Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Advert: Tasya Cuppies

Assalamualaikum and Hello dear readers,

Happy New Year 2012 and Happy 1st Working day for those who are not on leave today. How's your 'Tuesday Blues' so far? Mine? Missed my children so very much! :)

As new year is starting, I am sure new resolutions, new target has been listed to be achieved by year end. Me too, have a few targets myself...hopefully with Allah SWT will I can achieve it, insyaAllah :)

Talking about new year, Fadzil's niece has ventured into a bakery business recently...cuppies to be exact. Tasted some of her 'air tangan' recently at her house and I must say this young lady is talented. Not only it looks cute, its tasty! ;)

Red Velvet cuppies

Here are some of her masterpiece...cute n cun sgt! :)

Cun kan?! Ape lagi, feel free to order from Tasya Ramleh. She can be contacted via sms at 012-3856317 or email at : sya_rainbow@yahoo.com. Oh ya, delivery service is also available within Subang Jaya & Sunway with extra charge of RM2.

p.s: Nak order sebagai my coming birthday present pun ok jugak. Eh tetiba! :P


ishamizu said...

Hmm yum2. Zahin n iris since baked cookies dgn derg aritu mtk ixu bake cuppies lak. Hihihi. Seronok n igt fun je la tu tp rasa puas jgk bila cookies tu licin sekelip mata. Heh

Nway, ur niece mmg ada bakat lah. Good luck to her. :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Oh wow!! nampak sangat-sangat tempting!! esp the red velvet!! Insya Allah, kalau one day Nuurill nak beli cupcakes boleh try order from her. :)

| SUE | said...

Nasib baik besday nadia dah lepas... selamat, selamat...tarik napas kuat kuat ...haha

MaRyD said...

ade blog die tak?
rasa cm nk order je

dyana "his other half" said...

wah menarik. dekat ja ngan office. boleh order la nanti :).

my.mastura said...


eh..area rumah aku dia anto x? dekat je kan? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi hi Tasya here. Will make a blog soonish insyallah. I do delivery within selangor area but delvery charges will apply. Thanks kak nadia for mentioning me here (: