Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Avillion Admiral Cove Day #1

*This is the continuation from my previous entry*

After waiting and waiting and waiting, finally the rain stopped in the evening...approximately 5.30pm. Faaz who was wide awake and had been checking the weather from the balcony on and off jumped to excitement when he heard the good news.

the rain has stopped...hurrray!!

We were reluctant to let the children swim at first worried they might get flu as the water will definitely be as cold as the ice after the rain but we didn't have the heart to say "NO" to Faaz. So we changed them and decided to check out the swimming pool and the beach first and decide on it later.

Changing the children was fun this time cause finally Faiqa and Falisya have their first own swimming suit! *mommy yg excited terlebih* Wanted to buy two different designs so that they can interchange with each other the other day but too bad Mothercare had run out of their size :(

"We are soo ready!!"
Still wearing socks tho, mommy afraid we'll get cold altho obviously
we will as we play with the water..duh! :P

So we went down to check out the swimming pool and the surrounding. Wanted to bring Faaz to the beach to play sandcastle to avoid him swimming in cold water but the plan did not work. As soon as he saw few kids laughing and having fun in the pool, he too wanted to jump in straight away! sabar je la.

Budak excited yg tengah pegi sight-seeing before swim

the next thing you know, he's already in the pool, spraying people while warming up himself...

happy ler tuh! :P

Now, at the age of 3, Faaz is more confident in the water...especially when he's equipped with a float. He can swim by himself, going all over the pool. Sometimes, he did make a 360 degrees turning which made my heart stopped while he'll just flipped back and smiled. Huuuuuuu sabar je la! T_T That is why I'll always need Fadzil around to monitor Faaz. Maklumla, Mommy tau berendam je...*blush*

Faaz in action...
love to see him swimming from the back..cute! :)

Since the water is still cold, I just let the twins played a lil bit at the edge of the pool...jadila as first experience. After all, we still have another day to let them exploring and having fun ;)

The confident Miss Faiqa...tahan sejuk tau! See the body lah kan :P

The worried, not-so-keen-of-cold-water, Miss Falisya..hihi

Had both of my twins in the water for 5minutes each, one by one was a bit tiring but I'm not complaining. It's just that I wished I had extra pairs of hand so that I can play with both of my daughters in the water at the same time. Fadzil can't help that much as he need to monitor Faaz closely, our son can be very,very hyper in the water!

Sometimes, I do feel sorry that at such a young age the twins already have to learn to take turn. Picture this situation: one sat in the stroller watching mommy playing with her sister while waiting for her turn...sad isn't it? :'(

But I feel so blessed and lucky that they always behaving at their best and can wait patiently for their turn. Mommy loves both of you so much! And every time they smiled happily to me, I'll be on cloud 9! :)

"We have fun! Let's do more tomorrow, Mommy!" :)

Soon, it was getting late and the clock showed 7.00pm. The twins were tired and hungry so I went back to the room with them. Faaz? As expected, he made a scene as he felt that the duration was too short. He cried and demanded to play at the beach. At 7pm! Oh my...Pujuk punya pujuk tak jalan so at last Fadzil had to bring him to the beach for a while..

The satisfied look when his request was granted..kembang hidung :P

I think it was one of the fastest sand castle building session that Faaz have, within 15 minutes. Fadzil was rushing so that they'll be back at the room before the Maghrib Adzan. Tak elok kan lama2, kat pantai pulak tu...If you notice, the beach especially the sand is clean. This is because Avillion has its own private beach that is well maintained and only open for the hotel's patrons. Air laut pun clean, boleh mandi manda :). Definitely a plus point ;)

The busy Faaz...

and Faaz-must-do activity to wrap up every sandcastle activity:
to step on it!! :P up himself after the session.
Big boy sudah :)

Last but not's time for pa
yback! :P
Because he bullied Fadzil to go to the beach, Fadzil bullied the tired Faaz to pose, hence the sour face..hehehe


dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya dapat swimming pool and main sandcastle :). oh i love the twinnies with their swimming attire. memang comel la! geram aunty tengok. nanti next week aunty nak cubit2 peha n pipi faiqa n falisya. gumam tau.

nadia, don't worry. they had been sharing everything together since they are in your womb. they'll surely understand and know that you are the greatest mommy of all :). yang paling penting, they always have each other. best kan. they will never be alone :).

RuZaNNa said...

Oh babe.. i cannot stop staring at the twinnies punya peha!!!.. sungguh tembam ok!.. you've done a good job in providing the best nutrients to them sampai tembam mcm tuh ok! Pat yourself at the back ;)
The other day i baru aje checking out avillion..konon nak have a short gateway lah kan..

