Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Twinnies 3rd Month Checkup

Earlier this month, we went to SDMC Subang Jaya for the twinnies monthly checkup with their Pediatrician, Dr. Ali Azman Minhaj (whom is also Faaz's Pediatrician :). For those who didn't know, Dr. Ali is a very senior Dr. in SJMC. He has worked with the hospital for more than 25 years, just like my favourite gynea, Dr. Siti :). Very experinced, warm, friendly and funny I must say...

Although the appointment was scheduled at 10.30am, I had started to get all three of my children ready as early as 8.00am so that I can breastfeed the twins between 9.00-10.00am without having the need to rush. We went out at 10.00am and reached SDMC by 10.15am...just nice!

Faaz glued to the TV, watching cartoon over the Disney Channel while we were waiting for our turn to see the Dr.

As usual, after done with the registration, we went straight to Dr. Ali's clinic for weight and height measurements...something that I look forward to for every checkup. Anxious to know how much weight they have increased and how tall are they :) Alhamdulillah, for the third month checkup, both babies has reached 5kg each with Falisya overtook Faiqa's weight by 0.03kg:

Faiqa Nayra : 5.26kg
Falisya Nayla: 5.29kg

In terms of height, both are now at 60cm and 61cm height with Faiqa overtook Falisya by 1cm...hihi, very close :)

Soon, it was our turn to see Dr. Ali and it was time for both girls to get their 2nd Triple Antigen Vaccination. If during the first session when they were 1month old both babies cried when being injected, this time alhamdulillah, both babies were calm and relax. No more crying...yay! I guess the chubby thighs eliminate the pain :P

In case you are not aware, Triple Antigen Vaccination is also know as DPT, which is a combination of Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus vaccines. These vaccines, stimulates the production of antibodies to immunize the body against the causative agents of the 3 viruses above. Usually, the time interval for each injection are as below:

1 to 2 months : 1st injection

3 to 4 months : 2nd injection

4 to 5 months : 3rd injection

(Note: The injections should be given at intervals of not less than 1 month and preferably not more than 3 months apart)

As Falisya was busy playing with her hand on the stroller, I managed to snap few shots of Faiqa receiving her jabs...

after the inspection..."ok, what next, Doc?"

managed to play with herself while waiting for Dr. Ali to prepare the injection

Daddy talked and tried to get her calm and ready for the injection...

Finally, the "moment" has come...Faiqa was so calm, Dr. Ali was impressed! ;)

When the twins were being injected the first time, Faaz was keen to see. Being a very concern big brother, he stand next to each baby and tried to comfort them. But it was different this time. He was so busy with his own activity.....

yup! playing at the corner of Dr. Ali's room...hihi :)

The same goes with little miss Falisya. She enjoyed lying on the patient's bed and was relaxed when given the jab. She also to have a quick conversation with Dr. Ali, smiling all the way. :)

Dr. check heartbeat pun tersenyum je cik Falisya ni :)

The whole procedure took us almost 20 minutes. Dr. Ali prescribed us with PCM, just in case. We went to Sunway Pyramid afterwards for lunch and we gave PCM to the twins as a precautions. Alhamdulillah, they were fine and had no fever.

Done with the checkup! ;)

Throughout this 3 months, twinnies have achieved all the common milestones for a 3 months old baby. Some, they accomplished together on the very same day while some are accomplished by one before another catching up. Not much difference in terms of gap..it's only by 1 or 2 days apart. Alhamdulillah, mommy is so proud of you two! :)

At 3 months old, Faiqa and Falisy now can...

Raise head and chest when lying on stomach,

Support upper body with arms when lying on stomach,

Stretch legs out and kick when lying on stomach or back (Falisya especially!),

Push down on legs when standing on a firm surface,

Open and close hands,

Bring hands to mouth (they do this a lot! habis kot 10 jari semua masuk mulut! :P)

Grab and shake hand toys,

Follow moving object with eyes,

Watch faces closely,

Recognize familiar objects and people from a distance, (tak boleh ternampak mommy...mmg menjerit dua2 mintak angkat. confirm! :D)

Start using hands and eyes in coordination,

Begin to babble and to imitate some sounds (they do this a lot too...very, very cute!),

Smile at the sound of parents' voices, (melapang-lapang!)

