Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Bukit Tinggi

We did not celebrated Aidiladha this year. My family went back to Johor while my in-laws went for a holiday. Wanted to follow either of them, but we were still skeptical and have lack of confidence to travel far with the twins since they are still small. So we decided to spend the long weekend by ourselves..

I was so stressed lately and I need a vacation very badly! I need a fresh air to breath! Hubby agreed too so finally, after a series of discussion we decided to go for a weekend getaway, somewhere near the city center. After considering few locations, we finally decided to go to Bukit Tinggi (BT) since it's only a 45mins journey from Gombak ;)

We were all pretty excited and looking forward for the getaway although I've been to BT with my family before I got married. Did you know that me and Fadzil never had our family (as in nucleus family) vacation before? The only time we had vacation ourselves were during our honeymoons and the trip to Norway. Not a chance since we became a parent. Besides that, this was the first time we travel with the twins. It was the benchmark whether we'll ready for vacations/travelling with them. Nervous and excited at the same time! The verdict? I'll tell you when I wrapped up this short holiday entry...

We can only plan...but everything is in God's hand. Two days before the trip, Faaz Naqi fell ill. He had a high fever, added with cough and flu as compliments. It was sad that the day before the trip he did not show any improvement, thus a big chance to say "bye-bye" to the trip. But, it was sadder to see my lil hero was weak and cranky...poor lil boy :( On the morning that we were supposed to depart, Faaz was still having fever, but it was mild. He was active than the day before too. Finally, around 11 am we decided to continue with our plan hoping that by noon Faaz condition will be better. If let say its the other way round, we will go back to home the very same day. As quickly as I can, I packed the bags for all five of us and get the kids ready. We started our journey after Zuhr Prayer...

Twins were wide awake, but not cranky. They were in the mood to play after the afternoon feed..

Faaz on the other hand was otherwise; cranky that we had to cover his car seat with "kain batik" (in case he continue to vomit), and the fact that he had to wear the cool fever patch :P

Alhamdulillah, Faaz was behaving better as the car started to move. We made a pit stop to McDonalds in between the journey and 'tapau-ed' some food for lunch and to bring up to BT. Since the traffic was heavy as we entered the highway (it was expected), we had our lunch in the car, during the journey. The 45 mins journey ended up to be almost a 2hours journey due to the massive jam. We arrived at Colemar Tropicale at 3pm, just in time for the check in.

The place we stayed :)

The good thing was, Faaz's temperature has normalized when we arrived there but the bad thing was, he vomited the minute our car entered the hotel's carpark. Since we already prepared for the situation, minimum cleaning was required...*phew*. After changing Faaz's attire, we went up to the lobby to check-in. The weather was just nice, bright, cool and windy...tiba-tiba teringat time pegi Oslo dulu... :)

Faaz didn't co-operate much when we asked him to smile.
A bit moody after the vomiting incident..

nice view from the lobby..

Alhamdulillah, it didn't took us that long to get our room keys. We had chose to stay in a One Bedroom Suite, thus we had to walk to the end of the resort to our block; Euphorbia. It is situated near the swimming pool and it was a bit secluded from the noisy Market Square and the stage. Just perfect! Oh ya, we did stopped here and there along the way, taking photos and having our own sweet time. No rush...this was the kind of holiday that I want! ;)

Check - in done!!

snap! snap! snap! Faaz still refused to smile tho...huhu..

Finally, we arrived! yippie!

Faaz's mood changed instantly the minute we entered the room, especially the bedroom. He kept on asking us why there's a "curtain" around the bed...hihihi. :)

My full of ???? boy :)

The room is quite spacious for five of us; it consist of one living hall with flat screen tv, a dining area, a kitchen with complete utilities, a bedroom, and a spacious bathroom consist of a wet and dry section (where the dressing table is situated). Let me give you a tour on how the room looks like...

The living hall + dining area + kitchen

wet bathroom area :)

dry bathroom area

our bed :)

the baby cot :)

Like I mentioned earlier, our room's view was towards the swimming pool. It was supposed to be something fun especially for Faaz since he was soo looking forward to swim but it ended up being something sad for him. Heavy heartedly, we had to prevent him from that activity because of his condition. Kesian sangat :'(

poor my baby boy...sadly looking at the swimming pool from far :'(

the pool...
*pic courtesy of Colemar Tropicale*

However, we managed to cheer him up with other activities. Keen to know what we did in Bukit Tinggi? Stay tune! I will share with you dear readers in the next entry. ;)



Mimy Hamid said...

owh nice la bukit tinggi i pun tak pernah jejak lagi..ajak hubby dia kata musim hujan tak sesuai tunggu nanti la..faaz tupandai je sampai sana suhu normal...demam nak berjalan how nad challenge tak berjalan cuti bawa baby kembar?? nak melayan kerenah ok ke?? btw how much rate per night in colmar?

my.mastura said...

huh! sonot nyer tgk bilik tu...baper rate nye tu?

sedih plak tgk Faaz x sihat tu kan? nasib baik dia x buat pangai sgt walaupon x sihat..

looking forward on ur next entry la..kenot wait!

mommyNadia said...

sian faaz..
I think Bkt Tinggi is a great place for immediate gateway kan..tak perlu booked flight,tk payah risau long hour travelling..n the place is cool with many great places to visit..

cant wait for next entry babe!!

