Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Approaching 3 Years

My Faaz Naqi has turn 3 years old recently and we had a small celebration at his grandparents house in Subang Jaya. Will share with you about his special day on next entry ;) Few days before his special day, I took a half-day leave to spend some quality time with my growing up boy...thank you to my mom and my sister who volunteered to babysit my twin babies. If not because of them, memang takde chance lah :)

Our activity? A bus and an LRT (train) ride. Faaz was almost 3 and yet he never had a ride of both. Ok, not quite...he had a really short experience of taking an LRT star from Jalan Ipoh to The Mall when we had to send our car to the workshop. I still remember how short the journey was, Faaz who was so excited to be in a "train" for the very first time wanted to stand on the seat to have a clearer view outside. As he was just standing, I told him that he had to come down that we were about to reach our destination. He was sooo blur! pity him :( Since then, I had no chance to bring him for a proper train experience...

At first, I just told him that "Mommy gonna bring Faaz for a ride on a train" and as expected he was excited! As I held his hand and coming out of the gate, he asked me why we need to walk to the "train" instead of drive to the LRT station. I told him, "Faaz will ride on a bus for the very first time!". His reaction?

Super-duper happy! :) Oh I just love to see that big grin! :)

By the way, that was my younger brother, Hazwan in the photo. Thanks adik for accompanying us to the bus stop and ensured your sister took the right bus (lama tak naik bas la katakan..hihihi).

It took us quite sometime before our bus came. Everytime a bus coming towards us Faaz will jumped and asked me and Hazwan weather that was our bus, without failed. Not a single sign of being fed-up of waiting. He was really looking forward for it :)

After waiting for almost 30 minutes, we finally had our ride on a bus. Thanks to my mother for lending me her RAPID card so it's much easier for me. Faaz need not to pay the fare :)

There was Faaz, seating and shying away at first on his seat...ready for a ride on a bus ;)

It was around 4.30 pm when we took off, the sun was still shining bright. Lucky I brought his shades along ( I have to everytime I brought mine otherwise sure kena bebel kenapa x bawak dia punya skali :P)...This photo was taken about 5 minutes after the bus has left the bus stop. Look at his expression, he was no more being shy!

Due to the hot weather, Faaz asked me for a drink the minute we arrived at Gombak LRT Station (previously known as LRT Putra). The place is now quite different from the place that I used to know. There's a construction going on, they are now building a 4 storey parking lot in front of the station. The LRT station itself also has a newer look; there's a new bus station in the middle of the parking lot and the LRT station, there's a proper Genting Highlands bus ticket counter and there's even a musolla at the LRT station. A whole lot improvement, well done! ;)

After we bought some drinks and snacks, we proceed to the counter. I just came to know that these days the LRT ticket/card is no more being used, instead they replaced it with tokens. Another new thing (to me)! We need not to wait longer for the LRT to arrive. As soon as the train reached the station, Faaz jumped with excitement :)

We were quite fortunate that the LRT was quiet empty that evening. As soon as the train moved, Faaz stood closely next to the window. On and off his cute mouth bubbling, questioning and describingall the things that he saw...riuh kami dua beranak. Hihi.. His favorite part was when the train went into the tunnel...excited! :)

Seriously watched the track as the train moved...

Quenching his thirst after babbling a lot! Hihihi..

Soon, we reached the destination - Jelatek LRT station. Faaz wanted to go and see his daddy played badminton at Dewan Serbaguna Dato' Keramat. Actually, we went there to hand in Fadzil his racket, which he accidentally left at home. Faaz was so excited as we entered the hall. It was his first time to enter a badminton court and see a live match. He was shy at first, as usual...decided to sit down and watch the game...

