Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Time For Solid Feeding...(again)

and this time it's my two lil daughters turn! :)

Alhamdulillah, Nayra & Nayla turned 6 months old on early January and they were definitely definitely ready for solid food. Basically, I can see that both of my girls achieving their milestones close to each other. For example, Falisya started rolling over 2 weeks before she turns 4 months old and Faiqa followed on the day she turns 4 months old. Now that they are both 6 months old, both can roll over from front to back and vice versa. They also have started to wriggling all over the bed/room by rolling over. I guess it's time for house-proofing activity again :) In terms of speech, Faiqa especially loves making a lot of sounds. I notice that every morning, upon waking up she will just lie down, playing with her fingers and legs while murmuring a lot of sounds, as if she is singing. Comels sgt! And the other day, I taught both of them to say "Mammam" (eat) while feeding them and Falisya just utter, "amma"...hihihi..cuteness! :)

my 6 months old twinnies :)

7.4kg and solid 8kg
alhamdulillah! :)

With Faaz last time, preparations were done up ahead when it comes to solid feeding...talking about a first timer, of course it's full of excitement. :) You can read it
here and here :) Memang excited kn? Hehe..This time, the preparations were quite moderate in the sense that now I have the experience, know the best menu to suit my children's need and of course have some utensils/ accessories for feeding purpose...I just need to add few more things such as bibs and food containers/storage.

my first set of purees for my babies..
(pakai ape yg ade..hehe)

Talking about food containers/storage, last time I bought few for Faaz from The First Years. Now that I have to feed two babies, obviously I need more containers (even the current ones pun left only one..I don't know how the remaining 3 went missing). The first time I packed twinnies purees and porridge I just used small Tupperwares and plastic containers that usually we used to pack jellies or custard pudding. Kinda love the fact that it is a see through packaging, it add colors to the fridge as well! So I begun to survey more on baby food storage and I fell in love with these two containers...

1) Baby Cubes by Petite Creations
It contains 8 individual containers and it comes with 3 different sizes - 40ml, 70ml and 140ml. Just a perfect upgrades as your lil ones growing. Love the fact that it is see-through as what I wished! ;)

2) Multiportions by Beeba

It contains 7 individual cups (60ml each), stacked together to form a flower looking shape. Not see through but the available vibrant colors of the storage itself made it so tempting! The best thing is, you can just squeeze the container to lift up the frozen food..

Both products are safe for freezer, dishwasher & microwave and both are BPA free! :) My choice? I bought the first one. I love the way it was designed the most. Save a lot of space in the freezer, especially that I have to squeeze it in between my EBMs. Not only that, we can mix and match the between all 3 sizes of the containers...isn't it awesome?! :)

For more feature...go here.

So far it has been almost a month I have started to introduce solid food to them and the response are quite different. Faiqa, the bigger in size and the milk lover (she can consume milk as twice as the amount that Falisya consume!) is not that good when it comes to eating. She still can't swallow the puree/porridge nicely...usually, it will come out together with her saliva (imagine how messy she is! :D). Falisya on the other hand is quite fast when it comes to solid food. She can swallow the food nicely and you can feed her without having to mess her lips or stained the bibs. Anyway, each and every baby is a different individual so I have no problem with that, actually I enjoyed seeing their differences, really :)

The messy Faiqa Nayra :)

The not-so-messy miss Falisya Nayla :)

In terms of feeding them, tell you it was quite stressful when I had to feed them both for the very first time. While I feed one baby, the other crying for more. I was pressured to feed them fast and careful at the same time, not to forget to make them neat as I can. Both babies also loves to eat their bibs in between feeding and their hands are moving here and there. At one time, Faiqa had sucked her fingers in between and then rubbed her face with her messy hand....nice! :P Till today, feeding them both will be messy and tiring. I am still in the middle of 'mastering' the art of feeding both simultaneously...hehe. I still prefer to feed them saperately so when one baby is sleeping while the other is wide awake during mealtime, I'll be one happy mommy :D