Cho Zila said...

dah lama tak gi BT.. harap dapatlah pergi utk ambik gambar.. tapi nak duk kat resorttu tak mampuler akakni ha..
kesiannyer faaz, tengokjerlerkan.....

RuZaNNa said...

Wow..cantiknya the suite..siap dgn kitchen the rate yea babe? I pun dah lama teringin nak gi bukit tinggi..2012 i guess :)

Diyana Didie said...

huhu mmg cantiklah bilik dia. me dgr harga pon mhl. tambah kalau weekend kan. tp mcm berbaloi kalau serba serbi cantik. permandangan pon cantik. kak, faaz nmpk sooo big now. mcm lain dah muka dia. hehe lupa plak sudah jadi big brother! ;)

ishamizu said...

Bestnya! Cantiklah suite tue..! I likee!;)
Kesian Faaz demam, mujur twinnies sht kan. :)
Tak sbr nk tgu next n3!;)

ishamizu said...

Bestnya! I like the suite, so elegant! BT mmg sesuai sgt for a weekend getaway kan..? cantik, dekat, sejuk..hihi

Alaahaii Faaz..pandang je pool dr jauh eh. kesian dia hihi. Nway, comeyla ank2 dara u dear, melekat je headgear tu all the time. Good girls!;)

dyana "his other half" said...

best kan colmar? cd mmg suka. even org selalu cakap boring la takde activity la. but cd rasa it's enough to make me feel refreshing and start off new hectic week kat office. huhu.

Kella said...

cantiknya nad...dah lama rasa nak pergi sana.. tapi hajat belum sampai lagi la nad... cantik bilinya view kawasannya pun cun! amik gambo lawo nih! hehehe...

Nadine said...


Hihi, tula lucky the temperature went back to normal. Kalau tak rugi je dah bayar hotel semua kena cancel. Alhamdulillah, si kembar behave very well. most of the time tido je. Agaknya sbb cuaca cooling je kan. Senang mommy n daddy :)

I book hotel through website. If advance 2 weeks u'll get 10% off and if early seminggu plak 5% off. I punye room rate was RM309.00 (with bfast) after 5% disc. You can check out their website for more info :)

Nadine said...


Rate sebenar aku tak sure plak. Maybe can check at the website. Aku ambil 1 bedroom suite. book 1 week ahead dpt 5% disc = RM309. Kalau book 2 weeks ahead dpt 10%, lagi murah ;)

Tula Mas, sedih sgt bila dia mintak nak swim tu tau. actually mmg plan nak bawak dia pegi swimming jugak tp nak buat cemana kn. Alhamdulillah, dia tak cranky sgt cuma dia demand more attention. layankan je la :)

p.s: blog's updated! ;)

Nadine said...


Exactly! That's why we chose BK as our first 'experimental' getaway with the babies..alhamdulillah, all went well :)

Nadine said...

Cho Zila,

Hi there, salam kenal :) Ada masa lapang nnti pegila. Dari KL pun agak dekat la jugak kan? Actually room rate dia kalau booking awal kira affordable jugak tau. Superior room pun agak spacious utk family kalau stakat nak tido semalam mcm tu :)

Nadine said...


Like I mentioned in above comments, I lupa dah rate sebenar tapi mine with 5% disc = RM309. Not bad kan? Macam rate std hotel in city center je. Yeah, u should go there too, after confinement, perhaps? I'm sure Imran will enjoy the most! :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, the room rate takla mahal sgt dik. Book through website, lagi awal book lagi bnyk disc. Actually to me the rate is quite ok considering we went there on weekend...

yes dear, Faaz Naqi is a big boy now. Muka pun mmg dah berubah sket. A lil bit mature..hehe

Nadine said...


Hihi, seronok and best tp it was nothing compared to your London. Hehehe..

Sian sgt kat dia Izu. Nasib la the following weeks grandparents dia brought him for a holiday in Penang for a week. Seminggu puas dia swimming! Hihi..

The girls tu skang okla izu, in future wallahualam. Time ni la nak bully pun kan. hihihi :P

Nadine said...


High 5!! Exactly. Dah dua kali pegi and I still can enjoyed it. I guess it depends on ppl. Kalau nak cari fun, adventure thingy for themselves, mmg agak kureng la tempat ni. Tp kalau for ur kids to have fun and for u to relax, I'll say Yes! this is the place ;)

Nadine said...


High 5!! Exactly. Dah dua kali pegi and I still can enjoyed it. I guess it depends on ppl. Kalau nak cari fun, adventure thingy for themselves, mmg agak kureng la tempat ni. Tp kalau for ur kids to have fun and for u to relax, I'll say Yes! this is the place ;)

Nadine said...


You kalau pegi sana, I bet sume gambar2 super cun kot. Org tere snap photo la katakan. Pegila you, honeymoon lagi skali ngan ur hubby. tak jauh mana pun dr KL ni ;)