Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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The Touch of Hands...


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

I am a big fan of Jigsaw Puzzles since I was a little girl, thanks to my mom for introducing it to me. During my childhood, I own quite a number of puzzles but my all time favourite will be my first Puzzle, the Bambi Puzzles. Google the Bambi just now and I got all excited when I found this picture...

this is the exact picture of my Bambi Puzzle! ;)

As I grew up, the interest keep on going but with an exception...I don't fancy jigsaw puzzle in landscape, panoramic view or anything related. My interest is only for cartoons and cute photos. Senang cerita, I love kids jigsaw puzzle better....hehehe. Don't get me wrong, not that I don't love the challenge of putting up a 1000pcs of a monumen puzzles, it's just that I get easily bored. But with kids jigsaw puzzle, it gives me energy, it get me excited and happy..I guess it's part of the inner child in me :P

Mommies, you know that Jigsaw Puzzles are good for brain development especially for kids?

-Jigsaw Puzzles encourages logical thinking because it includes putting the related pieces together to form a complete picture

-Puzzles make us alert, increases concentration, expand the creativity

-Looking on the image constantly help to practise visualisation which is good for mental activity

-Brain produces a chemical known as dopamine which is crucial for learning and memory. The production of this chemical increases in the brain at the time when it is engaged in solving the jigsaw puzzle

-Study shown that playing jigsaw puzzle can lower heart rate, breath rate, and blood pressure

Now that I have children, I am more than happy to share the excitement, the happiness and the fun of playing the jigsaw puzzle (obviously with Faaz la kan since twinnies is sooooooo small!). I started off him with a simple jigsaw puzzle when he was 1 and half year old, I think it only consist of 9pcs of puzzles but too bad, he wasn't ready and did not show any interest at all. So I waited, and waited till the right time comes...

Finally now, at the age of 2 years old he showed the interest in it. Particularly on the Angry Birds Puzzles. So far there are 3 in his collections and he loves to switch playing with those puzzles. We taught him and guide him to play the puzzle only twice for each photo and walla, Faaz managed to play with it alone the 3rd time. It was amazing and I was so proud of him! ;)

Been wanting to capture him playing with the puzzles but it's always either the camera was upstairs in the room or I was busy with the twins to record it. Finally, last Friday I managed to capture him playing with one of his jigsaw puzzle...but it was not the best time. Faaz was sleepy so by the end of solving the puzzle he got fed up and cranky..hehe.

Anyway, here's the living proof of my Faaz solving a jigsaw puzzle...enjoy! ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Time For Art Again!

If you follow my blog closely, I am sure you'll notice how Faaz is so into arts. That includes drawing, painting, coloring and craft arts. Usually, me and Faaz will do the painting activity at least twice a month as Faaz loves to play with water color. However, these days its hard to find for this and I feel guilty towards my son :(

Last Friday, I went to a stationary shop in Taipan USJ. Made my way through one of the section when my eyes caught something interesting.....

It's the Sun Catcher Photo Frame Kit! What is more interesting to me is that it's a non-toxic kit, and suitable for kids at 3 years old and above. Since Faaz will be 3 years old in January next year (2 months left to go ;) ), I think he has no problem to do this activity. I chose the design that I wanted (there are 3 designs in this package) and paid the item at the cashier.

For RM12.90, you'll get 8 different colors of paints, a brush and of course an empty sun catcher photo frame. Not bad huh? ;)

As expected, Faaz was excited and anxious when I showed him the kit that it was the first thing he asked when he woke up the very next morning. So right after freshen him up and made him ate his breakfast, I brought him to the front porch to start this art project :)

Faaz was kinda clingy to me that morning that he wanted to paint together with me, on my lap. I don't mind at all, I understand that sometimes, he too wanted to be pampered as much as his little sisters. After all, he is just a 2 year old boy, whom obviously still need much attention from his parents :) The only drawback's hard to snap photos from clear angle since I was using our DHC H6 which obviously is bulky :P

I hold, and he painted...we started off with the dots on the giraffe's body ;)

Next was coloring the sun since it's also YELLOW in color! ;)

Another angle from my on the chubby cheek! hehehe :D

Fully concentrate to paint...mommy love the passion, son!

After half an hour painting with patience, the "masterpiece" finally completed. Now what we have to do was to dry it off under the hot sun for 4 hours!

Isn't it cute? Hihi..
Spot some smudge between the colors? Well, that's definitely came from Faaz's hand ;)

The end result, under the light (remember that it is a sun catcher frame?).

The frame is currently resides in our bedroom (since Faaz did not have his own room yet). Next step is to develop a photo of Faaz to make it complete. It was an interesting art project but it kinda make your kid tired cause it took some patience and concentration to paint it. A little bit mistake or a little drop of paint into the unwanted area caused smudge to the frame. But for a 2 year old, who cares about the smudge yeah? Faaz je la, a bit of perfectionist (ikut sape la tuh? :P)...wanted to be too cautious till he surrendered after it was 80% painted..

