Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Bukit Tinggi Day #1

The first thing we did upon checking in into our room was to have some rest. The babies were the first priority, they were freshen up, fed and put to sleep while their big brother was resting and playing with his toy cars. Rain started to pour...

twinnies sleeping safe n sound :)

After an hour, there was no sign of the rain to stopped. Faaz, whom already bored to stay in been bugging us to go out. Worried that he might ended up with fever again, we decided to bring him to play in the indoor playroom for kids. There were a lot of rides to be chose but being a fan of cars, Faaz chose to play with a car for 3 times before switching to a train, and ride on it twice. I even had a chance to hop in inside the car as's huge! :P Oh ya, you need to purchase the tokens in order for your kids to enjoy the rides. The tokens are quite expensive here, 2 tokens = RM5. For Faaz's 5 rides, it cost us almost RM15!

After he got bored with the rides, we made a move to the next room; the teen's playroom. It's me and Fadzil who got excited this time...hihi. Since the twins were still sleeping (in their stroller), we took the chance to enjoy some of the games ourselves. Man, it was fun! :D

The cost of token for games here is the same, but it cost you twice to play each games (2 tokens for each game). Since Faaz didn't know yet how to play, he just tag along with us each time we play. Itu pun dia dah happy giler, as if he was the one who won the game! :P Soon, the rain had stopped and it was almost to Maghrib Prayer so we made a move to our room to freshen up and had our prayers.

We went out again, this time to the market square. We stopped at the center stage. They were having a magic show..

Faaz whom obviously was sleepy and tired did not bother much to watch the show. Instead, he was busy looking at people who passed him by. We then continue to walk further, to find a nice restaurant to have our dinner. There are few restaurants to chose from, with different types of food served. Among them includes:

La Cigogne - serve French cuisine
La Flamme - serve pastries, pastas and pizzas. (quite a hit at dinner time, and most of the tables having either pasta or pizza)
La Boulangerie - serve pastries, cakes, sandwiches.
Le Blason - serving Malaysian and International cuisine. They offered buffet for dinner with lots of variaties to choose from.
Le Poulet Roti - Serving western cuisine, to be exact it tends to mirror Kenny Rogers Restaurant.

At first, we wanted to go to La Flamme for dinner but it was too crowded. As we were not keen to wait (since Faaz already asleep that I have to carry Falisya in order for him to have her place in the stroller), we finally went to Le Poulet Roti instead.

Only 3 of us who stayed awake...the rest were already in lalaland :)

What we had...
Roasted chicken with 2 side dishes, which came with a complimentary muffin.
Isn't it similar to Kenny Rogers?

After dinner, we decided to stroll all the way to the other end while enjoying the cool night breeze before calling it a day. We slept early that night, and have a good rest as a preparation for the next day activities that sure need a lot of extra energy!

Will Faaz Naqi continue to stay fit?

Did his fever came back the next day?

You'll find out soon. Stay tuned! :)

To be continued....


ishamizu said...

At least ada jgk playroom tu kan dear. Time hujan atau mlm bleyla spend time kt situ..tadela boring esp to the kids..hihi. Nmpknya bkn Faaz je enjoy, mommy n daddy pon enjoy tuh!;D

Mimy Hamid said...

mummy n daddy faaz lepas gian main game heheh

mommaholicSURI said...

Ffaz mesti enjoy dpt main cars tu kan? so did Oman last time. Last sekali Oman naik heli yg kat bahagian tepi that section! cuak jugakla :)

The girls macam very easy and chill babies. Tenangnya tgk diorang sleeping tau!

waiting for you next entry! :)

Diyana Didie said...

heheh cute je main games dgn anak anak. btw kak, they said restaurant sana over price. betul ke? some say, a can of coke will cost u rm12. kalau betul, tak boleh stay lelama lah. satu mlm cukup ;p

kak ina kl said...

tak pernah lagi ke sini..nanti satu hari nak gi merasa tidur kat sini walaupun ada orang kata harga bilik mahal

Nadine said...


Yeah, lucky us. Taaaapi habis kitaorg kena pow dgn Faaz! Mahal la tokens kat sana. Kejap je dah habis :P

Hahaha, yup, all of us were having fun. Bkn senang tau nak dpt chance Izu. Skali dpt we grab trus! :D

Nadine said...


Ya betul!! Hehehe..kasi chance la skali skala :D



OIC. Hehe, adventurous Oman! Hihi. Faaz sticked to the car je sampai we all yg naik bosan. Last2 suh dia tukar dia pegi naik train plak sampai 2x. sabar je la :P

Alhamdulillah, diaorg pun senang mcm Abam Faaz dulu. Kalau pegi jalan, tido je most of the time. Hihi :)

Nadine said...


Yup! Memang overprice. Same like Genting dik. That's why on the 1st day we tapaued food although we had our lunch. Surely kat atas tu sejuk2 mesti lapar. Save la sket. Cuma dinner je la, nak turun all the way ke Janda Baik cari makan mcm malas since nak kena angkut d babies so we just dine in there. The 2nd day, bfast buffet was free, lunch we ate later in KL after checkout :).

Dulu masa akak single n pegi with my family to BT, we brought along our deep fryer and rice cooker. Masak sendiri. Hehehe

Nadine said...

Kak Ina,

Pegila kak one day. Dekat je kan dgn Gombak. Skali skala tukar angin best jugak. Actually tak la mahal sgt rate dia. Cuba akak check website diaorg k :)