus 1 bonus task to be completed within an hour. Among the tasks that we have to perform includes taking photos of listed exotic plants around the estate, solving riddles, paper cutting activity and searching for hidden items.

I was the only mommy blogger in my team, the rest are pairs of mother-daughter. It was nice to see the bonding between mothers and daughters in solving the problem and finishing a task. Seriously, I wished the twinnies will grow fast cause I’m so looking forward to have my mother-daughter session with them ;)

Justify Full

Mother-daughter bonding session...a memory has been created! :)

After lunch, we proceed with the second activity, the most important activity of the day: a talk on cervical cancer. The talk entitled “Protecting against Cervical Cancer Together” and it was given by Dr. Yap Moy Juan, the Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist of The Fetal Medicine & Gynecology Center Petaling Jaya.

First of all, we were educated on HPV and cervical cancer and here are some important facts that I would like to share with you dear readers:

  • Cervical cancer begins in the cervix – part of the uterus that opens to the vagina.
  • Cervical cancer is caused by persistent infection with an extreme common and contagious virus: the human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • How it is transmitted?
  • Who are at high risk?
  • What are the prevention levels?

Did you know that globally, cervical cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death among women, killing one woman every two minutes? Scary isn’t it? :( In Malaysia itself, cervical cancer is the 3rd most common cancer among Malaysian females after breast and colorectal cancer. It is even scarier to know that in 1998, 7.9% of all cancer admissions in government hospitals were due to cervical cancers, of which 10.5% died from the disease :(

As a way of prevention and giving awareness among Malaysian women, the Ministry of Health undertake a HPV National Immunisation Program (NIP) to protect 13 year old/Form 1 girls against the most common strains of cancer-causing HPV since 2010 and earlier this year, the MMA HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens was launched by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) with the support from GSK Pharmaceutical.

“What is the MMA HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens is all about?” one might ask.

Well, this program aims to give cervical cancer vaccination to teenage girls from 14 to 19 years of age where they will received two of the three doses of vaccination at an access price while the third dose will be provided FREE of charge. MMA believes that all teens (girls) should be protected among this disease and given fair access to the vaccination.

It is a 9-months programme, which started from 1st March 2011 till 31st December 2011 for Wilayah Persekutuan and from 1st June 2011 till 31st December 2011 extended nationwide.

In order to sign up for this programme, the parent/guardian signature is needed in the first place. Then, go to any participating clinics closest to where you live to get the vaccination. For the list of participating clinics, kindly dial the hotline number: 1800 22 8688 (Monday-Friday between 10:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m excluding public holiday). Payment will be made in two equal installments of RM233 upon the administration of the 1st and 2nd dose of the vaccine. The doses will be given in a six months period where the 2nd dose is a month apart from the 1st dose and the final dose will be given six months later.

For more information on this program, you can log on their Facebook page here. Ladies, do check it out ya! :)

Mrs. Victoria Victor and daughter Pamela Victor, are one of the mother-daughter pair who participates in this workshop. Pamela has successfully completed her full course of HPV vaccination. According to her, everyone should be protected against cervical cancer and take the necessary prevention action.

Pamela and her mother being interviewed..

I totally agree with Pamela and what her mom did for her is the right thing – PROTECTING her daughter. InsyaAllah, I will do the same too when the twins reached 14 years old. Mommies, we want the best for our children, don’t we? ;)

What about us, mommies? What type of prevention that we have?
The answer is, do pap smear once a year as prevention :)

A mother and daughter bonds well on things related to either beauty, fashion or cooking. Therefore, after the talk it was the time for demo and trial sessions by Origins and Victoria Jackson Cosmetics. Everyone was excited, not to forget including yours truly…hihi.

Me with Nuurill & ladynoe, both has flawless skin. Jeles ok :)

We had the privilege to attend the exclusive preview of Origin’s Plantscription range and anti-aging eye treatment, together with a pampering skincare session.

The Plantscription range: the anti-wrinkle solution

Before the skin-pampering sessions started, we were given a set of questionnaire to find out how old is our skin *gulp!* Being someone who has neverending skin problem, I already guessed that my skin must be older than my biological age. True enough, my skin are 6 years older than me…huwaaaa! :(

The questionnaire..

Next, we were taught on the technique of Plantscription Firming and Lifting Massage via demo as well as through the presentation slide…

Massage Demo..

Steps to do firming and lifting massage

Victoria Jackson Cosmetic on the other hand provided us with make up demo as well as sharing the tips on how to allure natural looks with their makeup range which is suitable with their tagline, The “No Makeup” Makeup :)

The demo showed us on how to apply makeup during the day, as well as function makeup. Being someone who is not a maestro in makeup, I find the tips given by their makeup artist were very useful to me. Here’s one of the tutorials that I managed to record:

“What Is The Right Technique to Apply Foundation?”

Finally, it was our turn to pamper our skin and try out the Victoria Jackson’ range…weeee! :D

The VJ range, waiting for us to try…

Us, after the makeover in natural makeup. Victoria Jackson model wannabe :P

Tea was served before the prize giving ceremony for the treasure hunt that we had earlier. The 1st prize goes to YELLOW team, who won VJ range cosmetics worth RM150. 2nd place goes to team ORANGE, who won Origins product worth RM140. My team won the 3rd place and we took home Her World Limited Edition Stamp Collection….jadila :)

Her World limited edition stamp

The winners! :)

We had a quick photography session with all the participants of this workshop before we bid goodbye to Aman Rimba. We were also given goodie bag courtesy of Her World Magazine. Mucho gracias!! :)

The mommy bloggers with Yuen of Nuffnang :)

From left: Sheila Shower, Ceeramoon, Nadine, Yuen, MommyNadia, Mommaholicsuri, KakInaKL. In front from left: LadyNoe, Viruspadu, FoxyFarah :)

The whole team of "Create Memories with Mum" event

my goodie!! :)

Thank you Nuffnang, GSK Pharmaceutical & Her World Magazine for the invitation!

