Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dutch Lady Friso Growing Up Together (GUT)

During our first born, many asked whether I was prepared to be a mother and I am sure most of you experience it too. Well, you can never be prepared to become a mother, it’s a natural thing. You embrace motherhood and go with the flow, learning each and every day through experience while making the best out of this journey. In other words, you grow up together with your child :)

“There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience.” 
~Laurence J. Peter~

Learning from experience is very crucial and it is the best teacher. It is the reason we ensure that our child grows up with the most exposure, enjoying life while learning from it at the same time. With my Faaz, the growing up together process started from the womb. Communicating with him includes daily conversation, reciting verses from the Quran and sharing nursery rhymes. He will then respond back via kicking or moving. It was a magical and wonderful moment :) When he was born, I ensure it is continuous…we do lots of growing up together activities and that includes;

Spending time at the playground to be physically fit and to build up his motor skills...

Attending birthday parties to build up social developments...

Introducing simple games to inject critical thinking...

Involved him in arts & crafts activities to stimulate the brain to be creative...

At times, we just cam-whoring to build up his self-confidence! :) Hihi..

Our role as parents is to ensure that our kid(s) are physically strong and that their mind gets the right stimulation. Having the best nutrients for your child is essential. While eager to explore new things around them, kids will be exposed to all sorts of bacteria while us parents might overlooked the hygiene part.
With Friso Gold from Dutch Lady, worries no more mommies, as this milk is formulated with P2 Dual System which contains Friso Synbiotic Agent, a combination of 2 Prebiotics and 2 Probiotics. While all of this sounds like a biology class, these two combinations are proven to lessen the frequency of diarrhea and allergy. It also contains the necessary tools (DHA, AA3and SA) which aids a growing child’s overall development.

When it comes to growing up together (GUT) concept, Friso is a brand that comes in mind because it is well known for actively supporting GUT activities. Speaking of which, Friso is organizing the annual Growing Up Together Day (GUT day) in four different locations nationwide:

  • • Week 1 : 22 – 26 February : 1 Utama, Klang Valley
  • • Week 2 : 9 – 11 March : Sunway Pyramid, Klang Valley
  • • Week 3 : 13 – 18 March : Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru
  • • Week 4 : 5 – 8 April : Queensbay Mall, Penang

There are loads of activities planned for us mommies to spend some quality times with our beloved child such as interactive tunnel and craft stations (does that sounds fun or what?! :) On top of that, FREE gifts for your little ones when you bring along the barcode or tin foil from Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 package. For more info, do check out their link here:

Friso GUT Days Event has been launched with a BIG BANG on an innovative platform, which is the "Talking Newspaper", done in collaboration with New Straits Times. Check out this cool video, mommies. Wouldn't you want to get a copy yourself too, NOW?? :)

So my dear readers especially mommies, wait no more. Let's take this opportunity to bond with our child and let them have fun! ;)

Me and Faaz will be joining the event at One Utama (OU)...who'll be joining us?! ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We went out for groceries shopping the other day with the twins. Faaz on the other hand decided to stay at home as he wanted to spend time with his trio cousins who came by that afternoon.

This is Falisya when she was waiting for me to get ready...
biting her ballet flat shoes as usual :P

Usually, when both babies are awake and full, they will sit still in the stroller and enjoyed watching new things around them while smiling to strangers who kind enough to greet them. But, when they are bored, Faiqa will start babbling with her own sound (or shall i call language?) while Falisya, loves to scream or made some loud noise! hehe...talking about two different personality ;)

As usual, it took us quite sometime to do our groceries shopping and as expected, towards the end the twins started to make some noise... O'ooo...!

While Faiqa has already started to make "pufff! pufff" sound (implying she was playing with her saliva), surprisingly Falisya was quiet. Hmmm...

"Is she sleeping?"
I asked Fadzil
who was walking beside me while strolling the twins.

"Nope, her feet are wiggling. I can see it from here".

"That's weird...she seems so quiet".

Unsatisfied, I stopped the stroller to see what she was doing. I was surprised, and LOL'ed the minute I saw her....

Want to know why?????


Here's what I found....









Her hat has covered her eyes and all she did was sitting quietly while sucking her chubby fingers!


