Friday, October 21, 2011

The Day My Twins Were Born

I know its been a while since my babies were born, and only today I managed to blog about it...ish, ish! Well, the first two months were really hectic with countless sleepless night and so was the first month of started working (blamed it to the new project I'm in). Lucky I had made the draft of it from the first week of delivery thus no 'crackin-my-head' to recall this historical day of mine is needed :)

Just like my first delivery in 2009, I had to undergo Cesarean section (c-sec) delivery for the second time as well. Due to my size and the weight I was carrying, Dato' Dr. Siti (my gynea) decided that it's the best for me to deliver the babies as soon as they reached their full terms; from week 36 onwards. After discussing with my other half whom at that moment was on a business trip to the Scandinavian land, we decided to wait till week 37. It was Fadzil that decided on the date...

The special day that will remains in Fadzil's & my memory was on Thursday 07-07-2011...

Dr. Siti had booked the OT for the 1.30pm slot a month ahead and we had pre-booked the single room on the very same day. However, a day before delivery an SDMC personnel called to inform us that there was no available single room thus I will be staying in a two-bedded room until the single room is available. I told her that I really need a single room as soon as possible as I will deliver a pair of babies. For your information, Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) only allows visitor to spend a night with the patience who stays in single room. Can you imagine me, with the pain that I have to go through after the operation and stays alone in the room with two babies?! scary isn't it?? T_T

Previously, I can't sleep the night before the delivery cause I was too scared of the whole operation thingy. This time I was more calm and relax as I know what to expect. But still, it was hard to close the eyes that night, it was a bit melancholy thinking that the time has come that Faaz will no more be my only baby. How will he react? Can he cope with the divided attention after 2 years of unconditional love only for him? What about me...? Can I successfully breastfeeding the twins? Am I ready to be a mother of 3? Too many unanswered questions lingers on my mind until I fell asleep as I hugged my son tightly that night...zzzZZ

~9.30am, 7.7.2011~

Checked in at SDMC with Fadzil, Faaz and mama. I was fasting since 8 am prior to the delivery. Had Nasi Lemak cooked by mama and dates for breakfast. Drank plenty of water, hoping to have enough colostrum to feed the twins later on..

The two bedded room I was staying at first..

~10.00am, 7.7.2011~

First thing first, the nurse came to tag me. I wore a single tag but with two MRN numbers ( my guess: to differentiate the babies?). Then the short 'interview' for the record purpose started. Some of the question asked includes my last day of period? (of which I have no idea :P), how many weeks I was at that moment? do I have allergy with certain medication? I only highlighted to them that I have a history of severe gastric. Then, she briefed me on the room facilities, the buttons, the switches, etc...

the last photo of my super-duper huge tummy..
can't believe that I actually capable of carrying it! :D

me and my soon-to-be Abang Faaz.
Spot my sore eyes? sayu ok... :P

~10.30am, 7.7.2011~

Another nurse came to measure my blood pressure and my body temperature; this procedure was done for every hour. She then handed me my "uniform" :P. I was shaved *blushed* and then asked me to shower with a chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) shower gel to reduce the skin flora and to prevent from infection. As soon as I was all dressed up, they changed my tag...this time I had to wear two sets of tags; one for each baby..

My hospital's bracelets..ehehe

~11.00am, 7.7.2011~

Dr. Siti came to visit me. She done a thorough checkup of the babies for the very last time before the operation. Alhamdulillah, all was well...everything was in a good condition :) An hour later, the anesthesiologist came in to confirm with me what type of epidural I opt for, the benefit and the risks. Of course I opt for the Combined Spinal-Epidural (CSE) or known as the "Walking Epidural" as I want to breastfeed my babies after the surgery. Actually, I was hoping for Dato' Dr. Radha. He was my previous anesthesiologist, in fact the most famous anesthesiologist in SDMC. Was satisfied with his service the last time but no luck for me this time. Tapi tak kisahla, the Malay Dr. seems nice too (sorry doc I forgot your name..huhu).