Same like Faaz, the first menu I introduce to my babies was avocado puree with my EBM. Why I am soo in love with avocado, one might wonder. Well, did you know that avocado is considered as one of the nature's perfect food cause it contains everything a person need to survive? Yes, I know avocado is full of fat, but it's full of monounsaturated fat, which is a good fat for the body. Besides, babies don't need low fat, don't they? ;) Avocado contains nutrients that is good for baby's brain and physical development, as well as good on skin! You can see the effect on Faaz. Since he was a baby, he never had rashes and I notice his skin heals scars faster too. Sadly since the age of 2 it's so hard to make him eat fruits and vege. I wonder will his skin grows beautifully later on :( By the way, I always received the same questions from others about avocado..."How to know it is ripe enough?" Basically, avocado is ripe enough when the fruit's skin change into dark color. Well, refer from the snapshot below. Avocados from Aussie came with this type of packaging, so it does help those who wonders... :)

Other than avocado, among the twins's first set of menu were mango puree, organic oats with raisins and dates, broccoli and carrot purees. Nyum! :)

Fresh fruits and vege for my babies!

Since there are hundreds of recipes for homemade baby food I will not share any recipes in this post. After all, babies menu are so simple, you just have to mix and match between the nutritious fruits and vege and walla! u have the perfect recipe! :)


mommyNadia said...

ya Allah chubby nye geram betul..
dah 8kg..masyaAllah..
Itulah, camane tak tension kena feed for 2 babies kan..I yg sorang ni pun, kalau boleh Ryan nak bersambung2 je suap, lambat sket dah marah2..grab lagik spoon..selalu messy sb dia nak pegang spoon..

I pun dah lama eyeing for food storage kat atas. Since I buat terus mix with few type purees, tak muat. Plus pagi2 nk kena transfer ke bekas lain for nursery, tedious job for me...huhuhu. End up pakai je lah avent tu. Berkenan sungguh kat beeba tu.

Hehehe, happy the twinnies dah start on solid. Boleh share few more recipes ;)

ummi_ziz said...

Alala the twinnies are so cute! Geram tgk pipi tuh. Hehe. Nway Melekat jgk derg pki bip tu..tak la messy sgt..;) klu zafri, hbs dia tarik2 nya sbb rimas kot tu yg hbs kene baju :D btw, cute2 la food storage tu.. Izu tk byk beli storage yg cute2 mcm tu sbb zafri jns mkn byk so store je dlm tupperware2 yg ada. :D

Happy eating to both of them! Aunty pon nk try mkn avocado tu la! Tak pnh rasa sblom ni. Haha..

| SUE | said...

Ewah² twinnies niiiiii...makan sambil bergaya ok.. eh ke bergaya sambil makan?..hahaah ke main comey siap berhairband bagai...semangat! geram tgk!

Diyana Didie said...

sukaaaaaa gambar dua paling atas tue. hehehe tiba tiba rasa sgt lah seronok ada twins. ada dua..double cute n double ragam too hehe sukanya tgk cik nayla n nayra nie. btw kak, walaupon baby food senang, still ada sukatan kan? cth, berapa biji avocado to mix with berapa litre air..gitulah kan? i always fail bab bab sukat menyukat nie... eheeee

Nadine said...

Alhamdulillah, dr tiny, miny 2.4kg n 2.2kg smpai jugak ke 8kg..same weight like Faaz when he was at their age :) I guess its the gene...

Yes dear, I have to admit it is quite stressful to manage both of them during feeding time, sbb tu seboleh2nya I try to feed them separately. Diaorg pulak jenis pemakan cam Ryan, habis je nak, nak, lmbt sket nangis..hehe

hihi, insyaAllah. Nanti diaorg dh start protein i share recipes. Now early stage makan all the purees fr vege/fruits/oats je lebeh which is simple :) so I try ur recipes dulu la k ;)

Nadine said...


Hihi, diaorg pun sama Izu, duk tarik2 siap masuk mulut lagi. Tapi everytime Nadia akan made sound, "eeeeeiiiii, yuck!" then 2-2 terus stop sambil stare at me..hahahah! few times la jugak bfore they get bored and stopped :P

ic..mesti Zafri makan banyak kan? cam Faaz dulu, selera je! :)

u should try izu, dia lemak2 manis :)

Nadine said...


Hahaha, tu masa outing tu Sue, kat kedai mamak lepas kitaorg breakfast. hehehe :)

Nadine said...

Didie adikku,

Sukatan eh? Hehe, baby yg baru start solid mkn sgt sket adikku. tak sampai sebiji pun buah :) Slalunya for avocado puree, akak mashed half of avocado with 1-2oz of EBM, tgk texture dia, not too thick (nnti bb muak) or not too watery.. :)

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