Patutla...Falisya, Falisya...!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lawak Ke Der? at Istana Budaya

Performing arts has always been my passion. It all started during my kindergarten years where I involved in few performances during year end concert that includes acting (I still remember, it was Jack & Beanstalk ), and series of dancing (Hawaiian, Chinese dance and Ago-go :). The passion continues as I entered the primary and secondary school. I never missed to dance on yearly "Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah" and was elected as the president of "Kelab Kebudayaan". I was also active in representing my school for story telling, chorus speaking, nasyid, debate and drama competitions. I still remembered what my headmaster told me, "Awak ni nampak je pendiam tapi bila atas pentas boleh tahan jugak bakatnya.." haha :D

As I grew up, the passion continues but it is more as an audience rather than the performer. I've been to KL PAC to watch some good theater, and watched some stand-up comedies at The Actor Studio, Bangsar. The only place left that I haven't got the chance to go to watch a show was Istana Budaya. "Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical" and "Tun Mahathir The Musical" were among the good shows that I missed to see T_T. I almost went to LAT The Musical (Kampung Boy) with hubby dearie but we missed it the very last minute due to other commitment. With a toddler and two babies around, it is almost impossible see any show these days.

When I came to know that there will be a stand-up comedy show in Istana Budaya named "Lawak Ke Der?" (LKD) (thanks to my friend Anne for tweeted it), I got all excited. Firstly, me and Fadzil LOVES stand-up comedy. Russel Peters and of course our local Harith Iskander are among our favorites. Secondly, not only Harith, my favourite Raja Lawak group Jozan will also be performing as well...I know it's gonna be a good show! ;) Thirdly, it will be held in IB, the place that I've always wanted to go and lastly, it's been a while since the last time me and Fadzil get to go out for a date.

But the main question at that time was, "Who can babysit our children?". Since we targeted to see the show on weekend (as Jozan will only be performing on Saturday & Sunday) and co-incidentally my mom's birthday was on 11th February which means we'll be spending the weekend in Gombak, we asked my mom if she can babysit the grandchildren for few hours on Sunday night. Alhamdulillah, mak has no problem with it (thanks Mak!), so we proceed to book the ticket one month earlier via (semangat tul! :P)

the tickets, redeemed at IB itself before the show...

Being a first timer, I was a bit blur when choosing the seat to watch the show. We opt for the cheapest tix, RM50 so the seating area is at the 3rd level - Upper Circle (white box).

So I just randomly picked the center seat. I foresee a stand-up comedy doesn't requires the performer to move that much, by right we shouldn't have problem with it. True enough it was. Alhamdulillah, the view from our seat was not bad at all. :) Although it look smaller from the photo that I snapped it was way bigger from our naked eyes. I even noticed how handsome Hans Isaac is when he made an appearance towards the end of the show (LKD was directed by him)..hihi. Ooh, oh, by the way, Neelofa pun ada tau, duduk sebelah Hans lagi during the show..memang tak berenggang. Ehem! :)

the view from my seat before the show

the view during the closing of the show
*disclaimer*: taking photos during the show is prohibited..dah closing takpe :P

the left side...

the right side..

and finally, the eager us..hihi :)

The show started at 9pm, half and hour late from the schedule and it ended at approximately 11.30pm. The verdict? LKD memang LAWAK!! Seriously me and Fadzil couldn't stop laughing throughout the show! Memang worth every RM we spent. We really enjoyed all the performances from BoBoi (Afdlin Shauki & Harun Salim Bachik) to JoZan (Johan & Zizan) and of course by Mr. Harith Iskander himself! Nabil too, did a good job in hosting the show. We wouldn't mind to go and watch again the show if we're not watching it on the last day...thumbs up to all!!

Opening act by Nabil - singing the "I'm Sexy and I know It" song, his version of course :P

The famous "Datin Maimon" character from BoBoi :D

Glad that I finally been to Istana Budaya to watch a show and glad it was a good one. I am sure it will be more fun to watch a musical theater there but maybe I need to pay for higher tix price to get a good seat/view? Anyone been to any of the show? Do share with me which is the best affordable seat to watch a theater in IB ok, would love to watch one in the future... :)

yours truly yg happy dapat jejak kaki kat IB..hihi! :P

Anyway, for those who missed LKD, enjoy the opening and ending videos that I found on youtube ;)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Avillion Admiral Cove Day #1

*This is the continuation from my previous entry*

After waiting and waiting and waiting, finally the rain stopped in the evening...approximately 5.30pm. Faaz who was wide awake and had been checking the weather from the balcony on and off jumped to excitement when he heard the good news.

the rain has stopped...hurrray!!