"Faaz lazy la mommy. Mommy finish it la. Then mommy fix that one" while pointing to the smudge areas...

Hihi...comel betul la Faaz ni. Guwam mommy!

FYI, Faaz is currently away, following his grandparents to Kedah and Penang from today onwards, for 5 days. Mommy and Daddy is soo gonna miss your bubbly mouth talking non-stop, son. The house is pretty silent without your voice. And I am sure your sisters too, misses to play with you. Have a safe trip, enjoy yourself and be a good grandchild to your Nana & Nani.

When I hugged him and told him that I'll miss him, he replied with,

"I layyou (love you) cute, cutest Mommy!" "Don't worry k, Faaz go Penang and play sand castle then Faaz come back home"..


We miss you, Faaz Naqi our bing bing boy!! Sila cpt balik :P

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dinner at Al-Amar

During the last day of Aidiladha leave, we went to Pavilion for dinner. It's been a while since we last dine in at a posh restaurant and when Fadzil offered to treat me and the kids, I opt for Middle Eastern food. We finally decided to dine at Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant. Al-Amar is a 4 star restaurant situated at Level 6 of Pavilion. The atmosphere inside is nice, warm and cozy. A bit steep on the price side but worth with the taste of the food we had!

For that night, with no special occasion we dressed up decently in black and red theme: Daddy and twinnies in red, while Mommy and Faaz in black. And just to have fun, I tried to wear my scarf differently, feeling Middle Eastern sket and put on some makeup...hihi :) It's nice that we got to do this once a while. Since we have 3 kids around, there's always a rush when it comes to getting ready for outings. Sometimes, I even forget to put on my lipstick sebab rushing punya pasal :P

Excited me, browsing through the menu...

While browsing through the menu, my eyes suddenly spotted this...never realized this before.!

Mince RAW lamb meat? gulp! Do you dare to eat?!

That night, as usual we ordered Lentil Soup as appetizer. It is a mixed of grinded lentils, potatoes and onions, served with grilled Lebanese bread and lemon wedges. Faaz favourite ;)

Fadzil chose the Oriental dish; Lamb Kabbseh - Steamed marinated lamb served with fragrant basmati rice cooked with tomato and spices, served with special sauce.

Quite tasty if you eat it as a combination, but a bit too flat if you eat the rice without the special sauce. I prefer Al-Rawsha's better...

As for me, I'll go for my usual choice when it comes to Middle Eastern food. Either grilled or Kebabs! :) That night I opt for Kebab so I had Beef Chawarma Platter which consist of Beef Chawarma, served with tarator sauce, fries and condiments. Served with Lebanese bread as well... Delicious! I recommend this dish ;)

Top view...

Inside view...

Alhamdulillah, dinner that night was cozy. The kids were all behaving well and cheerful especially Faaz, so in the mood to pose. The twins had their milk while we were waiting for the food to arrive and fell asleep right after. Good girls! :)

Aksi blah kanan tu sungguh tak bleh blah kan? :P

Towards the end of our dinner, Faaz managed to be friends with a middle eastern girl who sat at the table next to us. Siap main cak cak ok! Sabar je la anak bujang I. Was trying to snap the girl while recording but she was hiding behind his daddy...

-will update the video later, left it in home lappy plak. hiks! :P -

Anyway, to my habibi, syukran jazilan for the treat. It was fun.
Ana Uhibbuk Anta ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011

11:11 am, 11.11.11

11.11 am...



My birthday? No...

My anniversary? No...

My children's birthdate? My family member's birthdate? No...

Then what is so special about it?

Nothing actually, it's just numbers.
Nice numbers, on a special moment...

Special moment because it was the moment that I'll never go through again in my life..



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Little Fashionistas @ 4 Months :)


Thursday, November 3, 2011

When I Am Stressed..

I am currently upset, stressed and a bit demotivated to do my work due to an incident that happened this morning (work related issue). Seriously, if a mall is situated near this office I would have just leave, take a 1/2 day off and go shopping instead. Shopping always work to lift up my spirit and I am sure it does the same to you too, ladies..yes? no?

Since I have no choice but to go through another few more hours before I can call it a day, I have to find something that can cheer me up, a bit at least. First thing first, called my other half to share my disappointment and it does made me relieved. Thank you my dear. Still, the stress and lack of interest to do work is still there. They said, "laughter is the best medicine"....

So instead of searching for funny jokes/stories over the net, I looked at the photo collections inside my external drive....and I found these....

mr optimus prime wannabe :P

optimus prime jr...hihihi :D! ironlady with hijab..kah kah :P

Ok, I forget what character is this? It reminded me of the movie, Thor somehow...
Anyone knows?
p.s: muka kena paksa...x bley blah betul :P

Spiderman vs. Captain America....
This photo win my heart the most...ehehe...cute!

