Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lawak Ke Der? at Istana Budaya

Performing arts has always been my passion. It all started during my kindergarten years where I involved in few performances during year end concert that includes acting (I still remember, it was Jack & Beanstalk ), and series of dancing (Hawaiian, Chinese dance and Ago-go :). The passion continues as I entered the primary and secondary school. I never missed to dance on yearly "Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah" and was elected as the president of "Kelab Kebudayaan". I was also active in representing my school for story telling, chorus speaking, nasyid, debate and drama competitions. I still remembered what my headmaster told me, "Awak ni nampak je pendiam tapi bila atas pentas boleh tahan jugak bakatnya.." haha :D

As I grew up, the passion continues but it is more as an audience rather than the performer. I've been to KL PAC to watch some good theater, and watched some stand-up comedies at The Actor Studio, Bangsar. The only place left that I haven't got the chance to go to watch a show was Istana Budaya. "Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical" and "Tun Mahathir The Musical" were among the good shows that I missed to see T_T. I almost went to LAT The Musical (Kampung Boy) with hubby dearie but we missed it the very last minute due to other commitment. With a toddler and two babies around, it is almost impossible see any show these days.

When I came to know that there will be a stand-up comedy show in Istana Budaya named "Lawak Ke Der?" (LKD) (thanks to my friend Anne for tweeted it), I got all excited. Firstly, me and Fadzil LOVES stand-up comedy. Russel Peters and of course our local Harith Iskander are among our favorites. Secondly, not only Harith, my favourite Raja Lawak group Jozan will also be performing as well...I know it's gonna be a good show! ;) Thirdly, it will be held in IB, the place that I've always wanted to go and lastly, it's been a while since the last time me and Fadzil get to go out for a date.

But the main question at that time was, "Who can babysit our children?". Since we targeted to see the show on weekend (as Jozan will only be performing on Saturday & Sunday) and co-incidentally my mom's birthday was on 11th February which means we'll be spending the weekend in Gombak, we asked my mom if she can babysit the grandchildren for few hours on Sunday night. Alhamdulillah, mak has no problem with it (thanks Mak!), so we proceed to book the ticket one month earlier via ticket2u.biz (semangat tul! :P)

the tickets, redeemed at IB itself before the show...

Being a first timer, I was a bit blur when choosing the seat to watch the show. We opt for the cheapest tix, RM50 so the seating area is at the 3rd level - Upper Circle (white box).

So I just randomly picked the center seat. I foresee a stand-up comedy doesn't requires the performer to move that much, by right we shouldn't have problem with it. True enough it was. Alhamdulillah, the view from our seat was not bad at all. :) Although it look smaller from the photo that I snapped it was way bigger from our naked eyes. I even noticed how handsome Hans Isaac is when he made an appearance towards the end of the show (LKD was directed by him)..hihi. Ooh, oh, by the way, Neelofa pun ada tau, duduk sebelah Hans lagi during the show..memang tak berenggang. Ehem! :)

the view from my seat before the show

the view during the closing of the show
*disclaimer*: taking photos during the show is prohibited..dah closing takpe :P

the left side...

the right side..

and finally, the eager us..hihi :)

The show started at 9pm, half and hour late from the schedule and it ended at approximately 11.30pm. The verdict? LKD memang LAWAK!! Seriously me and Fadzil couldn't stop laughing throughout the show! Memang worth every RM we spent. We really enjoyed all the performances from BoBoi (Afdlin Shauki & Harun Salim Bachik) to JoZan (Johan & Zizan) and of course by Mr. Harith Iskander himself! Nabil too, did a good job in hosting the show. We wouldn't mind to go and watch again the show if we're not watching it on the last day...thumbs up to all!!

Opening act by Nabil - singing the "I'm Sexy and I know It" song, his version of course :P

The famous "Datin Maimon" character from BoBoi :D

Glad that I finally been to Istana Budaya to watch a show and glad it was a good one. I am sure it will be more fun to watch a musical theater there but maybe I need to pay for higher tix price to get a good seat/view? Anyone been to any of the show? Do share with me which is the best affordable seat to watch a theater in IB ok, would love to watch one in the future... :)

yours truly yg happy dapat jejak kaki kat IB..hihi! :P

Anyway, for those who missed LKD, enjoy the opening and ending videos that I found on youtube ;)



RuZaNNa said...

Ohh jealous u dpt tgk jozan ok!!.. i mmg nak pergi sbb nak tgk everybody except osbon.. tgk2 hari yg i beli tu la osbon perform.. mcm agak menyesal gak la plus their performance was boringggg.. pfftttt!
anyway, i slalu beli yg duduk kat ground floor tuh.. that day i duduk kat row J tp bahagian tepi.. cuma masa LAT the musical i duduk kat tgh.. the ground floor pny tix prices mmg mahal skit.. but since nak get satisfaction and bukan slalu sgt pergi.. so mmg bayar lebih skit..
Btw, igt nak pergi tgk cuci the musical.. but harga tix die mahal!!!.. tak tgk ler jawabnya, plus kesian kat my maid sbb kena tido lambat sbb we all blk lambat.. tunggu rizwan besar skit lah br gi tgk any shows at IB again..
Glad u enjoyed your time at ib ;)

Diyana Didie said...

me pon nak tgk LKD tp tak kesampaian sbb busy sikit skrg nie. rasanya, ur seat tu paling best kot..me pernah duduk kat bawahhhhh sekali. maksudnya, dedepan stage tu tapi on the left side. tiket paling murah. masa tu tgk Tun Mahathir musical. mmg tak selesa lah walaupon nmpk muka era pejira sgt dekat. untung lah kalau dapat seat yg tgh tgh mcm urs tue. ;)

mommyNadia said...

bestnye. Wish I could have chance too..So far, I guess IB not allowed kids rite??
So, verangan je lah!!

mommaholicSURI said...

Never been there and i really want to!! Tapi Armi cam tak layan theater sangat. Alaaaa.. Tapi takpe, i hope bila ada Theater Upin Ipin nanti, i berjaya pengaruh Armi. :)

Nadine said...


I masa tgk2 tix nak beli tu wonder jugak, apesal u tak beli tix yg ada Jozan perform. I assumed u tak minat they all sgt tu yg tak tanya. Thanks eh babe sbb let us know. We mmg minat Stand-up Comedy. Kalau tak sure we all terlepas punye.

Ok, noted. Mmg kalau teaterwise, nak good view kena bayar lebih la eh? Tula teringin nak tgk teater kat sana. CTM, mcm best kan? Review pun best tp I pun almost the same reason like u...tp at least u ada babysitter, not like us. So jrg2 la dpt chance :)

Nadine said...


Oh DD tgk Tun's M Musical eh? Bestnya. Wow, that close? Hmm, mcm my place best jugak sbb tengah n tinggi but akak ingat nk try rasa duk kat tempat yg nmpk lebih clear sket. Masalahnya tak tau kat mana..ehehehe.

Didie, LKD dah ade kat Astro. Ape lg, subscribe dear. confirm berbaloi ;)

Nadine said...


Yup, kids not allowed except for kid's show. And tak silap mid year ni ade musical teater upin ipin. leh la you pegi bawak ur family! :)

Nadine said...


Hehehe, Fadzil pun not really into teater. tp LKD ni standup comedy. his and my favourite! jd bila inform je terus je setuju en suami saya tu ;)

oh yeah, maybe Armi akan setuju demi Oman? :) Mcm I, dah ckp dah kat Fadzil pasal U&I tu..still x jalan :P