Thursday, December 29, 2011

His 30th Birthday

Pre-celebration with the family..

Since my other half's birthday this year fell on Monday, we had a small makan-makan with the family on the previous day (Sunday). We had our lunch at The Colosseum, Kuala Lumpur. This was my first time to dine in here. I had one of the in-house specialty, chicken chop with mushroom gravy...nyum!

The kids were behaving well at first, alhamdulillah. It made it easier for us to enjoy our meal. Faaz Naqi also have a big appetite that day, something that is fluctuating these days.

Faaz budget ensem..ehehe :)

Faiqa been extra good that day by being a sleeping beauty.
She slept most of the time we spent at the restaurant! :)

Falisya on the other way, was the opposite.
She can't sit still in her carrier and as soon as we were about to finish our meal, she screamed to be carried...hehe :)

The surprise...

I love surprises and I love to throw surprises to the people I care, especially my loved ones :) Since the first year I got married with my husband, I surprised him almost every year on his born, it's fun!! :)

During the 1st year of marriage, I surprised him on his born day by sending a bouquet of roses and a birthday cake via florist delivery to his office. Just love to hear his reaction over the phone upon receiving the gifts..hihi. On the 2nd year of our marriage, his birthday fell on a weekend so I planned of a small and simple surprise party for him with the help of his cousin, nephew and niece. You can read about it here :) However, I skipped the surprise "ritual" last year. It wouldn't be fun if it's continuous every year, aite? It will be something predictable instead... :)

So this year, I came up with the surprise...again! hihi (obviously I can't stay out of surprise that long :P). Coincidentally on his birthday, I have a training to attend at KLCC Convention Centre, very close to his office. It was a last-minute-kind of surprise.

That very night, at 12am I wished him "Happy Birthday" and place the birthday card near him (he was already asleep at that time). I did mentioned in the card for him to get ready as I will keep him surprised the whole day. Hehe, saja kasi gempak and let him keep on guessing. Talking about playing psychology.. :P

The surprise that I've plan wouldn't work out in the first place if not because I was lucky to have an understanding and sporting trainer, Mr. Joshua. I was excused earlier for lunch so I had the chance to secure a place in Chilli's KLCC (Fadzil's favourite restaurant) for our birthday lunch-date before the crowd start to come and packed the whole restaurant..

Our menu, NY Steak with blackpaper sauce...

The happy birthday "boy" :)

us :)

Fadzil thought it was pretty much the surprise that I told him. But when I didn't hand in any gift to him after the lunch, he was wondering what could be the next surprise. He thought I would made a visit to his office but as hours passed by and there was no sign of me, he just forget about it.

Yes! he did think what I wanted to do but what he didn't know was that I waited till it the office hour was almost finished. I did not want to bother him and his colleagues while they were busy working. Again, my trainer excused me to finish my training earlier. My training partners were all very supportive too and I thanked them for their understanding. I went to buy a birthday cake and the gift, and rushed to his office. By 4.30pm I was already there. Just to ensure that he was at his place at that time, I texted him to check an information from a website for me, konon2 to use for my training material..hehe.

So yeah, my surprise for him this year was successful...mission accomplished! :) Had the cake cutting with his colleagues at the lounge area of their office. It was nice to meet some of the familiar faces and to get to know new faces. Especially the nice Kak Ana who took some photo of us at the lounge..siap suruh posing belakangkan KL tower and KLCC twin tower lagi. Thank you akak :)

the birthday cake. Thank you Hesh for helping up with the candles.. :)

Birthday "boy" was about to blow the candle and made a wish! :)

Hubby and the family of Aker :)

Both of us at his office :)

the gift from mommy and birthday card from Faaz..hihi :)

To my dearest hubby, Happy 30th Birthday. May all your wishes comes true! I doakan you panjang umur, murah rezeki, diberi kesihatan yang berpanjangan dan hidup bahagia disamping me and the kids.



p.s: Faaz's turn next. Mommy is still clueless on how to celebrate his birthday this year...ayayayai!! :

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Anniversary

It's been a while since my last post and as usual I blamed it on my hectic life :) Currently, we're staying in my mom's place..let the children be close their Tok Mak for a while. It's nice to be able to stay away from the Federal Jam, and since a week ago, DUKE highway has become my favourite highway. I can go to work from Gombak to PJ in less than 30 mins! How cool is that?! ;)

As you know, last 15th December me and Fadzil celebrated our 4th year of anniversary. The first two years of our marriage, we celebrated it with candle light dinner at posh, romantic restaurants. For the 3rd year of marriage, we did not celebrated our anniversary like the usual. Enough by just simple wished and kisses. We were so busy of my SIL's wedding preparation and I was sooo not in the mood to indulge into food, let alone fancy food. I was at my 1st trimester of pregnancy with the twins...

This year, we made a point to celebrate our anniversary differently with something fun and adventurous was on our mind. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to achieve it due to our current commitment. Last minute, with God's will we managed to spend time just the two of us on our special date despite all the hurdles that came on our way...only Him know how thankful I was for that. Feel like ages since we last spent time together or going on a date!

