Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My 4th January

4th January this year is almost the same as 4th January on previous years but what's special about it is that on 4th January this year, we we're at Gombak, my family house. I got to hug and thanked my mother for going through all the pain on delivering me into this world 31 years ago :)

The day of 4th January begun as early as 12am. I was breastfeeding Falisya when hubby who was busy playing Tap Zoo suddenly stopped and said to me,

"You know what have you did, Sayang?"

"Huh? What?" Puzzled me answered...

"You have just turned 31 years old! Happy Birthday Sayang!" He hugged and kissed my forehead :)

"Nak present!!" I tried my luck although I've already been given the present during my anniversary, the 2 in 1 gift.

"Your present is in your email. Check your mail." He said.

"Email?" I was puzzled again. Serious ke main-main dia ni??

When I checked my email, I saw this....

E-gift rupanya. Hik Hik :)
Thank you, Sayang..

That morning, he drove me to work although we brought 2 cars to Gombak itself. Just for 4th January I got the privilege to be driven to work and am loving it! ;)

Happy! :)

That night, we all went out for my birthday dinner (except my lil brother who was so busy studying for his exam). When being asked whether I wanted Western/Oriental/Japanese/Middle Eastern food that night, I answered, "Nasi (rice)". Hihi...had enough of steaks after few birthday celebrations on last December. Muak kot.

So we went to a place we never been before, Istana Bambu, (Bamboo Palace) a fine Malay restaurant situated in Jalan Hulu Klang, which is quite near to my mom's place. Fell in love with the padi field and the bamboo hut concept. With the lighting and cozy ambiance, it's peaceful and romantic!

We chose to sit on one of the bamboo huts overlooking the "padi field" pond to have some privacy. Faaz and Faiqa slept while we're on the way to this restaurant so it left only 4 of us with Falisya to enjoy the meal.

The 2 "F"s in lalaland...zzzzzZZZZZ...

left only this little girl, wide awake! :)

Mak and Kak Ngah :)

Us and fierce Falisya...hihihi :)

According to reviews, this restaurant is famous for its 2 special dishes:
1) Fried Crispy Beef
2) Fried squid with salted egg
A must try they said! ;)

And what we ordered that night was (clockwise), Butter Sauce Crab, Kailan with Salted Fish, Egg Fu Yong with crabmeat, Lemon Chicken and the famous Fried Crispy Beef. Although I really wanted to try out the signature squid dish, I had to let it go. I ate deep fried squid the other day and Falisya got rashes all over her hand...I guess she inherit the allergies from me T_T

All I can say that the food we ordered that night were all equally good and recommended. Sgt sedap! Check out their website for full menu (we ordered less spicy food because of Faaz skali dia tido daaaa :P).

Falisya was tired as we were about to finish our meal. Lately, Falisya refused EBM that I have to direct BF her whenever I'm around. Lucky us this time that we were seated in a private hut that I have no problem to feed her comfortably...

As soon as Falisya's asleep, Faiqa woke up.
Looks like they're taking turn, huh? :)

Faaz was the last, he only woke up when we reached back home, just nice when we're about to have the cake cutting session. Talking about the cake, a funny incident happened on 4th January's evening. As usual, whenever I came back from work, I will take my cooler bag straight to the kitchen and store my EBM in the fridge. That day, I was rushing to get ready for the dinner so without thinking of anything I simply run to the fridge and opened it. My mom was there, and her face expression changed when she saw me opened the fridge. I was stunned too when I saw....a birthday cake inside the fridge! Upsie!! Haha...sorry! :P Quickly I acted as if I didn't notice the huge square box and quickly close the fridge door after storing my EBM. You should see the look on Mak's face..it was priceless! Hahaha!

So that night, when hubby came from the kitchen and brought the the cake and said, "Surprise!!", I had to act as if I was...heeee, sian En.Suami penat2 balik awal from me to buy the cake and hide it :)

my blueberry cheese cake...perfect dessert :)

Faaz who was so excited (No, not because it was my birthday. He was excited because he knew that after my birthday will be his birthday! :D), requested to cut the cake...so I gave him the honor after we both blew my candles :)

Since everyone was wide awake, we took the chance to snap some photos as memento of 4th January :)

4 of us...since Falisya was still asleep :)

us and Faaz :)

Kak Ngah & Mak with the happy twinnies (Falisya just woke up!) :)

It was about 30 minutes left before 4th January close it's curtain this year, so I decided to try out my luck again (ahaha).

"My present yang?" I asked Fadzil.

"Tu, yang you pegang tu kan your birthday present." He said pointing to my 4s.

"Ala, nak yg lain..." I said (teasing him)

"I gave you this morning what. Dah download lum?" He asked.

"Dah...tapi that was E-gift. I want a real gift." I said (teasing and injecting some pressure. eheh!).

He then left to the kitchen and came back with this...

Yay!! Another present! Happy! :)

"Don't be so happy, see first what is it" he said to me.