~12.00pm, 7.7.2011~

It was already noon, and people had started to came and visited me. Papa took a half day leave and came straight from the office and aunty Faridah came from Sunway. Nothing much, we just chat and watched the tv while killing the time...

thank you for entertaining me while I was waiting! :)

~1.00pm, 7.7.2011~

My mother came as I was about to leave the room...just nice to bid me all the best for the delivery. All of them followed me as I was lying on the trolley, heading towards the operation theater. My heart beat faster, I was in mixed feeling, but calm. However, tears started to came out the minute I was about to go in the the OT room. Faaz looked at me with a sad eyes and full of worriness (seriously, I never seen him like that before) until Fadzil had to hug him and told him that "mommy is gonna be alright". Sayu sangat sangat... :( Both mothers kissed my forehead, followed by Fadzil and Faaz. I was then transported to the waiting bay inside the OT.

~1.30pm, 7.7.2011~

Sharped at 1.30pm, the nurses strolled me inside the Operation Theater room 2 together with my gynecologist and the anesthesiologist. As usual, Dr. Siti greeted me with a cheerful voice, "Hello Nor, are you ready to see your twins?", she asked with a warm smile...sejuk hati :) I had to sit up and bend down by holding a pillow and helped by nurses for the Epidural procedure. At first, I was so worried that I can't bend down due to my big stomach, alih-alih macam senang pulak. Pelik ok! Dr. pun puji. As expected, the Epidural shot was not that's only as if you were being pinch. Only a bit bellow as you feel the fluid coming in from the spinal towards your right and left legs.

As soon as the procedure ends, they placed me on the OT bed and prepared me. It was a bit chaos, the team was twice as before for the twins delivery. Everyone was so focused on their own task. I looked to my left side and saw two babies trolleys and warmers were already in placed, "Yes,'s not a dream. Two babies are finally coming out of your womb..." I told myself. They finally put a curtain really closed on my face and put an oxygen mask (really need it as it was hard to breath when I had to lie down with extra weight on top of me). "So this is it...!" took a long deep breath and I was ready...I thot I was :P Didn't expect that this time the midwife was so nice that she had to update me what were they doing to my stomach..agak detail ok. Haduihla, terbayang2 acik...ngeri ok. :P

~1.59pm, 7.7.2011~

The announcement from Dr. Siti that I've waited finally came. She told me that they were about to push my tummy for the baby to come out. Oh my, I was so anxious! As before, I felt my body was shaken and with it came the sound I was waiting for...a cry of a baby. Subhanallah, the cry that I missed to hear, the cry that I was longing to hear. I followed the sound and to my left, I saw the precious twin # 1 was being cleaned and they sucked the mucus out of her lungs. She cried.

~2.00pm, 7.7.2011~

Within a split second, Dr. Siti told me to be prepared again. This time, she said that they will push harder for the second baby to come out and asked me to bear a bit of pain. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath again. The previous experience of giving birth was not that bad so I expected more or less, it will be the same...The thing was, just before I enter the OT room a nurse came to me and asked me to drink a gastric medicine. I told her was that necessary since I was supposed to be fasting. She said yes so I drank it.

The minute they pushed my stomach, I feel the deep pain. Instead of the stomach area, this time they had to pushed even higher (close to the chest). Of course the epidural only covers from the stomach downwards je kan.. T_T. When they pushed it higher, it triggers nausea and instantly I felt like vomitting. I tried to endure it as much as I can till I hear another baby cries. I cried as well. I am thankful...twin # 2 has safely arrived. I felt like vomitting but I was wearing the oxygen mask. Tried my best to make the nurse notice me until my blood pressure suddenly drop. That was when she took out the mask and asked if I was ok and I just shouted, "I want to vomit!". Instantly they placed the necessary apparatus and I let out the fluid. It was the gastric medicine that I took (thank God it was a sweet syrup :P). Thought that was it but then I felt choking pulak. I ended up coughing. It was the worst experience ever! Can you imagine that I had to vomit and cough while my stomach being sewn?! T_T

I was surprised to see their weight.
Was expecting 2kg the most but alhamdulillah, they are much healthier than I expected.
The midwife said to me that my twins were among the biggest in size as the usual weight are between 1.8kg -2kg.


But the pain immediately stopped the minute the midwives brought my children towards me to announce their gender and for me to kiss them. The first touched was miracle, tears of happiness came out. I finally met my twins...praise to Allah SWT. They were then being transported out of the room, to meet their daddy and the rest of the family for Azan and Tahnik while I was still lying there, waiting for them to finish sewing my sad :P

~Around 2.30pm, 7.7.2011~

Relatives has surrounded the waiting area, eager to see the twins live for the very first time. Among them includes Fadzil's sister, aunties and cousins. Thanks to them, I managed to witness the moment Fadzil meet the lil ones, did the inspection, perform the azan and tahnik as well as the first reaction of Faaz upon seeing the babies via photos and videos. Priceless! :)

midwives and the babies..ready for inspection ;)

The proud Daddy did his inspection :)

so did the proud grandparents... :)

About to start the Adzan..