But after a while...the "active" side of him started to shine, especially when Fadzil entertained him and thought him how to play. Berpeluh-peluh gakla anak bujang I tu.. :)

After the match, we went to a restaurant in Ampang for dinner. Faaz was asleep before we reached the place. I guess he must have been too tired after having a short adventure that evening :) The next morning, as soon as he woke up, Faaz non-stop talking about his experience to his grandmother and aunty...well, I guess that shows he had fun on that day...glad to know that, son :)


Mimy Hamid said...

abg faaz dah belajar cara naik transport ...yeayy u are big brother now...banyak gak experience baru dia belajar ni..seronok tengok dah besar

faisyura said...

wahhhh next time kite ride same2 la nak? kitorg pun sejak 2 menjak ni asik naik lrt je sbb zaim n aariz suke sgt naik lrt.. kalau naik train tu, mesti nak duduk kt depan sekali... seronok tgk train lalu kt track...

but tak penah lg kitrog naik bus.. should try this one too la.. ;)

nadia, sekali lalu kan, faaz kan, ade iras aariz la.... kalau tgk faaz mesti terbayang aariz.. hehe..

dyana "his other half" said...

Bestnya naik bus n lrt :). Hadif x pernah naik bus lagi. Lrt dah selalu sbb dia asyik ckp nak abah's car. Hahaha. Hadif ingat komuter n lrt tu kereta fariq sbb selalu kitaorg hantar n amik fariq from work kat train station.

Lepas ni boleh la kita picnic n main badminton kan faaz :).

mommyNadia said...

Woweee best tu ;)
Adam lepas naik lrt time 2yrs takpernah dah lepas tu.asyik ajak,tk sempat la.
Sronok kan bila dapat fulfill impian budak kecik?. For us mcm small things je,but its a big impact for them.sampai bila dia akan ingat kan ;)

Adam now demand nk naik aeroplane plak.time kecik tak ingat!

Nadine said...


Yes he is! Tula seronok tgk development dia from day 1 till now :)

Nadine said...


Waaa, ye ke. Bagusnya! We all kalau la LRT station dkt dgn rumah mmg nak naik slalu. Unfortunately bila balik Gombak je la dpt merasa naik LRT ni :) Oh, duk dkt dpn skali lagi la best kan?! Napela Nadia x terpk haritu..ish ish. Noted for next time! ;)

Zura, actually, masa Aariz baby lagi Nadia dh sedar tau. Nak ckp kat Zura segan, takut nnti Zura kata "adeke anak aku yg comel ni dia kata ada iras Faaz". Mmg ada similarities, esp sideways kn?! ;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hahaha, wah!! abah Hadif's car gempak betul :D

Boleh aja dong! Ajak Sue skali, dia dah banyak kali tanya bila nak jumpa..heeee :)

Nadine said...


Tula, I pun sama. If my mom tak volunteer jaga my twins, mmg tak dan la nak bawak Faaz naik LRT. Agak limited movement bila kena bawak stroller..nak2 double stroller kan. huhu..

Yes babe, exactly! Bila tgk dia senyum keriangan tu, berbunga2 hati ni. Rasa puas sgt :)

Wah Adam..ape lagi you, lehla coti2 obersea ;) Faaz pun I think tak ingat dah experience naik aeroplane bcuz d last time pun masa dia kecik. Harap2 dia tak mintak lagi la dlm masa terdekat. Mommy xde budget! :P

Diyana Didie said...

sgt excited muka abg faaz hehe bagus. abg faaz sudah pandai naik public transport...sudah boleh berdikari. adik dah pandai jaga dah..mummy dah boleh harapkan abg faaz. sejuk perut mummy... ;)

ishamizu said...

Wah sweet moment btw Faaz n mommy! Faaz nmpk btol2 happy dpt naik lrt n bas tu! Good boy! :)

Nadine said...


First timer la katakan, tu yg excited! :)
ameeen..mudah2an berkekalan :)

Nadine said...


Yes, indeed. bkn senang nak dpt chance ni skang since Faaz ada dua adik terus. Alhamdulillah, senang hati tgk dia happy :)