We were reluctant to let the children swim at first worried they might get flu as the water will definitely be as cold as the ice after the rain but we didn't have the heart to say "NO" to Faaz. So we changed them and decided to check out the swimming pool and the beach first and decide on it later.

Changing the children was fun this time cause finally Faiqa and Falisya have their first own swimming suit! *mommy yg excited terlebih* Wanted to buy two different designs so that they can interchange with each other the other day but too bad Mothercare had run out of their size :(

"We are soo ready!!"
Still wearing socks tho, mommy afraid we'll get cold altho obviously
we will as we play with the water..duh! :P

So we went down to check out the swimming pool and the surrounding. Wanted to bring Faaz to the beach to play sandcastle to avoid him swimming in cold water but the plan did not work. As soon as he saw few kids laughing and having fun in the pool, he too wanted to jump in straight away! sabar je la.

Budak excited yg tengah pegi sight-seeing before swim

the next thing you know, he's already in the pool, spraying people while warming up himself...

happy ler tuh! :P

Now, at the age of 3, Faaz is more confident in the water...especially when he's equipped with a float. He can swim by himself, going all over the pool. Sometimes, he did make a 360 degrees turning which made my heart stopped while he'll just flipped back and smiled. Huuuuuuu sabar je la! T_T That is why I'll always need Fadzil around to monitor Faaz. Maklumla, Mommy tau berendam je...*blush*

Faaz in action...
love to see him swimming from the back..cute! :)

Since the water is still cold, I just let the twins played a lil bit at the edge of the pool...jadila as first experience. After all, we still have another day to let them exploring and having fun ;)

The confident Miss Faiqa...tahan sejuk tau! See the body lah kan :P

The worried, not-so-keen-of-cold-water, Miss Falisya..hihi

Had both of my twins in the water for 5minutes each, one by one was a bit tiring but I'm not complaining. It's just that I wished I had extra pairs of hand so that I can play with both of my daughters in the water at the same time. Fadzil can't help that much as he need to monitor Faaz closely, our son can be very,very hyper in the water!

Sometimes, I do feel sorry that at such a young age the twins already have to learn to take turn. Picture this situation: one sat in the stroller watching mommy playing with her sister while waiting for her turn...sad isn't it? :'(

But I feel so blessed and lucky that they always behaving at their best and can wait patiently for their turn. Mommy loves both of you so much! And every time they smiled happily to me, I'll be on cloud 9! :)

"We have fun! Let's do more tomorrow, Mommy!" :)

Soon, it was getting late and the clock showed 7.00pm. The twins were tired and hungry so I went back to the room with them. Faaz? As expected, he made a scene as he felt that the duration was too short. He cried and demanded to play at the beach. At 7pm! Oh my...Pujuk punya pujuk tak jalan so at last Fadzil had to bring him to the beach for a while..

The satisfied look when his request was granted..kembang hidung :P

I think it was one of the fastest sand castle building session that Faaz have, within 15 minutes. Fadzil was rushing so that they'll be back at the room before the Maghrib Adzan. Tak elok kan lama2, kat pantai pulak tu...If you notice, the beach especially the sand is clean. This is because Avillion has its own private beach that is well maintained and only open for the hotel's patrons. Air laut pun clean, boleh mandi manda :). Definitely a plus point ;)

The busy Faaz...

and Faaz-must-do activity to wrap up every sandcastle activity:
to step on it!! :P up himself after the session.
Big boy sudah :)

Last but not's time for pa
yback! :P
Because he bullied Fadzil to go to the beach, Fadzil bullied the tired Faaz to pose, hence the sour face..hehehe

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Avillion Admiral Cove, PD

We went to Port Dickson (PD) during the long Maulidur-Rasul + Thaipusam holiday, for a short weekend getaway (2days 1 nite stay) at Avillion Admiral Cove, PD. It was an unplanned holiday, actually. Me and Fadzil had to take turn to work from home two days prior to the holiday as my in-laws were out of town and nobody can babysit our children.

The place we stayed..