Mak was ready with dates for tahnik :)

Here's a short clip of the inspection and the Adzan by darling hubby...take a look at Faaz's expression upon seeing his two lil sisters :)

According to family members, Faaz was amazed with the presence of two babies but he was afraid to go closer as they were crying and were not properly cleaned yet. He was worried of me too. Constantly he asked of my where about. The face was constantly frowning. I was touched...he stays the way he is, my little boyfriend :)

Faaz and Falisya :)

~2.30pm, 7.7.2011~

The operation was a total success and I was strolled to the recovery bay inside the OT where they started to monitor me. As expected, my body shivered badly as a side effect of the epidural. However, it was controllable the minute they wrapped me with few blankets and put a host from the warmer inside the blanket. When you deliver a twins, the danger that you face as a mother was the risk of having Postpartum Hemorrhage; which is defined as the loss of blood in the postpartum period of more than 500ml. What I mean here is uterine atony, meaning that the uterus is not contracting enough to control the bleeding at the placental site. Do bear in mind, the placenta is bigger than the normal pregnancy, thus it took a while before the uterus can finally seared. Hence, the risk of loss of blood is much higher. In order to ensure that the placenta worked well, few times the nurse came to to push my stomach slowly to see the blood flow. It was painful each time..tsk!

~3.00pm, 7.7.2011~

If based on my previous experience, I had to stay here for an hour before being released to the ward. However, according to the nurse there (whom obviously saw how restless I was lying there, looking at the clock :P), half an hour is actually sufficient. It did cheer me up to hear that. However, till the clock almost passed 3.30pm, there was no sign that they will release me. I was so restless...dahla sakit each time they tekan my tummy..huk huk.

~3.30pm, 7.7.2011~

An hour had passed but there was no sign of them to release me. Each time the nurse came to check me I will asked the same question over and over again, "When will I be released?".
and each time, the nurse will call the post delivery department to send a personnel to pick me up. Apparently they were "too busy" busy as they have many cases at the ward itself...grrr! sabar je tau! :(

~4.00pm, 7.7.2011~

Finally I was released after 11/2hours waiting in the recovery bay. Itupun lepas the Dr. bising2 why the patience (me) was still there *sigh*. As I was strolled out, none of the family member was there waiting for me. Apparently Fadzil went to pick up all our stuff and moved it to a new room. Yay! we finally got a single bedded room ;)

The new room :)

As I was about to be strolled out of the lift, I met with Fadzil's parents and Faaz. Apparently, they were just about to went home, pitying Faaz who didn't sleep the whole day, waiting for me at the hospital. According to mama, Faaz refused to go home at first as he firmly saying that he wanted to see me first. When we accidentally met, they were just managed to convince him to go home. Memang rezeki Faaz nak jumpa Mommy. Faaz was frowning when he saw me, it showed how much concern he has towards me. When I told him I was ok, and I smiled, he begun to smile and show his excitement, telling me that he has met his two 'adik' (lil sisters). They followed me to the room and went back after I was safely transferred to my bed.

~4.30pm, 7.7.2011~

Finally the babies arrived to the room. It was overwhelming to see both of them, tiny and adorable. Subhanallah... hey both reminded us of Faaz Naqi at this age. Quite similar! :) Me and Fadzil can't stop smiling each time we looked at them until I almost forgot of the pain that I felt. (FYI, at that time I already starting to feel the pain and move my legs). However, the pain getting more and more visible so I had to take the painkillers when the nurse offered me.

Me (hidden) and my little miracles :)

The first question I asked Fadzil upon seeing them was, "Which name shall we give to which baby?" Haha! :D It was Fadzil who decided that that Twin # 1 will be Faiqa Nayra and Twin #2 will be Falisya Nayla. So far, both name suits them well...alhamdulillah :)

Twin # 2 (left) and Twin # 1 (right)

sama tapi tak serupa ;)

The best and profound moment with the twins was the first time I breastfeed them. The lactation consultant and a nurse came to the room to assist me on this and I glad they did. With their assistance, the 'american football' position became a lot more comfortable (since I can't move that much). The first step was of course to wake both babies up...

