Friday, December 28, 2012

Kids At Work Event

On the second week of this month, the company that I am working with organized "Kids At Work" Event. Basically for a change this year E/// celebrated the coming Christmas and end of year by inviting the workers to bring their children to the office...

The invitation came just a day after Faaz requested to follow me to work. He said he wanted to see how E/// is like from inside. Perhaps he was curious, and wanted to compare it with the experience he had last time when he followed me to the customer's office (read it here).

I went home during lunchtime on that day (it was Friday, by the way) to pick up Faaz since the event will only be starting at 3pm. After having lunch and performed Zuhr prayer, we made a move to Cyberjaya.

my co-pilot was so ready to have fun at his mommy's office :)

It was 5 minutes past 3pm when we arrived so the first thing we did was to register Faaz at the registration counter. Here, parents were given the consent form to fill in and sign, while the child will be given a tag with his/her parent's name and h/p number (easier in case the child go missing..). There were also goodie bags and refreshments given to the child.

Faaz Naqi was sooo shy at first that he refused to smile. Grrrr!

But after kena usik dgn mommy, the smile begun to appear..haha!

Since the crowd was still small and Faaz did not fully warmed up I decided to bring him to my place at level 3. As he seated beside me at my place, people from my department started to came and greet him."Handsome boy" they called him :) As expected Faaz didn't responded well, he sat still quietly and refused to smile...anti-social sungguh :P

The views from Level 3 foyer...

But as soon as he had a tele-conversation with his daddy, Faaz begun to let loose. He started to respond to my male colleagues sitting near my place. He begun to smile, and became chatty. Penat pulak mommy nak layan all his queries.. "why this, what is that, how does it works...etc. etc." :P My colleagues were all impressed with his level of English, especially since dia tak pelat langsung and grammar pun ok. They said his level of thinking is quite mature compared to kids at his age :) Yes, we think so too. Maybe because we live with the in-laws, and Faaz was the only child among the adults in the house so he follow thing I know, all my children since they were babies we never cakap pelat2 to them. Kalau they cakap pelat, we corrected them and talked properly. It really helps! 

On the phone with Daddy :)

Teman mommy buat keja :)

We finally came down at 4pm, after I settled some of my task and sent out emails (work, was still work :P). Asked Faaz what activity he wanted to do first, quickly he answered, "I want to do the sand art, mommy" So sand art we did!

There were many templates to choose for from flowers, to hello kitty, from car to dinosour. Even I pun rambang mata! Finally Faaz chose a sports car template..

"Let's start, mommy!"

I let him did the art all by himself, I just helped him with removing the sticker parts by parts. As soon as his sand art completed, we went to get the refreshments. Cakes from Secret Recipe, doughnuts from Big Apple, some cookies and drinks were served for the employees and the children. But the main attraction of all was the popcorn and cotton candy stall...not only a long queue from the kids, E/// staff pun sama! :D

Waiting patiently for our cotton candy. weee!

Sebenarnya mommy yang lebih. hehehe.
I used to LOVE cotton candy so much! :)

Next, we went to the giant inflatable playground but Faaz refused to play. All because he was so scared of a clown. He spotted the clown as he was doing his sand art and that did killed a bit his happy mood. That's why I divert his attention to the food by bringing him to have some refreshment. It didn't help much...

senyum + nak nangis = tragic :P

Tak sampai hati tgk Faaz phobia, I decided to bring him up again. While he was busy viewing clips from the youtube, I went down to the clown to get him a balloon. Faaz was surprised and excited the minute I handed him the 'sword' balloon... :)

showing off his art work :)

Faaz nak pegi wee wee, pit stop at mommy's favourite mirror. the best thing was, Faaz layan je mommy dia. hahaha! :))

Soon, it was 5.30pm and it was time to go home. On the way home, I asked Faaz if he enjoyed coming to my office and weather he would like to follow me to work again in the future. 

His answer?

"Yes mommy, Faaz like Ericsson. But next time make sure no clown in your office, ok mommy"



Thursday, December 27, 2012

Selangor Off-Day

Last 11th December was the off-day for Selangor state, its the birthday of the Sultan of Selangor. Since I am working in Selangor, I get to be on leave that Tuesday. Too bad Fadzil is working in KL that he had to work on that day :P

Since the offices were open in KL and I had some matters to settle with a bank, I've decided to go to KLCC. Senang sikit nak cari parking and senang nak cuci mata..hihihi :P At first, I was thinking of going alone, but as I opened the door knob, Faaz Naqi came with a sad and 'almost-crying-face'...

"Mommy, I want to follow you to the bank"

Worrying of the traffic jam to KL, I quickly said yes, and brought him along. Memang tak sempat changed, pakai baju basahan je Faaz. Nasib :P

Alhamdulillah, the journey was smooth (probably because I took the Smart Tunnel :P), and we managed to get a parking at P2, near the lift exiting in front of MNG boutique, which is very close to CIMB. How convenient! :) 

the cheeky boy :P

Lucky us too, the queue to open an account at CIMB was not that long. There were only 2 people before me. While waiting for our number to be called, Faaz told me that he wanted to have lunch here in KLCC, but not with just me. He wanted his daddy to joined us too (he knew that Fadzil's office is near to KLCC). I told him that daddy is working but this clever little fella knows what to answer, 

"Daddy must go eat lunch too, right mommy?" :P

So i texted Fadzil the conversation I had with Faaz and at the same time my turned was up. While I waited for the process, Fadzil came to surprised us. Faaz was extremely happy. The funny thing was, the officer in charge thought that Faaz was my little brother, he was puzzled when Fadzil came to us, and heard Faaz called him "Daddy"....