Sometimes, what we planned may not turned out the way we wanted. What matter the most, we spent it together with our loved one...itu yg penting kan? ;) What we've planned did not came to reality as the weather was not on our side. We ended up spending our precious time together mostly on a road trip with 4 different pit stop; Sepang GoldCoast - Morib - MBO Cinema - TGIF. Before we move on to the 3rd pit stop to watch an awesome movie: MI - Ghost Protocol, Fadzil handed me a surprise gift...

He handed me a red garbera daisy which made me laugh the minute I saw it (cause it was taken from our room's vase..haha!) and a gift which I knew what's inside. Boleh teka lah! ;) It was a funny moment, seeing him with his "malu-malu" look when he handed me the gift. LOL! :D

No, it was not the iPhone4s like most of you had guessed. It was actually my most favourite chocolate in the whole wide world...miss Ferrero Rocher :D I knew what it was because I've always told Fadzil that flower + chocolate are great combination and I would never ever turn down a gift like that. Hihi :)

However, I did get the Apple's latest phone as a wedding anniversary + advance birthday present from dear hubby but on the next day. Fadzil had pre-booked the phone earlier and we didn't expect that it will be out in Malaysia on our wedding anniversary date. So when Maxis invited him to get the phone on the launching date, he chose the next day instead.

Went to KL Convention Center to get my pressie.

Heads up to Maxis for organizing such a smooth event. It only took me less than 30 minutes to get my phone from registration, payment, collecting the phone and activating it. There were live bands, magic show and some light refreshments.

Oh, in case you are wondering what I gave to my hubby as our anniversary gift? Well, only an anniversary card, hugs, kisses, and love (cewah! :P). Very simple. I have a better and bigger surprise for him on his born-day, which was 3 days away from the anniversary date. Want to know what's my surprise for him this year? Will tell you in the next entry... ;)


Thursday, December 15, 2011


15122007 - 15122011

Just married...

Just building up a new life together...


Just became parents...

Just about to expand the family

Just became proud parents of 3!

4 years of two becomes 1...

4 years of sharing the laughters & joy, the sadness & tears...

4 years of ups and downs...

4 years of growing together...

What matters the most, in these 4 years,

I have you


you have me


May we continue to have each other,

until eternity.

Ameen, Ya Rabbal Alamin


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Bukit Tinggi Day #2

Although we have so many plans for day#2, we started off our day not-so-early in the morning. We let the babies set our time instead of us and the plans goes from there. I hate to wake up my children in the middle of their sleep, after all this was supposed to be a relaxing holiday, not a stressful one! ;)

while waiting for their big brother to get ready..sucking their fingers :P

As soon as the babies and Faaz woke up, we got them ready. Alhamdulillah, there were no trace of fever on Faaz. We were relieved. We then headed to Le Blason, to have our complimentary breakfast. The hotel staffs were so friendly and helpful, we really enjoyed the buffet breakfast (especially when it comes to French pastries and confectionery, nyum!)..thanks to them for playing with the twins :)

perut kenyang, hati senang...lalalala :)

Faaz Naqi was so ready to have fun!

With full stomachs, we walked towards the main entrance of Colmar. While waiting for the shuttle to take us to places within Bukit Tinggi, we spent some time there. Fadzil brought Faaz down to the small lake where the swans and the fishes swims. They brought together the food to feed them, which was bought from a souvenir shop there last night. Too bad I can't join my boys...I had to take care the babies in the stroller :)

managed to capture my boys from the bridge..hihi

while I babysit these two gugurls of mine :)

The shuttle finally arrived, and together with other patrons we hopped in. It was quite a hassle to be frank that each of us had to carry a baby and at the same time took care of our Faaz. The most disappointing thing was they don't allow us to carry our stroller with us, saying that it couldn't fit into the shuttle and there will be too many steps at the Japanese Village (Helllooo! I've been there before and I know la how to manage the strollers)...phhft! Nevertheless, we just abide as we didn't want to create any scene and ruined Faaz's excitement of riding a shutter. Tell you, that was the first and the last for him! We decided to go with our own car for the next destination. Senang!

we're soo ready to walk! *deep breath* :P

Faaz was blur the minute the shuttle dropped us off at the pit stop. There was nothing there to view. We then told him that we need to climb up in order to go to the Japanese Village and the Botanical Garden. We were worried at first that Faaz will wanting his Daddy to carry him up (how on earth I can walk further up with two babies?!)...lucky he's willing to walk. In fact, he did run on and off. I guess the fever has totally gone off. He was so active and full of energy! :) Well, it was a GREAT workout for me and Fadzil to climb up until we reached the destination. After catching up our breath, we did a little bit of sight-seeing and took some photos. Lucky us, there were this group of tourist from Japan that was so fascinated by the twins that they offered us to take some family photos. If not because of them, there will be none! Haha...