Don't know about you but these photos are quite funny to me, at least it made me smile widely while reminiscing the memory behind each photo. :)

The culprit behind all these pose? Of course no other than Mr. Hubby himself :P

Next time, if you are caught in a situation like me, perhaps you can look back into your photo album. You may be surprised that some photos can actually be a remedy to your sorrow heart / cheer you up. Well, at least it worked on me! :)

Feel so much better now so I better continue my work. Don't want to pile up the task, or I will ended up staying up till late hours on Friday night. No! No! No!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Twinnies 3rd Month Checkup

Earlier this month, we went to SDMC Subang Jaya for the twinnies monthly checkup with their Pediatrician, Dr. Ali Azman Minhaj (whom is also Faaz's Pediatrician :). For those who didn't know, Dr. Ali is a very senior Dr. in SJMC. He has worked with the hospital for more than 25 years, just like my favourite gynea, Dr. Siti :). Very experinced, warm, friendly and funny I must say...

Although the appointment was scheduled at 10.30am, I had started to get all three of my children ready as early as 8.00am so that I can breastfeed the twins between 9.00-10.00am without having the need to rush. We went out at 10.00am and reached SDMC by 10.15am...just nice!

Faaz glued to the TV, watching cartoon over the Disney Channel while we were waiting for our turn to see the Dr.

As usual, after done with the registration, we went straight to Dr. Ali's clinic for weight and height measurements...something that I look forward to for every checkup. Anxious to know how much weight they have increased and how tall are they :) Alhamdulillah, for the third month checkup, both babies has reached 5kg each with Falisya overtook Faiqa's weight by 0.03kg:

Faiqa Nayra : 5.26kg
Falisya Nayla: 5.29kg

In terms of height, both are now at 60cm and 61cm height with Faiqa overtook Falisya by 1cm...hihi, very close :)

Soon, it was our turn to see Dr. Ali and it was time for both girls to get their 2nd Triple Antigen Vaccination. If during the first session when they were 1month old both babies cried when being injected, this time alhamdulillah, both babies were calm and relax. No more crying...yay! I guess the chubby thighs eliminate the pain :P

In case you are not aware, Triple Antigen Vaccination is also know as DPT, which is a combination of Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus vaccines. These vaccines, stimulates the production of antibodies to immunize the body against the causative agents of the 3 viruses above. Usually, the time interval for each injection are as below:

1 to 2 months : 1st injection

3 to 4 months : 2nd injection

4 to 5 months : 3rd injection

(Note: The injections should be given at intervals of not less than 1 month and preferably not more than 3 months apart)

As Falisya was busy playing with her hand on the stroller, I managed to snap few shots of Faiqa receiving her jabs...

after the inspection..."ok, what next, Doc?"

managed to play with herself while waiting for Dr. Ali to prepare the injection

Daddy talked and tried to get her calm and ready for the injection...

Finally, the "moment" has come...Faiqa was so calm, Dr. Ali was impressed! ;)

When the twins were being injected the first time, Faaz was keen to see. Being a very concern big brother, he stand next to each baby and tried to comfort them. But it was different this time. He was so busy with his own activity.....

yup! playing at the corner of Dr. Ali's room...hihi :)

The same goes with little miss Falisya. She enjoyed lying on the patient's bed and was relaxed when given the jab. She also to have a quick conversation with Dr. Ali, smiling all the way. :)

Dr. check heartbeat pun tersenyum je cik Falisya ni :)

The whole procedure took us almost 20 minutes. Dr. Ali prescribed us with PCM, just in case. We went to Sunway Pyramid afterwards for lunch and we gave PCM to the twins as a precautions. Alhamdulillah, they were fine and had no fever.

Done with the checkup! ;)

Throughout this 3 months, twinnies have achieved all the common milestones for a 3 months old baby. Some, they accomplished together on the very same day while some are accomplished by one before another catching up. Not much difference in terms of's only by 1 or 2 days apart. Alhamdulillah, mommy is so proud of you two! :)

At 3 months old, Faiqa and Falisy now can...

Raise head and chest when lying on stomach,

Support upper body with arms when lying on stomach,

Stretch legs out and kick when lying on stomach or back (Falisya especially!),

Push down on legs when standing on a firm surface,

Open and close hands,

Bring hands to mouth (they do this a lot! habis kot 10 jari semua masuk mulut! :P)

Grab and shake hand toys,

Follow moving object with eyes,

Watch faces closely,

Recognize familiar objects and people from a distance, (tak boleh ternampak mommy...mmg menjerit dua2 mintak angkat. confirm! :D)

Start using hands and eyes in coordination,

Begin to babble and to imitate some sounds (they do this a lot too...very, very cute!),

Smile at the sound of parents' voices, (melapang-lapang!)

Enjoy playing with others (they love to play with each other :)

The 4th months checkup is coming soon. Can't wait to know how much they have gained. Faiqa and Falisya, do get ready for the 3rd jab, darlings! ;)