Overall, it was a fun and educating outdoor gateway. Besides new friendship (and of course the goodie bag..hihi), I brought back home 4 important messages:

Stay healthy,

Fight Cervical Cancer,

Provide protection to your daughter through HPV vaccination,


Protect yourself via pap smear


Disclaimer: *This is a sponsored post*


madammondoq said...

wau!! nice and good review dear!!!

mommaholicSURI said...

Best kan kita dapat pergi event ni?? Belajar sambil berhibur dan dapat bermake up. :)

MommyNadia, rugi you tak jalan dengan I and Nadine masa pergi. Kalau tak mesti dah ada gambar you "Walk in Style" jugak. hehehehehe :)

Nice entry, Nadine. I have to keep remind myself, Pap smear... Owh!!!

| SUE | said...

Bestnyer korang!

Video how to apply foundation tu tkleh tgk lah...private katanye...

kella said...

wahh.. untung nya nad.... =)
best kan.. dapat jumpa blogger2 lain semua...
yang penting, nad nampak sangat la slim.. macam bukan baru lepas besalin je.. =)

Merryn said...

I did my pap smear on that monday right after the event... takut giler :D

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya goodies bag tu n sedapnya nasi lemak tu. hehe.

Diyana Didie said...

wah bestnya program nie..berguna info psl cancer tue..thanks kak.

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thank you so much for the encouragement. Would love to do better in future, if ada peluang. Kena banyak blajar dgn you, cik blogger tegar :)

Nadine said...


Best!! :) Bertambah best dpt hangout with u and Nad. Lama kot we tak gether2. Cuma yg tak best bab time management tu la kan. I'm not fond of going back that late. sehari suntuk kot, sian my family..

Hahaha! Tak bleh blah tul kan d way I jalan :P Takpela, skali skala over. kalau tak I jalan kendong baby, takleh nak walk in style nnti ade yg terpelecok. Hihihi :) Thinking of it again rasa rugi plak haritu kita tak stop main2 air sket kan. Haihs! mmg kena dtg bawak family berendam kt sana la! :)

TQ dear, oh yes! jgn lupa buat setahun skali, mine due this Dec! ;)

Nadine said...


Mmg best Sue, bkn senang nak dpt this kind of opportunity :)

Oh dear, TQ so much for highlighting it. I betul2 terlupa nak tukar d privacy setting. Now dh boleh view :) Sila2, blajar technique to apply foundation correctly ;)

Nadine said...


Memang seronok dapat jumpa blogger2 lain, dah la masing2 famous. Rasa kecik je diri ni :)

Awwwwh, so sweet of u to say that. Takde sgt slim pun Kella, still got few kgs to shed off. Susah jugak nak turun ni, I makan non-stop. Tp takpela, as long as my babies dpt healthy supplement from my milk, I rela berkorban ;)

Nadine said...


Hey, thanks for dropping by! Kalau tak surely I can't find ur url. Pardon me, I lupa nak betul2 berkenalan dgn you haritu. Nama pun lupa tanya *blush*

Wah, that is so efficient of you! good, good. anything related to health shouldn't be delayed, aite? Mine is due in Dec, cause the last time I did it was last Dec. So far, I haven't missed to it yearly from year 2008 (when I got pregnant with my son). If not because of my gynea who always reminded me, for sure I malas :P

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hehehe, mmg best la jugak. Nak2 FREE stuff kan. Owh, Fadzil said the same when he read this post - Nasi Lemak tu mmg sedap kot. Akceli, semua food they serve sgt sedap! Nadia makan banyak ok! :P

Nadine said...


Yes dear, mmg seronok. lagi2 lama dh akak tak attend program mcm ni. last team building company la kot, sblum pregnantkan twins dulu :)

ur most welcome my dear. glad to know this post benefited you. since Didie pun dah kawin now, jangan lupa buat pap smear once a year k dik! :)

mommyNadia said...

*tarik nafas...hembus....*

dear,this is my 3rd time writing comment here..i dunno lah what happen to my internet prob kat offc ni..grrr!!!

so,cut it short..I nak cakap I jeles u and Mea ada walk in style picture..jeles hokey!!hehehe..
takpe next time, we take more picture in style,nanti selalu ber'event' ngan u'ol..I boleh belajar to have in style picture too aww!! ;)

*harap kali ni tak sangkut lagik..huh!!*

Nadine said...


Alahai kesiannya you! Oh well, kali ni ur comment berjaya through, yay! ;)

hehehe, kasi chance la babe. we have to walk agak jauh ye dgn matahari yg memancar dgn cerahnya! u dalam aircond, we all fresh air je. Hihi. Okeh, set! InsyaAllah kalau Nuffnang sudi nak invite I lagi :)

Anonymous said...

Been following u since d early days. Now sudah up lagi buat sponsored post ya. Good to know! Keep up the good writing Nadine! Would love to read more! =)

Nadine said...

Hello Anonymous,

Awwwh, thank you so much for being a regular reader. Really appreciated. :)InsyaAllah, will try my best to keep on blogging :)

my.mastura said... nye dpt alat mekap..hahahahaha

ishamizu said...

Nice n3 dear, full with good info n reminders. Izu pon Tak pnh buat pap smear, sini ptt dh arrange apmnt tp buat tatau je..sbb our GP is a postpone dulu. :P

Nway, tq for sharing! Suka tgk gmbr2 uol yg ala2 model tuh :P