Faiqa marah kena kacau tengah sedap tido..hihi

Tears running out as I fed them and non-stop I prayed in my heart that may The Almighty granted my wish to exclusive breastfeed them as long as I can. And I still pray, praying hard until today. Falisya stayed with us after the feeding session while Faiqa was taken back to the nursery for monitoring purpose. Apparently her temperature did not fully normalized and she can't stop shivering after the delivery. Even after being given the colostrum, she still have low sugar in her blood that they had to formula fed her once. And because of that, for the first time in my life I experienced the 'bengkak susu', on the first night of the delivery. I had to pump out the milk and gave it to the nurse to the nursery. Lucky miss Medela was there with me. I cried, not because of the pain, but I cried that I finally experience it. During Faaz time, never once I felt my B's really full let alone experiencing this 'bengkak susu' thingy. Thank you, Allah. I guess the supplements that I've been taking since I was preggy did help a lot.

burping after feeding, something that Fadzil is good at.. :P

The family came to visit us again after Maghrib until the visiting hours ended at 9.30pm. Faiqa too, joned us when her sugar level has normalized. It was hard to bid goodbye to Faaz, but relieved to see how excited and loving he was (and still is!) towards the twins. Syukur! That night, for the first time, the four of us spent the night together.. :)

The twins with Fadzil's family...

The excited 'Abam' Faaz :)

We stayed at the hospital for 4 days 3 night as the babies were detected with jaundice on the 3rd day. Alhamdulillah, after 1 day having the phototherapy, the reading reduced significantly. The best thing in SDMCSJ, the babies will be sent to the room during feeding time during the phototheraphy session. So, tak payah susah-susah nak pump susu... ;)

Before bidding goodbye to Room 362, we managed to snap few photos as token of memory of our stay here. Managed to snap few photos with my beloved Dr. Siti as well during her last visit. She did compliment how fast I started walking after the surgery and how I can endure the pain without the painkillers. FYI, I stopped taking the painkillers from day 2 onwards. Even Fadzil said that I was tougher and braver compared to the last experience. I guess, having to undergo the same experience twice was an advantage to me. But mainly, I become stronger because of the twins. They made me a fighter...

the babies, face-to-face for the very first time :)

me and my twins :)

us, with the lovely Dato' Dr. Siti Zaliha :)

filling up the forms (letih ok 2 sets terus) the babies being released from the nursery..

The experience of expecting and gave labour to a pair of twins will always be remembered for the rest of my life. I am so thankful to Allah SWT for this golden opportunity. Not sure will I have this chance again in the future...and not sure whether we will be having more child in the future. It all depends on fate. If it is a 'NO', I will miss this wonderful experience of being pregnant and having newborns very very dearly...



mommaholicSURI said...

Such a sweet memories aren't they? When your hubby said to Faaz; "mommy is gonna be alright".. Owh bertakung air kat kelopak mata i tau you. hik hik.

Bout the vomit thing. I experienced the same after i conscious from the appendices surgery, i jerit jugak kat nurse. hihi.

Kiss to the girls ok and abam faaz yang comerl :)

dyana "his other half" said...

such a great memory to share with us. rasa best je baca. boleh terbayang2.

anyway, bila aunty boleh jumpa faiqa n falisya ni? :).

ibuhana said...

such a nice write ade twin ! :)

same with nuuril, sedih masa faaz tunggu nadia masuk labor room and jumpa dia be4 he going back.can feel it!

Mimy Hamid said...

the lovely post most i like....berdebar pulak baca...but ALhamdulillah selamat melahirkan twins...n u pun nampak agak sihat walaupun c-sar kan...seronok je baca experience ni..i berdebar lagi anak sulung kan...hope everything is fine..amin

p/s: baru remember ur name..norfaizah nadia...hehehe patut la twins nak dekat nama ngan mummy nya

salina ibrahim said...

ok.. agak anxious ok baca pengalaman tu. feels like mcm I pulak yg tengah bersalin. But the outcome is soo wonderful. Alhamdulillah, May Allah blessed you in your every moment! amin!

Diyana Didie said...

wahh seronoknya baca....tapi seriau pon ada jugak hehehe true kak...mmg sweet memory. semua org muka gembira je. kalau akak rancang nak anak lagi, dd doakan akak dpt baby lg lepas nie okeh? ;) cant wait for my turn :p

RuZaNNa said...

Thank god everything went smoothly.. especially bab ms you nak muntah.. dibuatnya the nurse tak perasan.. oh no.. tak nak imagine!!
And nasib dpt single room!.. i pun tak berapa gemar sharing room sbb kalau org bersalin.. sure ramai guests.. in the end tokle rest betul2..
Anyway, happy growing up twinnies!

ishamizu said...

Nadia, bdebar2 izu baca..sbb izu dpt bygkan drpd a-z since dh ada experience bsalin czer. Isk izu pon aritu almost 2L gak lost bloOd. Izu igt kan 2L tu sket tp doc kata no, byk suppose 500ml-1L je yer normal..hihi tu yg kene stay 5 hr tu, org lain yg saing izu czer, 3 hr dh discharged fr ward.

Nway, faaz is so darlingla..samala mcm Zahin. Lps izu kuar ward bselera dia mkn, patu ckp dia tak de selesa(selera) mkn waktu izu kt hosp. Adoi..menitik airmata dgr. Notti2 pon sweet gak dia tu taw. Hihi

Nway, alhamdulillah twins slmt lahir ke dunia, disambut ramai saudaramara lg. So lucky them :)

INDA said...

dearest nadia...
berbaur2 baca entry kali ini. such a memorable experience for you. quite nervous since i'll be going thru the same thing in less less than a week time. doakan semuanya selamat ye... all the best for you, kisses untuk your si comels tu ye...

mommyNadia said...

Ya Allah..syukur semua selamat pun dah besar..
tak pernah tahu pengalaman bersalin c-sec,takut jgak tau..

btw,my first time tgk Dr Zaleha tu..selalu dgr name aje..

| SUE | said...

i concerntrate habis baca setiap perkataan yg u taip....until the last sentences, terus tarik nafas panjang... subhanallah, alhamdulillah....*hugs*

Nadine said...


It is, indeed. :) Awwww, u bertakung airmata kan, I mencurah curah kluar. Dah tak dan nak cover dpn semua org. Sayu, babe.. :)

You pun?! Scary kan you..I risau je kot termuntah dlm oxygen mask tu. euuuuwwww..

insyaAllah dear, will do once I go back home. kisses to encem boy Oman too! ;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Every delivery is special on its own kan? Sakit, perit, ngeri suma lepas dah lalui tu akan jadi d sweetest memory ever for someone called a mother :) Lepas ni turn Cee D plak utk coming baby. cemana la pulak kan? :)

alhamdulillah, jumpa jugak kita. tp tula aunty dh nak balik baru diaorg bangun. takpe, nanti we pay visit to ur lovely home plak k.. ;)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear :) alhamdulillah, dalam payah ada seronoknya :)

Memang tau, bila tgk muka dia masa tu n how dia react, sayu sgt hati ni. rasa mcm nak berpisah je.. T_T

Nadine said...

Mimy the mommy-to-be,

Thanks dear. Alhamdulillah. You akan rasa buat pertama kali kan, tu yg berdebar tu. Takpe you, I doakan ur delivery nanti smooth sailing. Biar you dpt bersalin normal, lagi cpt baiknya. Ameen! :)

Tula, yg pegi visit pun cakap mcm tu. I guess twins tu "ubat" utk I lebih kuat n cekal utk tahan sakit kali ni. Yela kan, nak jaga n bfeed dua baby skali gus takleh la nak lembik2kan badan. kena cergas! hihi...

hihi, nampak eh you. A'ah that's my fullname. Dulu masa form 3, some panggil Nadia, some panggil Faizah :)

Nadine said...

Kak Sally,

Hihihi, I take that as a compliment. Tp mmgla, bila ingat2 balik Nadia time tu mmg anxious je memanjang. hihi. Yes, worth every pain from pregnancy up to delivery...alhamdulillah. Thanks for the doa akak. Ameen. So sweet of you. Nadia doakan akak n family sentiasa dibawah lindunganNya. Ameen.

Nadine said...


Hihi, bab seriau tu understandable. Akak masa 1st time mengandung baca pengalaman org pun mcm tu. Nak2 bila tau diri ni nak kena ceaser kan. Naik takut plak baca sbb dlm otak ni pk mcm2..haha! Akak pun doakan Didie nanti dpt bersalin normal..ameen!