"saya betul-betul ingatkan dia adik cik Nadia. Eh sorry puan Nadia.."

(No need to be sorry dear, its actually a surprised compliment! perasan ahkak sekejap. hik :P)

After I successfully opened an account, we went for lunch. As expected, it was Faaz Naqi who chose the restaurant to dine in; KFC. We layankan aje...

Happy lah tu, dapat lunch dengan mommy and daddy...

After lunch, sempat Faaz Naqi dragged his daddy to Toy's R Us to get a new toy. Lucky me, I need not to fork out my budget for that. Boleh shopping instead. Muahaha...Since we were in the store and it's already December, I decided to redeem the star points of the Toy's R Us card. 

Happy that he got a toy...

Points redeemed into vouchers, RM250 in total. 
Weee! Birthday Faaz next month tak payah mommy kluar blanja beli present :P

After Fadzil left, I've decided to do some window shopping. It's been a while since I last shopping at KLCC so it was a good therapy walking around, checking out new stores. Lucky Faaz didn't complaint, he was too busy playing with his new toy.. 

silly between shopping. hihi

We went back home half an hour later, greeted by the twins. Falisya was delighted when I gave her the soft toy I got for free from CIMB (she has a spot for soft toys), while Faiqa happy that I bought her a new book (she loves reading!). I spent the rest of my off day entertaing my kids until my hubby came back home from work...


Monday, December 17, 2012

Getaway: Lost World of Tambun (Pt 1)

Taking advantage of two public holidays (Deepavali and Awal Muharram) in a week of last November, Fadzil and I took a straight 1 week off from work to spend time with our children.

Apart of normal activities at home and 'visiting' the malls, we also went for a short getaway of 2D1N to Ipoh, Perak.

The traffic was pretty smooth along the journey. We arrived at Ipoh at noon. Prior to check-in at the hotel at Tambun, we decided to go to Ipoh town to have our lunch. Our first 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' spot was the famous "Nasi Ganja" :)

Since we are not that familiar with the roads in Ipoh, it took us quite sometime before we finally found the restaurant (the navigation wasn't that helpful too :P). The crowd was there when we arrived, and the weather was pretty hot and sunny so we decided to 'tapau' our food instead of dine-in. 

To those who wondering, 'Nasi Ganja' is actually Nasi Kandar. It was famous with that name because of the addiction towards it. In Malay, we said "cuba sekali, nak lagi". Hihi.  You can google about it to know more about this famous food (that's what I did :P)

it does'nt look this messy if u dine-in at the restaurant :P

We took the kuah campur with ayam goreng. The standard 'Nasi Ganja' also comes with 'jelatah' (pineapple and cucumber salad), boiled egg and its special coconut sambal. The taste? To me, the overall taste is nothing much great, I prefer Penang Nasi Kandar better than this but their fried chicken is very tasty! Itu I recommend ;)

We checked in at Lost World Hotel at the exact check-in time. We were lucky to get a corporate rate that we chose to stay at the Executive Suite. The room is huuuge! It's like an apartment, complete with a spacious hall, dining area, kitchen and toilet at one side and the spacious bedroom with closet area, wet and dry bathroom. The only downside of staying at the executive suite is that you'll be staying on the other side of the building, a bit far from the hotel lobby and reception area.

Let me give you a lil tour on our room... :)

The view as you entered the room. Mini kitchen on the right and toilet on the left (behind the small sitting area)

close up of the mini kitchen 

the toilet near the kitchen (no shower)

The spacious hall 

The separation between the hall and the room (sliding wooden door)

The bedroom

The sinki (dry area) between the bathroom and the closet area

The closet area from the bathroom :P

The bathroom (no bath tub, but who need it when u have hot spring and loads of swimming pool outside? )

After settling down, had our lunch and refreshed ourselves, we decided to rest and catch some nap that evening. Have to ensure the kids have enough rest before they experience the hot spring at night for the first time :)

Had our dinner at the famous Nasi Ayam Fauziah, another our JJCM in Ipoh. I've tried it once during my uni years and the taste remain the same until now.  My family loves it so much! Nyums...

Falisya and daddy, while waiting for the food to arrived

The mouth-watering meal...

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and changed. We were looking forward to spend the time at The Lost World Hot Spring. FYI, the admission to the hot spring at night is strictly for the hotel's patron. They open for public only during the daytime. The admission is also complimentary from the hotel to its patron :)

Ready to make a move (sempat lagi...hehee)

Twinnies, at the entrance. Busy wit their toys..

Lost World of Tambun Hot Spring 

The Lost World of Tambun Hot Spring area is quite huge with few pools to choose, with different types of temperature. There are also kids hot spring pool. The favourite pool for adult would be the glacier hot spring pool, where the glacier can be seen at a certain times while you are in the pool. As for us, we chose the hot spring pool that is connected to the children hot spring pool. Easier for us to enjoy the warm water while taking care of the kids :)

Faaz nervous to go into hot spring for the first time.. :)

Me and Falisya getting warmed up. Kita rendam kaki dulu, kang terus berendam terkejut plak si kecik tu :P

Dah confident sket...ehehe

Faiqa decided to sit in the stroller cause she's sleepy :)

Faaz started to enjoyed the warm water.. :)

my two boys having fun in the hot spring 

final snap before we bid goodbye to the hot spring!

We spent 2 hours at the hot spring and finally made a move when the rain started pouring. We spent the rest of the night watching a movie together while sipping hot drinks. FYI, the complimentary hot drinks given my the hoteel semuanya courtesy of Ipoh White Coffee...

Budak kecik yang refused to sleep and kacau mommy buat air coffee! :P

To be continued...