Co-incidentally, one of us had to attend a meeting in one of the hotel in PD on the Friday before the long holiday started, and accommodation was provided. Just nice! :) Faaz was the most excited person when we broke the news. This lil boy was really looking forward for two things: swimming + playing sandcastle :)

We started our journey not-so-early in the morning, as I had to go to the office that morning and settled some task before rushing back home (yes, I had to work that morning :(). It was a smooth journey from KL-PD although there were many cars on the road due to the long holiday. It rained heavily as we entered the Seremban-PD highway. With the heavy rain plus strong wind, the view was limited...quite scary!
The twins on the other hand were sleeping safe and sound throughout the journey.
Spot Falisya sleeping with her teddy....awwwwww :)

Alhamdulillah, we managed to arrived at PD safely, approximately 2 hours before the check-in time. It was cloudy and quite windy in PD, a sign that rain will eventually came to the area as well.

While stopping at a traffic light before heading towards the hotel, Fadzil spotted something interesting. Quickly he asked me to look out of the window and told me about it. Being someone who LOVES to joke, I took his word lightly, "yeah, right! :P" I told him. But he kept insisting me to look. "Eh, sama!" I was shocked with excitement..hahaha! Faaz who was too little to understand looked out of his window with puzzled. "What, mommy? What?" Hehehe...

Correct spelling! cool, aite? ;)
I guess now we'll have two anniversary date! Hehe :P

Actually, Avillion AC was not the first time for me. I stayed in this hotel three years ago for the company's team building, if you remember the post here, so I know what to expect, pretty much. We were so lucky that I met with a nice receptionist at the hotel. Although we were supposed to check in at 3pm, she took her own initiative to liaise with the housekeeping department to see the earliest room ready for check in. Hence, we got to check in at the earliest! Alhamdulillah... :)

The excited Faaz Naqi chilling while waiting for us at the Lobby :)

We got a superior room at the wing side, with the sea view. With two twin beads combined to become a king bed, plus a baby cot and a pangkin day bead, it is more than enough for the 5 of us..(especially since the accomodation is FREE kan. Hihi :P)

Our sleeping place...

The bed has partition sliding door from both sides that can separate it to become a bedroom, for privacy. Nice! Especially since you have babies that need privacy from the parents who loves to watch series/movies in the living hall..hihi :P

The pangkin daybead and a model! :P

Can you see the stroller's handle in the above pic? Well, look at below pic for the explanation...

These two lil angels were so fascinated with the view outside that they refused us to move them away from the balcony or close the curtain! Dalam setengah jam ada kot! haha! (^_^)

The wide and nice mirror in the bathroom..perfect for women, aite? ;)

One thing that a mommy with two babies would really love in a hotel: a large sinki inside the room! (note: not in the bathroom). It made it easier for me to wash all the bottles and feeding utensils.

I asked hubby what shall I prepare for our PD trip and he requested Nasi Lemak. Happily, I cooked Nasi Lemak after Subuh prayer as our breakfast and "bekal" for lunch. We had our lunch at 3pm, after the Jumaat prayer and the babies had their lunch and asleep...barulah feel kan?

The dining table for two! perfect for us :)

Compared to the first holiday we had last year, this time it's a bit challenging that the babies are on solid food, but it's not that hard in terms of preparation now since they haven't started with protein yet. So I just packed organic oats for babies that I have grinded into powders, bananas and ripe avocados (since it's easier to pack them and you can just mashed them up), honey and EBM.

True enough, it rain heavily as we had our lunch. Poor Faaz Naqi, he had to wait further more before he can swim! While one of us went for a 2 hours meeting, the rest were asleep/watching DVD to kill time and wait patiently for the rain to stop...

The view from the pool, it was still raining till 5pm...what a waste! T_T

What makes Avillion and Avillion Admiral Cove different from each other is that one is a water-chalet concept hotel and the other one is a marina concept hotel. Hence, they have a marina in front of the hotel with few beautiful boats parked. One of them is named "Janda Baik" and has a big "DK" initial below it. They said it belongs to Dato' Khalid (Dato' K). Not sure how true it is...

Did the rain ever stopped that evening? Or Faaz Naqi actually have to wait till the next morning to be able to swim at the pool and go to the private beach to play sandcastle?

All these will be answered in my next post, Avillion Part II...stay tuned k! ;)