Diyana Didie said...

twin sgt cute! mcm sama lah pulak muka dier org mcm kembar seiras pulak hehe wah bestnya abang faaz swimming. teringat masa dia kecik dulu dulu dia geli dgn pasir kan kak? hehe kelakar masa tue. ;)

ummi_ziz said...

Pandainya Faaz swim! Tp he looks slim ilusi optik je sbb pki swim. Suit tu? Sure seronok swim smpi tak nak naik lg ye..hehe

Spt biasa, eii geram tgk Faiqa n Falisya tuh! Hehe bam2 n comel sgt! Tgu sket hari lg, mst falisya join faiqa dlm pool ;) oh ya, kesian kene takw turn ye tp btol jgk mcm CDee ckp, derg dh biasa since dlm womb lg so u dontbe sad k :)

LyDiA said...

ehh avillion ^^ tempat first and last (?) kita team building =p

the twinnies da tembam!! and faaz cepat nyer besar hehe.

airin diana said...

yummy nye peha ur twin, nad! rasa nak gigit2!
oh btw, faaz is very good playing sand la.siap buat sand castle. my daughter pijak pasir pun tanak.even mandi pun angkat kaki..huhu

Ninie Hanis said...

i sangatlah geram dgn your twinnies kak nadine..oh my..your kids are so cute+adorable..abg faaz pun kemahin swimming ye..hehe sukalah kan.tgk kan gambar Faiqa,peha dia lagi besar dr tgn mummy,rasa mcm nak gigit2 jew..hehe..

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Mmg best. Faaz la untung. Mommy ngan adik2 dia dpt mandi kat pool je, x sempat ziarah beach. Hajat nak kasi twinnies rasa sand on barefoot masih tak tercapai lagi :D

Betul jugak kan, thanks dear. Allah tu Maha Besar kan, dia tau yg terbaik bagi setiap kejadian tu. But yeah, kdg2 naluri keibuan ni tersentuh bila duk pegang sorang n sorang lagi tgk. worst, they both know tau jeles ok. kalau sorang nadia dukung, yg lg sorang mesti menjerit nak pegi kat nadia jugak T_T

Nadine said...


Awwwwwh, thanks. Syukur alhamdulillah Allah grant my wish to BF them. Peha tembam ni gara2 ESP lah ni. Now I dah stop..Fadzil risau Faiqa jadi obes...huhu.

Oh ye ke. Not bad if you just want to relax and have fun with the kids. Satu je agak kureng hotel ni, buffet breakfast dia so-so :)

Nadine said...


Hihihi, aah kdg2, ada certain angle diaorg nampak so identical together! :))

Oh yes, akak plan that time pun nk introduce them to sand and sea water tp hajat tak kesampaian sbb tak sempat. next time perhaps ;)

Nadine said...


Faaz pandai swim with float, without float dia panic terus tak reti nak paddle..hehe
Yes dear, Faaz makin slim melim. Meninggi je lebih. Dia punye selera agak fluctuate. Kdg2 kuat mkn, kdg2 takmau makan langsung *sigh*

Awwh, thanks dear. Tapi Zafri lagi la bam2nya kan?! Owh tu hari pertama je, next day dua2 mmg ligat dlm air. nanti nadia sambung entry terakhir utk getaway at avililion ni ;)

Tula Izu...betul ape Cee D ckp tu kn :)

Nadine said...


Hello! lama x nmpk. Dah ade blog baru blum?

Yesza nini, tempat yg kita pegi sesama 3 thn lepas. jomla pegi teambuilding thn ni nini..session end april. jom?!

yup, abam Faaz dah big boy n twinnies pun dah nak masuk 8 bulan soon. Nnti 4 bulan lagi dah setahun anak2 dara I...huhu

Nadine said...


Hehehe, peha diaorg mmg sentiasa jadi perhatian umum dari sekurus2 sampai nmpk tulang hinggalah dah berketul2 nie..ahaks! :D

Hehehe, dulu Faaz pun mcm tu tau dear. Geli sgt dgn pasir. Dah besar, dah masuk umur 2 thn kot tak silap baru dia start enjoy main. itupun lepas we all tinggalkn dia atas tikar sorang2 n we all have fun buat sandcastle nearby. heeee. im sure nnti ur girl pun sama suka pasir ;)

Nadine said...


Thank you sweet mommy-to-be. InsyaAllah, anak ninie lahir mesti lebih2 comels lagi. nak2 lahir obersea kan. tak sabar nak tgk!

tu ler pasal, abam Faaz enjoy to the fullest, asal nak ajak naik bilik je mesti ada drama air mata. haihs!

hahahaha! ye la, peha dia lg besar dr tgn akak :D tu yg daddy dia dh bising kat akak suh dietkan Faiqa takut obes. Bleh tak??! sabar je la tau :P

Kella said...

tuh... my hero.. berbaju merah!!! =D