Enjoy playing with others (they love to play with each other :)

The 4th months checkup is coming soon. Can't wait to know how much they have gained. Faiqa and Falisya, do get ready for the 3rd jab, darlings! ;)


mommaholicSURI said...

Aahla both of the girls dah chubby!!! clap clap clap. Tak lama lagi dah boleh lawan Abam Faaz. hihi. By the way, gambar Faaz tengok TV tu, nampak Faaz macam dah big boy sangat :) You're looking good to Nadine. Slimnya!!!!

| SUE | said...

twinnies nampak dah tembam sgt! abam faaz pon maken hensem

dyana "his other half" said...

absolutely adorable both faiqa n falisya. sampai abg hadif pun suka aritu tau :). abg hadif sangat memilih nak melayan org tau. so faiqa must had attracted her aritu sampai nak bagi iphone mama hadif. if not jgn harap iphone mama hadif tu org lain nak main. including his bestfriend iman. hehe.

hadif pun suka main kat dr ali's corner tu. haha. sampai nak bawa balik toys dr ali lagi. buat malu je.

anyway, tak sabar nak tau pasal diaorg punya 3rd jab lak :).

Mimy Hamid said...

nad , u kalau dah citer details i mmg suka..bukan apa i selalu take note whatever u story its good info to me...mmg sumber rujukan la blog ni...hehehe..the twins sudah besar la..bam bam

ishamizu said...

Alahai comeynya, dah bulat dah..geram tgk! Hihi kene inject pon dh tak sakit yer, very strong girls! Good gals la tak nanges.. Alhamdulillah sng la mommy! ;)
Ok kem salam kt abam faaz diorang tu ye, amboi leka main tuh smpi tk pndi cammie :D

Kella said...

alamak... si kembar tu dah membesar bagai johan dah... cepat sungguh kan... dan i noticed sesuatu! si abang.. Faaz, dan makin makin hensem la nad... =) syukur atas semua nikmat Allah ini.. im happy for u..

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, sedap peluk diaorg skang. Cuma tula nak angkat skali dua tu agak mengah..hihi.

Faaz dah semakin slim melim you. Pipi pun dah tak gebu mcm dulu. Tu yg nampak mature dah dia. Kurang selera makan, sometimes ok, sometimes susah nak suh dia makan :(

Haha, I tak slim mana pun you. Berat static tang tu je. Maybe nmpk kurus sbb I pakai loose shirt..

Nadine said...


A'ah Sue, sejak masuk 3 bulan ni barula nmpk daging berketul2..kalau tak nmpk tulang je. hihi..skang la yg plg best skali sbb pakai baju dah muat. Excited I nak dress them up!

Awww, thanks! Faaz kalau dgr ni mesti tersipu2 malu. hihi :)

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Awwww, thanks dear! Abang Hadif excited kot sbb membayangkan nnti dia ada adik mcm tu :)

tula cee d, faaz dah tak hirau we all pun. melekat je kat play table tu. sampai nak ajak balik muncung plak dia. haha!

3rd jab coming soon! will update if got time. heeee

Nadine said...


Awwww, thanks babe. I kalau tulis panjang berjela kan. TQ sbb sudi baca, mesti penat kan. hehehe..
Anyway, ur blog pun rujukan I tau! Esp bab2 JJCM esp area gombak atau makeup tips. Mmg i rujuk you ;)

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah, dah cantik pakai baju, takla longgar or nmpk tulang je :D Tapi tembam2 diaorg tu mmg takleh lawan Zafri punye tembamness! Berkhasiat sungguh susu Izu! Izu makan apa dear? :)

Nadine said...


Awwww, so sweet of you to say that! Thanks dear...syukur alhamdulillah :)