Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Avillion Admiral Cove, PD

We went to Port Dickson (PD) during the long Maulidur-Rasul + Thaipusam holiday, for a short weekend getaway (2days 1 nite stay) at Avillion Admiral Cove, PD. It was an unplanned holiday, actually. Me and Fadzil had to take turn to work from home two days prior to the holiday as my in-laws were out of town and nobody can babysit our children.

The place we stayed..

Co-incidentally, one of us had to attend a meeting in one of the hotel in PD on the Friday before the long holiday started, and accommodation was provided. Just nice! :) Faaz was the most excited person when we broke the news. This lil boy was really looking forward for two things: swimming + playing sandcastle :)

We started our journey not-so-early in the morning, as I had to go to the office that morning and settled some task before rushing back home (yes, I had to work that morning :(). It was a smooth journey from KL-PD although there were many cars on the road due to the long holiday. It rained heavily as we entered the Seremban-PD highway. With the heavy rain plus strong wind, the view was limited...quite scary!
The twins on the other hand were sleeping safe and sound throughout the journey.
Spot Falisya sleeping with her teddy....awwwwww :)

Alhamdulillah, we managed to arrived at PD safely, approximately 2 hours before the check-in time. It was cloudy and quite windy in PD, a sign that rain will eventually came to the area as well.

While stopping at a traffic light before heading towards the hotel, Fadzil spotted something interesting. Quickly he asked me to look out of the window and told me about it. Being someone who LOVES to joke, I took his word lightly, "yeah, right! :P" I told him. But he kept insisting me to look. "Eh, sama!" I was shocked with excitement..hahaha! Faaz who was too little to understand looked out of his window with puzzled. "What, mommy? What?" Hehehe...

Correct spelling! cool, aite? ;)
I guess now we'll have two anniversary date! Hehe :P

Actually, Avillion AC was not the first time for me. I stayed in this hotel three years ago for the company's team building, if you remember the post here, so I know what to expect, pretty much. We were so lucky that I met with a nice receptionist at the hotel. Although we were supposed to check in at 3pm, she took her own initiative to liaise with the housekeeping department to see the earliest room ready for check in. Hence, we got to check in at the earliest! Alhamdulillah... :)

The excited Faaz Naqi chilling while waiting for us at the Lobby :)

We got a superior room at the wing side, with the sea view. With two twin beads combined to become a king bed, plus a baby cot and a pangkin day bead, it is more than enough for the 5 of us..(especially since the accomodation is FREE kan. Hihi :P)

Our sleeping place...

The bed has partition sliding door from both sides that can separate it to become a bedroom, for privacy. Nice! Especially since you have babies that need privacy from the parents who loves to watch series/movies in the living hall..hihi :P

The pangkin daybead and a model! :P

Can you see the stroller's handle in the above pic? Well, look at below pic for the explanation...

These two lil angels were so fascinated with the view outside that they refused us to move them away from the balcony or close the curtain! Dalam setengah jam ada kot! haha! (^_^)

The wide and nice mirror in the bathroom..perfect for women, aite? ;)

One thing that a mommy with two babies would really love in a hotel: a large sinki inside the room! (note: not in the bathroom). It made it easier for me to wash all the bottles and feeding utensils.

I asked hubby what shall I prepare for our PD trip and he requested Nasi Lemak. Happily, I cooked Nasi Lemak after Subuh prayer as our breakfast and "bekal" for lunch. We had our lunch at 3pm, after the Jumaat prayer and the babies had their lunch and asleep...barulah feel kan?

The dining table for two! perfect for us :)

Compared to the first holiday we had last year, this time it's a bit challenging that the babies are on solid food, but it's not that hard in terms of preparation now since they haven't started with protein yet. So I just packed organic oats for babies that I have grinded into powders, bananas and ripe avocados (since it's easier to pack them and you can just mashed them up), honey and EBM.

True enough, it rain heavily as we had our lunch. Poor Faaz Naqi, he had to wait further more before he can swim! While one of us went for a 2 hours meeting, the rest were asleep/watching DVD to kill time and wait patiently for the rain to stop...

The view from the pool, it was still raining till 5pm...what a waste! T_T

What makes Avillion and Avillion Admiral Cove different from each other is that one is a water-chalet concept hotel and the other one is a marina concept hotel. Hence, they have a marina in front of the hotel with few beautiful boats parked. One of them is named "Janda Baik" and has a big "DK" initial below it. They said it belongs to Dato' Khalid (Dato' K). Not sure how true it is...

Did the rain ever stopped that evening? Or Faaz Naqi actually have to wait till the next morning to be able to swim at the pool and go to the private beach to play sandcastle?

All these will be answered in my next post, Avillion Part II...stay tuned k! ;)



Aleyn said...

Bestnyer cuti2....ur twins r very chubby....

dyana "his other half" said...

Bestnyaaa. Cd pun asyik rasa nak pege bercuti je eventhough dah 2 minths bercuti kat penang ni. Hehe.

ummi_ziz said...

Hehe bestnya! Teringat dulu klu Hisham outstation mst ktrg pon menyibuk ikut skali. Kira kursus skali bcuti..2 in 1 ;D tp government tak dpt la nk duduk hotel2 best/ mhl mcm Avillion cove tu ;) tp tak kisah hotel best ke tak jnj dpt jln2 mkn angin maklumlah housewife mcm izu duduk tperap je dlm rmh kn hihi Btw, like the hotel, blk Msia nti nk pegila klu ada rezeki :)

Eeii comellah twins tu..geram! Dlm keta nadia dok kt blkg ke btw derg? Hehe. Faaz spt biasa, handsome as always!;)

mommyNadia said...

wowee nice n cool Avillion eh!!luas plak tu.
Yup another short distance gateway- PD, shud start make survey jgak lah..
btw,ur twin chubby betul,geram I tgk ;)

Nadine said...


Kan? Asik duk rumah je, skali skala tukar angin mmg best. Tak kisahla jauh ke dekat. Asal bkn duk rumah je..hihi.

A'ah you, alhamdulillah leh tahan jugak semangatnye my gugurls :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

I understand how u feel. duk rumah although cuti tp berpantang, of course tak sama dgn pegi cuti2 kn dear. issokay, dah habis pantang kan? pasni weekend leh la buat getaway mcm kitaorg. tak perlu budget besar n tak perlu ambil cuti lebih ;)

Nadine said...


True, mmg ada peluang je, kalau boleh ikut mesti nak ikut punye (Nadia ler :P). Hehehe..

Takpe Izu, kat sana jrg dpt tido hotel tp dpt pgi tempat2 yg takde kat sini..kitaorg kat M'sia ni nk merasa ntah bila.Izu balk M'sia nnti leh qada' balik..hehehe.

A'ah izu, dlm keta Nadia duk blakang, in between diaorg sbb babyseat tu nak kena fasten d belt kn. sometimes, kalau dkt2 je, Nadia duk hujung n diaorg berdua kat sblah :)

Nadine said...


Not bad tau Avilion AC ni. Although tak secantik Avilion water chalet yg mahal tu, still we can enjoy our stay here. Yg penting they have their own private beach, air tak tercemar n pantai bersih sgt! kalau ur kids love to play sandcastle, better stay here :)

Alhamdulillah, tapi falisya dah susut dah. asik nak DF je..siang dia kurang minum :(

farah diba said...

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Nadine said...

Farah diba,

Oh really? thanks for the info dear. Will definitely check it out. :)