Friday, December 2, 2011

Media Launch : DUGRO Fruit & Veg

I am a milk lover. In fact, milk was my prime source of food until I was 6 years old. Hihi, kinda embarrassing when my mom told me that I would rushed into the house the minute my kindy school bus sent me home at noon, looking for only one thing; my milk bottle! :D (well, there goes my deep secret! :P).

Mom was worried that I showed no sign of stopping that she had to bring me to see a Pediatrician. She was relieved that the Doctor told her that there's nothing wrong with it as milk is a good source of food as well, especially for growing kids. According to him, eventually I will change this behaviour and enjoy more food. That is why I have no worries now that my son is following my footstep. He too, enjoyed milk more than food. The only thing that I need to worry about is to ensure that his daily intake, especially the milk contains balance nutrients that his body need. The challenge so far is to make him eat vegetables and fruits. I don't know what went wrong, Faaz loves fruits especially when he was a baby but now that he is a toddler, he refused to eat most of the veg I cooked or the fruits I served. Sometimes, he do get constipation :(

my milk lover boy..

So when Nuffnang invited me to attend Dumex Dugro Fruit & Veg Media Launch last week, I was excited. Especially when I get to know that Dumex, one of the leading brand in milk was going to launch it's latest innovation product with a keyword that might solve my problem; FRUIT & VEG! ;) The event was held at Sultan Ballroom, Le Meridian Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Lucky me, my mommy blogger friend, MommyNadia was also invited to the event so we decided to go to the event together. We arrived on time for the registration. After filling in details and got ourselves a goodie bag each, we proceed to have our breakfast at the lounge area :)


Since this event was about Dumex Dugro, milk was also served that morning. Of course without hesitant yours truly went to the milk booth go get the samples. Instead of one cup, I drank about 6 cups of Dugro Fruits & Vege as well as Dumil Mama milk! Can't help myself tho, they're delicious!

The milk lover mommy...can't you see how happy I was? :)

The event started off with the opening and safety briefing followed by a first-time screening of Dumex's special advertisement. It was a touching short story of a mother and son relationship, reminded me of myself and my Faaz..It was a brilliant ad, it almost made me in tears :)

It's definitely a must see advert.
I wonder who's the director?

Next was the opening address by Ms Toni Brendish, the Managing Director of Danone Dumex Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. She explained to us about their latest product. According to her, the new formulation is in line with Dumex's effort to continuously nourish the future generation. In support to the physical and mental development of a growing child, they infuse their growing-up milk with fruits and vegetables extract of which helps a lot in terms of promoting a healthy digestive system. Sounds perfect for Faaz's problem, don't you think so? ;) The speech ended with the official launching of Dumex Dugro Fruits & Veg.

Ms. Toni Brendish
photo credit to: madammondoq

The next agenda was the presentation by Ms Leong Oi Po, their R&D Director. In this presentation, she further explained to us about the new products of Dumex Dugro. Basically, there are 3 major innovations of Dumex Dugro:

1st Innovation: Dumex Dugro Fruits & Veg

Added with 13 fruits and vegetables extracts, Dugro Fruit & Veg contains lcFOS and other essential nutrients that help support a good digestive system. Dugro Fruit& Veg also contains DHA, SA and Taurine, which are important components in the brain; Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid and other essential nutrients such as vitamins A,B,C,D and E, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. What makes it more interesting, Dumex claimed that Dugro Fruit & Vege contains 0% sucrose! Definitely a must try for my Faaz! For your info, Dugro Fruit& Veg is priced at RM9.90 (300g) and RM26.70 (900g) and available nationwide in all leading supermarket.

2nd Innovation: Dumil Mama

This is their first maternal milk that is enriched with folic acid and other essential nutrients such as IcFOS and minerals which is complete for an expecting mother or a lactating mother. Dumil Mama is currently the most affordable maternal milk in the market, priced at RM9.90 (200g) and RM19.90 (480g).Tasted it during the event and I must say I love it. This milk is really suitable for a breastfeeding mommy like me!

