Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Bukit Tinggi Day #2

Although we have so many plans for day#2, we started off our day not-so-early in the morning. We let the babies set our time instead of us and the plans goes from there. I hate to wake up my children in the middle of their sleep, after all this was supposed to be a relaxing holiday, not a stressful one! ;)

while waiting for their big brother to get ready..sucking their fingers :P

As soon as the babies and Faaz woke up, we got them ready. Alhamdulillah, there were no trace of fever on Faaz. We were relieved. We then headed to Le Blason, to have our complimentary breakfast. The hotel staffs were so friendly and helpful, we really enjoyed the buffet breakfast (especially when it comes to French pastries and confectionery, nyum!)..thanks to them for playing with the twins :)

perut kenyang, hati senang...lalalala :)

Faaz Naqi was so ready to have fun!

With full stomachs, we walked towards the main entrance of Colmar. While waiting for the shuttle to take us to places within Bukit Tinggi, we spent some time there. Fadzil brought Faaz down to the small lake where the swans and the fishes swims. They brought together the food to feed them, which was bought from a souvenir shop there last night. Too bad I can't join my boys...I had to take care the babies in the stroller :)

managed to capture my boys from the bridge..hihi

while I babysit these two gugurls of mine :)

The shuttle finally arrived, and together with other patrons we hopped in. It was quite a hassle to be frank that each of us had to carry a baby and at the same time took care of our Faaz. The most disappointing thing was they don't allow us to carry our stroller with us, saying that it couldn't fit into the shuttle and there will be too many steps at the Japanese Village (Helllooo! I've been there before and I know la how to manage the strollers)...phhft! Nevertheless, we just abide as we didn't want to create any scene and ruined Faaz's excitement of riding a shutter. Tell you, that was the first and the last for him! We decided to go with our own car for the next destination. Senang!

we're soo ready to walk! *deep breath* :P

Faaz was blur the minute the shuttle dropped us off at the pit stop. There was nothing there to view. We then told him that we need to climb up in order to go to the Japanese Village and the Botanical Garden. We were worried at first that Faaz will wanting his Daddy to carry him up (how on earth I can walk further up with two babies?!)...lucky he's willing to walk. In fact, he did run on and off. I guess the fever has totally gone off. He was so active and full of energy! :) Well, it was a GREAT workout for me and Fadzil to climb up until we reached the destination. After catching up our breath, we did a little bit of sight-seeing and took some photos. Lucky us, there were this group of tourist from Japan that was so fascinated by the twins that they offered us to take some family photos. If not because of them, there will be none! Haha...

It was another 'adventure' of bringing the kids down to the pit stop. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth one, except that we had to stop here and there, when we bumped into people who would love to see and taking photos of our little 'superstars'...who else if not the twins :) We went back to Colmar and it was almost 12pm, the time for checking out. So we went back to our room, freshen up and packed our things. After settled with the checkout, we took some photos for memories before heading to the car park.

It's time to check-out!


The next destination was the Mini Animal Park. First, we went to the Rabbit Park. Here, we got the chance to be up, close and personal with the rabbits. It was fun although from the photos you can easily tell how much I was, uh...urm...a bit 'shy' to this creature :P They were really friendly and cute! Rasa nak peluk tapi apakan I said, I was a bit "shy" hik!

aren't they cute? :)

the and friendly..

the son...a bit of shyness but full of interest..

the mommy...can't help it, she's too "shy" :P

Next, it was Faaz's turn to meet and greet the donkeys. Did you know what was his first words upon reaching the place?

"Daddy, what's this smell?" while doing a sour face expression. Haha! :P So you can guess how long he spent the time there :D

There were playgrounds, outdoor and indoor for the kids too at the park where they can choose to play. My boy? He enjoyed both. We actually spent almost an hour there just to let Faaz have some fun. In the meantime, I took the chance to rest with the twinnies while hubby busy supervised Faaz and took a lot of photos. I must say most of them is impressive! It really showed how much fun Faaz have that day :) I guess the twinnies were really enjoying the nice weather at Bukit Tinggi. They were sleeping most of the time..either in the carriers, or strollers. Senang mommy! Hehehe :)

the outdoor playground..

the indoor playground

Soon it was almost 3pm. It was time to bid goodbye to Bukit Tinggi. We headed back to KL, made a pit stop to Mid Valley to have our late lunch and then went back to Subang Jaya. Overall, it was a fun weekend getaway. Faaz had recovered quite fast, the twins were behaving very well, and the weather was good. It was a stress-free holiday. To Mr. Hubby, travel with two babies was not that bad, huh?. Alhamdulillah we've survived. We've been a good team, Sayang! Let's do this again in future, shall we? *wink*


p.s: There are more activities/places to visit at Bukit Tinggi. Visit here for suggestions :)


Mimy Hamid said...

fuh nad salute la u punya stamina...ngan bawa twins naik bukit ke japanese hills tu..serius i tak sanggup...sbb ramai yg i baca situ nak menapak snagat la jauh...serius u hot mummy la

Nadine said...


Hihihi..comel je comment u. tergelak I baca. Mmg kena menapak sgt jauh yer, especially to the Japanese Village. Nuuuuun di atas sana. Hihi. It was a great work out for me. Tak taula mana dtg kekuatan tu. Sbb terpaksa kot. Hihi. To be frank, sampai2 mmg tercungap2 ah. An experience to be remembered! :)

ishamizu said...

Hihi mmg terer la uol. Klu izu mmg awal2 lg dah naik keta! Tak smpi separuh jln, Dijamin akn bertapa kt tepi jln klu climbing the hill. Hihi so, Mmg bley pegi bcuti sll itu mcm!;D

Alhamdulillah, the chilled n freshed air also helped Faaz fastrecovery rite? Tgk Faaz pon dh bley senyum n posing kenyit2 mata lg tu hihihi. Twinnies pon soooo good n cute, mana tak sll jd center of attraction yer? ;) xoxo for them. :)

Ninie Hanis said...

wow..the twinnies are really celebrities la..tembam betul skrg the gurls..cute,geram je tgk tgn & peha dia.hehehe..abg faaz mmg good boy la.:)

Nadine said...


Kitaorg naik shuttle in the first place sbb nak kasi Faaz merasa. Menapak naik ke atas tu sbb no choice Izu, kenderaan xleh naik atas. Sampai pit stop kat bwh je. Mmg nak ke Japanese Village n Botanical Garden kena jalan. :)

Nadia pun rasa mcm tu, berubah angin plus excited buat dia lebih sihat. Alhamdulillah, sampai balik pun dia ok :) Haah Izu, mood dia much, much better on the 2nd day. Senyum je kalau suh posing. TQ dear, diaorg tu jadi center of attraction sbb dua kan, mcm copycat plak tu. Kalau satu rasanya takla mcm tu skali :)

Nadine said...


Hihihi, sebab jarang org nampak twins kot tu yg tetiba jadi celebrities diaorg. Yg kelakar tu ade family we jumpa, diaorg amik gamba twins then d father said, "you guys will be on facebook now! I am uploading!" Excited tul pakcik tu. Haha! Hehe, akak tiap2 hari put on lotion to their body mmg uli habis2an peha diaorg. geram! alhamdulillah, dia ikut mood ninie. So far so good ;)

| SUE | said...

geramnyer tgk peha twins niiiii... mcm nak geget jee. haihhh bila dapat gomol ni haaaa?..

hebat la mommy bleh sanggup meredeh ke japanese village tu...i dulu bwk diri pon mengah!