It was another 'adventure' of bringing the kids down to the pit stop. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth one, except that we had to stop here and there, when we bumped into people who would love to see and taking photos of our little 'superstars'...who else if not the twins :) We went back to Colmar and it was almost 12pm, the time for checking out. So we went back to our room, freshen up and packed our things. After settled with the checkout, we took some photos for memories before heading to the car park.

It's time to check-out!


The next destination was the Mini Animal Park. First, we went to the Rabbit Park. Here, we got the chance to be up, close and personal with the rabbits. It was fun although from the photos you can easily tell how much I was, uh...urm...a bit 'shy' to this creature :P They were really friendly and cute! Rasa nak peluk tapi apakan I said, I was a bit "shy" hik!

aren't they cute? :)

the and friendly..

the son...a bit of shyness but full of interest..

the mommy...can't help it, she's too "shy" :P

Next, it was Faaz's turn to meet and greet the donkeys. Did you know what was his first words upon reaching the place?

"Daddy, what's this smell?" while doing a sour face expression. Haha! :P So you can guess how long he spent the time there :D

There were playgrounds, outdoor and indoor for the kids too at the park where they can choose to play. My boy? He enjoyed both. We actually spent almost an hour there just to let Faaz have some fun. In the meantime, I took the chance to rest with the twinnies while hubby busy supervised Faaz and took a lot of photos. I must say most of them is impressive! It really showed how much fun Faaz have that day :) I guess the twinnies were really enjoying the nice weather at Bukit Tinggi. They were sleeping most of the time..either in the carriers, or strollers. Senang mommy! Hehehe :)

the outdoor playground..

the indoor playground

Soon it was almost 3pm. It was time to bid goodbye to Bukit Tinggi. We headed back to KL, made a pit stop to Mid Valley to have our late lunch and then went back to Subang Jaya. Overall, it was a fun weekend getaway. Faaz had recovered quite fast, the twins were behaving very well, and the weather was good. It was a stress-free holiday. To Mr. Hubby, travel with two babies was not that bad, huh?. Alhamdulillah we've survived. We've been a good team, Sayang! Let's do this again in future, shall we? *wink*


p.s: There are more activities/places to visit at Bukit Tinggi. Visit here for suggestions :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Bukit Tinggi Day #1

The first thing we did upon checking in into our room was to have some rest. The babies were the first priority, they were freshen up, fed and put to sleep while their big brother was resting and playing with his toy cars. Rain started to pour...

twinnies sleeping safe n sound :)

After an hour, there was no sign of the rain to stopped. Faaz, whom already bored to stay in been bugging us to go out. Worried that he might ended up with fever again, we decided to bring him to play in the indoor playroom for kids. There were a lot of rides to be chose but being a fan of cars, Faaz chose to play with a car for 3 times before switching to a train, and ride on it twice. I even had a chance to hop in inside the car as's huge! :P Oh ya, you need to purchase the tokens in order for your kids to enjoy the rides. The tokens are quite expensive here, 2 tokens = RM5. For Faaz's 5 rides, it cost us almost RM15!

After he got bored with the rides, we made a move to the next room; the teen's playroom. It's me and Fadzil who got excited this time...hihi. Since the twins were still sleeping (in their stroller), we took the chance to enjoy some of the games ourselves. Man, it was fun! :D

The cost of token for games here is the same, but it cost you twice to play each games (2 tokens for each game). Since Faaz didn't know yet how to play, he just tag along with us each time we play. Itu pun dia dah happy giler, as if he was the one who won the game! :P Soon, the rain had stopped and it was almost to Maghrib Prayer so we made a move to our room to freshen up and had our prayers.

We went out again, this time to the market square. We stopped at the center stage. They were having a magic show..

Faaz whom obviously was sleepy and tired did not bother much to watch the show. Instead, he was busy looking at people who passed him by. We then continue to walk further, to find a nice restaurant to have our dinner. There are few restaurants to chose from, with different types of food served. Among them includes:

La Cigogne - serve French cuisine
La Flamme - serve pastries, pastas and pizzas. (quite a hit at dinner time, and most of the tables having either pasta or pizza)
La Boulangerie - serve pastries, cakes, sandwiches.
Le Blason - serving Malaysian and International cuisine. They offered buffet for dinner with lots of variaties to choose from.
Le Poulet Roti - Serving western cuisine, to be exact it tends to mirror Kenny Rogers Restaurant.

At first, we wanted to go to La Flamme for dinner but it was too crowded. As we were not keen to wait (since Faaz already asleep that I have to carry Falisya in order for him to have her place in the stroller), we finally went to Le Poulet Roti instead.

Only 3 of us who stayed awake...the rest were already in lalaland :)

What we had...
Roasted chicken with 2 side dishes, which came with a complimentary muffin.
Isn't it similar to Kenny Rogers?

After dinner, we decided to stroll all the way to the other end while enjoying the cool night breeze before calling it a day. We slept early that night, and have a good rest as a preparation for the next day activities that sure need a lot of extra energy!

Will Faaz Naqi continue to stay fit?

Did his fever came back the next day?

You'll find out soon. Stay tuned! :)

To be continued....