Oh ya, since it's a sucrose-free maternal milk, I strongly suggest this milk to mommy-to-be who are having high sugar trace. Surely you can drink this milk without having to worry on your sugar level ;)

3rd Innovation: Introduction of Dugro Multi-grain & Revamped of the existing Dugro range

Dugro Multi-Grain, on the most right

DugroMulti-Grain comes with 25% more grain. Also sucrose-free, DugroMulti-Grainprovides growing-up children with the energy needed to cope with today’s fast-paced and highly-competitive environment. Suitable for active kids. In addition, the Honey, Regular and Chocolate variants now boast increased ALA and reduced sucrose.

The event continued with the Q & A session where medias were given the chance to ask questions on the newly launched products and ended up with the photography session.

Media Q&A session

What make it interesting was the presence of the "little ambassadors" of Dumex Dugro. It was very entertaining to see the kids in action. So cute! :)

What I love most when it comes to attending events via Nuffnang is the chance to meet up and get to know other bloggers (especially those who are well known) as well as to meet the Nuffies staff in person :)

I get to meet Beautifulnara & his lovely wife in person during this event. Love to read his blog to get updated on what's going on in the local entertainment world. Nara posing pun dah macam artis dah, boleh jadi Dumil Mama ambassador dah nie..hihi :)

Besides MommyNadia, my lovely blogger friends madammondoq and Thara Sofian were also presence that day. It was nice to be able to catch up with the ladies :)

From left, MommyNadia, yours truly, madammondoq, TharaSofian (from Nuffnang) & Lovely Pinky (from Nuffnang)

Posing for Dumex official photographer. Ada talent jadi duta tak kami? Hehehe...
photo credit to madammondoq

Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation, Thank you Danone Dumex for the opportunity, and Thank you MommyNadia & Madammondoq for the photos. My camera went 'kaput' the minute it was switched was so frustrating! :( I guess it's about time that I get myself a new cammie..It was an interesting experience to attend a Media Launch for the very first time and socializing with the media. In fact, I managed to make friends with the writers from Mami & Baby Magazine as well as Harmoni Magazine. :)

p.s: wonder what's inside my goodie bag? Tadaaaa!

MommyNadia, you dapat carrot, I dapat banana! Faaz's favourite fruit..hihi



mommyNadia said...

owh yea ke, u dpt banana!!
Adam mesti suka kalau I dpt banana jgak ;)

btw, big clap dear..I always adore ur good writing..thumbs up my fren!!

psst..hopefully nuffnang ajak kita lagik pergi parenting event..syiok kan ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

hebat nadia dapat jemputan nuffnang untuk launching...yeaaaa me dah tukar ke dumil mama jugakkkk....

ishamizu said...

Hehe dear susu botol ok lg, my youngest sister breastfeeding smpi 9 thn..mak izu blk keje kul 4.30 terus dia meluru kt mak tk sbr2 lg nk bgayut. Sabar je laa..padahal dh tade susu dh pon :D

Nway, great event! Good products. Nti nk try tgkt kt sinila ada ka jual, rasa unlikely sbb susu formula pon tak byk pilihan sbb sini mmg galakkan breastfeeding. Kt msia mcm2 brand susu kan? My doters both breastfeeding kan so derg takmo lgsg formula, klu minum pon mst kene yg soy based. Tp kt sini derg minum fresh milk je..:)

Diyana Didie said...

faaz suka tak dugro fruits n vege tu? seriously me nak cuba dumil mama tu..paling me suka, harga pun murah ;p me tak minum susu utk preggers pon. minum dutch lady low fat saje ;(

dyana "his other half" said...

wah, bestnya dapat USB banana tu. favourite fruit hadif gak tu. hehe.

bestnya dapat chance p event camni. hadif pun baby dugro honey since cd introduce him to FM. cuma stop sekejap for pediasure. now dah back to dugro honey. last month nampak fruit&vege dekat mydin. memang semangat beli tapi skali hadif tak suka. dia boleh cakap kat cd "ma, tukar. susu tak sedap." hahahaa. mama yg frust. hehe.

oh dekat mydin 900gm dugro fruit&vege ni cost rm23.90.