"I don't care what's inside, as long as I got a gift I am more than happy! :)" I said and it's true. I don't mind having another chocolate again :)

I smiled widely upon opening my gift. No, it was not another set of Ferrero Rosher, it's the Armor Metal Hybrid Case for my 4s. Nice :) Fadzil certainly knew me quite well eh, kalau tak takkan dah standby hadiah awal2. Mesti dah boleh teka wife dia ni nak jugak mintak hadiah..ahahaha! :P

Thank you darling, you've certainly made my 4th January special again this year.
I truly appreciate it, love :)

Oh well, that's pretty much how my 4th January this year :)

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for making my heartbeat still beating till this very moment.
Thank you to each and everyone of you for your nice and kind wishes on 4th January via messages, FB, & Twitter...you guys are awesome! :)


p.s: love it now they asked me, "How young are you?" instead of "How old are you?" Hihi :)


mommyNadia said...

so sweettt ;)

masa preggy dulu mengidam nak g istana bamboo tu,sb tgk jalan2 cari makan punye pasal..
sb jauh, malas plak nak pegi..;(

Liyana said...

bestnye! :)

happy belated birthday :)

dyana "his other half" said...

31? We will be 31 this year? Phew how time flies. Cd terkejut td baca u just celebrate ur 31st birthday. Siap terpikir lg "eh, nadia tua setahun dari aku ka?". Hahahah! Cd terlupa dah 2012.

Anyway, happy birthday my dear precious friend. I'm glad that u enjoyed ur day :). Hope u have more prosperous life this year with ur families.

ishamizu said...

Happy birthday again dear!! Kecik
Comey je lg, 31 thn ke 13 thn ni? Hehehehe..

Nway, suka tgk gmbr twinnies ngn tok mak n mak ngah dia tu..happy btol muka, surw kenyang susu mommy tu kan? So sweet! :)

Diyana Didie said...

sweet lah. u n ur hubby sama sama romantik. suka n pandai kasi surprise. rasanya, dd kena sekali sekala buat surprise jugak nnt boring pulak relationship kami ;p btw, sgt gojes hadiah itu. u dpt warna apa kak?

happy birthday kak!

Mimy Hamid said...

hepi besday dear gojes wife n mummy nadine...wish u happy in life and bliss always...muahh xoxo

p/s : the twins dah debab tembam...asyik senyum jekkkkk

faisyura said...

sukeee tau korg berdua ni sgt kretif celebrate your special days... rase nk jot down sumeee hehe nak tiru... sbb sweet sgt! ;)

nway happy birthday nadia... may happiness be with you always ;)

| SUE | said...

wow best!
byk je idea korang eh nak celebrate surprise² gini. sweet btol!

haaa comel je twinnies senyum ngan tok depa tu...sgt ceria

maleen said...

happy birthday nadine! geram tgk ur twins sgt tembam!!! Mind sharing what supplement did u take masa pregnant and now for breastfeeding? take care!

Nadine said...


La ye ke babe. I tak tau pun abt this place b4, kalau tau sure jadi regulars sbb so near to my mom's place. bestla tempat ni, one day u should come and dine there! :)

Nadine said...

Hi Liyana,

Thanks! :)

You baru preggy eh? Cute tummy you! congrats and take care ya :)

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Shhhhhhh...jgn sebut kuat2. hahaha. Yes dear, tahun 2012 geng kita dah 31 thn. believe it or not it's the reality! :D

Thank you darling. You take care ok, nnti we arrange meet up with the rest of our girlfriends k. rindu nak kumpul mcm dulu2 :)

Nadine said...


Thank you again dear! :)
Hahaha, how i wished Izu! dah tua dah mommy Faaz ni *sob*

hihi, the twins skang mmg suka senyum. esp to d familiar faces now that they started to kenal org. :)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, thanks. kitaorg tak romantic pun didie, sometimes sweet to each other bila datang mood. hihi.
Thanks! I was expecting blue or silver skali abg Fadzil bagi shocking pink terus. So gurly la pulak..hihi. But still, since its a gift from him, akak terima dgn happy :)

Thanks adikku! :)

Nadine said...


Awwwwwh, thank you my sweet, sweet mommy-to-be friend. Ameen! I tak sabar nk tgk Megat Jr kluar! Nnti bersalin inform tau babe! :) I doakan u'll have a smooth delivery. Cant wait!!

p.s: hihi, alhamdulillah. ikut abam faaz yg tembam masa baby :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, birthday once a year je tu yang we always made a point to make it extra sweet n special. hari2 lain mcm biasa aja dong :) Boleh je refer tp ape yg kitaorg buat far from special if u compared to others. ada yg sgt2 creative!! :D

thank you sweet Zura, ameen. u take care n send my hugs to ur lil heroes :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, "setahun, hanya sekali merayakan harijadi.." lalala..hik!

twinnies tu pantang di agah skang. melapang2 gelaknya. hehe

Nadine said...

Hi Maleen,

Long time no c :) Thanks!

Masa I pregnant, I ambil suppliment dari Shaklee. I ambil breastfeeding set. I con't until d twins lahir. Then, bila dah bersalin tu I tambah ambil ESP (soy protein) from Shaklee jugak. Now that the twins dah bam2 I stopped ESP, con't with alfafa :)

Aleyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nadine...wah birthday u n hubby dekat2 ek...sweet

mommaholicSURI said...

Hello dear. Oh my! I'm so sorry i'm so late this time to wish you Happy Birthday!! "slap my own face".

At 31 years old, you're a mother of three healthy & beautiful babies, loving and lomantik hubby, and so nice family and in laws. Alhamdulillah! May Allah bless you and your family. May you have a great days ahead! :)

Nadine said...

Hi Mea,

Awwww, no hal la babe. Anyway thanks! :)
Alhamdulillah, thank you so much for reminding me the nikmat Allah has given me. Ameen. May Allah bless u and ur family too sweet friend. Take care and smoga Armi cpt sembuh..ameen!