Awwwwh, thanks dear. Mana tau ada lagi rezeki kami in future kan. Skang kena rehat dulu n tumpu pada twins. InsyaAllah, kalau time tu tak lewat lagi umur akak nak preggy...n ada rezeki apa salahnya. I love kids, so I dont mind having a big family. :)

sabar dulu dik. enjoy ur pregnancy tu puas2. bkn senang hubby nk bagi super duper extra attention tau. time ni la nak gapai bintang bulan pun diaorg sanggup usahakan. hehehee..

Nadine said...


Haaaa, tau takpe! I plg risau bab muntah dlm oxygen mask tu la. Gross!! Dahla tu, confirm tersedak tak hingat kan. Syukur alhamdulillah last minute nurse tu sedar *phewww*.

Tu la you. I pun x suka sharing2 bilik ni. Time kita nak rehat kang org sblah ada visitor buat bising ke kan. Tak syiok. Nak-nak plak baby ada dua. Sure sempit je area tu. Plg x best sbb takleh ade guest tunggu tu la..

Thanks Anne! :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, dah ade experience lagi la bleh imagine kn Izu? I bet sure teringat2 je balik. Tp Izu punye mesti lain sket, hospital kat London sure facilities dia lebih canggih kan? :)

. Isk izu pon aritu almost 2L gak lost bloOd. Izu igt kan 2L tu sket tp doc kata no, byk suppose 500ml-1L je yer normal..hihi tu yg kene stay 5 hr tu, org lain yg saing izu czer, 3 hr dh discharged fr ward.

La ye ke Izu..tak tau pun. Nadia time Faaz dulu takde problem ni. Tu yang this time, mula2 tu pelik asal nurse2 ni asik nak tekan je perut then tgk kat bawah tu kan. Sakit ok...hihi.

Nadia rasa kan Izu, anak sulung mmg dilahirkan ada naluri mcm tu kot eh. Very concern and ada sense of responsibility dr kecik lagi. :)

Alhamdulillah, tq dear. The twins n Faaz ni lucky sbb Fadzil's family sume duduk dekat2, diaorg pun lahir kat same area jugak. Senangla sedara mara datang melawat. Family nadia jauh, jadi immediate family je dpt dtg tgk :)

Nadine said...

Inda dear,

Dah nak bersalin dah ke? Bila? Bila?
Waaa, time flew! Excitednya nak tgk adik Aiman. Nadia doakan semuanya berjalan dgn lancar, semoga Inda dan baby sihat. Ameen.
Jgn lupa inform tau! Nanti we pegi tgk d newborn, insyaAllah :)

I will, All the best darling!

Nadine said...


Kalau u takut baca/dgr pengalaman c-sec delivery, I pulak takut bila dgr pasal contraction and bab teran time normal delivery tu. seriau! I guess because we both tak pernah melaluinya kan.. :)

Hihihi, bkn you je tau. Few of my readers pun duk email ckp mcm tu pasal Dr. Siti. Skang sudah kenal lah dia..hihi :)

Nadine said...


Thanks sudi menghayati apa yg I tulis...alhamdulillah.



kexinz | 平凡欣 said...

Hi mummy Nadine,

I know this post had been posted quite some times ago, luckily I found it... :) coz I'm going to deliver my baby w c-sec on this Saturday by Dato Dr. Siti too :) I found ur post was really encouraging and I can say, you had calm me down by half... :)

Just the different is, right after the c-sec, I'm going to have another procedure which is remove the kidney stents from both kidneys... Cut the story short, doctor said my kidneys were blocked & my case rarely can see in Malaysia, luckily I'm pregnant, the growth of baby tells my body had problem, if without him, hmmm.. My life won't last long... So I did twice procedures which is kidney stenting...

Well, thanks for your post :) and enjoy ur family life to the fullest :) happy to see your happy family picture too :D

From Kor Shing

Nadine said...

Hi Kor Shing,

Thank you for visiting my humble blog and leave a comment. First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy and soon-to-be mommy :)

Awwww, so sweet of you! thanks. Sorry to hear about your complication, but like you said, its a good thing that they detected it together with the pregnancy. And I am sure it's much more easier to recover with 2 procedures at one go (I mean in terms of taking care of the wound, etc.).

Don't worry, you are in a good hand. :) I pray it will be a smooth sailing operation for you. Trust me, the minute you have your baby in your arms, 50% of your pain will be forgotten!'ll amazed how strong you can be too, just for a sake of a precious little human of yours :)

All the best, take care and speed recovery ya! :)