Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Time For Art Again!

If you follow my blog closely, I am sure you'll notice how Faaz is so into arts. That includes drawing, painting, coloring and craft arts. Usually, me and Faaz will do the painting activity at least twice a month as Faaz loves to play with water color. However, these days its hard to find for this and I feel guilty towards my son :(

Last Friday, I went to a stationary shop in Taipan USJ. Made my way through one of the section when my eyes caught something interesting.....

It's the Sun Catcher Photo Frame Kit! What is more interesting to me is that it's a non-toxic kit, and suitable for kids at 3 years old and above. Since Faaz will be 3 years old in January next year (2 months left to go ;) ), I think he has no problem to do this activity. I chose the design that I wanted (there are 3 designs in this package) and paid the item at the cashier.

For RM12.90, you'll get 8 different colors of paints, a brush and of course an empty sun catcher photo frame. Not bad huh? ;)

As expected, Faaz was excited and anxious when I showed him the kit that it was the first thing he asked when he woke up the very next morning. So right after freshen him up and made him ate his breakfast, I brought him to the front porch to start this art project :)

Faaz was kinda clingy to me that morning that he wanted to paint together with me, on my lap. I don't mind at all, I understand that sometimes, he too wanted to be pampered as much as his little sisters. After all, he is just a 2 year old boy, whom obviously still need much attention from his parents :) The only drawback was...it's hard to snap photos from clear angle since I was using our DHC H6 which obviously is bulky :P

I hold, and he painted...we started off with the dots on the giraffe's body ;)

Next was coloring the sun since it's also YELLOW in color! ;)

Another angle from my side...spot on the chubby cheek! hehehe :D

Fully concentrate to paint...mommy love the passion, son!

After half an hour painting with patience, the "masterpiece" finally completed. Now what we have to do was to dry it off under the hot sun for 4 hours!

Isn't it cute? Hihi..
Spot some smudge between the colors? Well, that's definitely came from Faaz's hand ;)

The end result, under the light (remember that it is a sun catcher frame?).

The frame is currently resides in our bedroom (since Faaz did not have his own room yet). Next step is to develop a photo of Faaz to make it complete. It was an interesting art project but it kinda make your kid tired cause it took some patience and concentration to paint it. A little bit mistake or a little drop of paint into the unwanted area caused smudge to the frame. But for a 2 year old, who cares about the smudge yeah? Faaz je la, a bit of perfectionist (ikut sape la tuh? :P)...wanted to be too cautious till he surrendered after it was 80% painted..

"Faaz lazy la mommy. Mommy finish it la. Then mommy fix that one" while pointing to the smudge areas...

Hihi...comel betul la Faaz ni. Guwam mommy!

FYI, Faaz is currently away, following his grandparents to Kedah and Penang from today onwards, for 5 days. Mommy and Daddy is soo gonna miss your bubbly mouth talking non-stop, son. The house is pretty silent without your voice. And I am sure your sisters too, misses to play with you. Have a safe trip, enjoy yourself and be a good grandchild to your Nana & Nani.

When I hugged him and told him that I'll miss him, he replied with,

"I layyou (love you) cute, cutest Mommy!" "Don't worry k, Faaz go Penang and play sand castle then Faaz come back home"..


We miss you, Faaz Naqi our bing bing boy!! Sila cpt balik :P


dyana "his other half" said...

oh cantiknya faaz color. cantik la. aunty suka :). very artistic. nanti nak try beli juga la but not now. i guess hadif not ready yet.

cd pun ingat nak update pasal hadif color dinasour on canvas. tapi mood malas nak update blog lak arini. hadif lak gambar dinasour terus hilang! he kept on painting on it sampai jadi lukisan abstract. hahahaha. picture apa pun tak nampak dah. huhu.

Anonymous said...

hi faaz ni super duper cute hokey!!!!! geram betul aunty dibuatnye. . pn nadia sile tlg cubit ++ cium byk2 pipi nye y sgt menggiurkan itu ye. . auww. . hihihi. . best betul tgk art activities faaz, xsbr nak tngu alisha besar nak tiru jugak.. but.. at the same time, syg sgt ms alisha skrg, seronok sgt. . hish bole x nak tamak. . nak dua2. .
luv from aunty huda untuk faaz n the twins. .

faisyura said...

petahhh nyee faaz! pandai comfort mommy and pandai jugak buat art....! pipi masih maintain tu aunty sgt like! ;P

nadia, great entry la... zura pun tngh pening nak buat art ape ngn zaim.. tapi zaim tu, still with his motto "all by myself".. hahah tanak dia kalau mommy tolong or buatkan... not sure zaim buleh buat secantik faaz buat hehehe... we'll see how.. ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

bestt something kreatif for kids...i yang orang besar ni pun terkinja nak jugak nak jugak...nice la...nad since faaz suka melukis u kena beli frame painting ni banyak banyak la...sure seronok la tu si faaz ni duk khayal duk colouring kan...bestttt i like la this hobby

Kella said...

alololo.. comeynya faaz cakap macam tu.. dari gaya percakapan dia pun kita dah tahu.. memang budak ni pandai betul..dan banyak cakap nih!... hihiihi...
cantik la nad! mcm kreatif je kan...
lawa sungguh.. rega nya pun tak mahal sangat kan! ni boleh beli untuk kasi hadiah kat anak anak buah.. =)
rindu nad.. lama ta datang sini... =)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Thanks dear, tapi Faaz tak color 100%, dalam 70% je lepas tu dia dah bored :P Maklumla buat benda ni kena teliti, salah sket comot kan. Boring la anak teruna I tu. Background tu Nadia yg kena siapkan :P

Canvas?! Wow!! giler advance Hadif. Update plis! Would love to see his piece of art ;)

Nadine said...

Kak Huda,

Hihihi, okeh I will! ;) Pipi gebu tu mmg mahal tau akak. Wpun Faaz dah kurus pipi dia tetap maintain chubby..hihi.

Akak, I feel you. Mmg every single stage of our kid's development sgt mengujakan. Esp. if its the first time kan? Kalau mcm Nadia ni Faaz dh membesar, nak pegi balik time yg sama ngan Alisya kena la ada anak kecik mcm twins ni. Dapat rasa dua2 stage! ;)

p.s: bila nak bagi Alisya adik..?Hik! :D

Nadine said...


Hihi, mulut Faaz mmg sgt petah. Ikut Daddy dia.. :)

Zura, I know! Nadia ni tiap kali kuar mesti usha n pk, what's next? what's next? Selain playing, n teach them, I feel art ni salah satu cara nak bonding with them kan? Zura pun share2 la what you did with Zaim, leh Nadia copy ;)

Nadine said...


Hehehe, jangan risau. Anda tidak kesorangan. Kdg2 activity yg Nadia plan utk Faaz, Nadia sendiri yg excited lebih2 ok. *shhhhh...* :D
Eh you pun bleh buatla dear. Beli satu yg nice, u buat, then when d baby comes out, leh frame kan gamba ur newborn n buat hiasan utk bilik baby you..would be nice!!

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, maybe sbb Faaz mula bercakap cepat, masa umur 11 bulan so by now vocab dia dah banyak. Kdg2 kita pun impress how fast he can cope. Haritu, dia tgh cerita kat I pasal apa dia buat that day. Tiba2 je dia sambung ayat dgn ckp, "On top of that..". Terngaga me and hubby! :D

Kella, tak mahal dear, satu packet tu rm12.90 je. Mmg boleh buat gifts. I miss u too dear, sori busy sket. Will singgah slalu soon, insyaAllah :)