Thursday, December 29, 2011

His 30th Birthday

Pre-celebration with the family..

Since my other half's birthday this year fell on Monday, we had a small makan-makan with the family on the previous day (Sunday). We had our lunch at The Colosseum, Kuala Lumpur. This was my first time to dine in here. I had one of the in-house specialty, chicken chop with mushroom gravy...nyum!

The kids were behaving well at first, alhamdulillah. It made it easier for us to enjoy our meal. Faaz Naqi also have a big appetite that day, something that is fluctuating these days.

Faaz budget ensem..ehehe :)

Faiqa been extra good that day by being a sleeping beauty.
She slept most of the time we spent at the restaurant! :)

Falisya on the other way, was the opposite.
She can't sit still in her carrier and as soon as we were about to finish our meal, she screamed to be carried...hehe :)

The surprise...

I love surprises and I love to throw surprises to the people I care, especially my loved ones :) Since the first year I got married with my husband, I surprised him almost every year on his born, it's fun!! :)

During the 1st year of marriage, I surprised him on his born day by sending a bouquet of roses and a birthday cake via florist delivery to his office. Just love to hear his reaction over the phone upon receiving the gifts..hihi. On the 2nd year of our marriage, his birthday fell on a weekend so I planned of a small and simple surprise party for him with the help of his cousin, nephew and niece. You can read about it here :) However, I skipped the surprise "ritual" last year. It wouldn't be fun if it's continuous every year, aite? It will be something predictable instead... :)

So this year, I came up with the surprise...again! hihi (obviously I can't stay out of surprise that long :P). Coincidentally on his birthday, I have a training to attend at KLCC Convention Centre, very close to his office. It was a last-minute-kind of surprise.

That very night, at 12am I wished him "Happy Birthday" and place the birthday card near him (he was already asleep at that time). I did mentioned in the card for him to get ready as I will keep him surprised the whole day. Hehe, saja kasi gempak and let him keep on guessing. Talking about playing psychology.. :P

The surprise that I've plan wouldn't work out in the first place if not because I was lucky to have an understanding and sporting trainer, Mr. Joshua. I was excused earlier for lunch so I had the chance to secure a place in Chilli's KLCC (Fadzil's favourite restaurant) for our birthday lunch-date before the crowd start to come and packed the whole restaurant..

Our menu, NY Steak with blackpaper sauce...

The happy birthday "boy" :)

us :)

Fadzil thought it was pretty much the surprise that I told him. But when I didn't hand in any gift to him after the lunch, he was wondering what could be the next surprise. He thought I would made a visit to his office but as hours passed by and there was no sign of me, he just forget about it.

Yes! he did think what I wanted to do but what he didn't know was that I waited till it the office hour was almost finished. I did not want to bother him and his colleagues while they were busy working. Again, my trainer excused me to finish my training earlier. My training partners were all very supportive too and I thanked them for their understanding. I went to buy a birthday cake and the gift, and rushed to his office. By 4.30pm I was already there. Just to ensure that he was at his place at that time, I texted him to check an information from a website for me, konon2 to use for my training material..hehe.

So yeah, my surprise for him this year was successful...mission accomplished! :) Had the cake cutting with his colleagues at the lounge area of their office. It was nice to meet some of the familiar faces and to get to know new faces. Especially the nice Kak Ana who took some photo of us at the lounge..siap suruh posing belakangkan KL tower and KLCC twin tower lagi. Thank you akak :)

the birthday cake. Thank you Hesh for helping up with the candles.. :)

Birthday "boy" was about to blow the candle and made a wish! :)

Hubby and the family of Aker :)

Both of us at his office :)

the gift from mommy and birthday card from Faaz..hihi :)

To my dearest hubby, Happy 30th Birthday. May all your wishes comes true! I doakan you panjang umur, murah rezeki, diberi kesihatan yang berpanjangan dan hidup bahagia disamping me and the kids.



p.s: Faaz's turn next. Mommy is still clueless on how to celebrate his birthday this year...ayayayai!! :


ishamizu said...

Awh what a sweet surprise! ;) Your trainer and Fadzil;s officemates sume sporting2 la. :)HB to Fadzil fr us. Wish him all the best..

BTW hug n kisses for Faaz yg hencem n twinnies yg pretty tu k! :)

faisyura said...

nadiaaaa... untunggnye fadzil dpt wife mcm nadiaaa.. sgt sweet tau! kene berguru ni ngn nadia... zura tak pandai la nk surprise2.. boleh tak nak cilok idea nadia for next year celebration hehehe...

nway, to both of u, semoga bahagia selalu... ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

nad,sweetnya suka make a suprise..bangga hubby tau ada wife camni..bertambah syg la...i tak reti suprise selalu tak menjadi hihi...hubby u sebaya yer...hepi besday to him key:))

Aleyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday to ur hubby!!!

Diyana Didie said...

so sweet lah u kak! and romantic too. bertuah ur hubby. me selalu teringin nak buat gitu. tp tak reti. mcm takde idea ;p sian my hubby. hehehe and happy birthday to ur hubby.

Nadine said...


True, glad that everyone was so supportive to me that they. If not because of them, x jadi jugak surprise ni. TQ dear, I dah sampaikan, Fadzil says thanks and send his regards to Hisham :)

Done!! :)

Nadine said...


Hihihi, berguru? Boleh! Nadia bnyk idea cause I just looooove surprises! :D Boleh dear, sila, sila, jangan malu2. All the best k! ;)

awwwh, thanks dear, ameen. :)

Nadine said...


Hihi takpe, you tak reti surprise, cik abg you la buat surprise utk you. lagi best! ;) A'ah you, I and my hubby sebaya. We were uni mates tp berchenta lepas habis study :)
I dah sampaikan and he said thanks!! :)

Nadine said...


Thank you!! :)



Hihi, hobi akak mmg suka buat surprise kat org :) Tp akak rasa kalau org buat surprise kat kita lagi best kan? Maybe Didie tak reti tp ur hubby terrer bagi surprise? Lagi best! ;)

Akak dah sampaikan, my hubby said thanks! :)